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Jennifer Lopez: Casper Smart is Adorable!

Jennifer Lopez: Casper Smart is Adorable!

Jennifer Lopez sparkles in a minidress as she goes out with her boyfriend, Casper Smart, on Thursday (March 15) in Los Angeles.

The 42-year-old entertainer and American Idol judge covers Vogue‘s latest issue and spoke with the mag about Casper and being what she called a “mushy romantic”.

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“He’s adorable. But you already see that,” Jennifer said.

“He’s a good egg. I don’t want to talk about it too much. It’s my private thing,” Jennifer added.

FYI: Jennifer is wearing a Dolce&Gabbana dress.

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  • wow

    they are really cute.. he is just sexy.

  • dobbi

    Check-up time at Perlevision.

  • brian

    gold digger gonna dig. nuff said

  • claus

    her private boy toy, i say good for him.. hope he takes a good chunk of jlo cash..

  • aplus

    whats wrong with you?!
    his age determines if he is a gold digger or not??
    does it make you happy to stereotpye? have you ever thought about the fact that they may be in love?
    because if he was 45 none of you would be saying this.
    why are you guys making such a big deal out of age difference?!

  • Mimi

    Who’s watching her kids while she galivants around town acting like a teenager? She’s such a love addict loser. She is so obviously high maintenance and needs a man to give her his undivided attention and once he stops, which is inevitable, it’s on to the next guy. I actually feel sorry for her because she’ll never find true love, she’s too immature and selfish. One day she’ll be old and wrinkled or plumped up with fillers and all alone.

  • Annabel

    Nothing about this relationship have been privet she has paradeing him and their relationship around in front paparazzi since they got together.

  • Mimi

    @Annabel: Honey, get a dictionary. You really need to learn how to spell.

  • ck

    He is rather sexy and her dress is not a mini.
    Now she does look GREAT on the Cover of Vogue.
    The darker hair is even prettier on her.

  • YAY

    He’s cuter than her ex Chris Judd and has better dance moves too. Btw she looks half her age anyway.

  • jj

    J Lo give yourself a chance to heal. Your marriage ends and you’re dating a back up dancer a week later? Give your head a shake. What example does this set for your kids?

  • jaded

    You would think with all her success she could learn to stand alone for once in her life. Terrible taste in men and terrible example to set for her young daughter.

  • http://@gildagray DarkEmpress


    OMG! I just choked and laughed!

  • hahah

    her chin is really pointy looks like a triangle lol

  • sam

    She is an insecure woman who needs a man (young boy) to make her feel worthwhile. But she’s not the only older female in Hollywood or elsewhere to do this.

  • hahah

    her bf is very ugly..some of you need glasses, or maybe you yourself are dirt ugly and have a skewed perception of beauty :)

  • hahah

    J-lo didn’t need to bring a triangle to geometry class, she just used her chin ahaha

  • amber

    She says we can already see that he’s adorable? Um I’m waiting to see that because that’s never going to happen. He’s ridiculously ugly and looks like a mole rat. I don’t get how someone so beautiful like her is attracted to that.

  • Gossipgirl

    Sorry, but he is not adorable. But if she is happy, it is her business…good for her. Just stop selling him to those of us who do not think he is cute.

  • AVA

    @ YAY
    How badly to you need glasses if you think JLO looks 21…. really she may act 21 , but she looks like a women in her late 30′s paying a kid to f-uk her, and if this heifer wants her relationship with this dude private she could stop setting-up pictures with the paps .
    How much do you think Ben Affeck gets a chuckle out of jLO.

  • anne

    verne troyer. he looks like him stretched up.

  • nero


    LOL…I was trying to figure out where I recognized him!

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    Jennifer looks very pretty here – the starry dress. Very nice. But that guy whose with her – it looks like she just picked him off the street. He doesn’t look too impressive.

  • Mother and Son…

    What a shocker….
    Low IQ JLO is a perv.
    This guy could easily be her son.
    Grow up J Lo
    Go be a role model for your kids.
    I feel bad for them.

  • aquarius64

    @aplus: Casper is getting tagged as a fortune hunter and an opportunist because of reports of a) JLo giving him a weekly allowance (suppose to be 10K) and b) JLo was getting him jobs where he has responsibility and some authority.

  • okay

    Jared – JLO’s dress is definitely NOT a minidress; it’s way too long to be considered mini.

