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Gerard Butler: Morning Coffee & Afternoon Surfing!

Gerard Butler: Morning Coffee & Afternoon Surfing!

Gerard Butler chats on his cellphone as he picks up a cup of coffee and the Los Angeles Times on Sunday morning (August 14) in Malibu, Calif.

Later in the day, the 41-year-old Scottish actor hit the beach and surfed the afternoon away!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Earlier in the week, Gerard partied the night away at the Playhouse Nightclub in Hollywood.

Gerard recently signed on to star in the FBI thriller The Bricklayer! Gerry will be playing a rogue former FBI agent, and has also signed on to co-produce the film!

FYI: Gerry is wearing Burberry 3051 aviator sunglasses.

40+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler grabbing coffee and going surfing…

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gerard butler surf coffee 01
gerard butler surf coffee 02
gerard butler surf coffee 03
gerard butler surf coffee 04
gerard butler surf coffee 05
gerard butler surf coffee 06
gerard butler surf coffee 07
gerard butler surf coffee 08
gerard butler surf coffee 09
gerard butler surf coffee 10
gerard butler surf coffee 11
gerard butler surf coffee 12
gerard butler surf coffee 13
gerard butler surf coffee 14
gerard butler surf coffee 15
gerard butler surf coffee 16
gerard butler surf coffee 17
gerard butler surf coffee 18
gerard butler surf coffee 19
gerard butler surf coffee 20
gerard butler surf coffee 21
gerard butler surf coffee 22
gerard butler surf coffee 23
gerard butler surf coffee 24
gerard butler surf coffee 25
gerard butler surf coffee 26
gerard butler surf coffee 27
gerard butler surf coffee 28
gerard butler surf coffee 29
gerard butler surf coffee 30
gerard butler surf coffee 31
gerard butler surf coffee 32
gerard butler surf coffee 33
gerard butler surf coffee 34
gerard butler surf coffee 35
gerard butler surf coffee 36
gerard butler surf coffee 37
gerard butler surf coffee 38
gerard butler surf coffee 39
gerard butler surf coffee 40
gerard butler surf coffee 41
gerard butler surf coffee 42
gerard butler surf coffee 43
gerard butler surf coffee 44
gerard butler surf coffee 45

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249 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Morning Coffee & Afternoon Surfing!”

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  1. 101
    Brooke is an idiot Says:

    Oh and I guess the shocker isn’t a shocker since again you’ve “spilled the beans”. So patheticly sad.

  2. 102
    CHOLITA Says:

    GOOD MORNING a todos ,espero que no borren mis canciones esta vez.Sra. Dargabriel como esta,la batalla a sido dura durante todos estos dias…verdad.Ahora con respecto al alma gemela del Sr.Butler,el va a amar a esta mujer profundamente,ella sera su joya de incalculable valor.ella es una mujer muy sencilla,no le gusta el brillo de hollywood,prefiere la vida tranquila del campo,ella apoyara y respetara el trabajo de el,sera una mujer fiel,leal,muy buen humor ,siempre se rie de todo,es una mujer muy timida,caracter decidido.A esta alma gemela del Sr.Butler le gustan mucho los niños como a el,seran buenos padres,sus hijos seran traidos ha este mundo con mucho amor.Sera un matrimonio feliz y longevo…..adios.I LOVE YOU.

  3. 103
    Brooke Says:

    He is NOT going to dump her,believe me – he wants her back in his life.

  4. 104
    Brooke Says:

    BTW #101 / #102
    You’ve spelt his name wrong,it’s “ie” not a “y”. You do realise Maggie P.U is gonna be on your case : P .

  5. 105
    Brooke is an idiot Says:

    Oh I see once again someone “pretending” to be you posted this
    what your own multiple personalities don’t talk to each other or did you realize you gave away the plan and someone is not going to be very happy with you? You know “someone” I am sure JJ would happily provide the IP addresses on all the posts by Brooke in this thread to see if in fact she spilled some really personal beans.

    Brooke @ 08/14/2011 at 9:44 pm
    You people are so thick! She’s back in his life and he’s planning to dump her this time to get her back! lol

    Bottomline you want any credibility you name the name again here and now, since you already claim you have it is no big deal, before any “shocker” news comes out and you said this girlfriend can be seen in photos that are out there, post the links here and now. Then when the shocker is revealed and you are right we’ll have apologize profusely but then wonder why Gerry has so many people leaking his personal business. He may need to clean house.

