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Rachel Bilson: Nylon Party!

Rachel Bilson: Nylon Party!

Rachel Bilson arrives at a celebration of her Nylon cover at Sherbourne on Tuesday (November 15) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old Hart of Dixie actress was joined by celeb pals Shenae Grimes and Ashlee Simpson, as well as Ashlee‘s boyfriend, Vincent Piazza, at the party sponsored by American Eagle.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Rachel Bilson

Be sure to check out Rachel‘s Nylon cover and spread if you haven’t seen them yet!

Over the weekend, Rachel and Kristen Bell were spotted running errands together in Los Feliz.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a Vanessa Bruno jacket paired with a Miu Miu clutch and Goldsign jeans. She accessorized with Louboutins and a vintage hat.

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Credit: John Shearer; Photos: WireImage
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  • Maya

    Ugly jacket and that hat doesn’t suit her at all! Some fashion-icon…

  • Maya

    Ugly jacket and that hat doesn’t suit her at all! Some fashion-icon… And for some reason she always looks peeved.

  • yawn

    *one word* Yawn

  • kat

    Wilson Bethel who plays “Wade” on Hart of Dixie was there as well .There are pictures at WireImage of Rachel and Wilson posing together in a few. A few people from 90210 were there but Wilson was the only one from Hart of Dixie that attended.It looks like it was a pretty small event.

  • kat

    Wilson Bethel who plays “Wade” on Hart of Dixie was there as well .There are pictures at the link for the photo agency of Rachel and Wilson posing together in a few. A few people from 90210 were there but Wilson was the only one from Hart of Dixie that attended.It looks like it was a pretty small event.@yawn: Does that make it more interesting for you?

  • sterling

    A female & a talentless version of (the late) Michael Jackson?! LOL
    Poor Midge(t)… her low-budget TV show is consistently a frontrunner for cancellation very soon – so much non-acting & non-ratings in there yet so very little time.

  • maya

    she’s gorgeous, i saw hart of dixie episodes and the show looks hilarious rachel’s so funny and adorable, i really don’t know who wrote a bad comment about RAchel using my name????

  • call me crazy but…..

    Very sexy look. Worlds different from the way she looked with Kirsten Bell. Damn, she looks good in that hat.

  • miss

    The hat is vintage and it doesn’t match her outfit well. The jeans are the same one or the same kind she wore a couple of days back . Her top is The Row, I believe a top she wore on Hart of Dixie and the jacket of course is a Vanessa Bruno yet again. A freebie from the party she attended with Kate Bosworth. She looks a lot better than she did out with Bell but still looks awkward in her outfit. I think the hat because its such a “statement” piece and so is the jacket and purse they don’t go well together. You have to pick one statement piece at a time. She could have gotten away with just the jacket and purse or the hat and purse but NOT all three together. This was a fashion miss but I don’t think Rachel cared that much about what she wore to this Nylon party.

  • trish

    It’s funny how Ashlee’s boyfriend is there, but not Rachel’s “boyfriend” Hayden. No wonder there are so many doubters.

  • trish

    Isn’t it weird how Ashlee’s boyfriend is there, but not Rachel’s “boyfriend” Hayden. That’s exactly why there are so many doubters. (If this posts more than once it’s because JJ”s site is giving me a hatd time).

  • trish

    I meant to say a hard time.

  • Oh Jared…

    She looks really pretty! How exactly does the hat not match? It’s black. LOL @trish: No, it’s not that weird. I read he’s doing some tennis thing tomorrow in Canada, and these two never even attend their movie’s premiere parties so why would he go to just a party about her being on the cover of a magazine?

  • monreal

    Here’s another “generic looking & no talent” manufactured star(let) brought to you by the “Bilson Family Entertainment-LESS Production”..

  • fitzroy

    If acting was a crime, this little mutt would be on death row by now!
    As only that small-time & rating-LESS CW network could have the nerve of pushing down to our throats that her cemented stupid/cluless face is a practicing doctor?!

  • just me

    Don’t about the magazine she’s in. jared you can’t sell her to people anymore. She lied about not doing parties. And no telling what else she is not telling the truth about.Why mention hayden anyway? He ‘s not there. And that’s the way it should be.She is not his girlfriend anyway. It was something Rachel use to promote her show with. Now that’s over he don’t have to be around here. Hayden never said that rachel was his girlfriend in the first place. It was all rachel doing. She wanted it to be like last year and it was not.Its still not a relationship trish only a fake one for Rachel cause no one else will date her. Jared didn’t mention that hayden went on vacation with his family and she didn’t want to come. After what she said about ryan goshing i wouldn’t be seem with her at all either.Trish they are done need to except that. Rachel don’t need Hayden anymore to promote her at parties are her show. Why not date her co- star she done it before.

  • lillybell05

    @ just me they are together you need to come to terms with that, you really do. They have been together for years and they will probably be together for more years to come. I like Hayden and think he could do better than Rachel, but he loves her and thats all thats matters. Now don’t go off the deep end and write three paragraphs that aren’t spelled check about how YOU believe they aren’t really together b/c they are thats the reality deal with it.

  • trisha

    Okay, I think the haters can move on now. You complained for years that she wasn’t working. Now she is and I doubt you’re going to change the minds of people who like her.

    You may not like her work or how she promotes it but tough. People still like her.

