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Gerard Butler: Castaway Studios Stop

Gerard Butler: Castaway Studios Stop

Gerard Butler heads to Castaway Studios on Wednesday (June 22) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 41-year-old Scottish stud was spotted out surfing earlier in the day – check out the shirtless pics of Gerry if you missed them!

Earlier in the month, Gerry was invited to join the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences!

Before being granted membership to the Academy, candidates must have two Academy members sponsor them and be endorsed before an executive committee.

The Academy is comprised of more than 6,000 artists and professionals in the entertainment business.

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gerard butler long hair studio 02
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Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Eve


    The question is, what would he do if he fckd one of them and they did leave their husband for him??? LOL!

  • Eve

    Guess she took my advice! She’s gone. Ah!

    Enjoy the peace and solitude before she gets back from the laundry mat and gives us a another pointless and excruciating play by play of her next domestic endeavor, as if anyone cares!

    Perhaps she ran out of negative things to say about Gerry or at least can’t get anyone on her band wagon anymore to do so. Or she’s having trouble getting “peeps” to help her gang up on one her targets here on the board! LOL!

    Poor Manny! A legend in her own mind! LMFAO!

  • oldbutnotdead

    @Manny: LOL! yes, I have used spray starch in the past. Very common once.

  • Eve

    Nope, she’s still here, running up and down through the trailer park asking to use “peeps” computers so she can play thumbsies! LOL!

  • Manny

    ROTFLMAO…….. see JJers….. Summer’s Eve is just as looney as GFW.
    I know that seemed like a bizarre question, but it brought back a memory from being a kid and I got thinking about starch because I always ask for it when dropping off the hubby’s shirts. Thanks for taking the time to answer. Oh the silly things one thinks of when doing mundane chores. Cheers!

  • Manny

    Just saw this post on Twitter and it made me giggle…
    “Iam_thatIam_ 6:56pm via web
    @RealMrG_Butler no matter how tired I am.. I love to use my hands..-that’s my kind of job/ Gerard Butler #quote”
    I wonder how many women have had some work done by those hands???

  • hellotheregb

    @Manny: I like it!

  • Eve


    I’m thinking with that last post, you’re a bit of the pot there old girl! LOL!

    I think the fumes from all that spray on starch with the smell of fabric softener and bleach has fried your brain!

  • hellotheregb
  • Tonto

    Yep, Manny it sure was a diversion. The man certainly knows how to entertain us. I looked at the pic with him standing there clutching his shoes and underwear blatantly staring at the paps while they clicked away with their cameras. Some what pathetic in a way. It takes some of the starch (pun intended) out of his celebrity and puts him in the ranks of the average guy just trying to hold it together. ;)

  • Eve

    I’d say the definition of “looney” is someone coming on to a gossip site about a celeb and talking about starch in their laundry! LOL!

  • kelly

    mmmmm love the hair and the body keep up good work g

  • Manny

    Just goes to show that he is loving the attention right now. Keep riding the wave Butler. :)))

  • Eve

    I can’t believe that there are some so obsessed with this man, they actually scrutinize every photo for every look on his face, what he has in his hands, which way he’s facing and any tweet that even mentions him! Then critisize his fans and the ones that have already crossed over in to some alternative universe with his “spirit”! It boggles the mind but is SOOOOOO entertaining! LOL!

  • Manny

    Apparently you do twit.
    “Eve @ 06/21/2011 at 11:46 pm
    “He had a can of coke early in the morning when he left the camp ground in Hot Springs too.”

  • Manny

    Here is the rest of your post that proves you are just an idiot.
    “Quite a different expression on his face now from his other gas station pic! LOL! I think the other one was a “just got out of bed, too early in the morning, got to have my coke/caffeine fix, stay out of my way, I’m grumpy and not a morning person” look! “

  • evergreen

    @naughtyboy: “keeps deliberately hitting on and f*cking married women because he gets off on the fact that they’re almost always ready to leave their marriages for him.”
    If the guy is GB, than it proves he’s a sociopath.

  • vegas


    Photo: Gerard Butler and Pascal Vicedomini
    Has this been on JJ? It was posted on Gals apparently June 21.

  • CJ

    @Manny…ROFLMAO…I love you woman…♥♥

  • ?

    @vegas: Wow. Seems like some pretty big news to be ignored here. Ah, Ischia. The possibilities for gossip etc. are endless. Is the news accurate? And what role is he being honored for?

  • already on JJ

    It was posted a couple of threads back.

  • THE GIST…..

    blin/d item?
    The married women are with powerful $$ men…they aren’t going to leave their husbands for a side piece – some hot actor? No a powerful director, producer…has more power and clout in Hollywood more status than a B-List actor…gerard just becomes a ‘plaything.’
    The women arent old…what powerful man is married to an ‘old’ woman ;-)..
    Married or very VERY taken.

  • oldbutnotdead


    I believe the married part, but not the part about enjoying their marriage difficulties. Does not sound like him, does sound like a gossip blogger filling in the blanks.

