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Leonardo DiCaprio Shoots 'Great Gatsby' in 3D

Leonardo DiCaprio Shoots 'Great Gatsby' in 3D

Leonardo DiCaprio looks dapper on the set of The Great Gatsby at Centennial Park on Friday (November 18) in Sydney, Australia.

The 37-year-old actor, wearing a white suit, was joined by co-stars Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire.

“What’s really cool is working with [director] Baz [Luhrmann] and this 3D format that’s being used for drama,” Leo recently told Access Hollywood.

“Most of the time, you associate 3D with the spectacle of it, but he really wants to use 3D to create emotional impact with the characters and almost use it like what it would be like to immerse yourself in a theater production,” Leo explained.

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, and Tobey Maguire at Centennial Park in Sydney…

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leonardo dicaprio carey mulligan gatsby centennial 01
leonardo dicaprio carey mulligan gatsby centennial 02
leonardo dicaprio carey mulligan gatsby centennial 03
leonardo dicaprio carey mulligan gatsby centennial 04
leonardo dicaprio carey mulligan gatsby centennial 05
leonardo dicaprio carey mulligan gatsby centennial 06
leonardo dicaprio carey mulligan gatsby centennial 07
leonardo dicaprio carey mulligan gatsby centennial 08
leonardo dicaprio carey mulligan gatsby centennial 09
leonardo dicaprio carey mulligan gatsby centennial 10

Credit: Andy Athineos; Photos: INFdaily
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  • LOVE

    Leo is going to attend Conference of parties in Durban on tuesday.

  • LOVE

    @tinkerbell: not the lady, look up and you’ll see my leo

  • raven

    @tinkerbell: wow those comments are always the same. I remember the same ones about Israeli perfection from back in the day. Why do they always have to say Israeli perfection?? That just bugs me.
    and I remember the poster Sparkly Adi on here. Interesting stuff you found.

  • LOVE

    What’s the next project of Leo after Django unchained? Frank Santra?

  • almond brown

    perhaps our boy has turned a new leaf. While doing press for J. Edgar he was asked what’s next for him. He replied, “The next chapter [of my life] is called ‘family’. I always wanted a family.”

  • sm news

    here is an interesting snippet about the astrology of leo’s love life in the future:

  • nuts

    Oh my Gosh, Tinkerbell has seriously lost it, why does she google bar and her friends, why does she bother to read bar’s twitter, I can only think that she has nothing better to do and no-one to tell her that this behaviour is sick and scary ! Tinkerbell, listen there is no ‘they’, it is all in your sad and sorry mind.

  • lol

    @310: because she is completely nuts. I keep flagging her comments and yesterday several of them were removed. Please, do the same!

  • tinkerbell

    @@nuts: Ive never seen that—maybe its true…all I ever noticed is he is just slightly cross eyed!
    even the wax statue at Madame Tussaud’s captured this to make the likeness…not noticeably, just a little off.

  • TinkerHELL

    Please, someone put this idi*t out of her misery with a well deserved lobotomy!

  • tinkerbell

    @TinkerHELL: New out of focus bar post —go there if you want. I’m not. Let it die at 5.

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  • tinkerbell

    The Oscar nominations will be announced january 24 2012 –hope Hoover is there. Keep ya fingers crossed, lets see the golden globes.

    the pictures are out of focus. What more do you want–they werent even taken by a real razzi—like someone with a camera phone. what do you care!

  • tinkerbell

    Golden Globe noms will be announced december 15th go Leo boy! I’m waiting for a NOM then a WIN at the Oscars.

  • LOVE

    An excellent archive of Leo, many recent and old photos/interviews, every Leo fan should take a look:
    I love the nude one of Aviator most, sorry.

  • LOVE

    Tink, this one is specially for you. Leo ask you to forget the past and dine with him.

  • haha,

    @tinkerbell: Ah so Cookie isn’t Lopez Fahey, Leo’s sometimes wardrobe master???

  • wtf

    @tinkerbell: My job??? I work in a hospital in Wetern Australia, how is this MY job??

  • tinkerbell

    @LOVE: Oh yes indeedy.

    a lot of times beautiful kids dont grow up to be particularly attractive adults…but I love GROWN UP Leo. In a suit, the best. The smart, strong, alpha male. Swooooon.

