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Nicole Kidman: 'Hemingway & Gellhorn' Teaser Trailer!

Nicole Kidman: 'Hemingway & Gellhorn' Teaser Trailer!

Nicole Kidman carries her adorable daughter Faith as they arrive at LAX airport on Wednesday (March 14) in Los Angeles.

The 44-year-old Aussie actress was joined by her husband Keith Urban, who carried their 3-year-old daughter Sunday as they made their way through the airport.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nicole Kidman

The teaser trailer for Nicole‘s latest film, Hemingway & Gellhorn, also starring Clive Owen has just been released.

The Philip Kaufman-directed HBO movie will premiere on May 28 – check out the clip below!

Nicole Kidman: ‘Hemingway & Gellhorn’ Teaser Trailer

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman and her family arriving at LAX airport…

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nicole kidman hemingway gellhorn teaser trailer 01
nicole kidman hemingway gellhorn teaser trailer 02
nicole kidman hemingway gellhorn teaser trailer 03
nicole kidman hemingway gellhorn teaser trailer 04
nicole kidman hemingway gellhorn teaser trailer 05
nicole kidman hemingway gellhorn teaser trailer 06
nicole kidman hemingway gellhorn teaser trailer 07
nicole kidman hemingway gellhorn teaser trailer 08
nicole kidman hemingway gellhorn teaser trailer 09
nicole kidman hemingway gellhorn teaser trailer 10
nicole kidman hemingway gellhorn teaser trailer 11
nicole kidman hemingway gellhorn teaser trailer 12

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  • Sara

    she is just marvelous

  • RainyDay

    Can’t wait to see this! She is so talented and versatile.

  • Wow

    That looks like a great film ! Nicole looks great. The talent is amazing!

    HBO has put out some great specials. Better movies than the cimima here has been showing!

    The family must be returning from DC. Read about a nice honor Nicole received there.

    The babies are growing up fast! Beautiful too.

  • Bella 1st

    Great movie with talented actress and actor, Emmy for the casts and this movie, and Nicole looks graceful and beautiful. I can’t wait to watch.

  • XYZ


    Put some glasses on. Her daughters are ugly.

  • Bella 1st

    You’re right # Wow, Nicole & Keith was attend Kuwait-America Foundation gala , because Nicole received the night’s humanitarian award for her work as a goodwill ambassador of the United Nation’s UN Women. Nicole and Keith looks cute together.

  • andres

    love her movies….

  • wow

    This looks awesome! Clive and Nicole will have a sizzling chemistry

  • kary

    Can’t wait for Hemingway and Gellhorn Nicole looks amazing!

  • helen

    Looks good. Thanks I set my recorder.

  • amy

    Movie looks great. Can’t wait to see it. Love them both.

  • Just Barb

    @XYZ…Anyone who would say a child is ugly is pretty ugly themselves.

    @everyone else…Sunday sure loves her Daddy! Beautiful pictures of the family. Faith is a doll. (Not the kind with the beans in her head) I really like Nicole’s bohemian style. The casting in the movie couldn’t be better. Can’t wait for it!

  • Barry

    It will be nice to see some REAL talent on my TV.

  • ABC

    Beautiful children. Love this family .

    Life is good!

  • ANNA

    @Bella 1st:

    Very cute article. Mr. Personality Plus!

  • kathryn

    Beautiful family! I love both Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman. They’re a match made in heaven. The older daughter really looks like Keith and the younger looks more like Nicole and it looks like she’s a ginger too! Very very cute!

  • Jelly Belly

    Hey Nic, the 70′s want their dress back. This is not stylish!

  • Clover

    @Jelly Belly:

    Ofcourse it is the in thing….. Nicole Kidman has it on!!

  • Louise

    I have paid for HBO for a year just waiting for this mini-series. Love Nicole Kidman’s acting. She has the guts to do unique, different roles. Love Keith Urban’s music. The man is so talented and intelligent. Their family is beautiful. Looks like a late night flight for the family. Little Faith has on her jammies. This is a family that loves being together.

  • RainyDay

    @Jelly Belly:

    It may be from the 70′s. She has a huge collection of vintage clothing. She collects it and values it.

  • Moh123

    what a loving parents, and the movie looks soooo Epic.

  • melissa

    The most beautiful family of the world!!!!!

