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Ashley Tisdale & Scott Speer Split

Ashley Tisdale & Scott Speer Split

It’s over for Ashley Tisdale and music video director Scott Speer, can confirm.

The 26-year-old actress and Scott, 29, who began dating in spring of 2009, previously teamed up for Ashley‘s “He Said She Said,” “Not Like That,” “Suddenly,” “It’s Alright, It’s OK,” and “Crank It Up,” videos.

“They had been on and off for a while. They tried to work it out but realized their relationship ran its course,” a source told Us Weekly, which first reported the news.

The two were last spotted together grabbing coffee a few days after Thanksgiving.

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  • Obvious

    I didn’t even know she had a boyfriend. Didn’t they say they were “just friends”?

  • Mandy

    I was just thinking about how I’d like to see them get married! Sad news:( Guess he just didn’t put a ring on it.

  • Whatever

    I’m not surprised that this news would come out on Vanessa’s Birthday. PR anyone. Next, people are going to start linking her with Zac who she took a picture with earlier this week. Just seems all to set up and staged to me.

  • Sue sad =/

  • LMAO

    Guess all that romping on the beach and disrespect she showed her long time BF DID take a toll on their relationship. NO guy would tolerate that kind of behavior from his girl. And Efron was just as much at fault. So there… all those peeps that said it was nothing.

  • Haters Suck!

    I agree with you and I’m sorry i know how this is going to sound but I don’t care. Why did this have to come out tonight? Why? Her and zac’s break up came out a day before her birthday amd now this on her birthday. This is bull. Now I guess zac and Ashley are going to hook up and I bet I could tell you when. Sometime around febuary when journey 2 comes out or around august when gimmie shelter comes out. Seriously, anyone want to bet me?

  • Mandy

    @Haters Suck!: That sounds about right. I was thinking about how calculated everything is. You only hear stuff like this when someones movie is coming out or they have a new clothing line, new book, whatever. Only on days where someone, either them or a related act has something going on. It is bull.

  • xo

    Of course this would come out on Vanessa’s birthday. Cue her photo op with Efron. I bet their publicist is thrilled.

  • Zzz

    C’mon after those beach pics who didn’t see this coming? I guess scott finally got the hint Ashley and zac have been screwing behind his back. Dude it was obvious to everyone but you.

  • car

    i think scott understood she is such a loser. Can’t do nothing without her parents’s approval, have a stupid a cliches tattoos, didn’t have talent, success, is ugly and just can think go to the gym…

  • A

    Stop attacking Ashley. She’s beautiful, talented, and amazing. And so what if she does end up with Zac?? They’re both single now, there’s nothing wrong with it, and I think they’d make an adorable couple.

    Either way, don’t blame the break up on Ashley. She is NOT a loser. You are. I don’t know why people enjoy wasting their time insulting people they don’t know behind computer screens.

  • Chelsea

    The little Jewish princess will have to get a real job now. And I don’t mean a nose job. ronflmao!

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Hooray! Where do I call to be the rebound guy?

  • loo

    pretty sure we are gonna get tons of ZASHLEY pictures when Vanessa´s movies come out next year hahaha so LAME, and they both – zac and Ashley- have the same publicist.. sooo.. hahaha trololol

  • A

    How would a fake relationship between them during one of Vanessa’s movie releases benefit their own publicity?? They’re not going to try to ruin her.

    The news of Ashley’s break up happened to come out on Vanessa’s birthday, but the split has already happened. And Ashley’s already tweeted to wish Vanessa a happy birthday. They’re friends and Ashley is in no way the person y’all are making her out to be.

    If you hate her so much ,why are you reading about her??

  • karen

    I forgot where i read it but i read that apparently on twitter, ashley has been posting tweets that could suggest that he was the one that did something wrong.

  • A

    @Karen she tweeted “what goes around comes around”

  • Haters Suck!

    a relationship between zac and Ashley around vanessas movies wouldNt help them it would just hurt and screw Vanessa and take the attention away from her.That would be the point and that’s why they would do it

  • A

    Why would they want to do that to her though??! They’re all friends. And if Zac and Ashley do develop a relationship, I’m sure it wouldn’t be a fake one created for the sake of trying to destroy Vanessa. That’s just cruel, and Ashley’s a sweetheart.

  • cookiemonster

    i really don’t think anything is going on between Zac and Ashley but it is so obvious that Z&A’s publicist wanted to imply that something is…

    tons of people saw that picture on Ashley’s twitter plus their little display on the beach this past summer and with the announcement on Vanessa’s birthday…their publicst so wanted to imply something

    again I don’t think anything is going on but their publicst probably wants the tabloids talking about the possiblity

  • Haters Suck!

    they arent all friends. I’ve always thought this it’s been zac and Ashley against Vanessa. Vanessa went to every single one of zac’s and ashleys events while neither of them have ever gone to vanessas events not one. Trust me they would do that to spite Vanessa.