    Otherwise no one is ever going to believe you regardless of what happens in the next few months. If you need to be believed so bad, god knows why, as others have said, put up or shut up.

  6. 106
    CHOLITA Says:

    Les dejo una hermosa melodia algunos la recordaran…..UNFORGETTABLE,that’s what you are,UNFORGETTABLE though near or far, like a song of love,that cling to me.How the though of you does things to me. never before has someone been more….UNFORGETTABLE in every way and forever more,that’s how you’ll stay.That’s why, darling,it’s incredible,that’s someone so unforgettable thinks that I am unforgettable too…..thank you Sr. NAT KING COLE you are the best….adios.

  7. 107
    So what Says:


    Why the hell would a friend have personal pics of him
    & her when he is such a private person & if he did y the hell would he show you! Makes you a traitor for blabbing personal stuff out shows what kind of person you are! And why would he tell such personal details of hrs trying to win her back Gerry himself says he’s feelings & moods change on a daily basis that’s y he can’t commit!

    Sorry guys I’m not feeding her but she’s contradicting herself I think if he did come out with the girl the only person that would be shocked is YOU! and next you’d be on this board saying you saw pics of their babies scan or know the wedding venue! Plz do us & yourself a favour get over it no one really cares if he’s got women in his life of not

  8. 108
    So what Says:


    You should be careful you have mentioned his freinds name some ppl who know him surf this board so you could get into trouble by damaging friendships & also fabricating stuff I know in the past ppl have got done for it so it’s good advice! He has a great team backing him
    That’s why you have never heard stories been leaked to the papers & blogs have been shut down in the past!

  9. 109
    Explanation Says:


    You’re skating on thin ice. Be careful or you’ll fall through.

  10. 110
    Latesummer's Eve Says:

    Why do I keep coming here thinking that this place is going to evolve on to a higher level of intelligent and insightful commentary? The same classless, moronic rejects of society and lock outs from the fan sites still meet here with the sole and singular purpose of getting on one another’s nerves! It’s lunacy! LOL!

  11. 111
    Appilonia G. MontiNegro Says:

    Hey just love the photos of Gerry, He sure looks so handsome and happy a combination I have not seen for a while. What a beautiful man. Gerry looks would look great in MUD, LOL,,,,Gerry is on the Surf for some practice for Mavericks, I just am so glad for him and am waiting to see his upcoming movies. MGP is due out in Sept 23 and I just know he will get an Oscar this year. Corneliious got really good reviews, The trailer looks wonderful. I do not know when it will come here to the theatres, I am just waiting for them all. I AM GOING TO HAVE A GERRY MOVIE ALLNIGHT.ER …LOL, So its MGP, then Playing the Field ? then Mavericks? Anybody know?
    Appilonia G. MontiNegro

  12. 112
    Appilonia G. MontiNegro Says:

    @debk: Yes he looks so sweet, at last THAT MILLION DOLLAR SMILE! Just love Gerrys work, can not wait for the films to come out. MGP getting close Sept. 23. Just wonderful…..Appilonia G. MontiNegro

  13. 113
    Brooke Says:

    @ #106
    Yes that poster last night was NOT me.He isn’t going to all this trouble to get her back – only to dump her.Jeez—-Yes there are photos of the two of them together, they are not public photos.
    @So what.
    “why would a friend have personal pics of him and her”.
    They are not personal as in “personal” ie from the bedroom etc.They were taken at a party.Don’t you take pics of friends etc.
    “Gerry himself says his feelings / moods change on a daily basis,that’s why he can’t commit”.
    He may have said that in the past, but things have changed.

  14. 114
    PsychoB Says:

    @Brooke: I’m sorry that you have had such a bad life that you would seek out this kind of attention. Because like Georgia, the only reason you would be here is to seek attention. And to seek this kind of attention says A LOT.

  15. 115
    Okay, Okay Says:

    We believe you @ #114. And when he does come out with this woman/man(?)/sheep(?) j/k…… everyone will be happy for him and her or he or it. Alright? Move on now……

  16. 116
    Me2 Says:

    WTF?….. I posted 52 and 43 but they both ended up being 52?!

