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Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: Burton Pool Party!

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: Burton Pool Party!

Ian Somerhalder and his girlfriend Nina Dobrev attend the Burton Snowboards pool party and BBQ held at Ace Hotel during the 2012 Coachella Music Festival on Saturday (April 14) in Palm Springs, Calif.

“Thank you Burton for keeping me warm- in dessert poolside with @burtonsnowboards :)love these people,” the 33-year-old Vampire Diaries actor tweeted along with a picture of himself wearing Burton sweatpants.

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“Good bye paradise… I’m going to miss you!” Nina tweeted the day before while on her way back to California after a trip to Hawaii.

FYI: Nina is wearing Wilfred for Aritzia‘s Victoire dress.

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Credit: Christopher Polk; Photos: Wire Image
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  • Dee

    hot hot hot hottttt

  • IllWill

    She looks good & he needs some sun!

  • Lilla

    I’m in love with her dress.

  • amanda

    I bought tickets to the event in Chicago thinking Ian was going. Then the dude cancelled saying he had a previous engagement. This is the previous engagement, what a douche. Yet when he wants fans like me to vote for Peoples choice and give money to his foundation he sure as heck tweets about it. Thats it I am done with this faker. Before people start with the he needed a vacation crap. He could have given 1 day to come to Chicago. Oh yeah when he mentioned the “burton” that means he got it free. Nina is far to young and pretty for this 34 year old social climber.

  • Jennifer

    @amanda: Yes, he’s at Coachella, but that’s what he’s doing when he’s NOT doing his work-related stuff. He had bunches of meetings this weekend for his GoMobile company. He’s not doing the meetings all weekend, no, but they are in California, and he wouldn’t have been able to make his important meetings if he was in Chicago. Instead of assuming the worst about a guy who’s DONE NOTHING but shown what an awesome human being he is, do some research first.

  • BEAN

    He looks so feminine.

  • Jennifer

    @IllWill: That’s the best he’s gonna get sun-wise, I think, considering he just spent a week in Hawaii, LOL! I still think they both look great!

  • Sarah Rose

    HOT! HOT! Lots of love for Ian and Nina! Two fantastic years and many more ahead. … Congrats to Ian and Nina.. they are so in love!

  • amanda

    @Jennifer: So I guess they don’t have airplanes to get him to his “important meetings” Daniel and the other cast members have plans also. Yet they went to Chicago.

  • Michael

    Nina Dobrev is more than just Ian’s girlfriend….

  • fra

    he definitely needs more sun but still hot. She looks GORGEOUS really I love that dress!they seems so happy together!!

  • Jennifer


    As I said, the Con was in CHICAGO! The meetingS (plural) are in California. So, no, it wasn’t practical in any way, shape or form to fly to CA for one minute, they fly back to Chicago, then fly back to CA, and it’s also certainly possible that a meeting was taking place DURING the con.

    He does a LOT of conventions, and this is one of the very few he had to cancel. And he canceled for legitimate business meetings that unfortunately interfered. That it fell on the same weekend as Coachella happened to work out that he was able to attend some of it is good for him, but it doesn’t take away the fact that he had actual business meetings to attend.

  • Jennifer


    Lordy, I just reread your comment. Did you ACTUALLY put important meetings in quotations?!?!? Those meetings are for his company in conjunction with GoMobile which is about getting as many green-related power modules onto sets to help control the climate and environment that we live in so that this planet is still around 50 years from now.

    I am sorry, but if you truly were a fan of his you would get just how important it is what he is doing, and certainly not belittle the very hard work that he is doing.

  • nick

    @amanda – U clearly are no IS fan so quit acting like you are. I’m wondering if u even went to Chicago instead u are just trying to spread hate. If u were at there u wouldn’t be complaining since u would have met all the other cast members!!! Also his professional commitment to GoGreen Mobile takes precedence. As for talking your comment about airplanes, u clearly need to learn about geography, Chicago and California is not next to each other. A trip cannot be made in a short timescale.

  • bahha black sheep

    their show sucks…their ratings are down year-to-year
    a thirty yr old dating a young 20-something…PERV

  • kit

    @Michael i don’t get it why you seems upset. They didn’t write ‘Ian somerhalder and his girlfriend’ on the title there is her name also. They wrote ‘girlfriend’ on the article because they are together, that’s it.
    So where is the problem?

    @Amanda LOL really?!poor girl she wanted to see Ian when the last day she insulted him on another topic. :D
    Ian said on twitter that he have important meetings so you should add another reason to hate him. Try again sweetie.

    Well i love them both they are both so cute, talented and sweet!

  • Jennifer

    I get why it’s frustrating when Jared does that because, yes, Nina is more than just his girlfriend. But he’s done it in reverse in other articles, listing Ian as just Nina’s boyfriend. I think he just alternates on which gets the significant other moniker, LOL!

