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Adam Levine & Anne V: Nude on 'Vogue Russia' Cover

Adam Levine & Anne V: Nude on 'Vogue Russia' Cover

Adam Levine and girlfriend Anne V wrap their arms around their naked bodies on the cover of Vogue Russia‘s November 2011 issue.

The 32-year-old singer and his model girlfriend posed for a series of photos for the fashion mag – both clothed and in the flesh!

It was announced that Adam‘s band Maroon 5 will perform at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show along with rapper Kanye West, according to Rolling Stone.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will air on CBS on November 29.

Adam‘s hit show The Voice will return for its second season after the 2012 Super Bowl!

Adam Levine & Anne V: ‘Vogue Russia’ Cover Shoot

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  • Buzzy

    Remember when Adam Levine was hot? Before he became a waqxed, walking tattoo? So do I.

  • Lisa

    He is so hot!

  • Jess

    Really!? I mean……Yes, Adam and Anne bot have great bodies but, really? Isn’t Vogue a fashion magazine? There is almost no fashion in these pictures at all. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like it is a little too much.

  • Lola

    Why do people feel the need to take off their clothes? Most likely for attention. They leave nothing to the imagination. Ugh.

  • Shannon

    Photoshop city with the picture of him sitting on the floor with his hand on her leg. This is nothing at all to do with fashion, but more to do with being strategic in business: doesn’t he have major things falling on the month of November? What better way than to have non-stop talk about him on the cover of a magazine with his girlfriend while all this stuff is going on for him. Anne should have done this whole thing by herself. The only picture that was stellar is the one where they are hugging, with his face buried into her body. The rest just looked cheap and tasteless. New generation Yoko/John at their finest.

  • chris

    there’s something really ghoulish about these pictures, and not in a good way

  • hate jolie

    hot hot photoshoot

  • DeMarco

    I didn’t notice Anne V until she ditched everything that concealed her incredible physique for this and I am overwhelmed by her sexiness.
    She has an excellent body overall and is amazingly curvaceous and sensual woman.

  • Ka simply amazing

    Not hott :@

  • Ka simply amazing

    Not hott ;@

  • http://@marinabondar marina

    he is not attractive at all

  • Judy

    I miss the old Adam… don’t like all the tattoos on him.

  • mila

    envy her much

  • j

    I don’t like covers that show nudity .

  • unknown

    I personally dont care, fashion is fashion, and they are so not YOko/ John. Yoko and John represented Peace & Love. Not so called sex.I dont get this whole thing with them. They try to hard. I have seen photoshoots with complete strangers looking hotter than this. We get it, they are a couple, but even after a while people get sick of seeing couples like this. Its all for show and not love, nor peace. This is just a good marketing strategy. They use eachother for publicity. Most actual couples that care about eachother are private and respectful. Not flaunting it for publicity. I dont have a problem with nudity and dont find these offensive. I just think its a shame that these twoindividuals are constantly throwing themselves in the public eye. It wont last with these two, and I am not one of these people that are the jealous kind or a hardcore fan. Personally I dont find Anne anything but an ordinary model. I personally thought the photos she did with that actor Kellan was more sexually appealing than these two. Looked better as a couple too. I get opposites attract, but there is so much that you can do for fame. As far as the VS Fashion show. Its just a great marketing skill. Think about it, sells have been down, M5 has a great song out. Even I have to admit I like it and I am not a fan of their music much. He is on a hit tv singing competition, and lets be honest. Outside of European fans, and M5 fans. Does anyone know she was a VS model? I dont think so. Millions of people watch the Fashion show, so there for the publicity is going to be great all the way around. Anne will finally get what she wants & thats fame. You can tell by certain remarks that all she wants is fame, and sadely it seems Mr. Levines actually is the one going to pay the price emotionally. Lets just say through a certain orgaanization for charity that I am apart of and have many friends , well known annot so much. NOt bragging, but lets just say. They have never met anyone like Anne that goes up to everyone with a celebrity status and stay in their face as much & when several people didnt know who she was. Lets just say she all but said her address as creditionals.

  • Fed

    Those criticizing them are either jellies or very delusional.

    They are hot, in synch, in love and they are a perfect poster-couple for the concept of musician+model trend (which is quite fashionable).

    They wear that little Dolce &Gabbana that is necessary, they are sexy and amazing on this cover (Adam is not a model, but he works the camera well enough aside to Anne, who’s a 10 years experienced supermodel, especially in Europe) and the only thing one should write under this is wow.

    Adam and his tats are actually great: which musician based in LA hasn’t some? His are very tasteful and his great lean body wears them perfectly. Don’t like them? You are probably a fat guy, a fat old woman or a bitter stalker dreaming of being with either of the two of them in the picture.