  • Whatever


    Are you working for Zac or Ashley?

  • Whatever


    PR maybe?

  • Haters Suck!

    you’re so naive it’s scary. Yes Vanessa was there to support them but theyve never been there to support her. Some friends? You will see Ashley and zac hook up and I’m telling you it’ll be around vanessaa movies watch.

  • thetis


    You don’t date you BFFs ex EVER – what a lousy friend you must be.

  • sam

    I knew Ashley and her BF would break up after the way Zac was acting like her BF on the beach with her VJ on his neck, and him kissing her neck. Any man will tell you he won’t put up with his GF acting like that with some other dude. I figured it would be 4 to 5 months down the road and they would split. Takes that long for the anger to boil to the surface.

  • kami

    “They had been on and off for a while.”

    yep, since ashley’s b-day bash on the beach with zac. i have no doubt that created lots of tension in the relationship. scott is not a dummy and he does have pride.

  • Haters Suck!

    Oh I believe they’d create one to hurt Vanessa. They’d never been there for her before why would that chance now? They lve never cared about Vanessa just themselves.

  • Haters Suck!

    Oh I believe they’d create one to hurt Vanessa. They’d never been there for her before why would that chance now? They’ve never cared about Vanessa just themselves.

  • Zzz

    Well I stand by my statement. Ashley and zac have been having sex since her birthday. Scott just finally grew a brain and caught on.

  • Zzz

    you wouldn’t be disappointed Ashely was cheating on her boyfriend? Ok that’s your call. I would actually like to amend my statement I bet they even had sex when zac was with Vanessa.

  • florence2

    No doubt as soon as Zac’s back from his promo for NYE we will see pictures of him and Ashley once again acting like a couple her birthday photo’s was the most obvious showing that they DO have something going on and did’nt give Scott a second thought, she NEVER acted that way with Scott but loves to act all coupley with efron and he’s just as bad.

    She also tweeted what comes around goes around which means that she did something first and it’s not hard to guess who with and Scott finally got sick of being a door mat watching the Zac and Ashley show and did the same back to her.

    Her and Zac should just hook up and get it over with and stop hiding and posting photo’s with suggestions that they are way way more than friends. And when did Ashley EVER go to anything that Vanessa did to show her support, Zac yes Ashley can’t support him enough and gush over him like he does his co-star’s. You don’t behave like that on a beach with someone you think of as being like a ‘ brother’ to you you act like that with someone who you have feelings for and they have felings for you. Once again this is the only time she will get a load of replys to a comment posted by JJ and know’s that the press will have a field day with her and Zac once again.


    Your right what man would want to see his gf act like that with a friend kissing, zac holding her head in one photo to kiss her, carrying her around on his neck they wanted to be seen as a couple that day so should be honest enough now to come clean and just hook up in public instead of behind people’s back. And the recent photo of them in the club with the bed behind them with the petals if anyone looked at that photo straight away you would think that they were a couple. Ashley’s just as big a flirt as efron and loves suggesting things going on, so to be honest they deserve each other.

    We will see photo’s of her and Zac when he get’s back and they will both especially her insist that they are still just friends.

  • RR

    Ashley and Scott were a real couple, kissing hugging and etc in public is not necessary in a mature relashionship!
    The “what goes around comes around” thing is more about something that HE did, at first while ending a relashionship we tend to blame the other person, not the other way around!
    She clearly loved him, don’t be ridiculous guys!

  • Zzz

    ok well I find that a little disturbing then again I find cheatng wrong no matter the circumstance. But whatever floats your boat.

  • So True

    I think Ashley would so love to have the kind of relationship Vanessa had with Zac. Whatever kind of s**ual relationship they might be having, it won’t last in a committed way. Ashley would never be able to handle Zac’s flirting with other females or comments he makes about costars. Her ego would go down the toilet within a month and things would be over. But, yeah, I’m betting they been gettin it on for a while now (whenever he wants it). At least since back in July. Look at how she presses her body up tight to his in pix. I just saw a girl do that to some guy at a party, and another guy said, “She’s just asking him to take it.” Yeah, Ashley’s got the hots for Zac.

  • A

    @Sotrue Zac clearly has a deep emotional connection with Ashley. He wouldn’t just use her and leave her.

  • sam

    In Hollywood anything goes. No morals or respect for friendships. Ppl hook up with their BFFs ex, their sister’s ex, their mother’s ex, their brother’s ex, their boss’s ex.