  • mimi

    Jlo lives in a bubble, since she has so much money she answers only to her inner self. I thought she left Marc because she wanted to love herself. I think she wants someone to love her proabably in a way that no man can because she is so needy. She is a very sensitive person and seems really kind but she has no clue in self respect. She doesn’t do drugs but this addiction to love and wanting to be love by just any rift raf that pays her attention is totally disgusting. Girl needs to get a reality check….but she will waste her wonderful years and career running around with this kid, looking ridiculous…and after a while I don’t think the show idol is going to help her ass!!!

  • She Stinks!

    What happened to her face? So much plastic surgery and botox, she looks foolish. And in that dress, she looks like his MOTHER! She continues to make a fool of herself, and I love it. Her desperation and lack of class is on display, yet again, and the world points at her, and laughs hysterically. Oh, and where are the coconuts? With the nannies, for sure. JHO BAG is too busy to be a mother, instead she plays hide the chorizo with her boy lover. Disgusting!

  • stop

    @She Stinks!: You need to stop. It’s okay not to approve, but what is the hatred about???.

  • She Stinks!

    @stop: I am simply stating all the facts and exposing her lies. She has no taste. She obviously has no class. She’s a rotten mother. She’s trash. She has no talent. Why she is famous is a mystery. She cannot sing, act, dance or design clothes.

  • SemorePhillips

    Pathetic old woman takes out this kid more than she does her own neglected son. Perhaps she donated Maxx to the monkey house at the Bronx Zoo. She has to be the worst mother in creation. She smiles when she is with her paid for boyfriend and frowns when she has to be photograped with her homely son Maxx.

  • Darren

    He still looks better than she does and he hasn’t had plastic surgery.

  • hatin on J LO

    I have lost all respect for this woman.
    She is pathetic.
    Feel bad for her kids.

  • yep

    J Lo is a pretty lady! They do look good together.

  • stop

    @She Stinks!: That is your opinion…it doesn’t mean it’s the correct one…it really doesn’t matter what your opinion is but you should really check your anger towards this woman whom you really don’t know.but hate with a passion.. Don’t take Jlo so personally take a deep breath hold it to the count of seven than let it go at the count of eight and maybe that anger will leave you. Anger really messes up your insides lmao…bye

  • Carbon Copy

    Wow! Kids are adorable, but I guess he is a kid since she’s twice his age.

  • JW#ORE


  • Cedro

    She prances around with her child boyfriend yet she neglects her own children because of the way they turned out what is wrong with this insane woman!

  • Margo

    LOL at JLO saying her “private thing”….if he was so private, he wouldn’t be on your arm…following you around everywhere you go. Like why does he do that anyways? Oh yesh…I forgot he has no job…apart from being your arm candy and spending yo monay! smh

  • Sue Denim

    Good lord she’s like a teenager. It’s embarassing. She needs to take time out and learn how to be single and most importantly how not to date creepy guys with douche tattoos who reek of Axe bodyspray.

    The age difference isn’t the issue here. They are both adults. At least tecnically…

    Damn, I hope they don’t get married

  • michelle

    She has the worst taste in men.. my god. this guy is not adorable.he’s downright ugly. The only good looking guy she ever dated was Affleck.

  • as

    Go Casper, have the time of your life! Live the rich life while she still wants you!

  • Jade

    the dress that JLo’s wearing is definitely NOT appropriate for her age.


    She is a loser.

  • JennyLoRocks

    she is so beautiful. Looks like she is happy now. Good for her.
    Don’t like the dress. But it doesn’t matter what she is wearing she is always gorgeous!!!

    Can’t wait for her new music to come out. J-Lo should do a duet with Rihanna that would be awesome!!!!

  • MELA

    jlo is so low brow

  • marie

    Adorable? That’s a word one uses for a pet. But Casper is her pet, lol!

  • Jen’s Carpet match the drapes?

    Jen is daring with a center part with her gray roots showing. It is sexy she has a Mrs Robinson relationship with a young guy like Caspar.

    She looks good always.

    Does the carpet match the drapes?

  • mchammer

    Ben Affleck was not the best looking guy Jlo dated. He looked like a flat pankcake head. Chris Judd was and isthe best looking guy this H*O ever dated. Ojani look like a cave man and P Diddy or whatever his f*cking name is, has got to be one one the ugliest bastards to ever come out of any womans va-gina. Jlo is a dirty B*TCH. Overated in looks and she can’t sing .

  • mchammer

    Oh and lets not forget ugly a-s-s marc Anthony. He’s nasty.Anyone who polishes his Knob is one nasty b*tch.EWWW Jlo will do anything and anyone for fame.