Adam Levine & Anne V Split

Adam Levine & Anne V Split

Adam Levine and Anne V have called it quits, her rep confirms to

Adam and I have decided to separate in an amicable and supportive manner. We still love and respect each other as friends. I wish him all the best,” the 26-year-old Sports Illustrated swimsuit model said in a statement.

The 33-year-old The Voice coach started dating Anne in early 2010 after they met at a SI party where his band, Maroon 5, performed.

Anne appeared in the group’s “Misery” and “Never Gonna Leave This Bed” videos.

The news was first reported by People.

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  • Sarah

    just when i start liking them as a couple, they break up! oh well. I wish them both the best

  • Serena

    Look how skank Anne V will be paired with another famous guy in a very few weeks.
    She is getting old and she needs someone of magnitude to get her modeling career going.

    She used Adam but I am sure Adam did figure it out already and I wouldn’t be surprised if he cheated on her a lot, at least I hope he did because someone as false as Anne V didn’t deserve faithfullness from him and I really hope he cheated and had fun while she was away (she did cheat for sure as well… her party nights are a celebrity fun in New York, ask anyone in the modeling world).

    Maybe she did even know but kept her gig with him going to get some more exposure: when her strategy failed and Kate Upton got again the SI Sports Illustrated cover, her manager told her to change.

    And she went with him in Miami and Paris.
    Look for Anne V climbing another celebrity ladder soon: it’s the only way she can keep a job.

    What a skank.

  • Just Like Christian Bale

    Adam is very sexy like Christian Bale.

  • Brian

    She’s more an SI model than VS. sure she’s walked the fashion shows but doesn’t appear in their catalogs or commercials et al. LOL….She does more fashion/SI modeling than VS thats for sure…Oh the media…

  • me3

    Hopefully he’s grown up and can pick a more respectable girl who doesn’t show her body to the world.

  • Kevin

    Was a public announcement of this even necessary? It`s not like they were married or had a child together…

  • DeeDee

    Anne V is one of those shallow Russian bimbos and Adam probably woke up to this fact and wants someone better for himself. It serves her right. She will just keep desperately wh@ring herself to American men. Yuck!

  •!/laudebari Laura

    No me gusta para nadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :( pero ya puede ser solo mio, nuevamente ;)

  • yasmine

    That proves one more time that beauty isn’t everything ,who would split from this girl ,i think Adam isn’t the marrying type

  • Anahit

    youhooooo!!!!! at laaaaaaaaast! FINALLY!!!!!

  • Saul

    @yasmine: Sorry, beautiful? Anne V? Just an average woman in my opinion. At last what really matters is honesty.

  • Ivy

    Ahahaha, I bet SHE dumped HIM. He made her career successful, she was allowed to walk VS, b/c Maroon 5 performed and now that she’s somewhat famous, she leaves him. You go girl ;)

  • Karen

    @Ivy: Famous? AnneV?? She is a nobody!!!!

  • cal

    @Kiki: loled would lol again

  • penis

    adam sucks cacks hes so gay my friend who goes to this gay sauna in west hollywood saw him in there last week giving a mexican a blowjb! and anne V? the v stand s for Vagina!

  • penis

    @Lucy: bitch get a life! you living through others–i bet your fat!

  • penis

    i heard he tried to blow his load on her little tites but he had to look at a some gay porn and imagine a schlong up his bum before he could even finish the deal. and he splurged all up in her hair though he imagined a man! for real! i know this first hand!!!! dude is major gay! pork sausage and schit!

  • shanellewho

    damn it now every time i watch the vsfs 2o11 i’m gonna feel grief-stricken! they looked so inlove back then

  • Hilary

    It’s sad that a relationship has ended but when many knew that it was more about business than love, it never ends well.  I am very sure they loved and cared for one another but let’s not be naive here: they wanted to boost their respective careers.  How many people can honestly sit here and say that they knew her BEFORE he put her out there in the public eye for the first time?  

    Only those that are really in the know of fashion can say that they do; but fans of his?  There were cracks in that relationship before that Stern interview. Let’s not delude ourselves into thinking that things were falling apart AFTER that little interview.  And let’s not sit here rambling on about distance. If distance was the REAL issue, they would have ended it some time ago, considering the fact that both knew they would be apart great amounts of time with their careers.  These two just grew apart and the glamour and glitz of what it was like dating one another faded away. After awhile I am sure they saw the not so nice things about each other that wasn’t an issue when they got together, suddenly become an issue. Plus friends could have played a factor too, on both parts. Fans automatically assume that all of his friends liked her and hers liked him; but be real. Unless you are in their circles you don’t know what they really thought of her or what they thought of him.  Many saw him changing himself way too much to fit into her world; so much that he pretty much became somewhat unrecognizable (clothes line/fragrance venture), but she seemed to stay the same, except for craving more limelight in the public when they were together.  

    Someone pointed out the infamous birthday tweets. One tweet showed or displayed love while the other was just blunt and cool. Maybe he was the one that ended things. We won’t know and I’m sure as time goes on more media will filter out will all kinds of things about them. Sometimes over time truths slowly come to the surface. That right there will tell folks if Adam and Anne will truly remain friends.

  • Marianne

    Oh finally they are coming: Anne’s friends ….like “penis “above! Nothing you say will hurt Adam Levine. You must take care of Anne V. She’ll need for sure.

