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Who Did George Clooney Call from Jail?

Who Did George Clooney Call from Jail?
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  • truth

    Why does the press refuse to call him out on his publicity contracts with fake girlfriends, as that is all that Keibler is.

  • stacy

    Obummer,,,to ask if he done good

  • Mom was There

    Poppycock!! Mom was right there giving interviews during George and her husband’s arrest. Saw her with my own two eyes!! Callled Mom my foot!! She probably was sitting in the police station or outside the station in a parked luxury SUV. George does good but he is also very, very very fake.

  • Gossipgirl

    Gnomey called his Mama, not his rent a ho. Anyway, kudos to Gnomey for highlighting a very serious issue in the Sudan….it is awful. Now if he would just come out of the closet and get rid of Keibler elf, he would redeem himself in my eyes.


    Guys don’t you get it??? This is a slam/b*i*tch slap/punch in the face to Keibler. Now that it is a headline article someone is emphasizing the message. If Georgy Porgy steered clear of the low rent dips then messages such as this would not need to be emphasized. Sad part is that he will just get another dip. God is liable stick lightning up his a*s*s* if he becomes involve with a intelligent and talented woman, or so George and company thinks. Then again, this could be a “quarrel” between George and Stacy being played out. If we go on past events, he is liable to roll this dip out a few more times, or for another year. Games like this have been played before. Why would he EVER change now????

  • Quid Pro Quo

    To Anyone READING
    Timekeeper is the actress Kirstie Alley. She has a financial interest in the PR network paid by Stan Rosenfield, Clooney’s publicist.
    She promotes these bogus PR relationships, namely Larson, Canalis & now Keibler. There are 7 PR correspondentsnworking inthis network.
    This relationships are media stunts to generate advertizing revenue.
    Davida Rochelle & Cinderella on, the forum this PR network run.
    she posts as PreferToRemainAnonyomous on imdB.
    Her objective is to appear as if she’s chastizing Clloney for his “selection” in girlfriends.
    Like a broken record manipulating the public.

  • Quid Pro Quo

    Every comment apart from mine above is by the PR network gnomes. Losers with no originality nor creativvity.
    Clooney needs a publicity redirection.
    Not allow these idiots who have been associated with his PR for 10 years to destroy his public image as a sleazy Lothario.


    Quid Pro Quo is Rosenfield/Clooney’s. Lachey! Why don’t you and your dippy bosses grow the f*u*c*k* up? This argument that I am Alley is played out. Mad because Clooney’s stock is decreasing so out of desperation you are trying desperately make me out to be Alley? Pathetic swags that you all are. Keep with insults idiots. It will worsen for you idiots day by day. STFU! Tired of your raggin on something you know damm well is pointless. What’s next? Stacy is related to Alley? STFU!

  • truth

    @TIMEKEEPER: We get it, we’re just not playing along because it’s a scripted diss of a fake girlfriend. No one expected him to call Keibler, so it’s not surprising at all.


    Truth- Agreed! All of this crap is scripted including the petty dips*h*i*t* who keeps posting I am Kirstie Alley. The s*h*i*t* gets old, real old.

  • lou

    to Truth

    guess what; i actually asked a someone who works for the New York Times why the press hasn’t called George ” out on his publicity contracts with fake girlfriends,” two reasons, first no one in the press believes it to be true. second, even if, big if, it were true it’s George’s business and he doesn’t have to answer to anyone.

  • truth

    @lou: So some of the voices in your head are journalists in addition to the lawyers who spend Sundays at the office with you? Good to know.


    Okay clowns, now go ahead and accuse this person of being Kirstie Alley!

  • Mr. Porter
  • Doubtful Thomas

    @Mr. Porter:

    yeah, an International Collector of ugly disposable female orifices. Quantity vs Quality.
    Because usually the moron is too drunk & blinded to see anything but: thin or not. Face -doens’t matter, intellect (the dumber the better),
    Hit the skins —-> and run, dude.
    The dumb ones buy any excuse you make.

    Droopy tits Monika fits in his mold of disposable, lame looking orifices.
    I wouldn’t touch this guy with a ten foot pole!

  • no disclaimer

    A management syndicate behind George Clooney decide on promoting the phony theme of him dating a typecast: sleazy / failed model or tv personality. Never beautiful nor talented. Early 30s. Easily disposable. They clean up her dirty image, dress her in designer, promote her beside him on the red carpet and in publicity photos.
    Stan Rosenfield (his publicist) co-ordinates.

    *The disposable “girlfriend” gets a huge increase in appearance fees/ advertising revenue.
    For example Stacy Keibler’s fee went from $4000 (which she never earned before; no demand) to $25000 as soon as she was linked to George Clooney. Brands want to use the Clooney association, so hire the contractual “girlfriends” fr advertising & appearance fees.
    Part of this money (50% at least) goes to Clooney’s management.

    *They release lies in tabloids, gossip forums & magazines.

    CLOONEY & co deceive the public, his audiences, his followers, SIMPLY BECAUSE OF PROFIT.

    A duplicitous arrangement of manipulating the public. He agreed to it. For the added revenue they make from the female product market. Quite lucrative.

    It started as a trial with Lisa Snowdon… and progressed into a full-on operation with Sarah Larson…. Elisabetta Canalis and now Stacy Keibler.

