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Robert Pattinson: 'Breaking Dawn' in Brussels!

Robert Pattinson: 'Breaking Dawn' in Brussels!

Robert Pattinson and co-star Ashley Greene attend the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 on Wednesday (October 26) in Brussels, Belgium.

On Sunday, the duo premiered the vampire flick in Paris, before being able to enjoy some downtime in the City of Light.

“Wow. Paris has been incredible! Our fans never cease to amaze me! We LOVE you guys! Can’t wait to come back! Xo,” Ashley tweeted.

“Also, toured Versailles today…. My mind was blown. It was so incredibly beautiful. Lots of history. I highly recommend it to everyone,” she wrote in a tweet on Tuesday.

FYI: Ashley is wearing L’Wren Scott‘s dusty pink and gold embroidery dress.

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Credit: Mark Renders; Photos: Getty
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  • swirls on boobs. lol who picked that? she’s a pretty girl but her nose is just too small for my taste

  • SARA

    is it me or the twilight madness have tonned down big time ???

  • Kay

    Rob’s like, “Get this famewhore away from me!”

  • Audrey

    @Sara… I think so too but my BFF is still crying and being a psycho about it. I’m happy I left this phase. it ruined things in my life

  • OK

    Yup, those boob swirls are hilarious.

  • emma

    pretty people post.

  • emma

    pretty people post.

  • emma

    pretty people post.

  • brandi

    ashley greene can’t act.

  • Sar

    Her legs are disgusting…

  • billie

    I really hate that she’s doing the press and promo with rob I prefer kristen but she’s busy so taylor would be better choice than ashley greene .

  • Jenn

    @Sar I agree…she does have weird legs…just an oddly shaped body altogether. and she goes around acting like she’s hot shit.

  • Mac


    we have Justin bieber to thank for that !!!!!!!!!!

  • K A Z simply

    Hello Hello people!

  • K A Z simply

    Hello Hello people!

  • vicky

    shes really 24??? she looks like 32

  • Jasmine

    Did she get a boob job?

  • Vanessafan

    Her head is too small for her body.

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  • UhOh

    Seems like the Twilight hype just isn’t there for this film this time.
    Maybe because after nearly four years a lot of the fans have grown up and grown tired of it all.
    Breaking Dawn was also probably the least favorite of all the books with fans. Many thought it was weird and didn’t like ending. So if fans didn’t even like the book why should anyone like the film. The first half of the book was better than the second. So this will be the better of the last two Twilight movies. I am just happy it is almost over. I can’t believe that just a few years ago I was SOOO into this cr@p.
    Seems like they are having Green do the publicity tour with Rob trying to start those ever present rumors about him and Kristen. They could of got others from the cast as well to do the tour. Like Jackson Rathbone, Kellan, heck even the lesser supporting actors.
    They will probably role out the WHOLE cast for BD Part 2 but the question is will anyone care like they use to anymore. Seems Twilight has run it’s course. That probably also has to do with Meyers’s. Her attitude towards fans of her books has gotten worse, the more popular the films got. Her head has gotten so big. All because she wrote the Twilight books. Big whoop. First thing you don’t do is disrespect your fans as a writer. Without them you are NOTHING.
    She should have written more books while fans still cared if she did.

  • Lucky

    It doesn’t matter if the film will do well or not. The actors and crew are already paid. Those who profit are the producers and we all know they make more than they put into the film…which affect the integrity and quality of the project and reflect badly on everyone who work on it. The producers are never the ones blamed for the shoddy quality of Twilight. They work the cast to exhaustion with their overly intense promotional tours. I’m glad everything is more mellow down now. The cast are moving on and taking on more challenging roles. Summit will be Summit.

  • UhOh

    @Lucky: Summit totally tanked their own film. The new Musketeers film with Orlando Bloom. So bad that they pi$$ed off their own stars. Summit should keep it up because without Twilight they are back to being nothing AGAIN LOL.

  • ghia

    I agree the hype has died down. Probably because many fans have also grown up. Kristen’s absence in the promo is felt and probably contributes to the lack of hype or buzz from the online press unlike when she used to promote worldwide for the last 3 movies. Even Rob looks bored going through the motions. Pairing him with a lackluster girl like Ashley with no depth and substance with her interview answers didn’t help either.

  • Justin

    The twilight saga was really unnecessary.

  • Vanquish13

    All you guys have made very good points and I agree…the buzz has died down…if you love it (like me) it’s still good…although I hate Summit..but these current promos have been disappointments. Kristen is working on Snow she’ll do press next month….but I would have hoped that they could have had more stars for these fan events..Rob is great..but just him and Ashley…not fun. Rob looks like he doesn’t even want to be there..and Ashley is just eating it all up. Kristen needs to start her promos asap..well once she finishes work on Snow White..because like Ghia said..her absence is being felt.

