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Freida Pinto: Chanel Paris-Bombay Show!

Freida Pinto: Chanel Paris-Bombay Show!

Freida Pinto flashes a smile at the Chanel Paris-Bombay Show held at Grand Palais on Tuesday (December 6) in Paris, France.

The 27-year-old Indian actress wore one of the fashion house’s dresses with Roger Vivier shoes.

“I look at everything I have in front of me, a bunch of different things coming from my agents, and I read all of them and I don’t understand the thinking that, oh, just because this is a big popcorn film, I don’t want to look at it,” Freida told the Wall Street Journal last month about choosing projects.

“That’s not the way I want to [think], but I want to have a balance in my career because I feel there’s something about each kind of independent as well as commercial film that is irreplaceable,” she added. “You can’t have the same thing that you do when you have an independent film that you can have in a commercial, big-budget film, and vice versa.”

10+ pictures inside of Freida Pinto at the Chanel Paris-Bombay Show

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Credit: Pascal Le Segretain; Photos: Getty
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  • Frozoid

    I don’t know why, but she always appears to be a bit wistful and sad in her photos.

  • gglover128

    she so pretty, I love her dress

  • c

    her wavy hair looks pretty

  • Rai

    average at best.

  • Rai

    average at best.

  • Kunal Nithu

    @raj , so true very average. whoever finds her hot must be blind and have libido. bipasha would give these goras men a high…you.. instead of her. she says indians like to use whitending creams , look at her , she looks whiter than even sonam kappor here! bloody average girl. nice to see she is using those creams herself.

  • jaraspuri

    Slummaid millionare

  • kari patel

    She is pathetic! Have any of you seen her “hot ” pics? Maids look better than her! She looked like henry cavil personal servant in Immortals. So unsexy and dull acting.

  • Miode

    she is overrated

  • Bakshi Unam

    she looks like some slum sevrant who had a bath and is wearing clean clothes so ugly and yucky! aishwarya rai is wayy more beautiful and doesn’t keep showing her face and going to fashion shows like this fame attention seeking newbie.

  • Ethan Theron

    overrated bai and her boyfriend looks like some chupraisi

  • Laura Holten

    who is this? indian actresses god why do they keep coming here

  • jess arnett

    boring yawn

  • Pajrao Desrani

    averagly indian

  • nikil

    she can’t act so she does what she does best , pose and smile for the camera’s

  • Ponum Pasri

    kaamwali bai!

  • lastan teiers

    overrated yes very true

  • jagger

    yuck stinky girl

  • clouds

    Why is it every Freida post at all the blogs are hung out by trollers who chase any Freida fan away?

    Here she is, a college educated starlet, but made out to be ‘wrong side of town’ type.

    It’s laughable.. the average / maid comments. She is pretty… and everyone knows it. If you don’t like her color, then you have issues far beyond her, folks. beauty does come in all shades… and don’t give that nonsense that’s it’s not about her color.

    it’s like she made some very strong enemies out there.. and people hang out on the blogs to troll and diss her.

    People, if you are jealous that she’s enjoying the limelight, fine. she broke it off with her financee…. folks, let it go. let it go. don’t try to destroy her stardom over it.

    It shows your class and culture to negate others. Use this energy to do better things.

  • clouds

    aren’t you the one who hangs out on pinkvilla to diss her day and night. what are you, her ex-fiancee.. how can someone be so hateful of someone…

    go out and do something better than to hate someone who’s moved on.

  • Ram Sharma

    @clouds: Now wait just a mintue , aren’t you that creepy MEGA- obessive fan on Pinkvilla who rants,writes long dialouges,attacks,trolls on anyone who doens’t like FP? OMG you spend your whole time on that particular website. Come on PV and see for yourself. She/He is on other websites too, Call ppl really bad names just bc someones doesn’t like FP. You have no life for doing that. I am no fan of her or hate her but she is overrated and it’s just silly to think she is the only pretty and talented actress of india origen in hollywood. What about Kal Penn or Kunal Nayyar in Hollywood?. They are indians and Kunal Nayyr atelast doesn’t try to hide his indian accent like her.Come up with better repseones rather than calling ppl names and trying to convert them to FP fans, you have no real comebacks and go off talking about skin obession in India, classim in India, what does that have to do with ppl dislking her? Grow a pair. You never see Aishwarya,Rani fans behaving like this,because most of their fan are atelast 20 and over, FP one creepy fan must be between to 13-17 year old who prbly lsiten to Justin Bieber and watch Jersey Shore. Great now I am going to get pounded and be called foul names for saying my opnion on this chick , better run away from the big , bad 13 year old who guards over FP day and night. If you are smart , you won’t reply to this. I go on Pinkvilla just to see the stupidty of this person for cheap laughs .

  • Shmita Korona

    @Ram Sharma: thank you for pointing this person out , I always knew there was one person behind all the freida-lovng comments, she goes on pinkvilla cause that sites doesn’t allow swearing but if she comes here or to rediff , she will be sweared you said what a courageous little girl she must be , calling people names like haters , detractors , idiots , retards , and other wonderful names she has come up with.

  • Jamila Tutula

    freida pinto isn’t a good actress nor is she even pretty. she was wrong to leave her husband after one movie . she went up quickly but she will come down quickly . it’s karma. she is a user , she has a sis working in ndtv , rich banker daddy , mom is principle at school and her hubby was some talent scout. yes what a real down to earth person.

  • Simta Pratish


  • Oreo

    Typical Indian Mentality to pull others down just because you urself are insecure and can’t reach the heights that someone else has.

  • Jennifer

    Stupid troll gaurding freida pinto 24/7/ This girl is a loser who has achieved nothing. Go defend her all day if thats what please you. She is ugly, and you are a loser.