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Lily Collins - MTV Movie Awards 2011 Red Carpet

Lily Collins - MTV Movie Awards 2011 Red Carpet

Lily Collins hits the red carpet at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards held at Universal Studios’ Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday (June 5) in Universal City, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress wore a Dolce&Gabbana dress and Christian Louboutin shoes. She finished off her look with a Judith Leiber clutch and Alexis Bittar jewelry.

Lily‘s Abduction co-star Taylor Lautner is up for multiple awards at tonight’s ceremony for his work in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Lily will next be seen in The Mortal Instruments and The Brothers Grimm: Snow White.

The 2011 MTV Movie Awards broadcast LIVE from Sunday, June 5 @ 9pm ET/8pm CT. Saturday Night Live regular Jason Sudeikis is hosting the ceremony!

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • mars

    i don’t know her

  • mars

    Please give Shia L his own post

  • aquarius64

    @mars: She’s Phil Collins’ and Taylor Lautner’s “rumored” girlfriend I think for a year. Why they didn’t put the latter detail up there I don’t know; Robsten never declared themselves a couple yet mags and sites have had them married with children since day one.

  • Stan

    L O V E Lily

  • Weber from Brazil

    average looking girl!
    I dunno why she’s going to play Snow White!!
    I think Selena Gomez, Lucy Hale or someone else is waaaay better than her for this role!

  • moss

    i thought it was nina dobrev.

  • http://lewis Ká simply amazing!!!!!!!

    Need clean eyebrow

  • Anonymous

    Those shoes look awful – make her legs look short and fat, and dear god SOMEONE PLUCK THAT GIRL’S EYEBROWS STAT!!!

  • Anonymous

    Why the hell is she there?? She’s a nobody! She’s someone’s daughter and girlfriend. That’s it. And her shoes look awful – they make her legs look short and fat. And please dear god, someone PLUCK HER EYEBROWS STAT!!!!

  • Lisa

    Lily was great in the movie PRIEST. she going to be one great actress

  • marianna

    Lily looks amazing!! :D

  • Esmee

    I think she’s not even Taylor’s girlfriend, i mean come on she followed him everywhere those last months and then suddenly seems not so close to him.Weird, or maybe they dated and maybe they broke up? well that girl is bizare anyway. She didn’t sit next to him during the show

  • artdog

    Lil is a really kind, sweet, beautiful girl, I don’t know why all of you negative people have to say such harsh things about people you don’t know just because they’re in the public eye, it makes me sooooo angry. And Anonymous, at least use your name, you sound so pent up with jealousy you need a shrink!!

  • aquarius64

    @Esmee: I was about to comment on that. She didn’t sit by him at the show. Even Selena Gomez sits by Justin Bieber at events like this. Nor there was a pan shot to her when Taylor was on, a usual sign. He has never publicly acknowleged her as his girlfriend, not even in interviews when the subject of dating comes up. I agree; they may have broke up. She probably got tired of looking like a glorified jump off.

  • aquarius64

    @artdog: “Kind, sweet, beautiful” girls do not dump their stuntman boyfriend for a A-list upgrade, which has been my knock on her (and I’m not the only one who thinks that.) Unless the stunt guy was a pig, she had no just cause. I’m hot for my international heartthrob co-star (who happens to be the producer of the movie we’re in, i.e. my boss) is not a good reason.

  • dani

    there are lots of Obsessed Taylor Lautner fans here. What? She was his girlfriend. Get over it. She’s Pretty, she just need to pluck that brows, then perfect.

  • Esmee

    Aquqrius you’re absolutely right and plus he doesn’t need her anyway

  • Brainy box


  • moio

    put*** les sourcilles, c’est moche !

  • moio

    puré les sourcils c’est moche!

  • Iscia

    hey aquarius i just saw pictures of the after-party…Lily was following Lautner everywhere like a dog, especially when he was next to Emma watson…ouh was she jealous???! of course Watson is better. But i’m afraid esmee that this lily is stuck to Taylor.And i agree something is strange with that girl. I saw her on the set of Abduction: a real little …..!

  • lea

    I love her to death

  • aquarius64

    @Iscia: Hi Iscia, long time no hear. She was following him? If this is true this is pathetic. She’s probably freaking out because Emma is set to be Taylor’s co-star in Incarceron and she’s afraid history is going to repeat itself. Sounds like karma coming back on her. God don’t like ugly and what she did was ugly. There was an article where the hook-up was attempted to be cleaned up, stating she didn’t date Lautner until she officially ended it with stunt guy. Looks like Taylor is tiring of Lily. If he has enough pull to command a 25 mil paycheck plus a percent of the BO in BD 1 & 2, he could have seen to it that Lily was next to him at the awards show. Dollar bet these two are done by the opening weekend of Abduction.

