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Alexander Skarsgard: SKYY Escape at Coachella!

Alexander Skarsgard: SKYY Escape at Coachella!

Alexander Skarsgard lounges in the shade at the SKYY Infusions Coconut Escape held during the 2012 Coachella Music Festival at the Renaissance Esmeralda Resort on Saturday (April 21) in Indian Wells, Calif.

The 35-year-old actor hung out with Transformers actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at the festival the day before.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Alex‘s movie Battleship has been doing great business overseas. The film has surpassed the $100 million mark and it still has not opened up in the United States!

20+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard at the SKYY Escape

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alexander skarsgard skyy escape at coachella 01
alexander skarsgard skyy escape at coachella 02
alexander skarsgard skyy escape at coachella 03
alexander skarsgard skyy escape at coachella 04
alexander skarsgard skyy escape at coachella 05
alexander skarsgard skyy escape at coachella 06
alexander skarsgard skyy escape at coachella 07
alexander skarsgard skyy escape at coachella 08
alexander skarsgard skyy escape at coachella 09
alexander skarsgard skyy escape at coachella 10
alexander skarsgard skyy escape at coachella 11
alexander skarsgard skyy escape at coachella 12
alexander skarsgard skyy escape at coachella 13
alexander skarsgard skyy escape at coachella 14
alexander skarsgard skyy escape at coachella 15
alexander skarsgard skyy escape at coachella 16
alexander skarsgard skyy escape at coachella 17
alexander skarsgard skyy escape at coachella 18
alexander skarsgard skyy escape at coachella 19
alexander skarsgard skyy escape at coachella 20
alexander skarsgard skyy escape at coachella 21

Photos: Sara Jaye Weiss/Startraks
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  • anna


  • blue

    Oh, he looks very good :) He have a good time, he is so relaxed and smiling …

  • karl

    for a guy that has no problem getting naked, he sure got a lot of clothes on when its 107 degrees…

  • hoy


  • summer

    he looks so good! wish i was there. lol

  • him

    Well at least we can’t see his ugly watery ratty eyes, thank you Alex.

  • yup

    I can see you Keith

  • Yoda

    He seems like a really nice and laid back guy. but I swear, he is so bland and expressionless in films!!!

  • summer

    now alex, if joe could go shirtless at coachella, why not you! ;)

  • not hot

    hes so average looking

  • BLAH

    Karl so true!!!!

  • KissThis

    whoever said Alexander is average looking must be dating ambercrombie & fitch models or some sh!t. Seriously, compare Alexander to an average dude… No comparison. The man is hot as hell.

  • smells like pork

    i would not want to look like him, he is so unattractive , i just don’t get the attraction at all

  • mjb

    se ve que alex sólo se quita la ropa cuando lo exige el guió necesita andar sin remera por la vida para llamar la atención le sobra talento y carisma.hermoso como siempre!

  • POGO

    Does Alex ever take a bad picture. He is so good looking.

    One of the tree ones he looks like he is having a really good time.

    I think he may be a little tipsy. You go Alex. Have as much fun as you want.


    @karl and Summer Alex is not supposed to get a tan while TB is filming. Makes the vampire makeup not work right. Hence the full clothing and being in shade as much as possible. And he really is trying to be known as a serious actor not a Hollywood hunk.

    @mjb: Si senorita. Mucho talento y carisma.

  • Alex in love with CT

    Alex is smiling a lot now. Now we-know that alex is really in love with his girlfriend Charlize theron.

  • Bubu

    Because if you apply white make up on a skin that had been exposed to the sun (i’m talking about vampire make up) then Alex might look a little grey on tv. They (producers of HBO) probably asked him.
    On the other hand Joe by playing Alcide has no problem. Alex is trying pretty hard to not being recognized as a simple “Hunk” (idk if i can say the same about Joe honestly), just look at the roles he picked up last year.

  • ? CT is AS GF?

