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Orlando Bloom: Shirtless With Flynn in New Zealand!

Orlando Bloom: Shirtless With Flynn in New Zealand!

A shirtless Orlando Bloom carries his adorable son, Flynn, after taking a morning dip on Saturday (December 10) in Mapua, New Zealand.

The 34-year-old actor is in town to continue working on The Hobbit, where the cast is expected to return to Canaan Downs for some more scenes.

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Last month, Orlando‘s wife, Miranda Kerr, appeared on Chelsea Lately, where she discussed his silk boxer shorts.

“He had to get into character so I bought [them] and it kind of helped,” the Aussie model shared.

When asked, “Character for what?,” Miranda teased, “For, you know, us. I don’t want to tell you what he bought me.”

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  • Maranda

    Flynn is such a thankful baby. I love him when he’s all smiles.

  • Mari

    I want him! Now!!! :D
    Da Man and the kid are ADORABLE!!!
    Thank you for this picture!

  • XYZ

    He hasnt smiled for ages!

  • crystal

    Flynn is beautiful!

    I cannot have enough of Flynn. I also notice that Flynn is always calm and healthy. I also like the fact that Flynn always wears dressed like a normal baby. Miranda seems to be a very good Mom, who enjoys motherhood.

    I hope that if I become a Mom one day, my baby will be 1/3 as lovely as Flynn.

  • Sarah89

    Cutest baby!! Flynn is absolutely adorable. ^^

  • jamie

    He’s such a doll! I just want to squeeze those cheeks!! Oh, the baby’s cute too.

  • Ka simply

    Orlando take miranda

  • Ka simply

    Baby rachal zoe alot pretty than flynn

  • Jess

    Okay, this couple way overshares. They sure do love the media attention.

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    Omg Orlando i have miss him thank you thank jj lol. He looks good but dont look that happy.

  • sindywhereyube

    flyn так красоткаааа

  • jade

    ewwww he does not have a nice body!!

  • kami

    flynn is such an adorable and happy baby. you can tell he gets lots of love from his parents.

  • izzy

    He is really flabby.

  • alee


    He probably doesn’t look very happy because to me at least its very weird for some photographer to be following him in Mapua, its more common in the larger cities like Auckland, Wellington etc but I would say they take their breaks from filming to go to places like Motueka and Mapua because its quieter and they’d have a little more privacy.

    It’s cool to know though that I most likely walked past him at some point, but I didn’t even realize.

  • um…

    Why do you keep calling this hideous creature “adorable” when he is clearly a pastey, ugly ape? Dad is looking more than a little crappy and haggared and old lately, too, and mom is just a greasy sk@nk. Can we move on to a cute celeb kid, please?

  • Ally

    I think that’s Orlando’s mom with them. It’s nice she’s getting a visit with her son & grandson. I kinda could do without the pictures though if it meant they could get some privacy.

  • LNC

    This would make a great guy holding baby.

  • eww

    Orlando looks flabby…actually he looks kinda FAT to me. Flynn is very cute though, but he’s all Miranda’s!

  • Esther

    Hehe he is in our country New Zealand so proud to have a american celebrity hanging here. Hope we are being a good host.

  • GAH!!

    Orlando is looking fit and handsome. And Flynn is just too cute for words!
    LOVE THEM!!!

  • @17

    Hi Kerrazy-Bealz!
    Only you could be so charming and full of sweetness and light.
    What a bitter old cow you are.

  • sara

    Orlando looks hot!
    And Flynn is so adorable!
    It’s nice that Sonia could come for a visit to celebrate Christmas!

  • kimber

    Oh god, he needs to put his shirt back on!

  • zoe

    @kimber: I agree. He should never get shirtless. His body looks awful. Where’s Miranda btw? Miss her so much and aww baby Flynn is more and more like his gorgeous mama.

  • Nips

    Orlando’s nipples are nicer than his wife’s. Too bad we have to see her’s more than his. Want more Orlando nips.

  • omg

    You would think that he’d take better care of himself….yuck!

  • Nicki

    He’s as gross looking as the woman standing next to him. This kid has no hope if he gets miranda’s potato head.

