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Angelina Jolie Addresses Leg-Baring Oscar Pose

Angelina Jolie Addresses Leg-Baring Oscar Pose

Angelina Jolie is speaking out for the first time about her much-buzzed about pose at this year’s Academy Awards.

The 36-year-old actress showed some leg in an Atelier Versace gown both on the red carpet and on stage at the Oscars – a move that led to her right leg even getting its own Twitter page!

“I honestly didn’t pay attention to it. You know what I mean? I don’t watch those TV shows and if I go online and see something about myself, I don’t click on it,” Angelina told The Huffington Post.

“And the people I surround myself with don’t really talk about that kind of stuff,” she added with a laugh. “I heard something, but I didn’t pay any attention. It’s as simple as a being a woman picking a dress you like and having a night, and not really thinking about anything else.”

And there you have it!

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Credit: Ethan Miller; Photos: Getty
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  • me3

    No way in heck she didn’t know what she was doing. Nobody normally stands with their leg that far out to the side. That was the most obnoxious thing I’ve ever seen on an awards show.


    @“BlogBrat”: Its you yep lol there is nothing natural about your idol. everything and anything about her is fake….and dont brag about her being the hottest woman..why dont you visit yahoo and see that 99% think otherwise…go there and change your names to answer every bashing your idol gets…NOW GO BACK TO YOUR CAVE AND TAKE YOUR MEDS…DELUSIONAL ID*OT

  • theresa

    Julie @ 03/23/2012 at 5:38 pm

    are you jealous that Angelina has the stunning figure to be able to wear that black dress and you don’t

  • alw

    i agree with you Carima. the majority of people that have been around Brad and Angelina says the same thing-They are the real deal.people that write cruel remarks remind me of high school reunion where the cheerleaders and her friends are still angry at the jock for still being with the bad wierd girl.

  • Hanna

    Sally @ 03/23/2012 at 5:53 pm

    No, dear. I know people who WERE at the Vanity Fair after party. They all say the same thing. Those, theses people included, who had the pleasure of talking to Angelina found her to be extremely gracious; something you should learn. No one found her to be a joke. you however are a different matter.

  • anita

    2012 Most Influential Icons (most talked about)
    1. Ms Angelina Jolie – actress, humanitarian, mother, red carpet queen
    2. Ms Angelina Jolie’s Right Leg – enough said!
    3. Ms Angelina Jolie’s partner/defacto/husband, Brad Pitt
    4. Ms Angelina Jolie’s first bio child, Shioh Jolie-Pitt
    5. Ms Angelina Jolie’s bio twins, Knox & Viv Jolie-Pitt
    6. Ms Angelina Jolie’s african-american daughter, Zahara Jolie-Pitt
    7. Ms Angelina Jolie’s 2 asian sons, Maddox & Pax Jolie-Pitt
    8. Ms Angelina Jolie’s residential abodes/properties domestic and international
    9. Ms Angelina Jolie’s parents-in-law, father/brother
    10. Ms Angelina Jolie’s ex-husbands
    11. Ms Angelina Jolie’s mortal enemy – notably the one who pretended to have her husband stolen from her; subsequently doing her own brand of defacto-husband stealing from her own friend, Heidi Bivens (a stylist to celebrities). Incidently, she also broke up the marriage of another friend, an Australian stylist. So it may be that stylists who work closely with this aging movie startlet (referred to endearingly on this board as Ticky), should well take note that if their husbands have a bit of resemblance to Ticky’s conquests / her type of men – to be very afraid unless they have the same deep pockets as Ticky’s. What men would not want to be maintained at that level ala Justin Theroux – its like hitting lotto bigtime!

  • I agree w/#204

    I agree #204. Jen was really sexy when she presented an award in a similar black dress with a slit. She looked fabulous. Her dress was a nicer dress and she wore it great. Jolie’s dress didn’t fit well an she did not wear it well. Don’t ask me what she was thinking when she stuck that leg out. Who does that?? It was in bad taste, and she looked pretty trshy.

  • MJ

    @“BlogBrat”: I’m lovin’ it too because this news was a month old and haters still talking about it. This news even buried Ticky’s latest pr attempt. And remember, this is one of the reasons why Ticky’s WANDERSLUT movie BOMBED BIG TIME because most people were paying attention on Angie’s leg not on Ticky’s movie and funny was even Ticky’s idiot fans did not go and watched the movie because they parked here in Angie’s site. We Angie fans love the result of this leggy news because Ticky got stamped and kicked by Angie’s leg. It’s AMAZING. I’m sure Brad Pitt’s mom knew about her gig and she witness the power of LA JOLIE. You gotta love Angie.

