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Zac Efron: I'm 'Sort of a Hopeless Romantic'

Zac Efron: I'm 'Sort of a Hopeless Romantic'

Zac Efron makes an appearance on Conan in an episode airing Monday (March 5).

The 24-year-old actor recently returned to Los Angeles after doing some promo work for his animated flick, The Lorax, in New York City.

Asked what he has in common with his character Ted, Zac told, “He’s sort of a hopeless romantic. He’s adventurous. He’s persistent.”

“He’s stubborn, kind of annoying, pretty funny. He’s got a big imagination. I’d like to think that I’m all those things,” Zac shared.

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  • Debiswacklikezac

    what a douche

  • Lauren

    He’s sort of hot

  • Debiswacklikezac

    Add these too: He is full of himself. He’s trying hard. He’s so metro.

  • Debiswacklikezac

    He’s pretentious. He’s a famewhore.

  • Lauren


  • amanda

    he is an 8% rotten tomato actor.

  • amanda

    he’s hopeless without the romantic

  • celestine

    @Debiswacklikezac: Please stay at the Vanessa board! There are people who actually like him! And he’s not arrogant!

    Do you even know what arrogance is? And he said that he thinks he’s stubborn and annoying, yea someone arrogant would so say that! *rolls eyes*

  • amanda

    he got it right only on the annoying part. the rest is meh….

  • amanda

    he’s got a big imagination that maybe he thinks dropping condom in a kids’ premier was funny

  • anonymous

    Uhhh he’s closeted guys. He was.blushing when conan was talking about girls.

  • amanda

    awww lauren…are you upset that you are not number 1 lol

  • Lauren

    He’s not gay

  • Lauren

    Shut up and go away?

  • anonymous

    He is part of an evil influence being from the Disney background. Disney has a bad reputation witj child stars. They brainwash them Nd mold make them money with binding contracts. Many stars crack under this pressure aka.britney spears and others

  • anonymous

    He is most definitely gay. His girlfriends are beards. Paid and under gag orders

  • anonymous

    What straight man gets his hair did like that? Prolly took a.good 45 minutes. #sayitaintgay

  • Lauren

    @ anonymous
    What is your problem?

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    get a life lauren…your so obsessed with your idol like he is so obsessed with his hair.

  • anonymous

    My problem is people behind the curtains holding this boy back from being what he truly is and wants to be. Do a little research then come.back there too much money in him.being straight and getting girls like your money. They think if he’s gay they won’t .profit as .much. me? I don’t care straight or gay. Hut be strong enough and stand for what you are

  • http://Fanpopgirl Cherry

    All you stupid or should I say jealous people make me laugh what has he done to you other then being cool and so down to earth he is such a nice person tbh and btw No One is Perfect people make mistakes get over it douchebags.Zac u are awesome please don’t change don’t give a effin shit about these useless people:) And damn u are HAWTTTTT!!!!!!!

  • mindheisttime

    Why are people keep talking he is gay, douche or full of himself? Don‘t you have anything smarter to say? Well I have. He is a wonderful person and talented person who doesn‘t have any scandal or wants a attention. Wow condom fell from his pocket? So what? Staged or not, at least he is safe. I can‘t believe people are still talking about.What did he ever do to you guys that you hate him so much?

    I love you Zac. And your talent. I don‘t know you, but you seem to be a nicest person ever. Keep it up.

  • lauren

    you dont have to come on here and be such a docuhe tho?u can think what you want, but have you ever met him or worked with him? and im assuming u work in the industry and know this?

    and @ !!!
    get over yourself.
    and stop.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you have a point anonymous. his handlers have changed him and his values. but he is old now…clearly he enjoys the product he was made to be – strip clubs, bars, alcohol, condom, stud (?) – all in the name of fame. where was that guy that said he’d rather stay home with vanessa? now you see him out in clubs with the like of dui-able and rehab-able “friends.” at a certain point you’d think that he was this guy from the very beginning and tried to please vanessa who was the more grounded of the two.

  • mattie

    *sigh* must we continue this whole “zac a douche” argument again? If he saying he stubborn and annoying, then he telling us that how he is, proving once again he not a douche, since he saying these things are similar to his character and hisself. Do it make him a douche because I think a lot of actors/actresses do that too bring up similarities. Do that make them a douches as well?

    Also if he arrogant he wouldn’t had read to little kids, go to hospitals to visit sick kids, or donated his clothes. Arrogant people would only care about themselves and nobody else, talk about themselves and all the other crap they do. Does Zac do that? I believe not.

    Also blushing because someone talks about girls doesn’t make him gay. I think most gay guys will not blush if girls come up, probably talk about girl or anything else they do. Not blushing because girls come in conversation. I know I’m going to regret asking this but I might as well considering you haters keep bringing up the same thing up every post, anything else you want people to prove wrong ,because I think Kim, Lauren and others have shot down almost everything you have said?

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @Cherry: everybody makes mistake, you are right. But one is not absolved of that mistakes when he thinks that the mistake is a compliment or boost to his ego.

  • http://justjared mig345

    Really people u r still talking about this, the only reason why u people keep calling him gay is cause your jealous ,OMG!!! get a life, stop saying bad things about someone u don’t know, If u hate him so much stop commenting, keep it to yourself, hes not gay ,How about I called u gay I don’t even know u. Just because a guy doesn’t have a girlfriend doesn’t mean they r gay, maybe he doesn’t want to be in a relationship, OMG!!!! U haters r so stupid.

