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KISS & Motley Crue Take Jabs at Rihanna

KISS & Motley Crue Take Jabs at Rihanna

Rihanna rocks a pair of short-shorts at one of her favorite restaurants, Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi, on Wednesday (March 21) in Santa Monica, Calif.

KISS and Motley Crue recently took aim at the 24-year-old pop star while announcing their upcoming joint tour.

“The guys you see on stage are playing their instruments. No fake b——-. Leave that to the Rihanna, Shmianna and anyone who ends their name with an ‘A,’” Gene Simmons said (via Billboard).

“No disrespect to Rihanna, she’s a great singer, but we’re in a slump for some s— that has some personality and appeal beyond a bunch of pop stuff that’s floating around out there,” Tommy Lee added.

10+ pictures inisde of Rihanna at Giorgio Baldi…

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  • Amarie

    KISS and Cure can go F themselves. There is a place for everyone. If you were confident in your own talent you wouldn’t have to disrespect someone else. I guess there’s no class in R&R.

  • kiya

    Real classy…. grown old men picking on a girl!

  • how about none of them have class

  • t

    any publicity is good publicity. and Simmons knows how to stir the pot. i mean really… what hasn’t he done to try and make money?

  • Jasmine

    Suck it up, they’re completely right. Rihanna and all these other wannabe singers can’t carry a tune and have to rely on autotune and other ways to make them sound halfway decent. And then have the gall to charge money for people to watch them move their mouths to their prerecorded and absolutely altered tracks while they prance around on stage. I guess it’s not completely their fault though–there are morons who are willing to shell out cash for their drivel.

  • illwill

    @A: im grateful you arent in charge of things

  • Jennica Panettiere

    Oh please how can you defend someone who doesn’t write her own music and has a video on youtube that came out of her murdering the song ‘ Hero’ by Mariah Carey. Rihanna is an untalented hack who rides on other peoples coattails to stay relevant. I’m not going to lie, I’ve danced to her music before, but that was in 2005-2006 when her music was just catchy danceable pop music that had freshness and vitality about it because she was from Barbados and not another run of the mill American rnb singer. I mean noone even remembers her first album ‘Music of the Sun’ anymore because Rihanna the s_l_u_t took over.

    The Rihanna of the past few years is nothing but a wannabe tryhard hardcore glorified medicore dancepop singing pseudo porn star.

  • allforusophia

    If they’re right or not is not even the point. They might very well be, but this comment makes them seem like grumpy and bitter old men and I’d hoped, considering their history, that they’re better than that.

  • bebe

    I don’t think Rihanna is very talented(industry puppet), but at the same time to say that the guys form “Kiss” and “Montley Crue” are true artists in my opinion would be just as big of a laugh; just because you were/are in a band and play your own instruments/scream does not make you a musical genius. They are all very much the same wannabes, who happen to come on the scene at different decades.

  • marcus

    They’re just saying what a lot of people are thinking these days.There’s no “art”ist in lipsyching,autotuning,and playback.It’s basically just fraud.This era is coming to a crashing end and these types are going to be swept away on a wave of indifference.It can’t happen soon enough.

  • SmallAng

    Well, if G. Simmons wants to go after Rhianna then I guess attacking his kids is fair game. He needs to attack Cash Money/Young Money! He’s just jealous that Rhianna has a bigger d*#k that he does. He sucks & his show sucks so I can’t wait until he goes away. Having a prostate exam is alot more interesting. I think he needs one by the way! Stop trying to be relevant and go back to the old folks home.

  • http://vamosamy Amy

    None of her songs will stay. She’s not a relevant artist but she works hard on her image and choses her songs cleverly. But aside from Adele who is an example of what a real artist is the Kate Perry style is what rules today. Unfortunately.

  • Rose

    Its always funny to read that Rock artist have a lot off crap to say about popstars.You can say about Rihanna want you want, but this girl works for her money. As off a lott of Pop artists.
    These old washed up, junked up old men should, shut the hell up.
    And go powder their noses again.
    Because when they date superficial Blond Playboy icons.
    Like for example Pamela Anderson, who only have to flash their boos to get a career. Nobody is talking about that.
    The music industry has changed, because the youth has changed.
    Some young people like to listen to other types off music nowadays, then music of a view years ago. It`s evalution baby!
    And if you don`t like some off the music than don`t listen to it.