  • Excited

    @Just Like Christian Bale:


  • anne v?!?!?!


  • Sandy

    Where are you UNKNOWN?? We need your opinion here!!!!

  • Sandy
  • Mary

    @Kevin:Anne is smart…she didn’t want it to look like Adam broke up with her so she made the “statement”—-a cheap shop.

  • honey

    the least she could do was tell him that she was breaking up with him before she made that cheap statement. for her to just say they broke up without actually telling him first is low and nobody deserves such a low blow. not even adam.

  • Blair

    @Mary: I guess you meant a cheap shot. So Anne V, totally immature and unclassy.

  • Saul

    @hmm: And this person is Anne V. Low blow!!

  • Mark

    With all respect:
    Anne, you are a b***c!!
    and Adam you’re a fool idiot!
    Sorry, but truth is truth.

  • Rose

    OMG! Rumor has it she has cheated on him. I’d never kinda expected that.

  • Chloe

    @Rose: The rumor that she cheated on him was stirred up by some gossip blogger. The pictures they were showing had her with her agent back when they were in Miami together a few weeks back. Unfortunately for the blogger, they got it all wrong. The man she was ‘cheating’ with is gay and is in a relationship with someone.

  • unknown

    @Sandy: I am here! No opinion needed. However, I will say this much. In the past so many said I was hating on Anne V , and so many have opened their eyes and started paying attention to all I said. Now you all see what I knew for some time. I feel for Adam. I really do. He will find love and it won’t be with someone who wants fame and materialistic items. He will find that one person. He needs to take time. Oh btw, this was long time coming. Becuz look how much less he has been on here shortly befor the split and now look at how much less he is again. Makes you guys wonder!! All I was speaking the truth. And now so many did in fact open ur eyes and if u wait a while. Some dirt will come out.

  • Sandy

    @unknown: Thank you for the answer. Unfortunately you were always right! Adam must forget that bitch!!!! I’ll pray for that, he seems to be a nice guy.

  • unknown

    You’re welcome and yes he will. But remember, don’t be calling her a name that is hated by all women. Besides you don’t want karma on you. Trust me her actions will surely come back on her. As far as ber cheating on Adam. I feel that part is true and has always been another person in her life even before Adam. Everything I said in the past is in the past. I just hate to think someone with a heart like Adams. Just so taken advantage of. Even by family. Pray for him for strength and love. Good fortune is coming his way. Be happy for him. That’s all his fans would want and that’s all he would want. @Sandy:

  • Rose

    I think Anne’s tactics is the silence: she clearly wants Adam to call her and make a proposal. She wants a ring, marriage. I hope Adam be strong and get rid of Anne V. He deserves someone better!!!

  • razrqueen

    I’m actually crying I wanted them to stay together. And they had to make some sacrifices in order for them to be together for two years. It’s sad. I hope they get back together

  • Angel

    @razrqueen: I sincerely hope not. I want Adam to be happy!

  • Chloe

    @unknown: I notice now she’s not talking to many, and I do many people that she was always hanging with that were primarily Adam’s close friends. That, too speaks volumes. It’s only a matter of time before they either start deleting her from all forms of contact. There were many of his friends that were latched on to her and now I see they no longer tweet her up a storm.
    Everything for her is truly awkward; it limits her from tweeting now, I know that much. She used to tweet up everything Adam did (mostly if she were involved). But the thing of it is this. If she were waiting for a proposal, she should have known from the many interviews that he did, she wouldn’t get one. He said on many occasion that he didn’t see the necessary need to be married in order to be with someone. He also said twice that he saw himself with a family six years down the line. I think she was seriously fooling herself in thinking she was going to change his mind after he openly said it a few times that wasn’t in his plans anywhere near soon. I bet it was then that her crew of friends started talking in her ear and she decided that he wasn’t the one to get her where she wanted to be. And, Unknown, isn’t the guy she was in pictures with in Miami the very one that ‘set them up’ to begin with? I heard their interview on Stern and still think she plotted to hook up with him, even though he was dating her friend (if you can even call her that).
    I too feel bad for Adam; he seems like a nice guy and deserves a relationship, not a business merger. Hopefully he takes time before getting into another relationship and I hope this time around he chooses someone other than that particular girl he’s always going for.

  • Chloe

    @unknown: Funny how when the news of the break-up happened, only TWO sources were told: People Magazine and this website. Everyone else reported based off of those to site. Now I am guessing there won’t be much of her on here now that she’s no longer dating Adam. What sucks (and I mean for any of us who see her name anywhere) though is that whenever she is mentioned in the media, she’ll be known as the ‘ex-girlfriend of Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and The Voice” That’s going to be her tag line from this point on

  • Angel

    @Chloe: Just perfect!!!!!

  • Mel

    @Chloe: Of course! She is a nobody, just a famechaser.

  • Brown

    @Serena: You said Anne V will be paired with another famous guy soon. I disagree. It won’t be easy :She has an ugly face and is aging too fast for God’s sake. And the worst, she has absolute no talent. She tries too hard in my opinion.

  • TruthComes

    @hmm: Sure!!!!

  • http://rafligus000rafli karina

    @Leenah: may be ?? whoo is she ? :)

  • http://rafligus000rafli karina

    @Sandy: whoo is she ???

  • http://rafligus000rafli karina

    @ME: yeeaaahh !!! 88888 ???

  • http://rafligus000rafli karina

    @Saul: WHAT”S WRONG