    George tolerated it to an extent with Larson… Disliked the fiasco with Canalis & Keibler. And Clooney’s management will continue to do so.

    The real shame is that he is deceiving the public. Lying so they can profit.

    Public response is indicating that either:
    * George is considered as having a fickle image of a man who has emotional problems.
    * he is no longer taken seriously. Speculation about his sexuality or usually people are not believing the ridiculous women his management are selecting.

    As a result, Stacy Keibler is not luring the commercial advertising contracts that Canalis received (this is why he lasted 2 years with her). The European/ Asian markets have shown no interest in Keibler. Very little in the US market.
    Not because Canalis was better. (The only US film she made was as a pornographic naked nun) but because companies have realized the poor public response. Associating the name to Clooney isn’t working anymore. It’s hurting them to use the “bogus” girlfriends. And Keibler looks cheap and very low class. Just like Canalis. They’re no beautiful like, Amanda Seyfried, Megan Fox or Angelina Jolie.

    [I will expect attacks from the PR network who back him now.
    I'm not silverscreen/ signage/ prefertoremainanonymous/ Pari.
    These sockpuppets are all part of this PR network.
    They flood the boards with conspiracy theories to cause confusion.]

    Clooney is not even gay.

  • Doubtful Thomas

    Clooney the connoisseur of SPAM out of a can.
    His stock will decline so much over the next few years as people have tired of this washed-up gray buffoon desperate loser. Timekeeper is right about that (even if everyone says she’s KIrstie Alley & involved with Clooney’s PR network – off record.)
    Ambiguous sexuality isn’t the issue with Clooney.
    “Here we go again,” – I always here.
    Monica Jakisic – another failed wannabe model Croatian escort who lived in London paying her London School of Fashion fees trying to be an “IT” girl. Escort. Their photos on calling cards on every phone booth in London.
    Not beautiful – fillers & processed to the max. Aiming for the Eva Longoria look.
    Another one to have sampled Hollywood the Myth and living in that limelight.
    No wonder Clooney will never find true love.

  • Doubtful Thomas

    Clooney the connoisseur of SPAM out of a can.
    His stock will decline so much over the next few years as people have tired of this washed-up gray buffoon desperate loser. Timekeeper is right about that (even if everyone says she’s KIrstie Alley & involved with Clooney’s PR network – off record.)
    Ambiguous sexuality isn’t the issue with Clooney.
    “Here we go again,” – I always HEAR.

  • Sandra

    @TIMEKEEPER: you are Kirstie Alley.
    You have financial interest in the PR network, with your 7 colleagues who run Clooney’s media. As advised by Stan Rosenfield.
    I hope he gets rid of you. Oh, I know he has a soft spot for helping some of you elderly, semi-retired grannies, but Betty White could do a better job.

  • just a friend

    @Sandra: oh, he’ll never get rid of them. He’s too soft and doesn’t want to get in their bad books. Despite the fact that they keep manipulating him & he wants a change in direction.
    He’s asked for a different approach. He needs a reinvention of his public image. Years ago, he said he’d only expect to stay at the top for 10 years. Well, maybe now he needs a more honest approach.
    These PR advisory bi*tches tell him he must focus on his work and phony publicity agreements are the only way to keep everything under control.
    I wish him happiness. He’s a good person.

  • Lucy Ferre

    But vanity is his favorite sin too :-D

  • Sandra

    You may have an ass like an elephant but I have memory like one.
    Malik (in your article) is of Muslim origin. Of course, she’d attack Clooney’s participation and call his comments “beauty pageant contestant” answers.
    You are Kirstie. And you sure lack creativity.

  • insincere

    he’s such a liar.
    I don’t trust this guy at all.

  • $$$

    how can anyone believe a guy who lies to the public about his private life constantly just so he can generate publicity??
    If he loves his privacy so much, why expose it constantly???? WITH BOGUS PUBLICITY RELATIONSHIPS. With women he doesn’t even find attractive.
    Oh, that’s right, he’s come a long way since Killer Tomatoes.
    Cuckooned in his hermetical world in Studio City or Lake Como.
    Hiding under the skirts of a lousy PR network…
    Blame his ego, vanity, and stupid, stubborn head.


    Attention flunkies of the pr Team Clooney. You guys are stupid. This is the best you idiots can think of calling me Kirstie? Well Obama is in the mix what is he, Madea? Look what I found!!!!

    On March 8, 2012 President Obama signed HR 347 into law. The official title of the legislation is the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011. The bill passed the House earlier this year with total bipartisan support and by a margin of 388-3 with 42 Congressmen abstaining from voting. It passed the Senate with unanimous conset and no official vote recorded.

    The legislation is being sold as a mechanism to ensure the safety of government officials and the President and Vice-President from overzealous protestors or the crazed lone gunman. Shortly after the President signed the bill into law, the Press Secretary released a statement supporting that view by claiming that only the White House and the grounds of the Vice President’s residence will be affected by the legislation. The legislation has gone completely unmentioned on the major news networks and the White House’s presentation of the law has gone completely unchallenged.

    Unfortunately, this is not an accurate representation of the legislation.The legislation (shown in full below) contains three sections. The first section lists the actions which are now designated as illegal, the second lists the punishment for violating the law, and the third defines the terms used.