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Kate Bosworth Checks Out 'Chelsea Lately'

Kate Bosworth Checks Out 'Chelsea Lately'

Kate Bosworth meets up with her director beau Michael Polish after taping an appearance on Chelsea Lately on Wednesday (September 14) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 28-year-old actress and Michael landed at LAX Airport over the weekend after attending the Deauville Film Festival in France.

Kate recently told DreadCentral why she was attracted to her latest movie, Straw Dogs, which also stars her ex Alexander Skarsgard and James Marsden.

“I’m always drawn to character relationships and complexities and this one is just rich with them,” she shared.

“I rented the original [Straw Dogs], was sort of terrified, immediately terrified!” she added. “I guess there’s a certain stride that you hit when you relax a little bit but this has definitely been challenging the whole way through and exciting.”

FYI: Kate is wearing a Christopher Kane dress with a JewelMint bracelet and Chloe shoes.

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  • hands

    a strange way to hold hands…

  • CJ

    Did she sew this orange mess herself in her basement??? The hem is all weirded out on the skirt and just plain UGLY

  • better

    I don’t see the reason to criticize her this time. This is a good look for her. Finally cleaned up looking and not wearing beige or ugly boots. And this guy doesn’t seem to hate her. A definite improvement over the disaster of the last couple of years.

  • steph

    she looks great! that colour suits her well. why do people always try to find something negative in EVERYTHING? it makes them sound jealous… try sending some positive message out into the universe

  • brenda dubois

    She moved on fast.

  • good

    this guy has a positive influence! she looks good…finally a good shoes make up on and she brush her hair…good for her!

  • Strawberry


    Because she’s a whore pig that can’t be without diq.

  • Strawberry


  • ka simply amazing

    i don’t know more about they

  • Strawberry


  • Monkey

    I don’t hate her but to me she seems to be one of those girls who cannot be alone, she always has a boyfriend.

  • phone

    The second picture she is so texting Alex. Hey Alex I am here with Frodo but I am so thinking about you. Whenever you are ready. I am always single and waiting for you. LOL!! She tries to hard to make it seem that she is over him. You can see she so isn’t and does this guy work? He seems to follow her around alot. I am sure she loves that he does too. Sad.

  • Man

    she is really just way too skinny, she is 28 and she has the body of a under develop 11 year old. This is so wrong, so wrong and people wonder why teenagers these days have eating disorder from the age of 8. 8!!! She is not the only one but she is apart of the problem.

  • mforman

    Honestly this pariah shouldn’t do interviews of any kind because then she has to open her mouth. She is ignorant and dosen’t have a clue about anything. How isit that possible, to be that dumb.
    I mean we all know she is a disgusting who*e, who cannot survive one day without a man. She truly is an embrassment to all women.
    Comments are made about her all the time because she is a nightmare. There is just nothing good or positive about her.
    10 years in this business and the only friends she has are on her payroll, she has to pay people to hang around her.
    She cares only for herself and will step on and hurt whoever she has to if she thinks it will work; as she said once before nothing or no one will get in my way, but now everybody sees her for what she is.
    She looks 10 years older and must stop doing these procedures on herself, because she doesn’t look good at all.
    KB remember you do not have to have a man in your life daily. Think about it and stalking ex boyfriends is not only against the law, but it is vey, very creepy.
    Poor AS had been going to the same few places since he arrived, but once he dumped you, you began stalking him soooo bad that he had to find new places to go. Please leave him alone, he deserves so much better and you in no way shape or form even come close to deserving him.
    He is humble, shy, has friends from not only his childhood, but also from each and every project he has worked on. He gives and gets loyalty, what do you get.
    KB blew off a orphan/foster charity event in which she was a chairperson to extend her Mexican vacation, calling the heads of the charity the night of the event to inform them. That was also the day we were waiting to finally see AS’s Meloncolia Trailer. She actually had Cher take those photos and make sure theye were released at the perfect time.
    KB’s behaviior is getting worse and worse and she is getting scarier.
    KB was only on Chelsa Handler because they are both represented by Robin Baum, my goodness she really is a waste.

  • Sian

    ^^ You’re right, the second to last pic is especially disturbing. I hope that now that she seems to be with someone who really appreciates her she starts putting on a few much needed pounds. On another note, her hair looks really great styled like this.

  • Sian

    Erm, I was agreeing with #13, not the crazy rant above, lol.

  • http://dama slig o lambert ^_____^cute

    hay kate where alexander today?

  • Canuck

    I like the outfit, the colour is good on her and the neckline / swingy style top hides the too thin breastbone. The shoes are a whole lot of “trying too hard” though. Black shoes are way too severe for a flirty light summery outfit like that one. The same in beige or gold would have been a much better choice.

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    Blanket Jackson probably weights MORE and the child is skinny to begin with…

  • Desperate


    it’s really time for you to move on. KB and AS have both done so. Your vitriolic comments are nasty. You complain about KB stalking and then you stalk KB posts writing horrible stuff about her past relationship with AS. I am very glad I don’t know you. And to be frank, if AS ever met you, he’d run a mile

  • lafamepoma

    Poor guy, he doesn’t know who’s dating. The worst thing is, she will be in the premiere of SD with Alex, he must be far away from her, maybe she tries to flirt with him.

  • wow

    From Orlando, to the model guy, to Alex, to THIS GUY?
    Talk about a downgrade in the looks department!
    Maybe this is finally love for her, and not just opportunity. if it is, good for her.

  • gorgeous

    she looks amazing!!