    Adam’s getting better with age and has found his perfect match with beautiful Anne.

    I hope when Maroon5 tour Russia in November he gets to Anne’s house, in front of her parents and he proposes her.

    She’s by far the best girl he has gotten in his life (and he had many, and mostly very beautiful so that means a lot).

    Thank you Vogue Russia.

    This cover and editorial is sex on fire, and pretty inspirational for those like me who love fashion, music and some real romance.

  • unknown

    One more thing, how sad that even the pas think your relationship is a publicity stunt as well as Hollywood? Even the one where is that its suppose to be intimate doesnt look at all like a romantic phot between two people in love. It looks so directed. Ive seen photos like this befor with other couples and you can see the difference. WAs diffently directed. And ironically its for Russia version of Vouge. Their album didnt do very well there. What better way to get good with a country than to put all your personal business with someone that is originally from there. What I understand Adam has always been a private person, and never really stood up for anything, and now he is out and about. Now doing a reality show, when at one point, correct me if I am wrong here M5 fans, but didnt he say he hated them. Now he has a successful career again, and trust me it wasnt doing that well for a while. And if she is a VS model and or a Super Model, why do mags and sites just refer her as a model? Meet her in person, act like you dont know who she is, and watch her mouth open giiving her resume, starting with the comments, you know who my BF is he is a famous Rock STar. I have been in all his music videos. Which by the way. She refers to M5′s videos as hers too. If they are hers then everyperson who has been in a movie, extras and all, should claim that its theirs too. when Mr. Levine sees the real Anne iits going to be a sad day! :( she can only fool people for so long. Thankfully Leo saw what she was long befor any more time was wasted.

  • unknown

    One more thing, I hope he really get her name tattooed on his fingers. That alone is bad luck!

  • unknown


  • Fed


    You delusional sad individual…

    Why don’t you get a life instead of trashing Anne?

    She has ha a great modeling career for over ten yers, what are you talking about.

    And she and Adam look amazing together: caught them casually dining in places in LA all over each other: no paps, no cameras: they were just intimate for one another because they are IN LOVE.

    And by the way, the “Anne” writing on Adam’s knuckle are clearly fake.

    Those pictures have been taken in the Summer for the magazine, and Adam has never had any writing in the pictures that were taken also recently in their gigs.

    A little advice: go seek a doctor.

    You are way too obsessed with Anne’s hate and delusional claim of Adam’s love.

    They are two person in love.

    It may last or not.

    But they are far from faking it and whoever has crossed them in LA or NY by accident clearly can testify that.

    I do.

  • unknown

    Honey I use to model and yes did the musician thing. But we nevr publicised our relationship at all. And dating someone isn’t a trend. Yes my exBF was a well known artist, but we never publicized our relationship like that. And a lot of well known people normally don’t. Its to fake, even my ex said that. Trust me jealous of her. She has to fake an ass, when Iso many models naturally have an incredible body. Even JJ just refered to her as a model. Not super model, or VS. She is just plain, with a diva complex, playing the good girl routine. @Fed:

  • unknown

    I am dillusional sweetheart have u ever met Anne. Really. In five minutes of meeting her i heard more bragging with her than anyone I have been around. she practically lost a contract with a designer because of the fact of her walking in with sunglasses on late and saying the rock star life is hard. I am not trashing anyone dear or jealous. Answe this, if ADAM DIDNT KNOw her at all would you even defend her. IVE been to fashion runway shows, seen her and couldnt tell the difference in her or another blonde. In fact I BELieve it was Michael Kors himself said he didnt want to use her in the beginning because she looked to manly. Sounds like you are the one thats dillusional. you are defending her because you are a fan of ADams. SO who is sad now. Trust me darlin, there are many people who dont cawe for her as much as you think. She brings in people because of Adam. She is in the videos and there for if they use her, they get sells. @Fed:

  • Shannon


    Fed must be someone that will like anything and everything that is done. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing be jealous of; some of us just know a good business strategy when we see it; and it was planned to a T.This photo shoot was done way back in the early parts of summer. The cover is coming out a few weeks before everything Adam is doing comes out: he’s going to be hosting and most likely performing for Saturday Night Live; second, he has another leg of tour coming, but this time overseas; and lastly, he, as you said, is doing the VSFS. All of these events happen right in November.

    There may be sexy but there’s no chemistry displayed or seen in them. Fed may think that everyone in the world that comments are jealous, but I have not seen one nasty thing said about her or him. But what I do see is a poser fan that thinks that the sun rises and sets on these two people and that everything they do is the best thing ever. It is the best thing ever: for their image and to keep them in the limelight.. Uknown hit it dead on.