  • Tess

    @“BlogBrat”: Are you sick? Saying “Ole ticky Ang can’t hold a candle to Jens beauty” is the biggest joke ever….Even HW actors who are stars in their own right are starstruck by Angie’s beauty. Clint Eastwood even said that Angie has the most beautiful face he has ever seen. Angie is consistently voted the best dress in RCs….I cant say the same for your idol really. Oh yeah, you just brag about Jen’s “:beauty” because thats all she “has” hahahahaha. ANGELINA JOLIE is a humanitarian, Academy award winner, writer, director, beautiful inside and out, has 6 gorgeous kids, the ONLY mother of Brad Pitt’s children, and lastly, Brad Pitt’s greatest love ever….…Lovin it….ttfnt

  • You know me

    She stunning in this pics just look at her it is inarguble.
    I got to say though Brad and Angie be careful this is might not be easy year (I am not saying this because of the- leg -obesession- lame -stories of the- joan- alien- face aka ms I am not from earth face) stories and her likes useless talks ) I am just saying it for different reason I am feeling
    Change up things do things you don’t normally do add lighting up be like a regular people . May be an outing at the beach or something What you are now HAS ZERO USE to you directly . It has this too much but not enough effect to regular people out here.You better believe that. It has that annoying effect.
    like Clinqua say changeing gears…lol I have been thinking thinking why Brad movie name changed to killing them softly. I thought Cogan trade was more manly name. anyways…

  • “BlogBrat”

    #208 ~ Wow, all those caps…Did I get under your thin-skin??? I don’t have to brag or defend Jen…She can stand on her own merit…I am always under the same name…Anyone who blogs out here knows that…I don’t have to change my name for morons like you who change their name all the time…You are pretty transparent when you always use a name with Jen in it though…The Ho looked stupid & desperate in her pose…Why not just admit it like the rest of the world has??? I will not explain myself to you again…I will always be “BlogBrat”…Now go away before someone drops a house on you to…

  • lurker

    there is only one or two trolls because the loser cannot thumb down any fan post,its so sad to be this sick

  • Ayleesh

    Angelina Jolie is beautiful,She is stunning whatever she wear.All of you out there leave her alon,all of you only jealous of her beauty.BP and his family love her very much.

  • lurker

    @You know me:
    hmmm what are you talking about??

  • lurker

    beauty and fat tick should not be in the same sentence lol

  • Emma

    Ugh, this whole thread is just nauseating. Jared please make it go away.

  • Danny

    Jared put up this thread because his other threads are boring. Knowing that it will bring all the trools and nuts cases like pavlov dogs to this thread. Shame on you Jared.

  • You know me

    @lurker: Don’t need to say that just take it as in general way care and when I refer people out here is not fans, not haters but peopl who doesn’t care about any of it the regluar people who don’t belong in any in fan or in hate.catagories. That is my openion and insight.

  • Dakota

    I also can’t see Angie responding to anything from Huff-post. Angie is not interested in gossip, she could care less what people are saying about the “leg”. She cares for the important issues of the world and her family.

  • “BlogBrat”

    I think lurker is one of her two trolls on here…ticky tock Ho-lee really must have thought she could pull that pose off…Not a chance…It totally backfired on her…She has always been thought of as a s!ut, but this pose sealed the deal for a lot of people…She intentionally tried to look sexy and ended up looking like a Ho standing on a street corner…I think she will learn from this…I think even she had to admit she looked horrible & desperate for some type of attention…I loved it when the guys she was giving the awards to were imitating her pose…That was really funny…They were pretty much making fun of her on live TV…

  • MJ

    @“BlogBrat”: Poor delusional Ticky fan. Sure, even Ticky wish she can be as sexy and as gorgeous as Angie. Like you said, when Ticky wore almost the same dress, even Ticky was showing her short legs, funny that no one was talking about it and by the way she look drunk too. On that Ticky video when she was on stage as a presenter, all she did was mumbled reading the teleprompter, it was embarrassing. Did you even notice that no one gushed about her as soon as she got on stage? Ticky has no beauty. For her fellow D list actors, they don’t get excited to see her, maybe to them she’s just an ordinary like them and was lucky that she got the chance to trap Brad Pitt. Have you noticed also that no A lists actors, producers or directors really want to mingle with Ticky? While these A lists actors, directors, and producers they are scrambling who can introduce themselves first to Angie and or Brad and they want their pictures taken too. You really can see the power of LA JOLIE because she’s smart, talented, sexy and gorgeous that anyone can envy of. Ticky has nothing, she’s NAH! in Hollywood.

  • You know me

    @“BlogBrat”: Who cares? They said they imitate her they didn’t say they made fun of her if you heared.