  17. 117
    Manny Says:

    I hear ya. Men seem to prefer perky over droppy any day. :) 5’10″ – you are a tall glass of water. :) Like I said, I work very hard to keep the body rocking. Squats every morning to keep the backend taut and run or Zumba every week day… Nothing feels better than putting on a bikini that you know you look smashing in IMO. BTW cheekies keep my man drooling… :P Keep rocking it sista.
    Amen. I don’t know how many times you say it just keeps happening. I’m starting to suspect that the beast is replying to herself to get air time. :)
    That is a good possibility. I didn’t think of that.
    Do you know if they have truly signed Jonny for the role of Jay? I still haven’t seen a confirmation that he has signed.
    Also, can you believe that Disney was even entertaining filming The Lone Ranger with a budget of $250M??? I mean a western with that kind of a budget? They should get Clint Eastwood involved. He finishes on time and way under budget. :P
    @Latesummer’s Eve:
    And yet here you are….
    So you didn’t answer the question… do you fold your flour sacks into your bra or tuck them into your waistband???

  18. 118
    Maggie P.U. Says:

    @102…CHOLITA….. Ummm, I find it strangely interesting how when Dargabriel is not around you come around. And at the same time, both of you talk about the same “soul mate”….. Geez……



  19. 119
    Me2 Says:

  20. 120
    Me2 Says:

  21. 121
    Me2 Says:

    Hey JJ, why are you erasing my posts?…

  22. 122
    Put a sock in it Says:

    Shut up Brooke.
    Shut up Brook now.
    You are being played.
    You can be traced so shut up now.
    You know who this is.

  23. 123
    "You know who" is an idiot Says:

    @Put a sock in it: Oh yeah is this the standard trick where you leak false information to a person so you can find out who your mole is?

  24. 124
    GFW Says:

    LOL@ 122, it’s Brooke with an e!
    Ah, man this is too hard to resist.
    The (latest) lowdown according to know it all Brooke:
    1) Gerry is planning a big thing to get this nameless woman that Freddie won’t tell you the name but ALL other stuff about them back.
    2) but hasn’t gotten her back yet cos she’s a game player and told him to leave her alone, but that a “catch me if you can turn on for Gerry, right?
    3) but back Gerry is back in contact with her using his smooth as Thai silk worked sentences.
    4) Brooke is on Gerry’s side, but secretly wishes she met type but does not
    5) Now she is saying once he gets her back they’ll go public and all his fans will have a meltdown because he’s seen at something, maybe a premiere, with this (really does not want to go public but will now) woman who “has her own money” which makes her in need of nothing or anyone.
    6) and so this (according to you) is a perfect suitable match for Gerry?
    7) he’s out in CA just waiting for her
    8) his fit shape is for her
    9) his new smile is for her
    10) his sad eyes were his desperation for her at the event before the Scottish Celtics game he played in
    11) he’s melted away “lovesick” over this woman who apparently sprung off on, yet another, vacation to have fun and forget about Gerry
    12) she’s “old enough to be his mother” but “looks 35″ (guess the financial independence might have something to do with that LOL). 13) She’ nearly 6′, a size 4, (that math makes her bean-stalk thin) with caramel colored skin, born in the U.K., lives in CA, is brunette and brown-eyed… and fears his “lovely fans” (but not YOU blabbing her personal business on a gossip board)?
    14) Brooke (and only Brooke) knows all the secrets, no one else in his camp is willing to publicly acknowledge this,
    15) Gerry’s friend Freddie tells her everything and Gerry doesn’t care having to know all this is taking place here… as he’s no fool
    16) Brooke has seen photos of Gerry on someone else’s phone who has more manners and class not to upload them but you do not talking about them never once thinking they could they be fake? ooOOps) of Gerry and this woman at a party (two months ago)
    17) That they split up and YOU know why but won’t tell and know this because Freddie or his friends will tell you all kinds of crap and nonsense, you and only you.
    18) You believe all that is told you that should not be told to you and feel comfortable telling about this woman’s private life on a gossip board, why?
    19) Guess if any of this is true, whatever these two do — if they go public you will be here telling the whole mucking world won’t you?
    20) I don’t believe one word you have said here but we all know what you will way, “Wait and see!”
    21) you refused to answer my question at the old thread, why?
    22) I know why, I’m a lace reader and can see through you

  25. 125
    I'll Bite Says:


    Manny, not sure if Jay has signed yet. Malden has it up on their site that he’s been “offered the role” and is “in negotiations”

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