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Adam Levine & Anne V Split

Adam Levine & Anne V Split

Adam Levine and Anne V have called it quits, her rep confirms to

Adam and I have decided to separate in an amicable and supportive manner. We still love and respect each other as friends. I wish him all the best,” the 26-year-old Sports Illustrated swimsuit model said in a statement.

The 33-year-old The Voice coach started dating Anne in early 2010 after they met at a SI party where his band, Maroon 5, performed.

Anne appeared in the group’s “Misery” and “Never Gonna Leave This Bed” videos.

The news was first reported by People.

Just Jared on Facebook
Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • Leenah

    Haha..finally! Adam will need to find a girl who’s not a model for once..maybe he’ll stick to her.

  • brian

    He should date Christina Aguilera!!!


  • Mel

    Finally. Go Adam! You can do better!!!!!

  • kat

    this is sad. i liked them together.

  • http://MOIANU58@YAHOO.COM raluca

    I want to have sex with Adam.

  • Ashley

    “Go Adam”? I kinda have the feeling he got dumped…

  • Mel

    @Ashley: I’m sure he dumped her. Look at her twitter on his birthday: she said Adam was everything to her…….

  • Ann


  • Mel

    @Ann:Sometimes we have to read between lines. I sincerely wish all the best for both of them!!

  • Isis Lara

    Tiny man ………. Large Ego!!!

  • Sandra

    I guess we’ll never find out what really happened, but looking at Anne’s twitter on Adam’s birthday (march 18th!!!), he dumped her.

  • pauline

    Soooo sad ! They looked so cute and so in love together :(

  • vicky

    no surprise, all those couples who attend EVERY red carpet and doing photoshoots together expressing too much PDA etc never seem to last in Hollywood….(its true, especially for model/celeb couples) Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere, Heidi Klum and Seal spring to mind.

  • GoldenBlitch

    Is it bad I don’t feel bad? Just not surprised.

  • Jiselle


  • Lynn

    G@GoldenBlitch: LOL girl I was thinking the EXACT SAME THING! I was like: “AM I a bitch for being happy that this hottie Adam is single?”


  • maria

    hahaha totally saw this one coming..

  • Nicole

    *smirk* *rubs hands together*

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    Anne V – does she have a real last name? As for their split, relationships don’it last very long in Hollywood – it’s a case of , on to the next beautiful body.

  • AmberWaves

    The way Victoria Secret models live isn’t good for relationships. The way successful musicians live isn’t either. Both constantly travel all over the world. They hardly ever spend more than a few weeks together before one of them jumps on a plane. Who even heard of Anne V before she got with Adam? Was she that famous before?

    When I watch The Voice, I realize Adam is really into his music., This is prime time for both of them, neither one would ever slow down their careers for the other one. So I’m not surprised. Especially since they weren’t together on their birthdays. Plus, didn’t she go back to Russia for a family visit?

  • Weber from Brazil

    Honestly I feel sad… they seemed so in love…
    I can remember he flew into Las Vegas to surprise Anne at her birthday bash back in february!
    I hope he finds someone who challenges his large ego and makes him suffer a little bit lol

  • sweetness

    wow two picture people a Victoria model and a rock star singer break up….
    never saw that coming.

  • dobbi

    She can do better.

  • Neds

    this was bound to happen… it’s not like they were gonna get married or anything.

  • @dobbi

    I AGREE with you, she can do better!
    His band isn’t doing so hot right now and unless he finds something else to do, his stint at The Voice isn’t going to help much. 75k an episode or something like that for all the coaches who isn’t Christina Aguilera. Let’s see if he has any acting skills when American Horror Story features him.
    Nothing against Adam as I like him on The Voice but look at her! How did someone like him even get someone that hot?

  • Looselipz

    Good, can’t stand this couple..pretentious Adam, and his privileged upbringing..his father owns all the M. Fredric stores…he’s a spoiled rich kid.

  • Sad

    I bet Adam is ready to be single. Girls are offering themselves to him constantly.

  • molly

    What? Oh my God I can’t believe. These two are together for so long, I’m just shocked. I really can’t believe.

  • Oh Yeah

    I honestly thought Adam was Gay. Handsome Guy though!

  • cal

    he’s gross and a modelizer. on to the next one!

  • Sandy

    Oh God! Why is the man always the vilain? They split, tha’s life.
    Anne, you didn’t get it… go and get someone else. Adam you can do much better.

  • seriously

    Who thought they would marry each other?

  • ?

    I’m happy!
    yet shocked they broke up before George Clooney and his arm candy :O
    I was expecting it to be the other way around

  • Saul

    Yes Anne V… what comes around, comes around.

  • retrobanana

    im pretty sure he was the one who got dumped..he seemed too comfortable around other women…most of the other vs models have their men whipped…

  • Samantha

    Good. She wears more clothes in a VS shoot than she does in real life.

  • Sean

    Willing to bet she caught him cheating on her

  • ME

    You know, I loved and supported their relationship from the beginning. But I saw this coming from the second the breakup rumors started in February. I think they tried to work through their problems and it just ended up being too much for them to handle. I will continue to love and support them(separately now) and support this decision, because it probably wasn’t an easy one for them to make. I just hope they both are able to move on and find someone to make them both truly happy! They both deserve the best.