  • fani

    Those girls are so precious.

  • SKY

    Gorgeous kids. Gorgeous parents. Gorgeous family.

  • Abdalla

    Must have been an early flight. Cute girls.

  • pinkie pie

    Clive Owen and Nicole Kidman in a movie – Unf!

  • w y: s m

    trailer looks great! Love Clive Owen. If the VO is Nic’s then it sounds very different to her normal voice – deep timbre. This role suits her. Do HBO movies go to DVD? Don’t live in the US so I hope it does.

  • Heny

    Nicole wears Hungarian handmade traditional “Kalocsai” fancy work dress and today is national holiday in Hungary. Great tribute to Hungary. .Gorgeous family.

  • Vanya

    @w y: s m: According to director movie will be shown in theaters if you are not in US. HBO does make dvds.

  • Vanya
  • Serena

    The skeptics/haters at E are too blinded by hatred and their own stupidity to understand that in this day and age, it’s very easy to travel between states and countries. Here’s a “timeline” for their benefit:

    Friday, Mar. 9: There are pics of Nic with Faith in LA, after dropping off Sunday. JJ did not post those photos, but they are available elsewhere. Keith performed at the Opry (in Nashville) on Friday night.

    Sat., Mar. 10: There were many tweets of Keith in Nashville, In his latest Urban Developments episode, he said he’s recording at the Blackbird studio on Saturday.

    Sun., Mar. 11: According to media reports, Nic flew to D.C. from L.A., and Keith flew from Nashville to D.C. for the dinner gala hosted by the Kuwait-America Foundation where Nic was honored with the Humanitarian Award and presented with a donation to UN Women.

    Mon., Mar. 12: There were many tweets/sightings of Nic and Keith at the D.C. airport.

    Tue., Mar. 13: Keith was sighted picking up Sunday from school.

    Wed. Mar. 14: The Urbans were photographed at LAX. Yes, haters. of course they “arrived” at LAX. They left their LA-area home to “arrive” at LAX on their way to Sydney. Some media outlets like Daily Mail made it perfectly clear that they were “jetting out of LAX”.

    So, stupid skeptic-haters: take note that because of the time zone difference, it will be Friday. Mar. 16 AUS time when they arrive in Sydney.

  • Skeptics are stupid

    They know they are lying. They just want to make it look like it’s the Urbans doing the deceiving.

  • w y: s m


    thanks Vanya!

  • w y: s m


    well, SKEWER MISTRESS, why don’t you just slip over to E and tell it to them THERE!

  • w y: s m

    @Skeptics are stupid:

    well, SKEWER MISTRESS, why don’t you just slip over to E and tell it to them THERE!

  • March Madness Queen

    @Skeptics are stupid: What lies Skewer Mistress? They’ve said the exact same thing Serena did, but without dates and times. If you only read what is written up above and not ten jillion billion web sites looking for the Urbans, it clearly says here that they are arriving at LAX. It doesn’t say by car or by plane. Stop saying others are lying. You sound stupid. Maybe I’ll call you Stupid Mistress instead because it fits.

  • jim

    gorgeous kids

  • Not buying it

    @March Madness Queen: Nothing better to do than lie about the lying going on on your own thread? You trolls have no clue what time they flew out of LAX either, except that the sun wasn’t there.

    I don’t know it just doesn’t compute. On Mar 13 KU is suppose to be picking up Sunday from the school in LA. Yet on Mar 14th they arrive at the LAX airport from where? Oh yes…Washington??

    That awful dress was last summer!! Another cut and patch family pics

    Oh yes I love it !!! They are the only people I know that can be in two places at the sametime. So KU is picking up Sunday from day school?? and leaving the airport on the same day??

    I believe these batch photos are finished in twenty min and the kids go home with their mommy and those two go their separate ways

    So you wake up your three year old daughter in the wee hours of the morning and put a fancy dress and sandals on her?

    I can’t keep track anymore – how many different states were they in this past week? Are they leaving on a flight or arriving? Going to Sydney again?

    Don’t you think their timeline once again is way off?

    How can he be doing daddy duty if they just arrived in LA – Pitiful.
    Now if Keith was picking Sunday up from school yesterday how did they just arrive in Los Angeles? Their timeline is way off…again.