  • http://@lenaconverse lenaaaaaaa

    i heard that lily is taylor’s girlfriend………..she’s pretty and cute……

  • Iscia

    Aquarius hi how are u?, you know what annoys me a lot? that girl is known more now that she is “with” Taylor. That’s disgusting, she’s using him for fame…
    Backstage during the mtv movie awards she ran to kristen stewart ( so close to taylor maybe more than her) who was gooffing off with taylor 1 minute before, if that doesn’t show that she followed him like a dog well what is it?

  • aquarius64

    @Iscia: I see it as eventually the universe balances itself out. Apparently snagging Lautner hasn’t done much for her career: Her current movie Priest has been out 4 weeks and its total gross is 29 million. I think it cost 60 million to make it. She got Snow White & Mortal Instruments but she has more pressure to have these films succeed because she is the principal. If they tank she better hold on to him because that’s the only way she’ll get into events like this.

  • Alexandra

    Its really pathetic how all you jealous idiots are insulting Lily just because she’s dating Taylor Lautner. If you’d actually watch her interviews, you’d see that she’s a really sweet and genuine person. I don’t know her personally but that’s how she comes off in interviews. And so many people, INCLUDING TAYLOR, have raved about how amazing her acting is. I’ve heard so many times that she will ‘blow us away’ with her acting. You’ve seen her in one or two movies, who are you to judge what kind of actress she is? And who are you to say she’s only using Taylor for fame? I highly doubt that’s true, especially considering she respectfully ended things with her other boyfriend to be with him.

    Obviously you are all just jealous because she’s dating him and that’s where your hate comes from. Well, while Lily gets to make movies and date Taylor, you’re sitting behind a computer screen hating on her…which is going to get you nowhere. :)

  • aquarius64

    @Alexandra: I’m bagging on this faithless wench because of HOW she got Taylor: dirty. I don’t care how good of an actress she is, she dumped her boyfriend to get her hooks into Lautner. Her profile was raised when she got him. I know about the story about the breakup, that only came out recently-after a whole year. The clean break story should have come out when they first started dating, not now. Apparently she’s been carrying around the image of a cheat; this is damage control. With her profile rising, her team doesn’t want the ex coming out of the woodwork doing a series of she-done-me-wrong interviews to the media. Negative perceptions of an actor hurts projects, and potential profits. P.S. – there are stories about her being an absolute bitch on the set of Abduction, treating the director with disrespect. That’s why I don’t like this girl -that Pollyanna image she puts out is fake.

  • anonymous

    Alexandra it is so easy to become an actress when you have a famous father so easy and plus that girl cannot act watch the blind side and you’ll see it in Abduction
    I agree with aquarius64 and everybody who said that she’s using her rumored boyfriend for fame. Honestly she was nothing befor she met Taylor Lautner NOTHING… oh except Phil collins’ daughter

  • artdog

    Iscia, you are so wrong about lily, are you in love with Taylor or something? Lils movies just happen to be coming out the same time as Taylor was on the scene. He loves her very much and respects her as a friend and co actor, and likewise with her. You really do have to stop this bitter nonsense or you’ll grow up a sad and lonely old person.

  • iscia

    Artdog i’m just saying what a lot of people think about her so i’m not the only one. Now i’m happy with my life, i’m not sad and not lonely. i’M JUST MEMBER OF A TAYLOR LAUTNER FAN CLUB , yes i’m a fan and then where’s the problem? We were a lot on the set of Abduction and what we saw you didn’t see it so please shut up. Aquarius knows a lot too but time will prove you guys are so blind by her fake behavior.

  • esmee

    Oh because some don’t like her it means they are jealous? come on don’t be stupid. They just said Taylor deserves better and the way she got him was ugly that’s all!

  • Alexandra

    You people keep saying ‘the way she got him’… I’m pretty sure Taylor is a grown man and can speak for himself, if he wants someone, he will go after them. It’s not like Lily tricked him into dating her? You can’t always believe what you read, most of the time its the farthest thing from the truth.

    And anyways, things like this happen all the time. You don’t know the details of the relationship between Lily and her ex, maybe he treated her badly, maybe he was the sweetest boyfriend in the world, but the fact is…she fell for Taylor and he fell for her and they’re together now, there’s nothing you can do about it. Do you really think Taylor would date someone who was only using him for his fame? I think he’s a little smarter than you ‘fans’ give him credit for.