  • actually

    @wow: her best looking boyfriend, without a doubt, was James Rousseau. But Polish is good looking too, just skinny.

  • Harlo

    She looks beautiful. The dress is a great color on her. Her boyfriend seems loving and supportive.

  • ewww

    Yeah, to whoever said that this guy looks like Frodo I would disagree. He look more like that troll from the caves. This is the biggest downgrade in history.

  • funny

    why does everyone think this guy is short? he has to be at least 5’11, since he still has a few inches on her while she is wearing those heels. he looks about as tall as orlando did standing next to kate.

  • Eresyn

    I agree with you, she looks way better than other occations, but she’s still skinny…wish she gained some weight. And i think the outfil would’ve look great with beige or golden shoes, it would’ve look great!!!!

  • cute

    Kate has been looking fabulous! People magazine put her on their best dressed list too.

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    Her style has improved since she started seeing this guy LOL and the hair looks better even though Orlando Bloom he ain’t I don’t find him “ugly” I just wish as a director he tolled her that she won’t get any work with her body looking like THAT .

  • Copy Cat

    For those of you who did not see her on Chelsea last night, see talked about what books she reads and made a big deal about reading “The Good Soldier”. Well guess who was seen with that book just last week.
    She’s still in stalker mode and she’s only using Michael Polish as a cover. Who knows what she’ll pull tonight at the Straw Dogs premier.

  • Finanas

    Well Jared, I’m still waiting for the break-up news between Kate & Alexander Skarsgard from you !

  • Phone

    @31 see I told you, she is still texting and calling him. That gossip about her drunk dialing him, is so true, MP is a cover to make Alex jealous and it’s not working. There was an interview of late where he refused, almost to tell what book he was into or reading. Maybe because he knew KB would then call him about it like OMg I am reading that too want to join my book club.

    God she is sad. She is still stalking him

  • LOLA

    Omg, she’s like a doll. Beautiful.

  • Canuck

    @Eresyn: Yeah, when your knees are bigger than your thighs, it’s time to put on a few pounds.
    @Copy Cat: Ok, that’s just sad and pathetic. I hope he’s got the Swedish posse along as a 3 person deep buffer zone tonight. I’ll Bet he’s looking forward to getting this last official obligation over and done with.

  • LOLA

    @mforman: Do you honestly believe people have time (and interest) for reading your hate letters?
    Lol at people talking about his new boyfriend’s appearance: who is shallow now?

  • Lilla

    I’m kind of sick of hearing about this movie.

  • OMG

    What’s up with #14?! That person’s certifiably insane!

  • Jen

    @Copy Cat:
    That’s sad that even with a new guy, she is in stalker mode. Geez, she just can’t seem to move on gracefully. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame her. I can’t imagine it was easy getting dumped by Alex (who is perfect, IMO) but have some pride!!! She does look better since the breakup, so good for her.

  • Bobby

    She was adorable on Chelsea Lately last night.

  • Emmy

    I have a question. I don’t know much about Alex and Kate and what’s been going on with them (I’m a very new Alex fan btw) but now I see that Kate definitely has a new bf. Did she leave Alex for this new guy???

  • AbFab

    I like what she’s wearing but she looks soo skinny in it. Maybe a longer helm would’ve worked better.

  • ladybug

    @Copy Cat: I thought she had a copy of that book waaaay back in May, in one of her airport shots. Someone had figured what it was, even though you could only see the back cover.
    Emmy, I don’t think she left Alex for MP. I think the AS/KB relationship ended no later than mid-April. I don’t think she hooked up with MP until much later, though who knows. She went public with him right after the official breakup announcement at the end of July.
    LOLA, a doll? really? And that’s what you find admirable, celebs who look doll-like?

  • Camille

    The outfit isn’t terrible. It’s a good colour for her but what I don’t get is why they made the top separate from the skirt. It would have looked better as a dress IMO. She’s holding his hand weird though, kind of has her hand balled up in a fst.

  • Kit

    She did have that book a long time ago. Seriously though, what is the big deal either way? What does it matter that Alex may have read the book after her? I hardly think she is stalking him. If she really wanted him back, she would have stayed single until the premiere. There is no way Alex is going to go after her when she has a boyfriend, and she knows that. Seems to me that she is doing her own thing. Staying pretty far away from him. How can this be remotely stalkerish? If she wanted to she could have been all over fashion week, and spent the week in NYC. Some of the things said here don’t even make sense.

  • anne

    “calling the heads of the charity the night of the event to inform them”
    really??? are you tapping their phones or something

  • @copycat

    looks like the only copycat is Alex. maybe he is reading the book to send Kate a message. he must really want her back. he is staying single just to let her know that. why doesn’t he just move on already. perhaps he doesn’t need to since he has his swedish male harem always with him.

  • Canuck

    @Kit: The fact that he started changing his usual restaurant hangouts after Coachella was a rather large hint that he was trying to avoid someone.

  • hahaha

    Swedish Male Harem, love that! So freaking true.

  • Nonsense

    @Canuck: are you kidding? joan’s became his favorite because of her, since it was her favorite. and, he was still seen there. Anyway, he would hardly have had to avoid his so called “favorite” places, since she was hardly in town to begin with. It is well noted that since Coachella, she went straight to San Francisco, then Maine, and then Italy for three movies. In between she made other trips too. Heck, he was seen walking her dog in June and she was out of town. What was up with that? The most important thing being that she was also never seen at these restaurants during this time. If she was just hanging out waiting for him, guess what, she would have been photographed, etc. how about not regurgitating the same stale stuff, and try coming up with something that makes sense.