  • You know me

    @“BlogBrat”: besides it is early satarday people have life unlike you not everyone can be here

  • who

    It’s restraint-free hour at the asylum, I see. Nutcases having a conniption fit over a leg pose. LOL Sad freaks.

  • jen the hag

    Only haters like you and the rest of the fuglyfemale can’t get over that beautiful leg of Angelina Jolie I think it’s to the point of being obsessare u jealous that Angelina’s leg can command attention a month after the Oscar and have 30,000 followers when your barren hag idol can’t even have her fans save her movie bombing at the box office and she even went almost naked in her promotional magazine shots w/ Paul rudd and nobody even talk about it but when Angelina showed one leg it was the talk of the town and the Oscar winners are forgotten bwahahahah!hence the jenhags are on a meltdown. ANGELINA RULES bowdown maniston hags.

  • “BlogBrat”

    Yeah #229, but at least I know how to spell the day’s of the week…Defend defend defend…Don’t you see that you only make things worse by posting all this crap to defend the Ho…Simple fact is, she needs people like you to defend her…Jen doesn’t…Holywood loves Jen…But this is about a woman who thinks she is still sexy & the bottom line is she is a skinny, worn out, haggard looking has-been that has fallen from fame…It is only a matter of time before the movie offers go away…She lost the Cleopatra role…She won’t get many more offers…She has proven that she sucks as a director…She seems to me to suck at being a mother…Lets just leave it at she sucks….

  • jen the hag

    Yeah and I remember even M. Streep went to where Angelina was seated and chat w/ her while maniston looks like a desperate fans having her picture taken w/ streep while her back was to Maniston I guess the tickeyhens saw that that’s why they are still hating Angelina’s le which is more famous than their ugly face hag idol.

  • “BlogBrat”

    #231 ~ Changing the name again I see…At least Jen is at the box office…All the Ho has is a pose with a scrawny leg sticking out in desperation and a pack of wild ankle biters…Her boyfriend can’t make a hit movie to save his life now…You just don’t get that the reason this is still being talked about is because it was so shocking and ridiculously desperate…People are drawn to shocking things…It’s in our nature…

  • bebe

    I don’t like when famous people want to come across as if they don’t watch tv/use the interment etc; please, her pose was incredibly forced and almost rehearsed. it’s incredibly annoying/fake you are a part of the entertainment world, and yet they try so hard to distance themselves from that reality. I have always thought Angelina was incredibly insecure despite her creating an illusion of other wise…and her lame pose prove it.

  • jen the hag

    Bwahahaha no need to defend the barren hag and what do u think you been doing here and the rest of the ugly face and soul like you doing here for the past years huh ur really a r e t a r d just like your idol. If HW loves ticky any got millions of fans tell me Ms. R e t a r d why is wonderslut bombing at the box office. FYI reality check it’s your idol whose career is on the gutter. A s for Angellna’s directorial debut it has received several awards Google is your friend Ms. R etard liar. Give it up your idol will be dumped one of thses days by her boytoy becoz you see she’s too boring and w/ nothing on the brain matte, all she can talk about is her body and her hair and being Mrs. Ex brad Pitt just like her fans. Just like John Meyer said he doesn’t want to spend his life petting dogs in the kitchen and talking about the 90′s.

  • jen the hag

    As I said only manistons haters like you talk about hate about Angelina’s leg when the rest of the world has move one. Don’t worry angelina is still respected by her peers and her fans worldwide. Move on haters!

  • jen the hag

    Excuse me fugface barren hag this is the name I’m using here I don’t know about you and yeah the barren hag maniston is bombing at the box office who wato see a granny boobies? Nobody hence it’s bombing at the box office. Showing a leg is shocking ? Well I guess when maniston had been showing her vajayjay and bazooka nipples all the time nobody got shocked anymore becoz people got used to see that all the time so nobody get a s h I t anymore bwahahahaha!! So maniston and her 10 fans are pissed because of that.

  • “BlogBrat”

    I believe you are mistaking compliments with defending…Not surprising coming from someone as low class as you…I will close with saying Jen is and always will be the love of Brad’s life…Ho-lee is the mother of his kids…She ruined his career, she has made him look like a fool, she is a burdon & a disappointment to him…He doesn’t stand a chance with her & I think he has accepted that fact…I guess that is why he doesn’t try anymore…He has finally given up…

  • Lucy

    Some movies are made for awards nods/wins, not for box office like Tree of Life, Moneyball and In the land of Blood Honey. Those are artsy movies. Some movies are made for box office and they have NO chance for awards nods/wins at all such as Tick’s Wanderlust, but apparently Wanderlust flopped the box office miserably. What box office of Ticky are you talking about? Wanderlust probably will make less than Tree of Life’s world wide box office, you idiot.