  • unknown

    Of course Anne has a great modeling career you date someone thats successful as Adam, people look to that as a way to get people to buy their stuff. ITs called marketing! Heard of it much? Another thing a woman in love and trust me there are photos of them, its called i take a photo send them to my friends and they post it on twitter. Or FB. I livedd in LA and a couple of places in LOs Feliz where paps have showed up at, they wouldnt know where it is. UNless they live there. SHE is friends with Jorge Perez right? trust me, he wiuld sell his mama to the deevil to post photos of them. And maybe you need tgo check his sites and his other friends. Because she loves to party without Adam, and they post photos of her dreinking and dont mention her name and trust me she knows. i am all for anyone finding love.iv am not for anyone abusing it to get what they want. IN her case. Fame. @Fed:

  • Fed


    You are clearly crazy.
    No point in talking with somebody like you.

    You just don’t get it.

    Keep on with your absurd ideas.

    I’m sure some headshrinker could provide help, but maybe yours is a hopeless case.

    This post is a celebration of Adam and Anne and their beautiful selves together, and it’s both sad and fun that you get nuts over that in such a sick and wrong way.

    Keep being crazy because they will be around and be together for a long, long time ahead.

    Oh, and Anne V has modeled and did campaign for brands like CHANEL, since she was 15 years old.

    She is most definitely a very very famous model, in Europe she has covered Vogue, Elle, Amica, and major magazines way before she was involved with Adam, she has done fashion cawalks for ages and has starred in many many many editorials too.

    Well and if supermodels nowadays are not only Gisele or Kate Moss (those yes, way above Anne, but way above anyone else anyway), then she can be called “supermodel” for sure (see amond other things her latest endorsement, REVLON).

    I am sure none of your standards (not that I believe that you model, but let’s be open to that even) come even remotely close to anything like that.

    Is your name Angela by any mean?
    You totally remind me of a crazy one with that name…

  • Me

    Her ass is not the business”pancakes”! He’s lost something in the looks department, weight loss, tats…I can’t put my finger on it. He’s still handsome just not as hot as his earlier days.

  • unknown

    You know your absoloutely right hon! Cant believe i wasted time on that. It is sad though. @Shannon:

  • Alex A Aguilar

    Adam levine is hot sexy & beautiful.

  • johan Antonio

    maroon 5 the best band of the world.

  • Dollie P.

    Adam and Anne: beautiful and beautiful.

    I seriously wonder the awful taste of any who can claim these two are anything less than stunning, both as individuals and together.

    They both give me a lady boner.

    Great find, Vogue Russia: more power to Adam and Anne!

    If only American Vogue could be so daring and spot on with their covers… Europeans seem to always do it better speaking of fashion choices.

  • Dollie P.


    Adam has never been hotter actually.

    He’s getting better with age: this if you like men and not boys, of course.

  • Dollie P.



    If you don’t see their chemistry, you need a good pair of goggles.

    They are strikingly hot together, and this even if Adam really isn’t the smoother model (he is a rocker, not a model, after all?).

    And sure they did this for business: you know, they are PUBLIC people with PUBLIC careers, who happen to be incredibly beautiful, and a couple.

    Of course their managers planned this Vogue cover to come out in this month: does this mean they are not gorgeous, or in love?

    Of course NOT.

    It just means that they are hot, in love (this any of their closer peole will confirm, and out of cameras or journalists) and also BUSINESS SAVVY.

    I see only good qualities in what you’ve depicted as a strange downward.

    Face it: beautiful people in the biz stay together: Adam and Anne found each other and they clicked and they saw the whole positivity their love could mean ALSO as spotlight.

    This is not a testify of anything more than they got a chance for cover one of the most important magazines in the world… and they did it greatly.

    Jealous much? Because you sure sounds so.

    Whatever crazy stalkers can picture them like, they are probably just f***ing in this very moment and I am sure they are having lot of fun: and I bet none of those criticizing them for this cover would look a 10000000000 part as wonderful or in total easiness with each other as they do.

    PS: Adam and Anne might have the most beautiful children ever if they would decide to go for it.

    And I hope they will, actually.

    Imagine “unknown”‘s reaction… she would jump a bridge.

    Lol 2

  • unknown

    Yes I am Angela and u must be one of Venus’s little minions. Or jens. Which btw how u know me is a lie according to them. U go by what stalkers say. I mean Venus @Fed: @Fed: @Fed: nude-on-vogue-russia-cover/comment-page-1/#comment-19304806″>Fed: @Fed</

  • Truly

    I thought it was Brooklyn Decker. Lol!