    Kunk and Co. were at LAX this morning before dawn–7 a.m.

  • March Madness Queen

    @Not buying it: Where are the lies? Re-read what you just posted. Lots of posts questioning if they are arriving or leaving. How is asking a question a lie? Tell everyone when they were at the airport since you are the only one who knows what the Urbans are doing and where the Urbans are every second of the day. Things that are said are based on the conclusion that they flew into LA. That isn’t a lie if you don’t know if they were in LA or leaving LAt. Where are the lies?

  • Been There

    Same $hit, different day. It only continues to prove they know nothing.
    Most of us saw pictures from Lax before Jared posted these. It must suck to have to rely solely on Google. What happened to all those skeptic sources? Bahaha.

  • March Madness Queen

    @Been There: You are right. Same $hit, different day. You do your early morning Google searches for the Urbans to find every known detail of them for the day. A skeptic posts one link that all are referring to & that makes the skeptics liars. It doesn’t when they are posting based on what has been written about the Urbans on that particular link. Jared said they are arriving at LAX, which in airport lingo means they flew into LAX. You people are searching too hard for anything to bash.

  • Not buying it

    @March Madness Queen: LMAO! How could they have flown into LAX when 1) the pics show them coming from outside and 2) you haters were discussing Keith picking up Sunday from her LA school yesterday! Playing dumb and innocent doesn’t hide your stupidity or your lies.

  • March Madness Queen

    @Not buying it: Really? Click on the pictures again in order, and they are inside a building and then in what appears to be a parking ramp. Again, what lies?

  • Been There

    @March Madness Queen – I don’t have to Google. It pays to be nice. You get invited to the right boards. ;) And a bahaha on your comment “You people are searching too hard for anything to bash.” That’s rich coming from a poster on the negative thread at E.

  • Not buying it

    @March Madness Queen: Shove off Sue. Not going to argue with a brainless wonder. Your lies are your cross to bear. The idiotic responses will be voted down where they belong so if you want to continue to look like the @ss that you are, go ahead.

  • love

    Cute girls!!!

  • Because

    Why would the haters on E! care or” KNOW ” when Nic and Keith & their beautiful children did anything?

    Got an answer to that?

    Thats what doesn’t compute! ROTFLMAO

  • RainyDay

    Who cares what Sue/Skewer Mistress says or does? The Kidman-Urbans are obviously deeply in love, happy, have created a solid nucelar family and both are very successful in their chosen fields. They love and support one another. Keith has incorporated his love and family in his music and videos. Nicole has said in interviews that Keith gave her a home and has proclaimed her love for him and ALL of her kids. I figure Sue and others who feel that they have to lie and spew such meaness towards them are like those that believe the Holocaust never happened, those that believe the world is flat etc. In other words DELUSIONAL.

  • holly

    Oh come on, people! Am I the only one who treasures those Twinkie-filled skeptics? What other teeny group of fantasy-busted menopausals provide so much entertainment? Plastic babies with head full of beans, Rubberbelly Nic paying off an entire hospital, half of Nashville and every famous person who gushes a nice word, Keith sedated into obedience, baby-trading, private tea parties discussing diphtheria sterlization, secret hidden girlfriends, bathtub pedophilies, Keith diggin’ boys, Nic diggin’ girls, chess playing brunettes sitting on laps, staged pictures with the kids then handing them over to their real mommies, contracts, houses in places where there weren’t any, inappropriate and dangerous airport walking shoes, death threats and wishes. Why it’s like a garage sale bad fiction novel every single day! It’s like a front row pass to the crazy farm! Add the daily insistence of not caring about this boring couple and multiply that by 7 years and you’ve got a real hoot fest of lying sons of puppies! And don’t get me started about any new family pics. Just thinking about the veins popping in their heads while sweating over the enlargements doubles me over! Who in their right mind stares at Sunday’s feet? The skeptics, God love their jelly rolls! The disappointment, the green with envy, the fantasy world, the reality denial…all in one tiny thread, stumbling over each other for attention, spit flying fist fights over who knows more about 2 people none of them have ever met outside of that dreamy meet and greet. It’s laughing till you pee at it’s finest.

  • taco

    @holly: You’re too funny. nomorebrains sure did skeedaddle outta here like a cockroach with a flashlight on it’s a$s!