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Amber Riley Leaving 'Glee'?

Amber Riley Leaving 'Glee'?

Amber Riley may not be returning to Glee after the third season.

The 26-year-old actress tweeted about it today, saying, “That’s a wrap on Amber Riley! Just closed a chapter in my life, the only thing I’ve known day in and day out for three years. I’m going to miss the whole Glee family, seeing them everyday! I have so many brothers and sisters now :) But I am looking forward to a much needed and deserved summer vacation! SCHOOL’S OUT Glee Kids! Let’s play!”

Amber‘s co-star Dianna Agron may also be saying goodbye to the hit show.

Jane Lynch recently said that it will be hard to say goodbye to her after the end of the season.

ARE YOU SAD to see Amber Riley leave Glee?

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  • rio

    She’s irrelevant so Whatever
    Glee only needs Lea, Cory and Chris

  • nayaholic

    the show would be a disaster without her . i man … ther is some great voices like naya and lea but let’s face it she is ”beyonce”

  • Alaia

    They probably fired her for purging if you know what I mean.

  • Cassie

    totally won’t miss her, she can sing but act? Bye! And please I hope no CW show is dumb enough to pick her up.

  • rachel

    The show has become the Rachel and Finn Show anyways. It’s a good show, but I’m sick of every story line revolving around the two of them.

  • mel

    The show is going downhill anyway. They should quit while they’re ahead!

  • The Muffin Man

    that sucks she has the best voice in the whole show

  • Pat

    SOOOOOOOOOO SAD!!!!! Amber is amazing!!!!!! Mercedes voice’s necessary! She is the best singer, best voice.. We’ll miss her! =’(((

  • Sam

    Yeah Ryan Murphy only wants to keep the annoying people on the show.

  • Alaia

    Her acting is so poor a soap opera casting director would show her the door.

  • Zinga

    @Alaia not body asked for you hate who ever said her acting was the best she ain’t the worst! But,she is for sure the best vocalist on the show a voice like hers is rare these days she an outstanding singer love you, Amber Riley<3

  • tara

    This is so annoying and transparent how they’re trying to keep people talking about Glee and who’s staying and who’s going when I’m sure …. ALL THE MAIN CHARACTERS ARE GOING TO STAY.

    They have all signed 7- year contracts…

    This is just publicity for the show.

  • Zinga

    That’s just why so many people stop watching the show nobody wants to sit there and watch the same characters over and over each week boring!

  • Zinga

    Amber didn’t get fired from purging last time I checked she is still employed she never starved herself. She passed out from exhaustion the whole cast all work long hours research please! No matter what you say this show needs her voice Amber, Naya,Lea are the best singers on the show fact!

  • Yohji

    @Zinga: That says something about your attention span. No wonder you like Glee with its awful quickspace editing. Maybe you should watch actual good shows like Justified and Mad Men.

  • Zinga

    Um,Amber is putting out an whole album so she wouldn’t be on a CW show anyway please hater!

  • Zinga

    @Yohji Who talking to you shut up! why are you on something pertaining to ”Glee” if you don’t like the show?! Think about your attention span before talking about minds. I watch all type of shows not just ”Glee”.How about you just mind your business I’m just addressing haters like you!

  • Emma

    Say what you want about Amber Riley, but she is one of the best voices on the show. Look at all the charts, the majority of the Glee songs at the top are the ones with her voice on them.

  • megan

    noo!! amber’s the best singer on the show!!

  • Halli

    I stopped watching GLEE after season two. They don’t know what to do with the characters anymore and they never really handled Mercedes that well as a person either. Its good she and Diana are leaving because the show has no future.

  • Annie

    They kicked her off probably because of the backlash at her dating the white boy on the show. Sad. She has a beautiful voice.

  • nonya

    why is everyone acting like this is a surprise. they are all GRADUATING!!! what were they gonna do? have all of them fail!!? but she is one of my favorite characters. her and Quinn i’m gonna miss both of them!!

  • llws88

    There goes the vocal power of the show….ah well….as someone has said the show is going downhill so its best to quite while ahead! I am looking forward to seeing her do great things in her career!

  • jesse

    Wow…gonna miss her!

  • mary

    So sad… first Dianna and Now Amber. I’m done with this show. I hate Finchhel and their annoying story. And Klaine is pretty boring now. It was good while it lasted…

  • Dave Franco

    Does she realize there is no life after GLEE? She has the voice but no one will care about her.

  • finative

    If you watch The Glee Project,
    you’ll probably get a hint of this.
    In The Glee Project the producer did state that the current Glee kids are graduating, so they will need new blood.
    That means next season is going to be about a completely new group of kids, together with the Glee Project winners, Damian and Sam (Rory and Joe).
    Though I do hope the original New Direction members will feature in the coming seasons.

  • Amy

    I’m soooo sad :( she’s my favourite character on Glee. But I’ll definitely support her cause she have an amazing voice. can’t wait for her album

  • Laura

    Why can’t they get rid of Lea Michele. She is so annoying and her character is equally annoying. So sick of Finchel too…The show is basically Finn and Rachel and it’s annoying. Use to like Glee but it’s going downhill.

  • Iffy Miffy

    She wanted to leave, she said so herself. She wants to try for a music career and I really wish her the best of luck. Amber has an amazing voice but we all know that is not enough in this business, so fingers crossed and good luck girl!
    Lea, Cory and Chris are the only people confirmed to be coming back by FOX though I am sure we’ll see Naya and Darren back, while I think Di is gone. And yeah, the Finchel Show sucks.

  • Iffy Miffy

    @finative: No, it is not. The only people that seem to be leaving are Amber and Di so far, so dream on. Glee is their cash cow, even with the declining ratings, it is still way up there. They are not going to entrust it to total unknowns. They are idiots but not when it comes to money. So Lea, Chris, Cory, Naya – all back, all still where they were this season.

  • Lina

    NOOOOOOOO!!!the show will suck without her!!!:(