    Rihanna Crushing on Alexander Skarsgard–Charlize Theron Livid
    April 22, 2012 03:45 AM EDT
    Rihanna is reportedly turned on by hot vampires. No, the “Umbrella” singer isn’t looking to have a threesome with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. She’s crushing on the True Blood hunk, Alexander Skarsgard. That would be O.K. except that Skarsgard’s girlfriend, Charlize Theron, is mad as hell about it. Oops.

    Of course, it’s no secret that the sexy Barbadian singer has a crush on Skarsgard. She’s admitted being super attracted to him while filming their action movie Battleship.

    “I had to keep my game face,” gushed RihRih. “I could stare at him all day long. I was just watching him on set.”

    Theron was not amused.

    “Charlize isn’t usually the jealous type,” claimed an inside source, “but she definitely took notice when she heard Rihanna had her eyes set on Alex. She called him and was very coy, saying she heard that he had a famous admirer. Alex laughed off Rihana’s comments, but he was secretly pleased that Charlize was a tad jealous.”

    Although Chris Brown’s ex definitely wanted something far more intimate than a “working relationship” with Skarsgard, the insider says nothing happened. Despite the fact that he enjoyed making her jealous, Skarsgard is apparently head over heels in love with Theron.

    “It’s Charlize that Alex is still trying to impress,” tattled the source. “He says there’s no comparison between her and Rihanna.”

    Ah, relationships–the subterfuge, the game playing, the lying, the denials. Oh well, best of luck to all concerned.

    And stay tuned.

  • ladybug

    @TEXAS SWEDE: There, but there is lightweight full-cover clothing with UV protection in it, must be more comfortable than dark clothing. OTOH maybe it doesn’t bother him, lucky guy.

    @? CT is AS GF? that was posted some 2-3 days ago, old ‘news’.

    And here’s the Battleship box office article:

  • Canuck

    I have that song “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts” running through my head now. Lol. Damn

  • Lilla

    I love these!! He looks so happy :)

  • RAF
  • chelle

    @Canuck: how about the song coconut? You put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up….. lol!

  • ladybug



    @Lilla, happy and relaxed.

  • Macy

    He looks like he’s having a way better time than last year for sure. I love that JJ is still connecting his posts to Bonesworth, despite the fact they have been together for a year. Way to beat a dead horse JJ.

  • Macy

    Sorry, I meant to say “they haven’t been together for a year”. Too early for me still.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: Not anymore he isn’t, hasn’t done so for a while. Now he can try and link AS’s posts to CT’s. :)

  • Zola24

    I think I now know why comments go to moderation – I did too many ‘@’ replies at once, but seriously, three? Anyway as Ladybug knows, I will not be beaten. So

    TO: Blue, Pogo, and Lilla: (In true rock star mode, “This one’s for you”)

    I too love these photos. Alex looks so happy and relaxed and looks to be having fun with his friends. Always looks sexy, can’t help that, it just comes natural. Askars sure is in a good place, it just shines through. You’re happy – we’re happy.

  • Belle

    What a change from last year – here he’s all smiles and relaxing and enjoying himself. Last year, all serious, drinking and definitely glum. But then he’s extricated himself from that fake blonde shadowy mess that he used to associate with hurrah!

  • Zola24

    Not to get too heavy here, can’t remember the scientific reason but black is supposed to be cooler, hence is the preferred choice for Touaregs. (Sorry end of lesson)
    Thanks for the battleship news.

  • youyou

    the man is so hooooooooooooooooooooooooooot

  • ladybug

    @Zola24: Ok, you made me google, (and of course I believe everything I read on the internet!)

    @Belle, well, he looked at last year’s Coachella, on Sunday.

    @Zola23, I don’t think it’s too many @’s, I think it’s just random.

  • KAY blood


  • Zola24

    No, no, no – I promise you it’s true. Actually met Touaregs in Niger – they are some scary dudes – and they tend to wear white only for ceremonies/special occasions.

