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Angelina Jolie: Bowling with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie: Bowling with the Kids!

Angelina Jolie carries her 2-year-old son Knox while leaving Eden Superbowl on Thursday (June 30) in St. Julian’s, Malta.

The 36-year-old actress treated her kids – Maddox, 9, Pax, 7, Zahara, 6, Shiloh, 5, and Knox‘s twin sis Vivienne – to lunch and some fun at the bowling alley.

Earlier in the week, Angelina and partner Brad Pitt, who’s in town filming World War Z, took the kids to Marine Park where she donned a black wetsuit.

In case you missed it, check out Louis Vuitton‘s latest chapter of its “Core Values” campaign featuring Angelina traveling to Cambodia!

FYI: Pax is wearing the Punk Funk shirt by Jagged Culture, while Zahara wore the “slub zebra tee” by curio + kind.

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  • Jen

    I don’t know how accurate this is because it is coming from “OK” rag, but I think it is sweet! I love what Angelina has to say about her relationship with Brad.
    Brad’s love makes me fee complete: Angelina Jolie
    Washington, June 27 (ANI): Actress Angelina Jolie has revealed that her partner Brad Pitt loves her so much that it has made her world complete.

    The actress said that they feel like they are on a “great adventure” together and she is grateful that they share a great understanding of one another’s life.

    “We feel like we’re sharing this great adventure together and we don’t question it. It’s like we’re partners and we understand the kind of life we want,” Contactmusic quoted her as saying telling OK! magazine.

    “Our relationship has always felt right and that’s what I was looking for. Brad loves me so much – it’s made my world feel complete,” Jolie said.

    Jolie who raises six children with the actor admitted that having a family has changed her “forever”.

    “It’s peace of mind and security and just releasing all your doubts. Experiencing the adventure and beauty of your own family is something that changes you forever,” she said.

    “You dedicate yourself to creating a good and happy world for your partner and your children. Brad and I have discovered how wonderful it is to take that journey together,” the actress added. (ANI)

  • Jen

    Reposting from the previous Angie Thread for all to share.
    Thank you FALP for your extensive research. The Calif., info is especially appreciated and helpful.

    re: # 190 Jen @ 06/28/2011 at 6:01 pm
    202 Passing Through @ 06/28/2011 at 7:41 pm
    re: “One loophole you used to be that you were able to waive the Capital Gains tax on the sell of 1 home per year.”
    on the “flipping issue” as a real estate investor in California who has flipped occasionally, I’ve never heard of this law PT and trust me I’d have jumped on it LOL. Flipping in California was done because certain markets were buoyant and desirable with sometimes 100% profit margins if you hit it right. Consequently one could not lose in the most vibrant areas, especially the SF Bay Area not all areas btw. Flipping is still done with all cash buyers buying foreclosures just waiting for the market changes in some of the lower priced areas where homes goes for $500,000 or less…yes there are many sitting on $500,000 cash and more! And yes the flipping dramatically curtailed, not stopped when the foreclosure market hit and subsequently banks clamped down on qualifying for loans and eliminated the no doc loans. Everything is Full Docs now. That IMO is the key to the end of the average “flip.” Cash is Queen LOL. Also 1978 CA Prop 13, froze property taxes so flipping was favorable as the buyer took advantage of previously existing taxes but now the open ended loophole in frozen property taxes is maxed up to 2004 taxes. The advantage post 2004 is gone especially for the seller because any new home purchased comes with the current much higher property taxes as city and counties rev up taxes, including transfer taxes which is based on the sales price for their depleted coffers. it’s better as an investor with a house purchased prior to 1978 or 2004 with the lower prop taxes to keep the property and rent it out OR pay a much higher sales price with a much higher property tax. Now of course for JA and those in that financial bracket, this doesn’t affect them much since at those price ranges, property taxes “should” not be an issue. It’s the old adage, if you can’t afford it, don’t ask the price.
    Now the Capital gains tax you are referring to could be a local state law but Federal laws super cede any State law which is why state laws try to trend with federal law but that I don’t think it was ever a California law.
    Now my understanding of JA’s situation is she can deduct 100% of the cost of renovations on her house, the agent’s fees, closing costs, transfer fees if she agrees to pay it, plus her initial investment off her capital gains. No one will probably ever know what her net reapings will be because you need to know those figures and transfer fees vary with the county and city. Plus there are not only Federal but California state capital gains taxes and of course those percentages are linked to net income on tax returns overall.
    re: the Federal 1031 exchange laws, she can exchange only for a like to like property , aka single family to single family, apartment to apartment, commercial to commercial etc, which costs equal or more than the one she is selling and must roll all within 18 months…I believe…of the close of the sale into the higher priced home to qualify for the tax advantages on the equity.
    To my knowledge the only waiver of capital gains tax is the recent federal law where there is a one time waiver for single individuals who live in his/her house for 2 years do not have to pay capital gain tax on $250K (a couple get to keep $500K) but I‘m not sure if this applies only to those 65 years and older. There are California real estate agents and accountants who would know more and who can perhaps correct me and elaborate.