  • lose weights please

    Mr. Bloom you desperately need to lose some weights. I agree with some people here…he does look overweight to me. It makes me wonder if he is going to play an uruk-hai rather than an elf.


    Beautiful man with a beautiful baby.

  • :(

    Ugly man with a beautiful baby. Get out Orlando!

  • omg

    Not only does his face look like old men’s but also his body. Orlando Bloom officially lost the so-called beauty. Far from attractive.

  • blessed genes

    Ugly dad + beautiful mum = beautiful baby (hopefully)
    Thanks god Flynn looks much more like Miranda so far, which is well-blessed.

  • @blessed genes

    Maybe that’s called eugenics. Orlando knows that he has to marry a beautiful woman to make sure his offsprings won’t be as gross looking as him. So far it seems that his plan is going well. Flynn does get his mama’s good looks, and is promising to become one beautiful young man in the future.

  • 7r00

    She should shut up…what she was talking on Chelsea Lately wasn’t funny…It was embarrassing…It makes me cringe when these people talk about things that are a) probably not true but they think it’s funny b) private but they think it’s funny.
    I just can’t take them serious anymore.

    And yeah.,..maybe not the best pic of Orlando here ^^…

  • meji

    Miranda is 6 years younger than Orlando. At age 28, Orlando was IMO at his most stunning. That would be 2005, when he was promoting KOH and Elizabethtown and filming POTC2. So it’s quite premature to assume that Miranda will continue to look lovely because of her superior genes and her dedication to looking her best. People’s faces change between 30 and 35.

    Look how similar Orlando’s face is to his mother’s. Maybe that’s the way his looks are going to go as he gets older. He’ll look the part for devious carny guys, and goblins and wizards, but not heroes. In that case at least his best looks will have been captured on film.

    I don’t think he’s exactly overweight. His upper torso is quite lean and has bigger shoulder muscles than usual, giving him that nice V-shaped look that he gets when he’s doing period weaponry. His abdomen looks a bit paunchy though and what else bothers me is how muscular his legs are from cycling. Not right for Legolas and you’d think he would do everything possible to recreate the lithe figure of the character.

  • meji

    Oh yeah – when I said superior genes, I mean that’s what people like Blessed Genes are assuming. I don’t think she has superior genes. Because when you look at her parents and relatives, there is no evidence of a stunning gene pool and amazing good looks as they grow older. They look OK, but by no means stunning.

  • jo

    He’s so Hooot! And Miranda is so beautiful too! just watched her nude pics on harper Bazar uk! so stunning!

  • wow

    You hater SOCKPUPPETS are either blind, or lying to yourselves.
    Overweight? Paunchy? Are you kidding?
    That man is ripped. You can see his musculature in his abdomen for crying out loud.
    Such stupid SOCKPUPPETS!

  • 7r00

    @39 Photoshop FTW xD

  • He’s so hot!

    I think he looks great other than the distressed look on his face. To each his or her own :)

  • boynamedsue

    what’s up pimping his career with baby? pathetic and lame. his career is going downhill, right?

  • Lisa B

    Flynn is a beautiful baby, but I wish it was illigal to publish pap pics of children.

  • 网上赌场

    great article…havent heard much thing about Orlando Bloom in last years

  • @43

    He is currently filming a role in one of the most anticipated movies coming out next year. He doesn’t need any help with his career. He’s doing just fine.
    The only “pathetic and lame” person here, is you.

  • awww

    So cute! Too bad that JJ didn’t post the other pics in the set. They show Orlando lifting up Flynn for a kiss. Such a good daddy!

  • oy2

    He looks like your average European – and I say that with all the love of a Euro-gal – like a guy who hits the gym at the weekend but enjoys swinging a couple of beers and servings of pasta nad pastries over the week. It’s what most of us look like if not obsessed with our looks, I guess.
    But Legolas, he ain’t.
    Cute kid though.

  • jo
  • http://Justjared Jayne

    Orlando looks good its funny because when Orlando is skinny its he needs to put on fat. Now he is looking just as good its hes to fat make up your mined. I know he cant come back home to the UK because of filming but i would love to see him here again because we need more pics. But im glad he can get away from paps. Its good to see him with hes mum and son.