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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Kiss Kiss!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Kiss Kiss!

Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend Austin Butler share a sweet kiss before heading into church on Sunday (December 18) in Hollywood.

Afterwards, the cute couple went to a flea market to do some shopping. Vanessa turned 23 years old on Wednesday (December 14)! Happy belated birthday, Vanessa!

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Earlier in December, Vanessa shared on her blog a special present she bought herself for possible snowy days.

“I am a 5 year old. Yes, I bought a penguin sled. Lol I rode down icey mountains on a penguin. Epic,” Vanessa wrote.

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  • loo

    Vanessa looks so happy! glad to see her smile like that!

  • skyhigh95

    i know you all gonna say i have to be happy for vanessa…but this is so not her…that guy literary pulled and kissed her in front of the camera

  • Chelsea

    She is so ‘wanting’ of attention.

  • Kro


  • roxy

    OMG one word ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so happy for Vanessa :):P love is in the air!!!

  • roxy

    Vanessa doesnt seek attention….on jjj it clearly says the left church together and went to do something else….She is NOT like other ‘fake’ celebrities who are so desperate for attention trying anything. this is just a young couple in love-nothing wrong. He may not be the hottest guy but he makes her happy and thats all it counts, her smile.

  • loo

    lol she was 2 weeks in Costa Rica and we didnt get ONE SINGLE picture, they both were in a romantic vacation.. SOOOO?

  • Andrew Lehr

    OMG! Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler is Really so Hot couple, Both of them enjoy in this Open Sky.

  • Sandra

    I like what she’s wearing, finally.
    They seem very much in lust which is normal with a new couple but I liked her more when she was more secretive/shy of PDA. Its sickening to be honest.

  • Mrsvagabunda

    I’m happy that she’s happy… But I can’t help it I miss Zanessa!

  • loo

    i’m in love with the way she is looking at him

  • thetis


    If you find a kiss “sickening” then you must have the issue and they spent 2 weeks in Costa Rica without a single pic or tweet

    At least they went to church

    And the same people upset she was caught kissing Austin would be all “aww” if it had been zac. – so lets get real.

  • sony

    1000$ SMILE

  • Booo

    ONG PDA in public !!!!!!L!

  • loo


  • Mandy

    I like this. I feel like with Austin she gets to be more of herself.

  • loo

    ikr??! is like finally we can see her really happy and comfortable with her own heart. now she is full of life and love.

  • http://j ivanka

    cute couple finally she is expressing

  • Mandy

    @loo: Yeah! I think she’s realizing that you can be a private person but you don’t have to hide in the house. And with Zac the spotlight was already magnified on their relationship because of the movies. Everyone wanted a piece of that relationship. With Austin he’s still an actor so he can relate but he wasn’t apart of the HSM whirlwind so its nice to experience something different. Zanessa will always know each other from the experience they had on HSM but they don’t need to lean on each other for that anymore. I’m happy for the both of them.

  • xo

    I dont see how anyone can complain when she’s smiling like that. Austin must be doing something right. She looks really happy.

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    She looks so happy!!!!! I think Zanessa fans must be move on!

  • gglover128

    I am happy for her even if she not with Zac :)

  • Joanna

    Guys, please stop bring Zac up on both Vanessa and Ashley’s news. Let him enjoy his time off in Japan. Please.

  • Viv

    PR PR PR I refused to believe that Vanessa would fall for a douhe like Bulter. He should go date Ashley. They can be fame hogs together. Zanessa all the way.

  • fan

    At least Vanessa will be as Vanessa Hudgen the actress and not some star’s girlfriend. Since Vanessa is the bigger star and more famous, he will be referred as Vanessa Hudgen’s boyfriend.

  • Viv

    Skyhigh95 I totally agree with you! Finally someone who sees that Bulter is totally using her for press! Vanessa wouldn’t randomly pull him in for a kiss especially in front of paps. He’s just looking for attention. And those are literally the exact same clothes he wore the last time they were spotted out. Poor much?