  • pardave

    nina is a women not a girl , and she can dating ian, he is amazign man

  • Lala

    Seriously why must you people hate on him so much, take your rude comments somewhere else. He does so much with all the projects he is doing and yet people have nothing nice to say. You people discuss me like no other!!!!!

  • Bri

    They look cute….Is it just me or does Nina’s hair lighter?

  • Clare

    @bahha black sheep:

    Gee, I don’t know how Brad and Angie and Tom and Katie manage. Is that the best you’ve got? Grow up. Same old crap all the time when people don’t get what they want. Children.

  • Clare

    I’ve noticed the same old Paul Wesley jealous and bitter fans who come out to hate on Ian in every TVD article. What’s new. Very immature fandom. They carry on like 8 year olds on Twitter, stamping their feet. Not all, but a fair few. Not cool. I adore and appreciate both.

  • DE


    If you were a real fan of Ian’s you would not be posting stuff like that. He deserves a break and a chance to have fun! Filming TVD is hard work & he has other commitments like his IS foundation (which he didn’t have to start but he did out of the goodness of his heart!)

    Quit acting immature and put yourself in his shoes, I’m sure being a celebrity is harder than you think!

  • SE


  • Zoey

    They look so good together, SO INLOVE! And damn Ian’s arms= YUM ♥
    Oh and could you PW Fans please stop being so rude and just STFU for once? (JEALOUSY is ugly guys) You have no idea what’s going on, Ian was supposed to be in Chicago ONLY on Sunday but had to cancel because of professional work commitments (GO GREEN MEETINGS)! GET YOUR FACTS right!!

  • molly

    Thank God, I almost thought they broke up. By the way, Nina looks great.

  • Youn

    @bahha black sheep:
    Ehh what year do you live in? Never hear that age is just a number? I guess then you would slag my grandparents aswell since my grandad was 11 years older than my grandma?
    Well guess what they are still together after what nearly 45 years, guess thats makes him a perv just like Ian.

  • Lily

    LOL ! Just lol, all of you, you love Ian, but he doesn’t deserve it !
    After what he did for the Chicago convention ! THIS IS SO SELFISH!
    A professional meeting? I don’t believe that ! He just wanted to be with his egocentric and selfish as him girlfriend to go to Coachella !
    I’m sorry but being in Chicago, meeting his fans, this is a break, he does not have a hard life !

  • Jane B

    Ok I just checked the site for that Chicago convention. The note that he was not going to attend was posted on the site on FEBRUARY 24!!! That was quite some time ago. There was PLENTY of notice. Plus the schedule for that convention looks really great!!!! Anyone who bought tickets is lucky?

  • TwentyBitch

    @bahha black sheep:
    What?! She is perfect for him, age speaking! And not only of course.

  • Zoe

    @Lily: ARE YOU SERIOUS? He doesn’t deserve to be loved by his fans JUST BECAUSE HE CANCELLED ONE STUPID CONVENTION? That’s the stupiest thing I’ve ever heart!

    Ian Somerhalder is one of the sweetest and nicest Celebs ever! He even comes out and takes pictures with Fans after a long long shot (you can’t say that from Paul)…IAN cares about us fans so much (I know it because I met him 4 times)…he is scheduled to attent almost EVERY con this year! He is only human and he works so hard ( don’t forget his Foundation )….give the Guy a break!

  • Mel

    Well, if he had some meetings then he could have rescheduled, now, couldn’t he? Oh, right, he couldn’t. He spent the last week in Hawaii with his girlfriend, that’s why he had no free days. So what I mean?
    I’m okay with him not attending this convention (he works hard). The problem is that he dropped out of it AFTER he’d decided he’d be a part of it. When people actually paid to see him. That’s just immature.

  • Linda

    I thought he was gay or at least bi. This is all for pr obviously.

  • Jennifer

    No, he dropped out at the END OF FEBRUARY — almost two months ago AFTER he found out that he had meetings for GoGreenMobile on the same weekend, therefore he couldn’t attend the convention. Him going on a vacation with his girlfriend after 10 months of filming had NOTHING to do with his meetings. And it’s not like he could just reschedule, since he’s not the ONLY person involved in the meetings, so it’s not just about HIS schedule, but about everyone else involved in the meetings. You want to talk about immature? How about not having the maturity to realize that professional obligations are important, and that he can’t just flake out on those meetings and related-such or it could negatively impact how he’s perceived in the charitable/business world.

  • Jennifer

    No, it’s not for pr obviously. Aside from the fact that he’s had several girlfriends. Ian has been with Nina for two years. They are very rarely photographed together at professional events because they keep their relationship private. But people see them all the time in Atlanta together, and there are sightings in the non-pappz places because this is NOT a PR relationship. They were on vacation for a week in Hawaii and that’s only known because residents of the island saw them, unlike so many other celebrities who were photographed by papparazzi because they weren’t in more private sectors.