  • already on JJ

    Nuts provided a link when she posted it on the “New Academy Member” thread. It don’t know if that will give you more info.
    Nuts @ 06/21/2011 at 2:09 pm +7
    Thanks to the folks at Gerry’s Italian fan site and W.O. we have this news:

  • vegas

    @already on JJ: Thanks, I missed it. All I can think is that it’s an honor for his body of work over the past year – not any role in particular. Any more information? Sorry I’m out of the loop on this one.

  • oldbutnotdead
  • oldbutnotdead

    @vegas: Could it be for MGP already? there have been lots of previews…

  • dmp

    Well who knows what to believe in the world of GB . . . we read all these FB entries and Tweets of him hitting on 20-something’s and now we’re hearing that he’s hitting on and screwing married women?? Will his fans ever learn the truth?

  • LOl

    @THE GIST…..: Gerry’s a plaything! LOl

  • goodgravy


    Enough already. I would rather read dargabriel’s craziness than your poor attempt at wit. You need to ask your attendants to up your meds.

  • Swansong

    Is Jared in love with Gerard? So many pictures of a D-list celeb.


  • sick of you

    @Swansong: Give it a rest. You know darned well that GJB is NOT a D-list celeb. You have turned into a tired old boring fake hack. The only person you amuse is yourself.

  • Mr. Giggles

    Hi Manny ….. and Cube ….. and CJ ….. and all the old *regs* still here
    Sending a big hug to all :)

  • lira

    He needs to start dating now while he can

  • cubedweller

    @Mr. Giggles: Hugs right back to you!!
    So I’m thinking over this Lainey business, and I’m calling bs. We all know Butler is not Lainey’s cup of tea, but since he is a person who has attained a level of fame and power in HW, she would be putting herself at huge risk, professionally, to make a claim this damaging about him. And there is absolutely no way to back up that claim. It’s not like any married cheaters are going to be lining up to brag. Also, the person that claimed that statement was made was simply an anonymous poster on a board – no proven connection to Lainey at all. So I challenge Lainey, and I suspect she reads here, to step up and say whether this is her claim, or not.

  • oy

    This is a unique photo. Gerard Butler has his shirt on.

  • oldbutnotdead

    @oy: He will have his shirt off many times, as he is learning surfing for his next movie, Mavericks. He has been surfing in Hawaii and L.A., so far. He starts filming this fall I believe, on the next film.

    Might as well tough it out…and get used to seeing him nearly naked, or in a form fitting wet suit….

  • Ally

    Wtf? This site is getting lame and is giving this douche WAYY too much exposure! Think I’m going back to imdb.

  • Beverly

    Wonder who he’s dating now? Cuz it’s definately not Maniston. He dropped her fugly @ss so quick it made her fugly @ss head spin!! I bet he wishes he could of got with Angelina before she stole Maniston’s man. To bad cuz Angie’s to classy to fall for this fugly fool!

  • Beverly

    Why thumbs me down? looks like the Maniston hag fans are in full swing this morning! Your all middle-aged and ugly and desperete like Maniston so you given me thumbs down!! :) That’s allright cuz everyone knows the truth about your fugly idol that you wanted this fool to ask to marry which he would NEVER do cuz he likes young slutty girls and not old desperete women like Maniston. He actually wanted Angie way back but lucked out cuz she’s WAAAAYYYY out of his league!!!! :):):)

  • Beverly

    Alone-isto­n is so embrassed now that she read this she is using like nine computers to thumbs me down!!! :):):)

  • LauraB
  • LauraB

    Sorry about last post.
    Forgot to say the pix are under Celebrity sightings Los Angeles 23 on Gerrys name at the left hand side and all the pix from yesterday(14 of them) will show.

  • Some more……
  • zhenzhen516

    hope he can be a granted membership of the Academy.

  • Nicole

    Everyone is talking about the manwhore GB who could NEVER get with a decent looking woman so he keeps settling for man-jaw Fugiston lookalikes. ROFLMAO!!! He tried to hook up with Ashley Greene but it aint happenin’ cause he is too old and fug and weirdo for her.
    check out the rape-smile on this one fugly somb*tch. he is also probably not her legaly and should go back to his OWN country you know?

    Here we have sane laws that keep out Mexicans forever.

  • LauraB

    Re: The Starbucks pix from yesterday,Bruno Press,Ramey Pix and Getty have them too.They are the same,nothing that different.

  • dmp

    He is lookin’ so cute with his coffee and paper . . . and he has a pleasant look on his face too. Nice! :)

  • angelsrock

    @LauraB: @Some more……:

    Thanks! Shirt on, shirt off! He looks good here! Real good! Wish the pics were a bit bigger. By the end of the day, we’ll see them larger thanks to some of you out there! JJ is now the “The Daily Gerry Show”.
    I’m NOT complaining. Although it is a bit silly to see pics of pumping gas, buying a coke, and coming out of Starbucks. Oh the price of fame!!!

  • Paisley

    @Verklept: First let me say I love your name – the ladies I work with and I get that way all the time! Thanks for the tip. I might just pop on over there and introduce myself. Have a great day!