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Jennifer Aniston: 'Horrible Bosses' UK Premiere!

Jennifer Aniston: 'Horrible Bosses' UK Premiere!

Jennifer Aniston hits the blue carpet at the UK premiere of her latest movie, Horrible Bosses, held at the BFI Southbank on Wednesday (July 20) in London, England.

The 42-year-old actress, wearing a Valentino dress, was joined by co-stars Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, and Charlie Day!

Earlier in the day, Jennifer, her co-stars, and Horrible Bosses director Seth Gordon stepped out for a photo call at The Dorchester.

Over the weekend, the film took in $17.5 million at the box office.

FYI: Jason B. suited up in Ermenegildo Zegna. Charlie wore a button down shirt by Shipley & Halmos

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and her co-stars arriving at the UK premiere of Horrible Bosses

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Credit: Gareth Cattermole; Photos: Getty
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  • bobbi

    I’ll assume that’s a diamond solitaire on her ring finger right hand.



    Omg, that closeup, her face looks like orangey burnt shoe leather. Wow. Hello menopause.

  • Kylie

    LOVE those shoes!

    JA looks fantastic!


    Yeah, I remember that gorgeous yellow pillow diamond she desperately bought for herself and wore to her and Vince vaughn’s premiere of that crap rom com they did… remember how she and her PR flack tried to spread the lie they were engaged and how Vince didn’t go along with the showmance to that degree, and humiliated her by staying overseas for MONTHS, I so recall how gorgeous THAT ring was too…sigh.
    Guess she’s up to her old tricks. You can’t teach an old dog….

  • Fashion – Where Did it Go?


    If you think that cheap looking dress is amazing then you need some remedial fashion sense.
    It’s an awful fabric which is definitely not summer friendly. In fact it looks scratchy.
    It isn’t flattering at all to her figure.
    Her bra is letting her sag too much – not only does it ruin the lines of the bodice but it makes Jen look very matronly.
    Jennifer has developed middle age midriff and that waist line emphasizes that thickness at her waist.
    The shoes are bad. The strap cuts off her legs and as everyone knows when you have short legs the last thing you want is to cut them off with a strap. The shoes she wore with the leather dress worked better for her type of legs. These are just plain fugly.
    Elongate is what you want to do – not truncate.
    Though I applaud her effort to wear a more sophisticated length skirt – she needs to either have it end just above the knee or below it. She again is cutting her legs off with a hem right in the middle of her knees. Again not flattering for her leg type – her legs are not heavy and yet this dress makes her look heavy.
    What’s with the black roots? Is that anew style.
    I give her points for a light colored outfit for the summer. For her hair style which seems carefree and easy for the summer. And for trying to do something different. Sorry it didn’t work better. I liked the leather dress much better but it was a fall dress style especially in leather – not for summer.
    I am sorry Jen did not listen to skin care people when she was younger. The ravages of all that smoking and tanning are clearly evident on her skin – even her arms and neck. You can see how her skin is beginning to lose its elasticity. What a shame.
    By the way, anyone who thinks that a 42 year old woman doesn’t normally look great and in shape cannot be living where anyone cares about their appearance. I live in a big city and you just don’t see out of shape women at this age even without her resources. Maybe if she were 52 I’d give her points for staying in shape but at this young age no way. I’m not sure what’s going on with her midriff – she needs to start specific simple abdominal exercises. They also help keep your back in shape.
    There it is from the Red Carpet. My analysis of Ms Aniston. Later I’ll give The Spacey a whirl of my magnifying glass. Not sure about those shoe, Kev. You ain’t 19 anymore and this isn’t 1962. As for Jason Bateman – still no decision on the Buzz Lightyear hairdo .

  • Hannah

    Jen looks beautiful! classy! I love Horrible Bosses I have seen it twice.

  • Justin Aniston

    I LOVE YOU, JENNIFER ANISTON! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  • Karen

    Yuck, I don’t like that. She look like some old lady nearing fifty years old.

  • coffeereverie

    @Fashion – Where Did it Go?: lol i’m now your biggest fan! please keep posting your opinions on fashion, dear sir/madam. i’m serious.

  • XenuCommandsYou

    she finally dresses her old age..boring outfit just like her boring ugly face. Expensive clothes can’t fix your facial features and bone structure. Jennifer is ugly, period.

  • Anon

    Did she fire her stylist? Those shoes are hideous and the dress is ugly, too matronly.

  • Nanci

    What is Wrong with her toe ???? Beauitful Dress , she looks stunning !!

  • Marieme

    Grandma! What ugly shoes you have!

  • xploxite

    Where is Colin Farrell , the ONLY Reason I saw the Movie Twice.
    Very funny movie Recommend that to everyone.


    WTH??? Jens 47yoa face is one filler away from JoanR. the dress does not help.
    Batemans wife is a hot mess the black lace ages her and it’s too short


    Jen Why pay for a BF if you can’t stand beside the Midget on the red/blue carpet?
    Answer: Because weird midget boy is a Writer

  • Jette Trip

    she was in shoreditch house this night for a diner. i’m working there. just, wauw! what a woman

  • jade

    Jen looks gorgeous, happy and glowing.

    Her dress is beautiful and the right length. Everyone looks good.

  • Megan

    I do think she needed a bra. Other than that I like her style, it’s weird but I’ve seen that grandma chic is fashionable lately and it’s kindda cute and different from the lbd.

  • http://Justjarde Tota


  • http://Justjarde Tota

    Great movie

  • SaltROCKS

    angelina jolie is a tragedy….

  • wyatt

    #68-she glowing because she’s pregnant.

  • andamentothat

    this is actually a good look for her..




  • aha

    This fake, selfish old woman will grow old and lonely in her mansion.

  • MJ

    Grandma Anuston needs a BREAST LIFT. Her breasts are hanging down near her waist line. It’s not sexy at all, it’s gross. Joan River must be laughing at Anuston because Joan River’s breasts are nicer than Anuston’s breasts. Probably, Anuston breastfed a lot of guys. Her breasts look like an over used hookers’ breasts. Poor thing.

  • wanessa

    nice outfit

  • kelly
  • yep


  • :)


  • Jarissa

    Dum Dum to “Yes” person. Keep Brad out of the equation.
    Why aren’t you over it……you need therapy and stop dwelling
    on the past. You are one sick puppy.

    Why don’t you dwell on her new “victim” Therous, but he won’t be around long…..I give it 6 months…tops

    Moving in together.. Wrong move… JA still doesn’t get it because she’s
    pathetic and desparate.

  • unbelievable.


    you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Hopefully you are not an adult. flag this please.

  • LoLa

    @KateWalshHot: @Kat

    you know what, the Anistonfans are famous for beeingvery agressive and hateful, and even hate on their children. they wish them to die. i bet jennifer would be ashamed of them. the jolie fans just fire back!

  • LoLa

    i hate JA just because she let it happen that her fans hate even the brangelina kids, she knows what is happening, she knows that her fans hate a mother of six, children a more worth than a pity jennifer Ansiton. one day, when a JA Fan attack one of the kids of BP, the world will see who JA is! A cold moneygrabbing wit@h! But her fans will say, oh no its not her fault but YES it will be her fault because shes a liar!

  • LoLa


    HONEY YOU KNOW THAT THIS IS NOT HER MOVIE???? She has a very short role!


  • Danielle

    Why would anyone wear shoes so narrow that one of their toes is criss crossed over another making it looked deformed?

  • Salem

    @KateWalshHot: Um, how about you ask JEN FANS THAT?? After all, as usual, it was an ANISTON fan that brought the triangle up. Look at YES’ post #7. Notice how NOBODY said anything negative about Jen before that? You have some damn NERVE, asking Angelina fans to stop the hate when its YOUR side that is SINGLE-handedly continuing this and the PROOF is above. Wake up to yourself.

  • Salem

    @Girlfriend: Yeah, its not like Aniston isn’t the HIGHEST EARNER IN HOLLYWOOD – Oh, what……

  • Amelia

    I love her:-)

  • Megan

    @Lola. You don’t get it. No one is attacking JP kids, they’re children!! What kind of person would do that. It’s their poor parental choices that are to be questioned, like not talking to them about gender. If someone attacked the kids it would be a psychopath. Neither Jennifer Aniston nor AJ can watch 24/7 all their fans actions just to check if someone lost it and become a lunatic.

  • Rio

    everything is perfect!