  • anustin

    awww..i miz my LLM. so good to see you posting again. yap baby,my azz got banned again! requested par hitler.

  • Fran

    Awww… just a mommy…. with her six kids and 54 nannys…. Impressive. I’d like to see her doing the laundry for 8.

  • http://n/a angierocks

    If ticky suddenly wears a wetsuit I think it’s high time for a restraining order even when the jp’s are in malta lol.Ticky and her paid 20 hens on the premier of horid movie cheering her on.LMAO.

  • LLM

    anustin @ 07/01/2011 at 6:59 pm

    awww..i miz my LLM. so good to see you posting again. yap baby,my azz got banned again! requested par hitler.


    OH MY AZZ, that’s CRUEL!!!!

  • Jen

    Thank you for your response.
    I hope you like your new job and I am certain you will pick up all that you need to know about it very quickly. Sorry you will not have time for any new videos but that is okay because you have given us so many wonderful videos already. Time for you to sit back and enjoy the new ones being produce and give yourself a nice “time out.” :)
    I love Kate and William. I think they are a very romantic couple and they remind me of Brad and Angelina. Both beautiful couples and both very affectionate.
    I hope, very much, that Kate and Angelina will meet in London. I can just see the two of them hitting it off “swimmingly” as the “Brits” might say. Kate looks like she has a great sense of humor and since Kate will be traveling the world now as HRH or the Duchess, she and Angelina will have LOTs to talk about.
    Take good care.

  • Jen

    Thank you for your response.
    I hope you like your new job and I am certain you will pick up all that you need to know about it very quickly. Sorry you will not have time for any new videos but that is okay because you have given us so many wonderful videos already. Time for you to sit back and enjoy the new ones being produce and give yourself a nice “time out.” :)
    I love Kate and William. I think they are a very romantic couple and they remind me of Brad and Angelina. Both beautiful couples and both very affectionate.
    I hope, very much, that Kate and Angelina will meet in London. I can just see the two of them hitting it off “swimmingly” as the “Brits” might say. Kate looks like she has a great sense of humor and since Kate will be traveling the world now as HRH or the Duchess, she and Angelina will have LOTs to talk about.
    Take good care.

  • Jennifer the Cougar

    Whoa, JAnistoned looked every bit a cougar heading to the bars in a movie premier…

  • anustin

    the funny thing is that i’ve got 2 acct sent from friends.hahahahaha.but i’ll give it a go this time.bunch of happy with ur new job!!!the only acct i’ve made was wengsan….the rest?giveaway.hehehehe.

  • LLM

    Jen @ 07/01/2011 at 7:12 pm

    Brad and Angie still my favourite couple LOL

  • LLM

    anustin @ 07/01/2011 at 7:16 pm

    Be careful, you might get banned again and again. That’s not fair.