  • Zzz

    did you not read my statments? First I said zac and Ashley have been having sex since her birthday, then I said they even had sex when zac was with Vanessa. So I said she cheated. But that seems to be ok with people espeicallu A who’s kinda freaky and I think getting a little too
    much joy out of that senerio.

  • Zzz

    ok then he cheated too. Either way you slice it it’s still messed up. You just said that zac and Ashley cheating and hurting Scott and Vanessa was ok with you. I don’t like that at all, but that’s your perogitive so whatever.

  • A

    Ugh, whatever. I’m tired of arguing. You clearly aren’t a fan of Ashley anyway.

  • Emma

    I hope Zac does not date with this girl

  • Deb

    You people have got the WILDEST imaginations I’ve ever seen. Let me put things in perspective for you and remind you of some facts.
    1. None of you know Ash, Scott, Zac, or Van personally.
    2. None of you have been in these people’s bedrooms.
    3. Even if Zac and Ash do become a couple in the future, it does not mean that they cheated on their past girlfriend/boyfriend.
    4. None of you know the reason for either of the breakups, nor should you, because it isn’t your business.

    Your conspiracy theories about people being out to get Vanessa are rivaled only by the theories about the Kennedy assassination and about 9/11. I will say this for you. You all would do well in a career as writers of fiction.

  • Hate Is So Wrong

    You guys forgot to mention how Garry Marshall and Warner Brothers are secretly plotting Vanessa’s downfall by sending Zac to Japan on Vanessa’s birthday so that he could steal publicity from her.

  • Deb

    @Hate Is So Wrong:
    LOL. Good one.

  • florence2

    I will try again what I was going to type was that maybe Scott got fed up of feeling like a third wheel in the Zac and Ashley show and yes it is very clear that they have felings for each other even when he was with Vanessa and she with Scott. Ashley has always liked being very close up to Zac and being the big flirt that he is does’nt stop it so he enjoys making out like a couple with her just as much as she does and she clearly does you only have to look at both of their faces in the beach photo’s but especially Ashl;ey’s when efron was kissing her neck she was lapping it up. And Scott was their too how the hell would she have felt if she had seen Scott beahving like that with another woman.

    And all the HSM promo’s they did even with Corbin and Vanessa their again you could just see by Ashley’s face that she hated having to share Zac with Vanessa or anyone else of the female variety.

    She uses the ‘ he’s like a brother to me’ card every time well if I saw my friend act like that with her brother I’d be shocked. They just should come clean and get on with being a couple, and people have said that Zac look’s very happy lately well it’s no wonder is it now their both single they can get down and dirty all they want or should say contiune to do so, efron played that line with Vanessa for year’s ‘ we’re only friends’ so they both think that by saying it this time that people will just accept it, for god’s sake just come out into the open about yourselves as a couple instead of trying to hide it like some dirty little secret after all their not with their partners anymore so why should they care what people think, it obvioulsy did’nt bother them at the beach or when Ashley tweeted that photo again knowing what it would cause, their both fame hungry attention seeker’s. She can now have efron all to herself and if I was Vanessa I’d say good luck to you both you deserve each other.

    And if they don’t want people to jump to conculsions then don’t give them reason to. Kissing a friend on the cheek is one thing but the way they are is more than friendly and definetly giving out vibes that say ‘ we want each other’

  • ems

    Wow you Vanessa/Zanessa fans sure are bitter.

  • Zyonna

    funny how scott and ashleys relationship ‘ran its course’ the same way zac and vanessa’s did… i wonder what really happened….

  • VanFan

    Yes, they are VERY bitter….and scared little girls too.
    It really is too bad that these “Vanessa fans” don’t have enough confidence in their girl’s ability to hold her own, that they have to come up with all of these idiotic stories. If they were true fans, then they would believe that her success will be the result of her talent, and if she has real talent, then nothing can get in her way. It’s sad the way they all come out in force to lay a foundation of blame on other people, just in case Vanessa fails. Vanessa needs fans who appreciate her and who aren’t afraid that every little thing is there to trip her up on her road to success.

  • BOJI

    Okay, here’s something for you ZASHLEY fans, Zac has been single all this while because he was waiting for Ashley to split with her bf. He’s been keeping himself just for her. Just kidding!
    I really thought that they would last the distance, her and Scott. Well, better now than later. Am just a little sad for her as I could see that she cared for him. If he broke her heart, all I can say is good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Lillian

    Awww sooo sorry for u Ash u two were sooo cute together~ but whatever u guys chose we fans will support u~!! luv u <3 u are awesome NO MATTER what haters say