  • Wonderbust

    actually ever since Brad has been with Angie his career escalated..five of his films were nominated for best pic and he was nominated for an Oscar three times since hes been with Angie,,according to you Hollywood loves Jen but her peers have NEVER even nominated her for a SAG award since her friends days..she has never worked with an acclaimed director like Clint, Robert DeNiro has NEVER picked her personally to star in a film. Denzel has said angie is one of his fav im really curious, do tell and give examples on HOW hollywood favors Jen and HOW Brads career was better when married to her, I would love to know.

  • Wonderbust

    please do not respond to the name-changing troll unless the FF hag can tell us HOW hollywood favors Jen(mind you Jen has never been nominated for a major award for acting not even a GG of which Beyonce and JLO even have nominations) and HOW Brads career was better when with Jen(mind you he was NEVER nominated for an Oscar while with Jen)

  • jen the hag

    Bwahahaha Jen will always be brad’s love life liar liar pants on fire brad did not even want to have kids with her, and even called her boring and a pretend marriage geez hen wake up and smell the copy brad even said in his last interview that he made movie that suck while married to the albastross because his life suck and he was not inspired being in a boring marriage you were all hating on that interview becoz brad called your ugly idol boring. And please braindead maniston fans are known all over the internet as low class and racist and even kids haters. Brad career has never been this good since he’s been w/ Angelina 2 times Oscar nominees and even won best actor so please don’t post lies when you can’t back it up with facts but only with your delusions and rants.

  • Wonderbust

    Sorry yall one final post…if you go on fuglyfemales they hardly have any more posters and there are only like 30 ppl lurking there(you can see the number of ppl on the bottom) that is why the troll has invaded JJ tonight because FuglyFemales is dead and no one posts there because they realized those posters are batshiit crazy…still waiting on the answer on how hollywood loves Jen and how Brads career was better with her..TICK TOCK

  • jen the hag

    Ops correction he did not win in the oscar but in New York film critics

  • Lucy

    Not only Brad has been nominated twice for Oscar Best Actor since with Angie, he has also become Oscar-nominated producer and a member of PGA.

  • jen the hag

    Oh I see that’s why the fuglyfemales are all over here must suck to see maniston dead end career and being with the loser serial killer look alike therox and her movie bombing in the box office while waiting for brad to go back to that boring hag bwahahahahaha!

  • Passing Through

    LMAO at the troll having her daily psychotic episode. Kermit doesn’t think being green is easy. He should try being stoopid. That’d really put the kibbosh on his whining…


    aniston IS A WHO*RE .
    aniston IS A HYPOCRITE.
    aniston IS A MAN-FACED WHO*RE.
    aniston IS A BAD ASTRESS.
    aniston IS AN UGLY WHO*RE.

  • Rose

    PT, I see you are up. I haveca question, was Brad nominated twice or three times for an Oscar? I’m thinking three times.

    Off topic, I’ve never been to FF thread. From whatbive read it seems like a vile place to visit therefore I stayed away. Ihave heard from reading this site from others that after visiting FF one wants to take a shower to take away the hate.

    Anybody seen mr squiggly of late. I’m betting he is dumpster diving for furniture to fix up his side of SS new house. You know he will never feel comfortable living in that house. He was so proud showing off his finds from the dumpsters, lol.

  • co

    The trolls must’ve felt like they got a fountain-of-life with this new Angie thread. Must’ve been bored without Angie. A new thread and here they are joyously posting.

  • Angie flying plane

    Angie was seen flying plane yesterday.
    credit : JPS

  • Rose

    @co, good early morning, I believe they are not joyously posting, they are having a meltdown. Just look at how beautiful Angie looks in this photo above. See, that us what’s driving the meltdown, and I love it. It gives me pleasure to see them foaming at the mouth.

  • http://yahoo guest

    Since Angie is perfect, troll is mortified and vomits poison about the leg of children or Angie.
    Probably, it is the life of very tedious troll.

  • jen the hag


    Well I guess now that his with the high maintenance maniston his forbidden even to mention that once he was rummaging in new York dumpster… now heear yeah hags your idol maniston bought lover was once a garbage scavenger take that hags bwahahaha!

  • Rose

    To the hater, you are not a fan, why are you here? Your life is so boring you would park your butt on a threat that you hate the person the thread is about? Ask yourself this question, why do I hate someone I’ve never met? Life must suck for you, you are pathetic.
    If you want to be on a thread find one with people who have the same interest as yourself. Are you saying no one is on the thread of your idol, SS. Goes to show you you are a looser also.