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Orlando Bloom Framed His Love Letters For Miranda Kerr!

Orlando Bloom Framed His Love Letters For Miranda Kerr!

Orlando Bloom gives his adorable son Flynn a kiss on his head while out for a walk together on Friday (November 4) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actor and proud papa strapped his son onto his chest for their stroll around the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.

Orlando‘s wife Miranda Kerr recently told Us Weekly about a past romantic Christmas present he gave her.

“One of the most thoughtful things [was] when Orlando and I had written all these love letters to each other. Then one year, he had them framed for me, like all the little notes!” Miranda said. “It was very cute.”

Also pictured inside: Orlando at the opening night of Other Desert Cities on Broadway the previous evening.

FYI: Orlando is using his Ergo baby carrier!

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and Flynn out and about in New York City…

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  • BEAN

    Cute family and all but I kind of think these two are too open with their personal life. Not like some celebrities, but if you notice EVERY post is either about Miranda’s beauty whatnots or them saying how much they love each other or Flynn. Have a bit of mystery in your relationship!

  • XXX

    flynn looks a little bit like Justin Bieber’s baby

  • Andrea

    And kate bosworth still thinks it’s ok to talk about their break up… Love him

  • lame

    he always talks about how great she is, never vice versa…she seems to have a boring dry personality.

  • billie

    so cute , guys and babies ADORABLE

  • Jess

    Pretty family but overexposed.

  • taylo

    Orlando — turn him around. He’s old enough to want to look around!

  • taylo

    Orlando, turn him around so he can look around! Poor kid!

  • csa

    God bless them! I love this family!

  • Bored

    They should take note of how protective James McAvoy is about his child – they talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk – all they are is hot air. They want the paps, the pr and all the other crap because they have nothing else and shamefully are using their baby. Shame on them.

    “The hardest thing about being a dad in this business — the best way for me to be a good dad is not to talk about him. I’m so sorry. I realize that you guys are the people to talk to about babies, but if I want to get him papp’d and all that kind of stuff then I can start talking about him. And, if I don’t want to get him papp’d then I can’t talk about him. I’m so sorry. Thanks for understanding.”
    James McAvoy

  • @10

    That must be an old quote, because James has talked about his kid a lot lately. So he has either changes his mind, or he is a hypocrite.
    And paps? Not many people thing that James is interesting enough for his pics to sell, which means no paps anyway.

  • @1

    You think that there should be ‘mystery’ surrounding a man as to whether or not he loves his family?
    That makes no sense whatsoever.

  • yes!

    He is looking extra gorgeous, lately!
    Love him!

  • La nouvelle icône fashion

    awww… cute overload!

  • Ugh

    All he’s doing is walking here and there! Miranda should feel ashamed of herself for marrying this useless man. She is TOO good for him. She’s more popular and well-earned. Well, maybe Bloom’s only use right now is to look after their baby while Miranda is busy making more money. He should quite and become a full-time nanny.

  • Maria

    I love Flynn… he’s so adorably cute and chubby.
    He and Harper would make a cute pair.

  • jk


  • Monkey

    a bit personal to share with a magazine I reckon

  • kikay

    fatherhood doesn’t agree with Orlando,he seems to age drastically,after Flynn was born

  • ew

    he looks so old for his age.

  • @20

    He has been aging badly for years. I think that he and Miranda make a weird-looking couple. They looks like father and daughter to me. Miranda is always glowing and looks absolutely much younger than her real age, while Orlando has already got a face of an old man. Thanks god baby Flynn seems to look more like his beautiful mommy than his dad.

  • @21

    They looks like father and daughter – LOL sad but so true!

  • @Ugh

    I know people say he never works all the time but it makes no sense at the moment, when he actually has a film out in the theatres and is on hiatus from filming another two, he has one looking for funding at AFM and he would have been filming one RIGHT NOW if it hadn’t “slipped away”.

    And presumably Miranda didn’t marry him for his good looks or his money. Are those the criteria you would use to choose a husband?

  • J

    So Sweet! I cant wait to experience this!!

  • zoe

    Agreed! Miranda is a fine young woman and definitely deserves a better man who can make a great match for her. Bloom is one lucky son of b*tch!

  • @21

    I thought he looked fantastic in the Boss Orange ad which was less than a year ago. As good as he’s ever looked. That made me think he’d probably move into a good-looking over-35 phase, but maybe he won’t after all.

    But anyway, I think he’s always going to be personable and attractive in person because he has such a warm friendly open-minded air (as seen in interviews).

  • Danielle

    I love James McAvoy and is a really great actor but Orlando and Miranda are wayyyyyyyyyyy famous around the world than James. Orlando is one of top after Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and George Clooney

  • Mikado

    They’d better protect their baby a bit from all the paps.

  • HA!