    Back on topic – Askars just keep on rocking :D

  • Charlize papped again
  • Zola24

    @ladybug: Obviously comment 36 was for you – (in a nice way) – just hit submit too soon!

  • Mar

    The sexiest guy in Hollywood, maybe in the world.

  • ladybug

    @Zola24: Oh, no, I believe you, I read it before I posted it. It looks like the fit is also very important.
    When Dad was in Kuwait he picked on wearing the dishdasha very quickly, not so much because it was light colored but because it lets in lots of air.

    Back on topic, except for the Skyy party, which probably had an official photographer, he didn’t seem to get papped much yesterday, even though he was out and. This probably makes him very happy.


    @Charlize papped again:

    When are fans/ trolls going to understand CHARLIZE THERON IS NOT ALEXANDER SKARSGARD GIRLFRIEND , the fandom is going round the bend with this dating spec.
    There is no confirmation only tabloid gossip based on 3 possible outings?
    Tabloids have got nothing better to do then start rumours and pick on two very private stars who just don’t happen to share there love life with the public.
    So what better way then to couple these two up.and get the fandom
    boiled up over nothing.

  • ladybug

    @JUST STOP IT: What, are you trying to take away the fun for people who post comments about how Alex is a bad dad because he’s at Coachella instead of with Jackson? :)

  • ell

    He may be a taken man. He looks like he has zero interest in the women that are throwing themselves at him.

  • @ell

    that’s what i was thinking too!!

  • Me to


    That’s what I was thinking to, he seems to have zero Intrest in the women at coachella ……..?………..usually Alex is flirting up a storm, and we would get reports , and there must be some nice sexy ladies there?
    that’s why I am giving some credit to the rumors that he is no longer single………………………..
    and Charlize and Alex are a couple and alex wants it to work this time or at least make it last.
    Will they come out as a couple maybe , ………maybe not…..

  • Canuck

    @chelle: “She said DOCTOR!”. Hehe, yeah you wish :)

  • chelle

    @Me to: @ell: what exactly are you wanting him to do? Drop his pants and offer them a ride?? Sorry to sound crude but JEEZE!! What can you tell from a few photos? Not a GD thing except he looks like he’s having fun. So unless you were with him lets not try to go down that road and just enjoy the pictures.

  • Strange

    Well hello there sexy man.

  • Zola24

    Oh no, I don’t believe it. What was it this time?
    Trying again. Sorry, will have to post twice now.

    Thanks. Men need little excuse to don a djebella – for the air, not cos it all hangs free! Oops, not talking about your Dad here, lol (not lol’ing at your Dad obv). Now Alex in a ….gotta stop here some real hot images are suddenly appearing.

    Re the paps – agree, little point, unless it’s a ‘money shot’ when so many official photos floating around. And yes he does look very happy.

  • Zola24

    @ell: @Me to:
    It must be such a normal occurrence for Askars, doubt he even notices, unless he wants to.
    CT, or whomever, sure he has little trouble getting it on when he wants :D

  • AC

    So Alex and Charlize went on a couple of dates… so what? does it mean anything? Not necessarily. It’s called testing the waters, we all do it and there’s no guarantee that will work out. They are busy people, they’ve spend a lot of time apart due to their working schedules promoting their movies… but they are not working right now, 2 people in love would be spending their free time together specially in the beginning of the relationship when it’s all so new and exciting and all you want to do is to know each other, Alex could’ve skipped Coachella to be with her (don’t we all make those little sacrifices when we are in love?) but he didn’t, he went to indio and it seems like he is having a good time and relaxing with his friends. Doesn’t seem like a serious relatioship to me yet, or a relationship at all yet. I like them both and as long as they are happy and delivering quality work I couldn’t care less it they are together or apart, as of right now they are apart and both seem ok. He is having a good time, let him be.