    And saying that Taylor deserves better…you don’t even know Lily so who are you to say something like that? I’m sick of girls who are delusional enough to think they own a certain celebrity and any girl/guy who comes in contact with said celebrity is a wh*re and a bad person and just using them. Why don’t you find something productive to do with your lives other than tearing Lily, someone you don’t even know, down?

  • aquarius64

    @Alexandra: Who are you, Lily’s family or PR team? Those of us who are not fans of this trick are going by the porponderance of the evidence and past statements to draw our conclusions. My conclusion: this girl is incapable of loyalty. If she cheats on stunt guy with A-lister, she’ll cheat on A-lister with someone equally or more powerful. Using love as a defense is lame. Someone who didn’t have power, the stunt guy, became a casualty. Sounds to me you stomped on a few hearts, stepped over the bodies without remorse to get what you wanted to be such an apologist for Lily. (Before you decide to fire back, no I was not cheated on or dumped for another, and no I do not lust after Lautner.)

    Then again I could be wrong. How do you know for sure he loves her? As you are trying to tell people you don’t know them, well the same applies to you. For all we know Taylor could be keeping it light. (Taylor) Swity burned him. He’s 19. Getting the show biz legacy (Collins) to dump her boyfriend makes him look like a stud. Having her cross state lines and international borders to be with him makes him the mack of the decade. Oh yeah the promise ring. He also wanted to marry Taylor Swift according to one story. Pledging marriage keeps his wholesome image intact and keeps the Twihards happy. Again, my opinion.

  • Alexandra

    @aquarius64: Nope, just happen to be a fan and I also like her and Taylor together. I think, from pictures and interviews that I have seen, he’s really into her and blown away by her talent, which he said so himself. From what I read, Lily broke up with the stunt guy before anything ever happened with Taylor. Maybe she was losing feelings for him and then Taylor came along and that was just another reason to break up with him. Maybe she did cheat on him, but who really knows? We truly don’t know what goes on in their lives, so who are we to judge? Who are all of you to claim she’s only using him for his fame? It’s great that you have your opinion, but I have mine and in my opinion, Lily genuinely likes him and from all the rave reviews she’s been getting, I don’t think she needs him to boost her fame. If she wanted to be noticed because of him, wouldn’t she be flaunting their relationship in the paps face? Wouldn’t she sit next to him during the movie awards to generate a buzz about their relationship? No, they were only photographed at an after party, looking nothing but friendly with other celebrity guests. IMO, that means they want to keep their relationship on the down low.

    And I’d just like to defend myself…um no I have never ‘stomped on hearts, stepped over the bodies without remorse to get what I want’ you don’t even know me so again, who the hell are you to judge? I choose to see the good in people until proven wrong, so that’s what I’m doing with Lily.

  • aquarius64

    @Alexandra: You call people who have a harsh criticism of your admitted idol Lily “patethic, delusional, jealous” idiots and you have the nerve to get mad when someone takes a whack at you? You could have defended her without taking a shot at the detractor. If you’re going to swing expect to get swung on.

  • Alexandra

    @aquarius64: I didn’t get mad, I was just defending myself. I didn’t ‘fire back’ like you thought I would, I didn’t say anything negative towards you or your personal life, which I know nothing about, like you did me. I was just stating the truth about myself.

    It’s one thing to judge and make assumptions about a celebrity, who’s lives are photographed and written about left and right, but to go and say something like that about someone you don’t even know is a little pathetic.

  • aquarius64

    @Alexandra: Point taken, but bear in mind you attack any and all critics of Lily in general and called them out of their names – like loser. My point is don’t be surprised when someone comes in hot on you when you do that.

  • Alexandra

    @aquarius64: I do not recall calling anyone a loser, please refresh my memory?

    I wasn’t surprised, nor mad…I was just defending myself and stating the truth. Is that a crime?

  • aquarius64

    @Alexandra: Reread your posts. Loser didn’t come out, that’s on me. Pathetic, jealous, idiot, delusional…THAT’S ON YOU. So the rap in the mouth I gave you was due.

  • Alexandra

    @aquarius64: So you guys can insult Lily all you want but I can’t do the same to people hating on her? This is becoming quite ridiculous.

  • Emma

    Lily is so A W E S O M E

  • Macilezhen

    These pair of Christian Louboutin boots matched well with Lily’s outfit.

  • agronnie

    @ aquarius64 You said earlier: “Unless the stunt guy was a pig, she had no just cause. I’m hot for my international heartthrob co-star (who happens to be the producer of the movie we’re in, i.e. my boss) is not a good reason.”

    so the ‘casting couch’ never died….LOL