  • tinkerbell

    @LOVE: yeah, he’s supposed to be crazy but all I could think of was

    nice a s s leo too bad we dont get to see it more often. Although it was nice in the Departed too..I wish he would stay chunky like that but its not his thing, he’s not a pin-up, doesnt want to be,

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    they are posting fake posts under my name or about me under the “Unmentionable’s” thread —does anybody else find that

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    ya never know…

  • tinkerbell

    its obvious he wants change. But he has to win an Oscar first–that will signal the opportunity for it…so I am hoping Hoover will do it for him.

  • almond brown

    sorry folks, for more leo astrological info please google:

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  • almond brown

    wow, so my comments regarding leo’s astrology were deleted? very interesting.

  • LOVE

    lovely baby leo and his family. Does leo look like his mom more?

  • tinkerbell

    @almond brown: yeah that is really strange—-but I dont think its the content, its the fact that you copied and pasted from another website – that can be copyright infringement for Jared.

    Dont think its personal.

  • LOVE
  • haha

    @haha,: So, someone tell me why I got the thumbs down, for stating that Cookie is not Irmelin, it is Leo’s wardrobe guy !!

  • LOVE

    Leo was spotted at north bondi italian with Kevin connolly last weekend

  • 370

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    One other – respect for one’s own spirituality and the nation you come from. Bar took $? to walk the red carpet at Gibson’s premeir of “The Beaver.” Nice. A Jewish antisemite.

  • Lilliput

    Leo and Kevin seen in Sydney this week-I like how faitfhful he is to his friends. Granted, Kevin C has a so-so rep but I still like how Leo takes care of the friends he’s had for almost 30 years–its speaks well of him to me.

    I actually just figured out looking at some old Frank Sinatra photos that he could actually pass as Frank with a little weight loss and corrective makeup–Frank was a smaller guy but with a low carb diet and some makeup, he could be a dead ringer. Especially when Frank got older and filled out.

  • LOVE

    @369 I keep actively posting because I want to talk about Leo but not anyone else. Why I got thumb down?

  • http://? Yep

    @almond brown:
    what did u write? that he wont date a model but a unique, rebellious & something else?

  • tinkerbell

    I’m not IN LA, but this was interesting because that part of it was right. They were involved in an illegal gambling thing….its just interesting. I dont think it has much to do with the Blake Mistake either…just interesting that was right, and it didnt hit the news until today. I have a feeling the story will get bigger, too.

    As for my alleged “mental issues” – having opinions which differ from yours dont make me sick. Nor does anything else.

    Anyway the “incog” on this thread is fake. That’s obvious. As was the
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  • 381 or 382 :)


    My post was moderated out. Thank the Lord for copy and paste :) I still haven’t received an answer at my post #369.

    JARED, why are they allowed to post here, if they have nothing to do with Leo?

    I’m getting the message that they are still together; otherwise, it would be “hands off” and let him get on with his life. But, they are manipulative workers aren’t they? Still posting here, but nice messages this time. I wonder if Barf has something on Leo, and her mom is willing to go public with it if Leo doesn’t comply with them?? Because, surely an intelligent man with (self esteem??) would see through such crap.

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  • Chace

    I’ll only say to any innocents reading
    Look at posts # 265 and 267 for semblance of sense
    It might save us all from this hell

  • LOVE

    Brad pitt won New York Critics Awards best actor! How about our leo?

  • LOVE
  • incogneato

    Regarding Bar:

    They are not in a ‘relationship.’ They have an arrangement. Someone on his PR team is related to Bar, the struggling model. They thought it would be a good idea to link her with him and it was. It worked out in her favor. Yall have to remember, Leo is an actor. All those pic you see of them lovely dovely is simply part of his job.

    He’s STILL too devestated over Gisele getting married and having a baby to seriously entertain any woman at this point.

  • Helvetica

    Gawwddddd, someone stop this Tinkerbell user, SO ANNOYING !!!!!

  • Helvetica

    @incogneato: I don’t think he’s still pinning over Gisele at all. From what i read Gisele is a bit of “drama queen”.
    There was a solved blind item,it said that one day Gisele 2 hours late for Leo’s friends birthday party. Leo asked her why she was late then she poured her drink to his pants. Nutjob, right ?
    Someone who has interviewed Gisele at Leo’s house even went as far said that those two share no similarities. She also said that she can sense Leo set distance between him and Gisele.

    I think Gisele is a great great model, but she was more like a trophy gf to him at that time.
    Just my 2 cents,