  • Justme

    They are saying what everybody thinks, that people are tired of the autotuned, lip-singers like Rhianna, Britney, JLO who are all about showing the bootie and gyrating and the music is secondary. Yes they have catchy club songs, but are they REALLY talented without all those bells and whistles to help them sound good, we will never really know because they can’t make an album without that.

    Yep, we all thinks this. Why else would Adele OUTSELL every other artists in 2011??!! Because that girl can sing, with no bells and whistles needed, no pumping her body on stage, no stripper like clothes, just pure talent, which based on her mega-success we all admire, want and like!!

  • cmac

    Rhianna is beautiful with any haircolor but I prefer her as a redhead.

    As far as her talent, I don’t know. Music is so over-produced these days. I also feel that female singers are judged more harshly. For example, Chris Martin of Coldplay doesn’t seem like a very good singer to me but the fans have lower standards for male singers (i.e., Neil Young, Bob Dylan, etc.).

    I think music is in a sad state these days. Maybe someone new, truly talented and exciting will come on the scene. I hope so.

  • ds

    @Rose: it’s not all pop stars they attack, just the ones who make a living out of gyrating half naked while moaning on stage. Adele is a prime example of a pop artist that actually has substance. Even gaga has some talent (she can play the piano and if you also listen to her voice without the overly produced pop track it doesn’t sound that bad) but it’s often overshadowed by her strange/erratic antics. Say what you want about those “old rock stars” but those people have created songs still popular 20/30 years after they’ve come out. Do you really think that “birthday cake” will stand the test of time? I doubt that.

  • alliesq

    Everyone is saying that they are talking about all pop stars, but they’re not. They are singling out one pop star which means one of two things: either Rihanna really is the biggest star in the world right now and she is competition, or they just don’t like HER as an artist, but seem to have no problem with the rest of the drivel around today. I’m sure people talked smack about Madonna too and that her gyration and sexual antics wouldn’t stand the test of time. Rihanna may not be the best vocalist, but she is a fantastic entertainer and performer, which is what KISS used to be when they put on all their makeup and pleather body suits…

  • Love The Shoes

    I am not a Rhianna fan but in her defense, do KISS and MC know that in the music world they haven’t hever been taken anymore serious then they do Rhianna? I mean come on. They’re not only both 4 chords and no substance, but OLD trying to play 4 chords and no substance. Yeah, ROCK ON! in your rocking chairs!

  • Love The Shoes

    @Justme: I don’t disagree about much of what you say accept Motley Crue and Kiss were considered the same as Rhianna back in the day I’m told and still are considered just big haired has beens. They aren’t the Stones, Led, Aerosmith, Roots, Nirvana and etc. etc.

  • kathy

    I agree with them…pop music sucks, it all synthesized (or however you spell that)…anyway she doesn’t sing her music live at her concert …she doesn’t write her own music either…it’s crap…BESIDES she claims she is a rock star (which is a joke), she’s only a prissy little pop star that likes to hook up with men that beat her…PATHETIC!!

  • S

    Not a fan of either KISS & Motley Crue or Rihanna as artists, but I have to agree with the fact that there is a lack of original talent in music today – too many pre-fabricated singers using auto-tunes and pulling crazy stunts for attention.

  • Angèle

    Love her style ! She’s beautiful !

  • Synnerman

    Looking at these comment numbers, it seems like rock “fans” digibombed Just Jared.

    Too bad Rhianna has the actual tour numbers and these leathery gasbags are trying generate publicity to get their empty balloons off of the ground.

  • Jon Anthony

    These guys are both tired old clown-azz minstrels, (KISS more than Crue, as there is some modicum of actual musical talent in their lineup).
    Didn’t pathetiKISS do a farewell tour…like when the Flintstones were still on? Christ.

  • bruce

    Rihanna is a known supporter of very homophobic singers who sing songs about wanting to kill gays. She is vile.

  • RedAssault


    Isn’t Rhianna like 26?

    Besides… they’re right. Without Auto Tune and musicians to play the instruments and other people to write the songs… She’d be just another above-average-looking girl who can kinda sing.

  • jm

    So it is with old, over-the-hill rockers. Gotta create some publicity, otherwise no one will notice (or care) that you’re still there (here). I wonder how much embalming fluid it’s gonna take for those living corpses to get up on stage.