    I guess that this age idiocy is the latest mode of attack for the haters.
    Everything else they have tried has been a dismal failure, so I guess that they are desperate.
    Orlando looks 30, at the most. Much younger than his 34 years. While the delphidiot’s latest idol, Luke Evans, looks MUCH older than 32. They are once again cementing their well earnd reputation of being the biggest hypocrites on the web.
    They used to claim that Miranda was just after his fame, because she was not a ‘real model’, but now that she has shut them up about that, they have had to change their tactics. Now they insult Orlando for not being successful, when he earns more in residuals every year, than Miranda has ever made.
    They also conveniently forget that while they accuse Orlando and Miranda of having a fake relationship, they idolize Luke Evans who came out as a gay man years ago, but who is now bearding to try to make it in Hollywood. Come on you hypocrits, call Luke a fake. Come on, I dare ya.
    The haters are desperate and scrambling. Orlando and Miranda are successful, happy and in love. And they just can’t stand it!
    It’s pretty darned funny to watch them spin out of control.

  • Citylove

    he’s so cute with Flynnie ! They are such a cute couple ! It’s so funny to see Miranda open up about ehir relation ship and Orlando saying nothing about that he loves her and their son and theirs dogs xD

  • huh?

    Old? He doesn’t look old! Did you haters expect him to look 22 for the rest of his life? That’s ridiculous! He looks amazing for his age, and much younger then 34.
    You guys are nuts!

  • sara

    I just can’t get over how beautiful that baby boy is!
    And he seems to look more and more like Orlando each day!

  • well…

    James McAvoy or whatever his name is probably doesn’t have nearly as cute of a baby either! People with beautiful babies are blessed because even two cute people can have an ugly child. Brad Pitt’s kids aren’t as cute as I thought they would be. Farrah and Ryan’s son Redmond…. well, I don’t need to say it here, poor guy. Bo Derek’s sister is a regular-looking blonde compared to her, but same parents. You can for surely predict these things. It’s good luck and God bless. And people are very proud of their beautiful children. They know that other people really, really want to see them and a lot of famous people just want to be nice to their fans.

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    Orlando looks good. I think Orlando always looks like he is keeping Flynn away from the paps. Miranda is NEVER TO GOOD FOR ORLANDO he has done a lot for hes baby even some films where he could of made lots of money but said no for them. I think its good he wanted to be with he son. Where miranda seems to love it when the paps are there she does not seem to try to keep Flynn away from them. Miranda is lucky to have Orlando and i think its nice to keep somethings to yourself she seems to tell all.

  • miranda rules

    @Jayne: Well people hold different opinions. Imo Miranda Kerr is one of the most beautiful women in the world and always seems to be very sweet and angelic in person. She can do much better if she wants. She’s definitely more popular right now. People talk more about her than Orlando, who is easily forgettable compared with his wife. I’m not surprised since he hasn’t done anything remarkable for years after all, but Miranda certainly made her name big enough in the fashion industry. She overshadows him.

  • @35

    Sorry. As much as I like Miranda, Orlando is, and always will be, a much bigger star.
    People outside the fashion industry don’t really know Miranda any more than they know most other models. If the do know her, they know her as the model that married Orlando Bloom.
    Orlando’s fame crosses all boundaries. He is well know around the world.
    Miranda is a great model, and really gaining respect and fame in the industry. But Orlando is a star everywhere.

  • @36

    I don’t think Orlando is any bigger than Miranda right now. If you search google trends you will find out that Miranda’s name is way more popular than his. I don’t particularly like or dislike Orlando. To me it seems that he was once a promising actor, but sadly failed to show his talents and eventually faded away from the spotlight. One thing I can’t stand is that some haters are bashing Miranda for using his name to gain her own fame. That’s not true and is somehow impossible. If she wants more focus on her she could have dated someone with bigger names. Sometimes I even get a feeling that the reason why people now still talk or care about him is mostly because he has a famous supermodel wife.

  • @37

    People still talk about and care about him becayse he is a successful actor. The highest grossing actor of the last decade, as a matter of fact. He still has a loyal fanbase, and is very popular. The media loves him because he is beautiful, and he now has a beautiful family for them to talk about.
    And you think that Google trends is a good measure of popularity? Not hardly. It is too transient. If you use that as a gage, then you know that it wa through the roof when Orlando was confirmed for The Hobbit.
    As they have said. Miranda is famous in certain circles. Orlando is famous the world over.

  • Tinkerbell

    Please stop pitting this man against his wife. That’s not a right thing to do. Why are ugly, jealous people trying to create problems for them? I don’t understand it at all. This is one of the very FEW couples where they are young and beautiful and they found each other in such a lovely way. No affairs. He did not steal her from another man, and she didn’t take him from anyone either. You can’t say that about Alicia Keys, Angelina Jolie or even Mariah Carey. That’s how a love story should be. They’re both working and popular, and that’s good. They had a baby, AND they got married, but I don’t think it was forced because they are obviously in love. They must hold some types of traditional values about family life and raising kids. I can only wish the best for them and hope they will stay true to each other until the end. Miranda is a model. It’s her career. The cameras love her and she knows how her bread is buttered. The cameramen are going to follow her with her baby no matter what. Why should she look angry and try to run from them and give bad photos? Her posing and smiling with Flynn shows me she is grateful for the wonder opportunities she has been blessed with.

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    @36@38 Thank you. To me Miranda will never be bigger then Orlando and dont forget Orlandos name got a film made so i say hes still big and loved. And if he was not care about why than do they alway ask Miranda about Orlando.