  • No surprise

    He’s Rich and women throw themselves at him, he used to show up at places with a different chick everytime, this guy is obvioulsy a play boy and can’t help himself! Imagine being in his shoes…. hot chicks, ugly chicks, all kinds of chick throwing themselves at him, he did her a favour by breaking it off with her, at least she wont look like a fool when he cheats!

  • Sandra

    Who do know he cheated on her? And she? She could too.
    I’m sure something big happened and maybe i’ts not fully his fault…

  • justsayin

    YES!!!! Send him over to my place right now!

  • Mel

    Anne V on her twitter on March 18th
    “The most delicious cake for the most delicious man! @adamlevine HAPPY BIRTHDAY baby!!! U r my everything!!! ”
    For sure he dumped her. The question is why.

  • JM

    What’s sad isn’t that they broke up, it’s those pathetic idiots on Twitter that sit there acting like the world has come to an end because of it. The ones that sit there ranting over and over on how folks don’t respect their privacy, yet are always the ones bringing it to the forefront. If they were fans of either one of them, they’d stop and think that they are just as worse as the ones that they complain about.
    Celebrity relationships of this magnitude rarely have staying power and I think both of them realized that.

  • Lucy

    This is a wrap then on this beautiful pair?
    They were so cute together, but I could totally see this one coming!

    It was so strange they did not pass their birthdays together, which were one day apart, and that after 4 weeks without him due to her modeling, Anne flew first in Russia and then in Miami instead of getting back in Adam’s place (who would pass over the chance to be with him, when being together? They were not a couple already I think).

    Anne was cute about his day through her twitter birthday message but Adam was very late and short and cold about her own one the day after, so it was clear something wasn’t right to me.

    But it wasn’t working even from way before…

    It was since their Stern interview they weren’t together and I am sure they actually were already split by then, but they for some reason didn’t want yet to say it and put on a front for the media.

    When Adam around his birthday shaved his head and said James Valentine was at his pad and they were “eating ice cream and talking about feelings” I had a vision Adam and Anne were no more, no matter the fact she tweeted him a message of love for his birthday.
    Words can be just fake, especially if you fear half of your fans are fans just because of the one you’re dating.

    You want to protect your public and you will deceit (this works also on Adam’s part) to avoid chaos when you cannot control it.

    Even during the Grammy red carpet they actually didn’t look that in love, more forced to show up than truly connected?

    I believe something happened between them by the end of January as the first split reports surfaced.

    Maybe they tried to work on their troubles for real but then they failed?

    There is a pattern: Adam brings any girlfriend to Stern and they split short after.

    2 years in Hollywood are an eternity but then they probably were together for real no more than 3 or 4 months in total out of all that time, given the fact their careers always put them on two different continents most of time.

    Anne loved her career way more than she was in need of being with Adam, though the fact she stayed with him that long surely helped her career too.
    I am not saying she used him… she had to feel something for him or they would have broken up before.
    I just think she had always clear in her mind she would have always put her career first and never Adam.
    She did say it also on Stern.
    I don’t blame her but I also think Adam deserves way better than her: he deserves somebody putting him up first, not second or third.

    Adam seemed really in love or at the very least totally into Anne back last year (the VSFS was lovely!), but then all their schedules started to make them realize they would never really be sharing a life together and things probably changed.

    He’s got too much going on: new record, tv show, American Horror Story, developing NBC script… she should have got to slow down her life to be with him and she just didn’t feel it (that’s fine and she has he right to pick career over any man, especially if she doesn’t feel that man is the one for her) so they are better off.

    They will rebound soon.
    Maybe they already are?

    I wish them both to be happy, and hope they really are on the good terms Anne claims they left one another with (you often know that is just a formula to say and in fact one of the two might be hating the other right now?).

    They will find the right one eventually and we get new Maroon 5 videos with other female counterparts at least.

    Hopefully brunette?
    I volunteer to be kissed and shaken by handsome Adam anytime!

    He’s even hotter with shaved head and now you all know he’s gonna get on the rebound road a lot!

    Maroon 5 incoming tour just got way more interesting!

    Bring back the sex addict Adam! I bet you struggled if for real you had to have sex just once in a million days with Anne when she was available and not away!

    There is time to get back your sexy time and again… I’d be happy to help along millions of other girls too LOL

    Don’t get immediately with another model Adam… let us have some before?


  • hmm

    why would you release a statement about your relationship ending….someone wants fame

  • just say

    @vicky: i know what ur talking about,just wanna say it’s not depend on the show off on the red carpet! if u pay attantion more, almost all of these guys are womanizer and almost choose models_maybe because getting models r easier so much & models r up with them even when they cheat over them till they get tired and dump models_whether they have pda on the red carpet/anywhere else or not they break up almost when the public take them serious!look at george clooney/leonardo dicaprio/etc.if we wanna say the names we will have a book!lol! never can’t take them serious,FOR SOME OF THEM even if marry like seal as u said!

  • Kiki

    Guess….he finally leaves the bed

  • Sandra

    @Lucy: Just perfect!!!!!

  • italian girl

    Oh no! I am sorry they split.
    Why is everybody saying FINALLY ?
    They were so beautiful together! One of the most beautiful celebrities couple.

    Hope they will be back together again

  • Shannon

    @italian girl: I hope they won’t ever be back together again, cause I wish the best for Adam Levine and the best for him is someone very different from Anne V.