    You just sound silly and jealous still spouting the same rants you’ve done for the last 3 years now. LOL

  • Oh Jared…

    @just me: Oh my gosh, SHUT UP. How is she promoting her show and parties by using him? He’s not even there!!! Hayden hasn’t done SH-T in over a year, what exactly is using him going to do for her?? Nothing!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Wow!! Talk about a party full of A-listers!!! LMAO!!

  • Sash

    Hmmm, looks like she borrowed the hat from grandma’s closet, jacket from mom’s closet, jeans from boyfriend’s closet and over sized clutch looks kinda briefcase so I’ll go on Dad’s closet w/ that. I find it quite funny she actually gives style tips because I think she misses the mark way more that she hits it. At least she’s gorgeous :/

  • Sash

    I think her frame is way too petite to work this look.

  • Sash

    @Oh Jared…:
    In fashion/style, there’s much more to matching & coordinating besides color.

  • annie

    yawn,no talent now ughly clothes.thank god HOD is leaving

  • KC

    @ Trish # 10, 11, 12

    Hayden is in a celebrity doubles match tomorrow night 11/17 in Toronto with Pete Sampras, Milos Raonic is going to play Sampras, also. I am sure he needs to practice to get ready for this match, it would be silly to fly to LA for a small dinner party for a magazine cover that Rachel did. I am sure you will see Hayden back in LA before too long, he always shows up with Rachel again. He was in Canada alot in Sept., but spent almost the entire month of October in LA with Rachel.

    @ just me

    You live in a dream land as far as Rachel and Hayden are concerned.

  • sidony

    Yeah right “people so love Douchel” if her hackting gig/s were all just for *free viewing*.coz if not it would just end up on a dollar discount sale at 711 stores.
    What is there to hype about her TV show; when its ratings is yoyo-ing for just around 1M?! If its in other networks this would be axed immediately after its debut. But then its just from CW after all… the only network who keeps producing & retaining shows w/ embarrassing & non-existent ratings.

  • ditch the bag
    Nice little break down of what Rachel wore. The comments say she looks like she is always too “try hard”. The site pointed out how Rachel seems to be on the cover of Nylon all the time. Which is pretty damn funny,
    Mila Kunis wore a jeans,blazer,tee look earlier that same day at an event for the new Jaguar in Beverly Hills. Somehow Mila’s outfit looks like what Rachel was aiming for later that night. Rachel then added a big clutch and hat. Mila’s outfit would have been a better look with the hat ( if she insisted on wearing it) and just forget the bag. Its an eyesore, at least with that outfit.

  • amaranth

    Oh what a f*a*rtshionista woulld do or wouldnt do tsk…
    And this f*a*rtshionista would jjust go back to the small tube where her small size, small talent & small brain (or none really of it all) absolutely fits in.

  • Oh Jared…

    @ditch the bag: This is only her 2nd time being on the cover… lol

  • screwed

    How about “ditching or throw out this little stinking scab” – much much better to do.

  • obvious More pictures of Rachel at the Nylon party, including one with Wilson Bethel. He looks very flannel-y next to her.
    The fan site also decided to bring up Adam Brody and an interview he did recently.
    “You guys have ended up on such vastly different shows with Ben McKenzie on Southland, Rachel Bilson on Hart of Dixie, Melinda Clarke on Nikita, Peter Gallagher on Covert Affairs, and you on this. Do you follow each other’s careers?
    Yeah, I totally do. Of course, I totally do. And it’s nice to see that most if not all are doing well.

    Can you see yourself guesting on anyone’s show? You could be a junkie on Southland, or an agent on Covert Affairs.
    That’s funny. Which show would I guest on? I don’t know which one would be the best fit. All right. Why don’t I be a junkie agent on Hart of Dixie?”
    They do realize he is being sarcastic right?
    All these years later and Adam Brody still gets dragged back into the OC and Rachel talk. This is the FULL interview with Adam not the cut up version on rachelonline. The questions related to Hart of Dixie came at the end of the interview.
    When asked about who he would want to be on his new show his response was..
    “Who do you think is most likely to visit Good Vibes from your former O.C. folk?

    Oh, that’s interesting. Peter Gallagher. He’s got a great voice, he could be a lot of things, a lawyer, a lounge singer. Yeah, Gallagher could do a lot of stuff.”
    One little comment and that becomes the headline of his interview.–exclusive

    I like that Adam can be nice even when he is being sarcastic and evasive thats a talent for sure.

  • lol

    @obvious: So you just decided to repost the whole thing written on rachelonline? I think people realize he was joking, considering Rachel and Adam dated was probably the reason they posted that because it was a cute thing he said. If Hayden or Natalie P had said something about the other jokingly I’m sure fansites would post about it too. It’s not that big of a deal. Are you just looking for something to b-tch about?

  • hulu

    love her jacket and the hat!!!! you’Re the best rachel!

  • @lol

    @lol: It goes to show Adam Brody STILL can’t move forward with his career without the being asked about his OC and Rachel days. So much so that when he does jokingly answer a question, the headline becomes about her and the OC and NOT about what he is working on and being interviewed for in the first place. I feel sorry for him because of that. What he does gets overshadowed.

  • lol

    @@lol: Who’s making a big deal about it?? It’s hardly been headlined anywhere, I haven’t seen that interview on any gossip site. The only people who are making a big deal about it are those Adam Brody/Rachel Bilson fans. The O.C. was the major point in both Adam and Rachel’s career, so they are always going to be asked about it. He’s the one that made the joke, they didn’t directly ask him about Rachel, they were just talking about the other cast members all being on TV shows as well since he’s back on TV.