  • Susan

    I’m not a fan of TVD but I love Ian Somerhalder! He’s a great guy, insanely beautiful, smart and funny! I adore his passion making our planet a better place!

    I haven’t met him yet ( I really want to) but from what I’ve heard he is super nice to his fans! He would never cancel a convention without a reason….and apparently hes having ISF meetings in LA!

    He’s doing many conventions this summer so don’t justice about him cancelling this one due to work!

    @Linda: Just because he played a gay guy doesn’t mean he is gay in real life! You obviously know NOTHING about him yet you make rude comments! THAT IS IMMATURE!

  • Mel

    Jennifer, then how do you explain the fact that this meeting took place right after he finished shooting The Vampire Diaries? What a coincidence! The answer is simple: it IS a matter of scheduling. Such events are scheduled by his agent/Kim from ISF well in advance based on Ian’s other obligations. And, wow, he’s so lucky that for some reason his meetings are held right where he wanted to be with his girlfriend (Nina’s been writing about this event for a long time now)! Miracle, just miracle.

    I appreciate the fact that you’re a loyal fan, but there’s a fine line between support and fanaticism. You can love someone and still be able to criticize him. No one is flawless, no matter what you may think.

  • Jane B

    Mel, its not about fanaticism. Its about having the maturity and understanding to look at the sum total of a person’s life and work and schedule and seeing that it can’t ALWAYS just be about one thing. As one of the more mature and committed individuals on the show, he’s got more than just the one project. He has an entire foundation to run, which is global in scope and has many projects. Probably the only time he has to be actively involved in that foundation is during his break from filming TVD. In one week’s time, his foundation has a major fund-raising dinner to hold AND is running the “Let’s Get Dirty” campaign involving thousands of schools in California. So there’s no doubt many details to oversee and approve and being in California is probably really important for him at this time. The man squeezed in less than a week of vacation between shooting TVD and going to California. Even if you are NOT a fan of his, you have to acknowledge that as a human being, the man at least deserves one WEEK to himself and with the woman he loves. His fans are important, of course, but given he has a very busy life, he needs to set some priorities as any human being would. I think that the problem is too many of his fans do not know what it means to have this much responsibility and commitment in their lives. Or how many people who are relying and counting on him in his foundation.

  • Mel

    I said I’d be okay with it if he didn’t agree to attend this event in the first place. When you make a commitment, you stick with it. In my book, it’s that simple. I truly appreciate Nina’s decision to not to plan anything in advance, I think the way she handled this situation is very mature and professional. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same thing about Ian.

    You’re not going to convince you’re right, so I’m done here. You’re obviously a fan of his, and once again, I appreciate the fact that there are people willing to defend someone at all cost. I percieve his decision as an unprofessional one (and the way his agent’s trying to cover it up makes me even more convinced that I’m right; I’m talking about the fact he’s scheduled to appear at the con in 2013). You disagree with me, so let’s leave it like that. I’m not posting here anymore, because I consider it a waste of time (everyone has a right to present his own opinion, and we have to respect that).
    Have a great day.

  • tamara

    @Mel: I agree with your comments. I’ll bet Ian shows up for the conventions when there in Paris or other parts of Europe. He’ll just so happen to not have any commitments. So sad.

  • nick

    @Tamara As a person who makes no secret that u are a PW fan that hates Ian, why do u even bother to read articles about him? Everytime there’s a write-up abput Ian u are there to spread hate…

    @Mel Ian is not the only one who cancels in a convention, Joseph Morgan cancelled as well. Paul Wesley cancelled in past conventions as well. Guess it was ok for them to not stick to their commitments!

    Ian may have his flaws but he appreciates his fans… always making time to meet them, thank them for supporting TVD, spreading ISF related news etc… can’t say the same for other cast members!

  • Vanessa

    @bahha black sheep:

    I don’t understand people like you. You only make yourself look like you care too much & that you have nothing better to do. They’re only 10 years apart… thats normal! *rolls eyes*

  • Andie

    Ian cancelled to attend a music festival. Joseph, Paul and the rest of the cast had other obligations. There’s a difference.

  • M

    look it’s clear where priorities lie. And maybe his meetings were scheduled during the chicago con months ago. But we will never know these things and the actual truth of what his “professional commitments” were that kept him from coming to chicago last weekend. I’ll admit it does make him look bad that he cancelled for professional commitments, then we see him at coachella. Agreeing with an earlier comment of he shouldn’t have committed in the first place would have been a better idea.
    I was at the chicago convention and to hear what other actors/actresses went through to be at the convention for a few hours on either saturday or sunday has made me respect all of them so much more than I already did, and makes me think differently of ian now. I don’t hate him or not support him, I just don’t think as highly of him anymore. He loves his fans and his foundation is doing amazing things for the world

  • missmceknna1912

    You’re kind of a bitch y’know that???