  • unknown

    You must be frfiends with Venus or Jenn in Australia, being the fact uit speaking to both for the reason they are nuts. So who are u Kesha? Let’s just say Venus obssession with Adam is disturbing. She would steal photos of I believe his name is Shawn? Off of FB and she told me he emailed them to her personally. She brags about how Shawn emails her things and has NY on her location on twitter page which u & I both know she has never been there.. she brags that she has Annes email address. Now for Jenn in Australia I stopped talking to her because of the fact she ignores her children to talk to me. I have actually timed it ae me alone. Now back to Venus, what disturbss me the most is all Venus wanting to talk about was Adam never anything else. Now who is crazy@Fed:

  • laverdadduele

    He does nothing for me. Nothing. She is just another blond “model”. Nothing special about these two, just two fame w h o r e s posing together for a fashion magazine.

  • unknown

    Thank yout that was exactly my point earlier befor pyschopathic people decided to defend people they never met or ever will so thank you for the insight to the point I was getting at earlier. @laverdadduele: @laverdadduele:

  • Shannon

    Don’t let people like Fed try to rattle you, and thanks for the reply back.

  • Rose

    Whoa. Talk about hijacking a site. Very juvenile and a complete embarrassment. Jared should really think on what goes up on his site.

  • In The Know

    Remember when there were real rock stars?

    This p_ssy needs a weekend in a cell with Axl Rose or Liam Gallagher.

    ……and a dress

  • nat


  • meh

    Vogue? this looks more like a Maxim cover! cheappp. Vogue is about fashion not this crap.

  • Aiza

    This is way too much, too provocative! it’s TOO SEXUAL. there’s a fine line between sexy and classy to just plain porn pictures!

  • unknown

    Anytime doll and I have to agree with @Rose, and I am ashamed of acting a bit childish. Should have known better than to respond to someone that has never even spoken to me, but has an issue with me due to lies. So for that I apologise. But everyone has an opinion, and we should have the right to speak it agreeable or not. Have a great day! @Shannon:

  • gross

    a man who shares his woman with the rest of the world is not that much of a man, nothing to be proud of

  • Shannon

    @unknown: I find it disturbing how they can claim this to be fashion, in fact, state that it’s tastefully done. Yes, I give that the pictures look sexy, but they just look cheap to me all the same. Anne really should have done the entire shoot solo; and I say that because some of the pictures of them together come off a bit forced; plus everytime I do look at the pictures, Anne simply stands out more.
    ‘Unknown’, you mentioned someone named Jorge Perez earlier on. Is some publicist of hers?

  • jhb7

    wow russia has vogue 0.0
    anyway adam does this with gyllenhaal

  • ann

    i luv him and all… but this is a little too much… i mean i luv when he’s shirtless in his videos but he’s pretty much naked here…

  • Rose

    He takes away from the photographs in so many ways. Headline of the cover of the magazine says something on the lines of Fashion as Sex. What the hell does that even mean?
    Not that he cares, but I wonder what his thoughts are on what others’ input has been since this has come out. I’m sure someone in his camp has either showed him or read to him various comments about this magazine spread.

  • unknown

    He is a photgrapher, actually he owns a photography agency. He also is one of the reasons Lindsy Lohan got busted. He posted pics of her drunk at SXSW last year. He is also known for selling out anyone with a name to get attention to himself and his agency. He posted a pic on twitter in the beginning of Anne & Adams relationship of him sitting on a couch with Jason Segal, and in the mirror behind them. U can see Adams reflection perfectly. He has many friends ion the industry that would sell their mam for money. Its a known fact. This can actually backfire on Adam & Annes relationship. Its bad enough people think their relationship is a publicity stunt. Not my words just what even paps think. Look to twitter on Jorge Perez JR’s site. Occasionally you will see photos of Anne partying and he won’t put her name on there. And occasionally strategically shot photos of friends, and Adam will be in the background. BTW her tweet about this article she actually thanked Adam for being in the shoot as a good sport. And posted a link. Funny how so many of these people had no clue who Anne was until Adam started dating her & put her in the videos. What’s even funnier, is that people & u know which person I am speaking of, says I am crazy, yet that person knows her whole resume. What that person doesn’t know, in Europe esp, they look for different looking but similar what the Europeans like. Blonde, skinny, and the fact she looks younger and was nude in the Chanel ads. But what’s amussing is the fact that these ads haven’t surfaced and she is over 18 for how many years. I never said I didn’t think she was pretty. But pretty is what pretty does. And now she is getting the fame she feels she deserves. Even at the benefit of Mr. Levines heart. Sad but that kind of stuff happens all the time, especially when models want to be on top. @Shannon: