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Nicole Kidman: Flight with Faith!

Nicole Kidman: Flight with Faith!

Nicole Kidman kisses her adorable 6-month-old daughter Faith at the airport on Wednesday (July 6) in Sydney, Australia.

The 44-year-old actress arrived to catch a flight out of town with husband Keith Urban and their older daughter Sunday, who turns 3 on Thursday!

On Friday, Nicole celebrated Sunday‘s b-day a bit early with a party at her parents’ house.

Keith was recently asked by the Boston Herald if he might be giving up ballads for some mean blues tunes for his upcoming tracks.

“Maybe that’s the next album,” he said with a laugh, adding, “I’ve been thinking a lot about my next album already and maybe that’s what it will be.”

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  1. 101
    Fuju Says:

    Nope, not 13. These pictures weren’t posted on a photography site. They were posted on boards and forums. Some were even in photobucket and flickr. I thought you didn’t care? BTW, you and the other haters might want to reread some of those yourselves. Harassment of another person, posting a security risk to any person, promotes information that you know is false or misleading, conduct that is abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory or libelous. Sounds like you for the last 6 years.

  2. 102
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @Fuju: Maybe I should type slower since you obviously can’t read very well!


    It doesn’t matter if it comes from a photography site at all. Have you ever been a member on an official fan message board – like the good old Back in the day, they would not allow any posters to post random concert pictures. The rule was, if you didn’t take the picture, you cannot post it. There were threats of legal proceedings against the fan site back then because people were posting “stolen” pictures from the internet, even those that didn’t have copyrights on them.

  3. 103
    Dixie Says:

    Well, the photos were emailed to me personally by someone in the group a long time ago. They aren’t secret, private pictures anymore than the ones shared on Facebook. Like someone else said, don’t share on the internet unless you don’t care who sees it. I’ve been a fan for almost 10 years now and have emailed with tons of other fans since then. I have many pictures given to me and stories told to me. It only became a big deal when a few didn’t like Nicole and decided to spend 6 years of their own life trying to destroy her reputation, hoping that would somehow get Keith to divorce her. The people in the pictures only care about being seen now that they’re haters. I can’t blame them for having their faces exposed. What they do is appalling but karma always gets you in the end.

  4. 104
    Fuju Says:

    How would typing slower help me read better? That’s dumb. Anyhoo, since nobody cares (your words) about these random people anyway, it won’t matter what’s posted about them. I guess if Jared is worried, he’ll delete them.

    Here’s another place you can see them and a lot more too:


  5. 105
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @Dixie: Hmm, emailed pictures – not the internet. That would be considered very “stolen”. A long time ago? How long is a long time? This is priceless. So you have permission to put the pictures on the internet by every member of the “group”?

  6. 106
    cold hard truth Says:

    MADISON is Stephanie, but she doesn’t post under her real name. The effective strategy is to link the real stories to the posers online. Too bad we have our stories straight and the skeptics keep changing theirs every 5 minutes. More on Steph and her alcoholic buddy Cheyenne who feed off each other’s hate for Nicole. Cheyenne is Red Jasper, Hatti, Jake. Jakra777, Oh So Leery , I’m Still Leery and many others, not to mention the newest E user who pops up just in time for Sunday Rose’s birthday. Her new name is IMPULSE and is already claiming Keith never went to Australia last week. She’s a raging alcoholic who goes these benders and posts outrageous stories and death threats like in this thread

  7. 107
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @Dixie: “They aren’t secret, private pictures anymore than the ones shared on Facebook.”

    What if they don’t post pictures on Facebook?

    Stolen and illegal. You are such a great group of crazed fans.

  8. 108
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @Fuju: You really don’t have a sense of humor if you didn’t get the whole typing/reading line. You must be 13.

  9. 109
    lol Says:

    @UNeedHelp: You, nomorefan, are a pathological liar too blinded by hate to worry about what you’ve been doing for 6 years. Karma baby, karma!

  10. 110
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @lol: I’m laughing so hard right now because you are such an immature Urban fan to believe in this karma stuff. Same old same old. Nothing has changed in six years for me. When is the big bolt of lightening going to hit me? Tonight? Tomorrow night? Grow up!

  11. 111
    Hello ihateher / lynchher Says:

    Remember when you used to keep spouting “Karma is a b*tch!”. Tables are turned now that the truth is out and ya’ll are exposed. You aren’t laughing and everyone knows it!

  12. 112
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @Hello ihateher / lynchher: I guess “ihateher” and “lynchher” will have to address this issue, as I shouldn’t take their thunder away from them. Get that Fuju, I just said another joke – get it – lightening – thunder – get it?

    Yes, I’m laughing harder now because you think you have the power of the internet behind your cause.

  13. 113
    Dixie Says:

    @UNeedHelp, now how could it be stealing if they were given to me by one in the group? Honey, you need to calm down. There’s nothing bad about the pictures. No naked stuff or compromising positions. I understand you’d rather hide behind anonymity after saying such unpleasant and untrue things but there’s really nothing you can do about pictures floating around on the internet, especially when you put them there yourself. Watch Judge Judy. LOL.

  14. 114
    GET HELP NOW Says:

    You can’t fess up to anything can you? All you can do is try to make the skeptics look like innocent victims. You are sad pathetic people who need emergency mental health evaluations, long in-patient treatment, and for some alcohol rehab. This could all end today if you just give up the fight and fight for your own lives. You don’t have one now as it is.

  15. 115
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @Dixie: I guess I need to type really slow now. Did the person, who supposedly was in the “group”, take the picture with their camera? Then, did the entire group in the pictures give you permission to use in a defamatory way and pass it along to others? Let’s see the release forms, please. If these pictures were sent in email by someone who didn’t take the pictures, then who put them on the internet? Not the owner of the pictures, and that is stealing personal, private pictures, and it is illegal.

  16. 116
    Fuju Says:

    @UNeedHelp: Hmmm, joke? The only joke I see is you trying to scare me into not posting your butt-ugly picture. I’m laughing really hard about that one.

  17. 117
    more truth Says:

    @UNeedHelp: Sorry but YOU FAILED YOU. You thought you’d post your fantasy about Nicole Kidman Wicked Witch of The West on every board that would allow you to post. You got kicked off every one and then you found E. I’m actually glad you’re there because it’s all in one convenient place. All the lies, deceit, backtracking, rumors. All of it can be linked back to a handful of you who are still there having conversations over lies you made up 4, 5, 6 years ago. You are paving the way for yourselves right into your own sinkhole.

    Read it and weep ladies and gentleman, the lies of the skeptics for 6 years!

    It’s 2011 and you still haven’t gotten anyone to replace Keith. Which is hilarious because you claim he was never filling a void in your alleged perfect lives to begin with.

  18. 118
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @Fuju: I’m trying to scare you? Sorry sweetheart, but it is fact. Clear your cache on your computer. (Tell me if you don’t know what that means or how to do it?) Go to page 2 of the comments on here and click on one of the links you posted! Then put a big old “L” on your forehead because you just proved that you post on here under multiple screen names!

  19. 119
    holly Says:

    @UNEEDHELP – Good luck making that stick in court, you crazy loon you. Maybe you should sue the person who sent her the pictures. And what defamatory way are they being used? Somebody just put a picture to the username. Be a man. Stand by your hate.

  20. 120
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @more truth: You people are a riot! I was kicked off boards now? Would you tell that to the admins of the boards that I am currently on? It is things like this that make the skeptics laugh their asses off at you people – along with the skewering misfit site. Not many readers these days?

  21. 121
    more truth Says:


    You spend so much time here because the sinking ship that is the E Negative thread can’t be saved.

    Better scurry back before Leery tells everyone she’s really Sunday’s mother! LMAO!

  22. 122
    Fuju Says:

    @UNeedHelp: What the HE double hockey sticks are you talking about? What links? You said nobody cares about the usernames we talk about, even people in South Africa. So why are you getting your big girl panties in a wad about? Who cares, right?

  23. 123
    more truth Says:

    @UNeedHelp: No one minds being laughed at by delusional loons. You think Keith Urban is in a paid contract marriage with kids that aren’t his. That alone makes us laugh like hyenas at you! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  24. 124
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @more truth: PUHLEEZE, Leery and IMPULSE are your BFFs!

  25. 125
    UNeedHelp Says:

    @more truth: To prove my point that the skeptics aren’t doing anything illegal, but Keith Urban’s little monkeys, will do anything, even if it is illegal, to defend him. What would Keithy say about that? Would he want fans like you?

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