  • http://google sunflower

    They have a look that reminds me of when Brad Pitt and ANgelina Jolie made the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”….like they slept together and feel guilty….same look. hmmmm

  • janiece

    Agreed, the Twilight hype has calmed down a lot. I remember being OBSESSED with the books and films when they fist came out, but it’s gotten lackluster recently. I’m just not into it as much anymore because I’m older and realized that the franchise isn’t really that good. It was fun while it lasted, but I’m not even excited about Breaking Dawn like I thought I would be. I’ll watch it so see how it turned out, but I won’t be first in line for the midnight showing.

  • Sharon

    Rob is a HOTTIE!!

  • lol

    I gotta agree with you. This promo has started very dry. Probably Rob is annoyed to answer the same questions for the thousand times. Ashley doesn’t have a star power. The main attraction for people in coming these premiers is Rob. I also think if Kristen was there, it would be fun. Because when Rob and Kristen are promoting together it looks more exciting. Or at least they could have Taylor or other cast members, to make it interesting. I guess, Summit wanted to save their money.

  • ret

    Ashley looks gorgeous!

  • Domi

    I really wanted to go ’cause it’s 1x in a lifetime they’re doing such a huge premiere here in Belgium but I didn’t go because wasn’t gonna be safe anyway and the chance of seeing anything of them would be very small anyways too so I passed on going!

    Friends who went there didn’t see anything proving my point so :D

    But I’m very proud they FINALLY came to my country tho!

  • Zeeshan

    She did very good job in he film.I like her act in film. He is looking awesome with Robert Pattinson. Robert Pattinson is very smart man.
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  • Janice

    Twilight has always been crap targeted at teenagers and kids

  • vicky


  • ashley.rose

    These pictures are gorgeous. Looks way more appropriate than when Kristen is on the red carpet.

  • aquarius64

    From what I’m reading on this post. people are burned out on Twilight. If no one is that jazzed on the promos, then Summit is really losing sleep. That studio saw the numbers for the final Harry Potter movie and the powers that be want to surpass that. The early buzz about HP 7 part 2 should be considered for a Best Picture Oscar nomination must stick in Summit’s craw. Why else would there be the handprint ceremony and the re-releases of the previous movies in theaters? To drive up tickets sales and look like this is an epic story to tell. Frankly, if the main things being hyped are the lurid honeymoon sex (that’s not described in the book) and the gross birth scene, I don’t have much hope for the book. If BD 1′s opening weekend numbers come in under HP 7 part 2′s, it’s a blow to Summit.

  • Me


    They’re numbers always come in under Potter in terms of overall sales, so that won’t be anything new. The twilight films have always grossed all their money up front. They have big midnight sales and opening weekends, but it’s all downhill from there. With Potter (which I still don’t understand why the two are compared at all), it’s fanbase is just bigger! Nuff said. There are the hardcore fans who go at midnight, then there are the families with children who go on the weekend, then there are the fans who aren’t obsessed, but still love it and therefore don’t go see it until it’s been out for two weeks, then there are ALWAYS new fans every single year who are seeing it for the first time. The Potter fanbase just got bigger each year and weirdly continues to grow. I just met someone the other day who saw Part 2 recently at the dollar theater and said she’s now going to read all the books and watch all the films, because she thought the movie was amazing, but had no idea what happened in the previous films. Twilight just doesn’t have that same power. It never did.

    But whatevs.

  • aquarius64

    @Me: You’re right about Twilight’s fan base: it’s squealing teen age girls and women with cougar fantasies. That’s a narrow demographic. I can’t wait for the reviews on BD 1: I’m sorry but I think the honeymoon is going to be the most derided part of the movie. Having the bed bounce like a low rider is not sensual or erotic for me. Besides, it’s not in the book; only the aftermath is described. They sexed it up to get more adults to watch. I won’t be surprised if there are reports of people in the theaters LAUGHING at this scene. BD 2 is really going to be interesting – that’s when Jacob imprints on Reneesme when she’s an infant. She’s 10 in the movie when they bond. I’ve seen comments on line that the word “pedophile” has been attached to this part of the storyline. Summit better plan a damage control strategy NOW. If there’s a perception of child grooming and Summit doesn’t fix it, it will be an negative impact on the box office for BD 2. An ugly note for the last movie of the franchise to go out on.

  • tash

    According to Rob in an interview he says it has not died down at all, there are still crazy fans out there EVERYWHERE!!! But to be honest The hype peaked around New Moon, and then slowly gets smaller and smaller. Also, with the second part of the movie coming out this time NEXT year, I think it will die down ever more, not hype up like people are thinking it will. A year is too long!!!

  • camila

    rob is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aquarius64

    @me – I just saw the numbers for this weekend’s box office and Puss in Boots beat out Paranormal Activity 3 – on Halloween weekend. Summit must be quaking in its boots (no pun intended). Breaking Dawn is going up against Happy Feet 2 on Nov. 18. The trend has been that animated films beat out the more “grown up” movies, especially when it gets close to the holidays. If the “wedding of the century” loses the weekend to a dancing animated penguin, it shows that Twilight is played out.

  • Weronika

    hehehe he’s pictures ;

  • Lara