  • gracie

    # 293 AWHODAT, that pic is so funny Lol. While she is drooling all over the guy, he is like; this is business, lets get on with it, not interested in your fake and PR game. I wonder what cheater boy will be thinking when he sees the ho drooling all over a married man and making a fool of herself.

  • http://computer Susan

    Ticky claims she is going on hiatus after promoting her next movie later in the year. She have no choice because the only thing in the pipe line for her is Goree Girls, that keebler elf is trying to polish, can’t wait to see who is going to pony up the money for this Oscar Winner.

  • http://computer Susan

    @anustin: who is Hitler? ****

  • truth

    since everyone is STILL talking about maniston I’ll add my opinion. Heidi Bivens talked to STAR magazine again she said “it’s unfortunate. i won’t comment unless they do first.” – Aniston is lucky Heidi bivens is so classy unlike herself. it is unfair how maniston manstealin is getting away with “stealing” a man when her publicist has trashed Angelina for 6 years. hope she is truely in love with Theroux cause that’s the only way she will get over her angelina obsession.

  • lylian

    @Passing Through:
    Linda Evangelista filing the paternity suit may have much more to do with the quest for recognition of Pinault fathering her child. It’s a recognition thing.
    It’s not clear if Pinault has acknowledged himself as the father of the child. If not, he should be made to and the only way to do so may be through a paternity suit.
    Whatever it is, it’s sad for the child.

  • Anon


  • oh please

    Be honest though.
    Angelina is the one that
    looks unhappy and depressed.
    LAINEY Gossip in one of her fan
    chats from a week or two ago when asked about the reason for brad’s divorce lainey called
    brad an insensitive Pr!ck. Of course she would never say a bad
    word about him in one of her columns she is usually like a fangirl when commenting about him. she had a real hard time admitting that Money ball looks like bad acting.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Love this family. Viv is so cute with that pink blouse & necklace. Knox and his blanket :P

    I fear when award season come (Brad will sure get nominated for TOL) MANiston & Cheater Boy will get invited to the Oscar again like they did with Pee Boy. God, I hope not. Don’t want to see the homewrecker with her Cheater Boy ruin Brad’s special night.

  • anustin

    lol!!! who.reniston inviting herself at the ozcar followed by… let me say…GAY-LE KING.the next day,she’ll be the guest of horor at ellen de generate proclaiming her never ending love to that fugTheroux. sweet!

  • anustin

    LLM.i will never go back to that shite!! este!!! site!bahaha.thanks for the reminder baby.

  • yaya

    @oh please: she is one of those who has been capitalizing on the viictimhood. Instead of talking about maninston hypocticy and cheating at the time, I was surprised she choose to drag a 7 years ago thing that was coverd 100m times. That will show who is prick. That idot and the rest of them needs to leave Brad and Angie alone ot their peace and happiness.

  • http://computer Susan

    @oh please: Lamey a fan of Angie, get your head out of your A S S. Lamey lives in Canada, her opinion on Brad or anyone else movie means ZILCH. And you’re full of BU LL SH IT.

  • anustin

    who.reniston lookin like cristina applegate?

  • LLM

    anustin @ 07/01/2011 at 9:37 pm

    Tree of Life trailer just aired 2nd time at CBC tonight.

  • oh please

    @Susan: and? Who cares if you think her opinion mean zilch. Yours means even less.

    Lainey knows more than most gossip bloggers.
    Some of her stories get picked up by other sites. Her
    Leo dicaprio at disney land with blake was used on sites like USweekly.

    it was odd when she said that about brad because
    if you
    follow Lainey Brad pitt is the one person she rarely hates on.
    she never does. she usually treats him with rose colored glasses. so for her
    to say he was an insensitive pr!ck was like whoa

  • dianad1968

    @oh please:


    B*TCH, PLEASE STOP LYING!!! You have a serious hard-on for Brad….GET OVER IT!!!

