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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Guess Hotel Party!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Guess Hotel Party!

Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend Austin Butler attend the Guess Hotel/Smoke & Mirrors Party during the 2012 Coachella Music Festival held at La Quinta Resort and Club on Saturday (April 14) in La Quinta, California.

The 23-year-old actress wore a Native American headpiece along with some face paint.

“I’m all Jeweled up for Coachella. Hehe. Who’s here this weekend? What bands are you excited to see?” Vanessa wrote on her official blog.

Also spotted at the party: Hunger Games actor Josh Hutcherson, who Vanessa attended the festival with last year.

FYI: Austin is wearing AllSaints‘ Muerte Cut Collar t-shirt.

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Credit: Tiffany Rose; Photos: Wire Image
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  • sam

    love her

  • R U sure

    Austin You are one hot looking man!!!

  • AB

    IK everyone loves this girl but after a while she comes across as an attention whore.

  • sam

    she looks cute but i personally hate the feathers in the hair thing. idk…


    Josh really looks good. The other two would look good with a bag over their heads

  • Emily

    They share a love of PDA but I don’t think they’ll last.

    Read more here:

  • xo

    not a fan of the head piece but she looks beautiful no matter what. I hope she & Josh got to hang out

  • Haters Suck!

    yo ho why don’t you take a stick out your ass and stuff an apple down you mouth.

  • sam


  • Haters Suck!

    Btw austin and Vanessa lookng good together as always. It’d be cool to see her hang with Josh again.

  • commonsense

    Vanessa has become on giant eyeroll!

  • Love me boy

    I can’t stand her. She’s such a try hard ugh

  • ?

    I’d like to go to one of these concerts one day. They look like fun. Vanessa’s happy and thats all that matters

  • jr

    The girl is always smiling no matter what. Love a girl with a positive attitude.

  • Lol

    He’s kind of an eyesore.

  • cucha

    does coachella have a certain theme to it or something? She looks like Pocahontas. I am not trying to diss or be mean but she really does.

  • ha ha

    vanessa molly hudgens

  • ?

    i guess you could say that. Its a music festival its more of a come in the way that makes you feel most comfortable kind of thing. most people there are dressed in creative ways or ways that just help them relax.

  • cucha

    guess that makes since I have seen her at coachella during previous years with a hippie style. Still I think the hippie style seems fitting for a music festival, and this Pocahontas style seems confusing and out of place. Or at least that’s what I think anyways

  • rikki

    I have to agree that she tries too hard. And her outfits look over the top and just plain weird

    Who is Austin Butler? I’ve never even heard of him

  • meski

    I think it’s funny when people criticize young hollywoord stars for not having jobs just shopping, partying and going on vacation but when jared posts the ones that have jobs people find some other excuse to hate on them. Coachella is a music festival and people like dressing up for it (people even have youtube videos and blog posts on outfits for coachella) – you’re most likely not going to find people looking like they’re going to the grocery so if anything this is a more fitting place than any other for her to be wearing those outfits.

  • IllWill

    Josh was probably like FML when he saw her with Austin

  • thetis

    Some of you seem to forget Josh and Vanessa just came off a great promo tour together where they talked about being great friends and having dated a few times.

    In fact there is a you tube of Josh teasing Vanessa about Austin so it would seem everyone is friends.

  • sunny

    Josh really liked her, but she didn’t like him much.

    I think Josh still likes her.

  • Gilmore

    I like her, but sometimes I feel she just looks like an a-hole. Everything seems so fake and forced lately that it’s just odd. Don’t even get me started with budget trouty mouth though..

  • 11:24

    @Haters Suck!: you sound like an angry person, you could be a hater yourself with your strong, hateful language !

  • Swoop n Soothe

    @Gilmore: she is slick, i shot her once when she was smoking a cigarette, she ran after me pleading that i erase the photos, so i erased them, she said she would call me to shoot some other nice photos but she NEVER followed thru… she had a very disdainful attitude as i recall ..

  • ash

    poor josh.

  • Audrey

    she is ridiculous

  • samsam

    aww if i was josh i’d be pissed to watch my ex slobber over some pretty boy knowing i had something more to offer her…

  • BOJI

    Why should josh be pissed? They’re friends, sometimes you’re better off being friends. Everyone moves on. Josh could have his pic of the ladies now that he is famous for Hunger Games. He’s even teased Vanessa about her boo.
    As to her outfit here, she’s gone Indian native with a twist. Not a fan of the boots and the face paint. I think the dress would have been better off with more feminine assessories. I like how Austin complements what she’s wearing with his t shirt. Liking the t .

  • yets

    i love Josh for V but hes to young…but also a good young men.

  • bella

    It’s better to have your own style than copy everyone else’s. Vanessa owns what she wears. Please get over it

  • sara
  • Haters Suck!

    what can I say I show the haters the same respect they show, none. Which is kind of the point when I came up with this moniker to show I’m not afraid of them and I could be just as cruel to them as they are.

  • kelly martineau

    Is that blonda that’s there with her Laura? Her and Austin went shopping couple days before they left. THose could be the clothes that they bought at plant blue before they left for the fesivtal.
    Nessa dresses like a hore. Nessa dresses by into the 1960′s.

  • evz

    sigh, people complained when Josh and V dated and now that they’re done, still people have issues. I’m glad that they’re over. Being his ex generates another bunch of haters, imagine if she’s his gf now… they’re better off as friends. Past is past. As they say, yolo. So, live life to the fullest. And that’s exactly what V is doing. Love her no matter what…
    Anyway, I like her outfit, very creative.

  • Sue Denim

    What an ignorant moron. Native Americans are not a fashionable trend and her appropration of their culture is dumb and offensive.
    Can’t believe you support this stupid troll Jared.

  • Haters Suck!

    *facepalm* please oh please tell me you’re kidding. What a joke.

  • lil

    She looks so stupid. And she’s stupid on top of that cause she smokes ugh

  • justsaying

    @Sue Denim: It is her heritage-she is paying respecting her heritage. god……people on here are so ignorant.

  • justsaying

    @justsaying: I mean “paying respect to her heritage…it is late where I am :)

  • MediaOKra

    @Sue Denim: she has Native American blood from her father’s side

  • youIDIOTS

    The fact that you retards can’t see how this is racially offensive is really sad. And she’s not “paying respect to her heritage” she is wearing it for fashion purposes regardless of what her heritage is.

  • Danielle

    Whatever!!!! She is young and deserve to be happy no matter what people say about her and her PDA with Austin. It’s her thing


    Look, I love Vanessa and think she’s pretty but this is offensive. She’s like point 5 of 1 percent (0.5%) Native American. She isn’t paying respect to a culture, she’s using it as a costume – don’t say she is because face the facts, SHE’S NOT AND IT’S COACHELLA.
    She’s objectifying a culture and that isn’t right. It’s like saying that Mexican people are only tacos, sombreros and ponchos, or Asian women are just geisha’s (aka high class prostitutes) and the men are just rice farmers. Face the facts, it’s racist. Taking a culture and appropriating it to suit Western civilization isn’t right – blame the fashion industry for that. I’m not hating on her because I think she looks ridiculous, I love her! – But I’m not happy with her choice in clothing because she doesn’t seem to understand the implications of how she is dresses offends cultures and ethnic groups, especially being in such an influential position.

    Just because she has fans and is an actress and is pretty, does not mean it’s okay for her to go about and dress like this. It’s objectifying something which should not be objectified!

    Hate on me and my comment and the ones similar to it but the people defending her choice in Native American dressing, you need to take a step back and see how ignorant you are being. Vanessa Hudgens is not the world to everyone – only to you and she can do things wrong. I’m glad she had a great time at Coachella, I would too because it looks like so much fun – but her fashion is getting really disgusting.

    Groups within the Native American culture have actually written and attempted to sue Urban Outfitters and other fashion brands for objectifying their culture with the use of their tribal patterns. IT IS OFFENDING PEOPLE.

  • urbigfatass

    @Haters Suck!: having and opinion and being allowed to express it is important tho, if you disagree with that opinion and label it as hate is just as bad as the negative comment . you fail to recognize which does not surprise me at all…

  • Emily

    It doesn’t matter if she’s like 0.5% Native American, I’m a quarter Native American and I would still never dress up like this. People think she’s “paying respect to their heritage”… which heritage, exactly? She’s disrespecting at least 3 different cultures with this outfit.
    Overall, cultural appropriation is wrong. Treating someone’s culture (especially a culture that has been so oppressed and discriminated against) as fashion or a “costume” is just rude.
    I don’t think Vanessa understands that, and that’s fine. I just hope she learns and apologizes for it, because it is offensive.
    And before you tell me to “take the stick out of my a**” why don’t you talk to an actual Najavo and get their opinion on the matter.