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January Jones: Baby Xander's First Pictures!

January Jones: Baby Xander's First Pictures!

January Jones debuts her almost 1-month-old son Xander while leaving an office building on Tuesday (October 11) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old Mad Men actress, who gave birth on September 13, got back to work on her hit AMC series the day before.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of January Jones

“I think she’s going to be a great mom,” January‘s co-star, Elisabeth Moss, previously told Us Weekly. “She’s a very caring and protective person, and I think she’s going to fit in very well with motherhood.”

FYI: January is wearing an Alexa Chung for Madewell “Patrice” lace top. She is also using her Orbit stroller!

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Credit: Frazer Harrison; Photos: Film Magic
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  • ME

    He’s so itty bitty. Not even a month old yet.

  • alex

    beautiful baby. i wonder who the father is though.

  • alex

    who is the father?

  • Domino

    Babies are cute but this kid looks like a little baby rat.

  • steph

    she looks good. the baby is very cute!

  • unknown

    It must suck to know the father won’t be in his life, all because she was a wh*re

  • Margo

    He kinda looks like her…either way…such a cutie! Love babies :)

  • theresa

    alex @ 10/11/2011 at 9:29 pm

    the name of the baby’s father is no one’s business; not yours and not mine

  • Slig o lambert^_____^cute


  • taylo

    The best way to love and protect your child is to give him/her a dad. A dad-less life is no life for a little child.

  • loyal

    A beautiful baby and mom looks fantastic! A month? Amazing.

  • taylo

    Too bad she’s not married and giving her child a committed father.

  • theresa

    unknown @ 10/11/2011 at 9:43 pm

    hey get real! this is the 21st century; not the dark ages. January is not the first girl to have a baby without telling anyone who the father is. which reminds me, where do you get the idea that you have a right to that information.

    also, how do you know that the father won’t be in this little boy’s life. you don’t know what kind of agreement January made with the man. i have an idea; you take care of your life and stop passing judgement on the lives of others.

  • theresa

    taylor,@ 10/11/2011 at 9:58 pm

    what century are you living in? marriage does not equal a committed father. a father can be committed to child without the marriage nonsense.

  • Winter Haven: a novel

    Cute baby, but it’s not fair to him to not have a father.

  • lyg

    I Say Bobby Flay

  • Ryleabits

    Looks like Jason Sudekis.

  • Creed

    Honestly guys, I think she just got pregnant from a sperm donor.
    She is rich and single and is capable of being a good mother, why not? It beats having to go to court for child support and dealing with another man

  • sweetness

    I give her major credit…by not telling revealing who the father is, she’s created a great air of mystery around her. She knows this will increase interest in her and interest in her means attention is on her and that creates demand for her as an actress.
    Doesn’t hurt that she’s beautiful and her baby is adorable.

  • unknown

    @theresa: You are SO dumb. Not having a father in its life will lead to a bunch of psych/emotionally problems in the future too. Every kid deserves 2 loving parents, but go ahead and keep defending TRASH.

  • theresa

    @ unknown

    you really are an antediluvian example of lower plant life. now pay attention here, if that’s possible. just because January refuses to name the father of the child does not mean that he is not going to be an involved parent. now, what part of this does your small mind not understand?

  • theresa

    @ unknown

    you really are an antediluvian example of lower plant life. now pay attention here, if that’s possible. just because January refuses to name the father of the child does not mean that he is not going to be an involved parent. now, what part of this does your small mind not understand?

  • Delilah

    I agree with Theresa. In the old days, the father was the breadwinner. In most households, including my grandfather’s, the father left the child rearing to the wife.

    The image of the two parent household with a loving father is a pleasant fiction but in reality, there are a lot of households where there is stress and tension and there is not a lot of love.

    So if January can afford to provide for her kid, and raise him in a loving, peaceful home, who am I to judge her. People need to look at their own houses, and not worry so much about January Jones. I wish her the best. January and Xander will be fine. He is SO tiny and cute. ‘

  • Tabitha

    Not revealing the baby’s dad only shows January’s guilt or shame for getting knocked up by a married man.

    So many men out there and with her good looks January could have gotten a man who is available to her and her child.

    Must be lonely not to be sharing this experience with someone you love.

  • Delilah

    #24 You don’t know who she shared it with or what kind of relationships she has. We know nothing at all about people’s private lives. You can’t go by what the tabloids say because they always make things up. We have no idea about her arrangements. I am very glad that when she found out she was pregnant she decided to keep her baby and raise it. She is not a teenager. She is in her 30′s.

    I’m always amazed at how quick some people are to pass judgement on others.

  • Teuta

    She probably hooked up with someone and sabotaged the condom or went in balls to the wall when it was her extra fertile time so she could get pregnant.


    That baby looks like me :p


    Yeah, that’s what you get for f’ing a married man, you lousy sl*t. Your child will grow up without the love of a father, just because you thought you could go up against Claudia Schiffer.

  • peeny

    See girls, the lesson for today is: a married man will never leave his wife for a cheap lay.

  • jk

    “Luke, I am your faaather”


    ugly mom with alien baby

  • bremary

    Obviously, January is the first woman on the face of the Earth to give birth not having a committed relationship. Otherwise, I don’t quite get all the judgement.

  • mwannir
  • theresa

    Tabitha@ 10/12/2011 at 12:38 am

    a brain dead squirrel on life support has more intelligence than you have. listen up, little girl!. try to behave like an adult, ok? January has no reason to feel any guilt or shame. she is under no obligation to tell you the name of the baby’s father. the only person who has the right to any information is the father himself. and for the record, little girl, the most likely “suspect” is divorced.

  • Gigi

    Is it just me or are we all looking really closely at the baby to find out who the daddy is?

  • ynop

    Baby looks like Bobby Flay to me!

  • donor

    I still say sperm donor – she was desperate for a baby…

  • getrealpeople

    money can never:
    1) replace a father
    2) guarantee a happy, stable childhood

  • Natalie


    Since when does being married mean your child will have a committed father? lol. Get real.

  • ali

    the baby is soooooo adorable and cute !!
    congrats :)

  • wsrt

    Why are people giving others thumbs-down for saying their opinions? Yes, when they’re being rude feel free to but some people are just saying things about how they’re curious about who the father is / why she’s so reluctant to say (although i believe it’s her private bussiness). You can’t just ignore people because they have a different opinion.

  • TDL

    Strange how all comments espousing the importance of fathers are “thumbed-down” until they are no longer visible. Some very odd people inhabit this board.

  • Kandee

    BOBBY FLAY all the way… The baby is a Ginger!

  • dee cee

    Bobby Flay for the win…

  • Mandy

    Looks just like Bobby Flay. Spitting image.

  • nancyjomac

    @sweetness: So TRUE!! It brings me back to a time when all actresses and actors were mysterious- and gave out very little-it did give the sense of what it means to be a true star…the idea that a star is not like you and me. Now you got these idiots (like Demi and Ashton, Kim K) that expose themselves all the time and it just turns me off. I like my stars to be just that, STARS!

  • rodrick

    @theresa: please step down from the soapbox. your comment makes me laugh because that’s why we’re here, to pass judgment. this comment board and blogs for that matter exist and remain popular cause me all crave to know the inane details of some celebrities life. with that comes differing views that you should respect. .

  • rebecca

    It’s disgusting the way people here keep bashing single mothers. Millions of children are raised by single mothers every day and turn out just fine. This baby will as well. Welcome to the 21st century!!

  • Delia

    Shes got the money and the commitment who cares if she’s a single mother. It’s ridiculous what an article about pictures can stir up. That the only thing people have to judge her or criticize her on is that she’s a single mother?! Really!
    What about all the single broke mothers on welfare that keep popping them out to different fathers just to live off the government all their lives?! Or is that what some of you do? Or is it just the kind of family you grew up in??
    At least she did it at a reasonable age and with a good job and income unlike some of you others who seem nothing but jealous.