  • yaya

    @oh please: No she has been saying that for sometime. But she support thecheat an maniston cheat constantly likes to talk about vicimthood years stories and maniston’s mess. She doesn’t like Angie or Brad she like using them. I dislike all those blogs and rags who helpt her to ride Brad and Angie for 7 years and never called her out in any of her bullshites because that is the only way it serves them.

  • yaya

    @yaya: but she support manstion current cheating with the baldy guy. And like to constantly talks about .. I meant to say

  • yaya

    @YYZ: Bluntly to say it I think some fans are a little stupider than others so they still don’t know how to not to go to Maniston threads at jj.

  • Etta

    @ oh please

    Here is Lainey’s quote:

    [Comment from Kp ]
    Hi Lainey, ok, what do you really think ended Aniston and Pitt? Anistons kid free zone?, Jolie? Or just a simply drifting apart?

    Lainey’s reply:
    Kp – what if there were babies and then no babies? what is there were betrayals and broken promises? What if he was an insensitive dick and she couldn’t handle it anymore? What if he wanted other things and she couldn’t admit that she didnt?

    Now idiot can’t you see this meansthat even Lainey herself doesn’t know jackshiit about BP and JA marriage. Basically what she said is here is inconclusive… Trolls LOL

  • She killed Norman for PR

    @oh please

    And here is what Lainey’s colleague Sarah concludes:

    Sarah: The Aniston/Pitt thing…they just never should have married. The end.

  • No DEADEND for Brad

    What REALLY happened? Manny got left- she & Brad, by their own account, were an unhappy pair for much of their time together and spent weeks/months- manny even said that SHE WAS HAPPY he when he was gone. The trolls & troll media (like lamey) keep trying to re-write history- it’s ridiculous- manny wasn’t relevant to the JPs in 2005 and she isn’t relevant to the JPs (nor much of movie going public!) now. This lie of a “triangle” is what manny created in the media. There NEVER was a triangle- manny was a DEADEND that got left behind. There might have a triangle between manny, Vince Vaughn and the college student or John Mayer and manny and Taylor Swift or a random groupie. However, there was never any triangle w/ manny & the JPs. Brad CLEARLY made his choice and has VERY HAPPILY stayed right where HE CHOSE to be, with his gorgeous, kind, sweet Angie.

  • Knox

    Grease is the word (is the word
    that they heard)
    It’s got groove, it’s got
    Grease is the time, is the place,
    is the motion
    Grease is the way we are

  • Adorable Family!

    bowling- what fun! The JPs are just so adorable!!

  • lina

    This troll biiitch needs to STFU! LAMEY is no fan of brad and angelina, she uses them for hits plain and simple. Why some fans continue to go there and give her what she wants is beyond me. I haven’t been to her site in years.

  • busted


    She or whatever is trying to control the conversation.Make the fans comment on Lameass who we know is not a fan.

    It is working because people keep responding to what we know is not true. I guess they are promoting Lainey’s site.

    And the whole debate on whey Brad left the Hag is mute. does not matter. He left and found Angie and they have built a family.. going on 7 years. Nothing else to prove. Their lives speak for itself.

    Beautiful couple and family.

    LOL. just saw that Aniston will be on Horseface Handler’s show. Wonder if she will ask her about Justin..NOPE oh and yes she looks pregnant. I was on the fence a bit, but she is wearing a read short (of course) dress. I could be wrong.. but I have to say this..

    OH please let it be true. Let it be the truth. That would be heaven.
    awww I have to stop..

    anyway.. once again she is the lone promoter of the film. And they are saying she is taking eight to nine months off for her personal life. I guess her friends have not called for any new film work.

  • noplace

    I love this post by MMMMarilyn

    Jen’s new distinctio­n is the world’s OLDEST starlet.

  • karl

    Don’t get me wrong, but just want to ask what happened to Vivienne’s lips in picture no. 2. Did they photoshop it?

  • Viv Is Angie’s Baby

    ummm- Beautiful Viv looks like her mommy & has lips like her beautiful mommy- they’re gorgeous. Viv, like her brothers, appears to be eating or drinking a treat. She may even be sticking out her tongue at the paps like her Dad taught her sibs:

  • yaya

    @busted: It is one of the things I disagree with you but how you even watch Handjob show and give her a hit. I dislike that bittch and she marks a fame for her show after she insulted Angie and gain pouplarity that way. She used Angie in her big mouth.
    That being said I hope that Maniston pregers too that way she will be off of Brad and Angie for GOOD . But, as I think it is GC predicted that the introducting him was when she promote her horrid movie , the announcment for pregnancy will be when Brad is about to launch his movie and the birth or the marrige will be when he will get a nomination (as we all hope for he will get).
    I will hate the fact that she will announce it right before his movie opening and he has to answer that because they will ask him and that it will be about her promoting herself using them again. the thought of it makes me go eww

  • lina

    @busted: @busted:

    She’s not pregnant but do people honestly thing that everything will stop if she is? No it’ll be worse than ever. Her whole pregnancy will be documented every min by re tabs. The press will go crazy and everything will be compared to angies pregnancy. When she has the child it be compared to the jp kids who’s cuter who’s dressed better ect. Everything thing will be compared from mothering skills to everything. It will give the tabs fresh material and it’ll be worse than ever.

    So yeah let’s not go there lol. I don’t know why people think this relationship is any different than the rest. It’ll be over as soon as wonderbust his theaters.

  • hmmm

    @yaya: LoL Aniston is bloated.Aniston
    will never have a baby.

  • an oldie

    Ticky is NOT preggo. Her boobs are the same. She just gains the weight that all peri menopausal women are subjected to, mostly in their middle section.

  • Manny Is Irrelevant

    Manny is and ALWAYS has been irrelevant to the JPs- whether she has a baby or not means nothing to the JPs. Manny has tried so hard to upstage/coat-tail the JPs and failed EVERY time. Manny went for broke at the Oscars & looked more foolish than ever- proving once again she’s irrelevant to Hollywood as well. Manny can keep paying her PR millions to say she’s “hot” or her pretend baby is “cute”, but the truth always comes out and manny will keep getting older and creepier no matter how much money she throws away to PR.

  • yaya

    Before I go to do homework finallyand getting of this computer lol… I saw the ET footage from the WWZ movie set, the mayhem that was from the extras and the dead people dropping from the above or from the sky making it look like it is gonna be one hell of adventurious suspense and interesting movie we have to look forward next year.

  • dianad1968

    @She killed Norman for PR:


    After all the s*it she has pulled these past six and a half years, Brad must wish he could go back in time and erase that time in his life.

    I believe one of the reasons Brad stayed married for as long as he did, was because of his family….mainly his parents. I just believe he tried hard to make it work until he just couldn’t anymore. And I don’t think it was necessarily because he had any great love for Ticky. I just wish people would STOP pushing the ” not having kids” as the reason for the marriage dissolving. It may have played a part, but only because it highlighted how mean and selfish she truly was/is.

  • gracie

    Nice try troll. Some lame troll trying to divert attention from Anuston being called out for her home wrecking and stealing of another woman’s bf by dragging 7yr old DEADEND relationship into the present. It won’t work troll. Anuston is an UNCOOL FAKE INSENSITIVE b!!tch. All the things she accused Angie and Brad of doing, she has done worse and you’re here trying to defend her. What a loser! You’re not going to pull that sh!t over our eyes, the world is seeing thru her fake ass. Her fans are deserting her; only stupid ones like you defend her. She is the real home wrecker and bf thief and she is lacking sensitivity chip. She is also an embarrassment. Now go back to her thread and give her your support there, she badly needs that extra hit. Brad and Angie don’t need your tainted hit, they already have miliions of genuine fans.

  • gracie

    # 321 oh please

    My post #351 was directed at you but I’m sure you already know that. I forgot to state so before I posted.