  • Susan

    i think vanessa likes austin but i dont think austin likes her…it seems like he just wants a girlfriend but never loves her

    Rumor says he is a playboy

    If he is a playboy and uses her for the sake of his reputation, she had better break up with Austin right away

  • Nikita Denise

    No kissing no touching ….. only seeing dear..

  • alisa

    If you find a kiss “sickening” then you must have the issue and they spent 2 weeks in Costa Rica without a single pic or tweet
    My friend just met a black man on It’s where for men and women looking for interracial’ship for a fabulous lifestyle
    It’s a nice place for black white sing’les, to interact with each other…no bounds or extremes in front of true love.
    And the same people upset she was caught kissing Austin would be all “aww” if it had been zac. – so lets get real.

  • rio

    hello,new attention whore!

  • lol

    Wow!!! Impressed?? That b*tch gets more love than me!

  • BOJI

    PDA about time too. Austin looks like a guy who’s not afraid to show his ladylove some PDA. She’s happy and he’s happy and that is all that matters. Seeing them together, giddily makes me believe in romance all over again. Throwing caution to the wind and spontaneity is how should every young couple, celebrity or not, be. Just Love it.

  • jealous

    Vanessa deserves all the love in the world since she has gone through very difficult and embarrassing situations in her life. It’s nice to see her photographed in the street kissing her latest boyfriend. I hope them to be happy forever and always.

  • The80sRule

    He’s uglier than she is

  • loo


  • loo

    Maybe she is in love this time

  • loo

    Be a private person doesnt mean you cant kiss your BF/GF, it means you dont do promo using your BF/GF,Vanessa looks happy and i hope this doent end like that zanessa relationship… She looks really happy now

  • lol

    @jealous: Who are you??

  • loo

    She looks happy

  • anne

    Adorable couple!

  • anne

    Mmm… Not… She is gorgeous

  • proudofzacnessa

    But i dont love AUSTIN!
    you cant blame me, i’m seeing this photos and Austin doesnt look real,
    in many photos he’s kissing her in front of the papz..
    Yeah, maybe he really loves our Vane but
    is so strange his attitude….
    Zac was much more reserved with the papz…but…whatever…Zac isn’t her boyfriend anymore and..and Austin, yeah, he is da new V’s Boyfriend

    Whatever…i hope da best for my BABY V… :B SHE looks great!
    But, im a VANESSA FAN, I’M NOT Vanessa’s Boyfriend fan…

  • anne

    Vanessa is always like that, she is always kissing-hugging the ones she loves. With her ex the whole relationship was controled by his PR team so we usually got what they want us to see… I think this is more “real”, just my opinnion

  • The80sRule

    And that’s why she’s with the Macaulay Culkin lookalike LOL

  • Charlie

    @jealous: Well whos fault is it? Shes the one who took the pictures. Its nice to see other people happy. But I refuse to feel sorry for someone who takes naked pictures of themselves and is all freaked out when they get out. You cant feel sorry for yourself when its clearly your fault. I hope they stay together and are happy. But dont get all ‘oh, she has gone through a difficult time’. PLEASE. Sweetheart, you have no idea what ‘REAL’ problems are. Have a nice day though.

  • jealous

    @Charlie: I thought that her naked pictures were already forgotten. And oh yeah, cancer is worse. But I think she’s helping these people.

  • lol

    @jealous: Yes, she’s helping these people. In 2010.

  • BOJI

    Jealous much?
    Why are some of you claiming to be Vanessa Fans when your moniker clearly states Zanessa?
    I like that they both are spontaneous in their affections.

  • evz

    @Charlie: If @Charlie: If you have any idea what “REAL” problems are, as you have said it, you shouldn’t have wasted your time here bringing those naked pic talk. This is why Real Problems occur, people like you just cannot learn to forget and forgive. And oh someone who took naked pic of herself doesn’t need for you to feel sorry. You should feel sorry for yourself. You sound so perfect, it’s scary.

  • Lilly

    Awwww for the first time I’m really loving these two together! They are so effin cute, how can you not see it?