  • Zzz

    LOLOLOL!!!! Wow and i thought i was the one who rattles efron fans cages the most but man some of you guys came out swinging. See im not the only one who thinks zac’s a douche. Guess ill sit this one out, you guys have fun ill just watch this one.

  • um

    This guy just screams douche bag now a days

  • veronica

    what a douche

  • adam

    I dont care if he is gay or not .but i think he is realy a douche.i dont like vanessa dont think i am her fan.this guy is a total loser and a bad actor i think by now erey one can see that.

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    Hot guy ever!!!!!

  • Sue

    Why is he a douche? Everyone who has ever met him or worked with him always say he is a very nice and down to earth person. He has no scandal attached to his name. No one has ever said he was high or drunk falling out of a club. He always say he does not take all this hype about him seriously. He is very gratefully for what he has because he knows it could be gone tomorrow .if anyone of you have personally encounterd him personally and he was a douche to you then okay if not you people are hateful and it is a shame that people are allowed to say such hateful things about people this is why I don’t like the social media because hate is allowed

  • kyle

    Haters can say anything they want but the fact remains: Zac is the most successful movie star from the HSM franchise. Expect the haters to be spewing the same things over and over again for years to come since Zac is sure to land more roles, more movies in the future. Best advice to Zac fans, ignore the bashers but continue to support Zac’s movies. His longevity in hollywood is the best revenge there is, so let’s give it to them. Lol.

  • Rachel

    He looks so amazing! And he’s soo adorable!
    And what’s with people bashing him here? What did he say in the interview that made people go crazy…ughh!

  • eat me

    it really annoys me reading all this bad people here saying bad words againts zac…. Pls haters look at your self before you judge some one you don’t even know…. base on your comment i think your all douche than he is you guys think your good people cuz you express your hate in this person but the truth is you are worst than he is….Your comment show’s how immature and how narrow minded you are…. I don’t think your parents teaches you how to be nice and be kind to others…. It’s really stupid what kind of people are you…..

  • jellybean

    This is starting to get out of control. The hatred is getting really over the top. same on the Vanessa thread, to be honest. But what do you expect? People continually spew hate at celebs who mean a lot in others sorry lives and make them feel the need to retaliate. So they go onto others threads and bash back and now we no longer have people giving views of the article, just trying to upset others. Haven’t seen this appearence yet, hoping it will be on YT later today. He always makes happy, but that is just me :)

  • LMAO

    Being “persistent, stubborn, and annoying” are pretty characteristic of being a douche. At least he admits it, unlike his fans.


    Oh I give up. These post bombers are out of control. I consider it a form of spam when the same person posts the same thing 8 or 9 times under different handles, At this point, it isn’t an example of free speech because it’s completely devoid of substance.
    Glad Zac has enough fan boards that we don’t have to rely on this one for news / sense of community.
    I think it takes alot of guts to admit your flaws on national TV, so I give him ups for that.
    And as always, he looks hot.

  • jellybean

    @WICKED WENCH: Can you possibly tell me where else to go? THis one is beyond a joke now.:(

  • Maria

    He’s been really good on all of his appearances and interviews lately. Really enjoyed him with Taylor on Ellen. Then he went on to Today and the View. And the reading at the NY library was really cool. I guess Conan will be the last we will see of him for a while, unless he has some Lorax stuff to do in other countries. After that, he’ll have a bit of down time getting ready for The Lucky One promo. Really looking forward to all of his future projects. He is so hot. He is so talented.

  • Lilly

    Go here:

    You have to sign up for a free account, and be approved if you want to post. But they are all really nice, sweet people there. You can read without having an account.

  • liverwurst

    He’s trying way too hard. The intentional condom drop and all the talk shows talking about how heterosexual he is….

  • Maria

    No, it’s YOU who’s trying too hard. But you are very successful at being an a$$.

  • babe10

    Zac is a fantastic guy without any BIG scandal behind his shoulders. If he was a big name like Pitt or Will Smith no one would say anything or say poor him he lost a condom and blah blah.. When his name will be known everywhere there will be another “Zac” and people will call him douche and stuff like that. Grow up people. I don’t like Bieber but I just leave him alone and I don’t read anything about him or I visit pages about him just to offend him or his fans! And fans, haters are everywhere, just don’t answer them or you’ll play their game! :)

  • florence2

    Agree always knew that he was into guys@liverwurst:

  • Tiffany


    i agree they are just jealous but i dont care let the haters hate. they just make our lives and zac life interesting.

  • LMAO

    @WICKED WENCH: Flaws. Like everyone has. About time you admit he may not be Mr Wonderful in his personal life. It’s highly possible he’s douchey at times, so don’t make him out to be some super human. He’s not. No one is.

  • Tiffany


    look were not saying that zac is perfect no one is. but God am sure he isn’t as bad as you all are making him out to be either. its just pure jealousy on your end. what your jealous because you don’t have the life he does? instead of spending all that energy hating on someone you probably haven’t even met, why don’t you all get off the computers and get a hobby or better yet a life. BECAUSE New flash THE FANS OR ZAC EFRON DONT GIVE A RATS BOOTY ABOUT YOUR HATERADE. wash your bodies your stinking haters.

  • Derpina

    He’s nice, amazing, cute, handsome, pretty, hot, adorable, beautiful, good-looking, talented, delicious, wonderful,charismatic…

    Oh Zac, I’m sure just don’t exist adjectives enough to describe you