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Alexander Skarsgard: Calvin Klein 'Encounter' Ad Unveiled!

Alexander Skarsgard: Calvin Klein 'Encounter' Ad Unveiled!

Alexander Skarsgard is smoking hot in the ad campaign for Calvin Klein‘s new men fragrance, Encounter!

The 35-year-old True Blood star will be featured in the brand’s upcoming campaign, which will also include a TV campaign with model Lara Stone.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

“Their idea for their concept was very intriguing to me – it was almost like a short film and very film noir. It felt interesting to me,” Alexander told WWD. “I wanted to be involved with something where you tell a story – even though it’s a short story.”

Bigger pics inside

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alexander skarsgard calvin klein encounter ad unveiled 01
alexander skarsgard calvin klein encounter ad unveiled 02

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  • ladybug
  • Texas Swede

    Is it Sunday yet????????????????????

  • Macy

    Thanks for those!

    Looks like Alex is in NYC for something. I hope he’s not staying at the Bowery, cause you know who is there. Ugh!
    Melissa Leong ‏@lisleong
    Off to NYC to interview Alexander Skarsgard about #TrueBlood and his new role as Calvin Klein’s front man. What should I ask?

  • Cafélady

    That’s great! I always thought that he totally is the type for an CK ad, and that one day they would take him for one. I’m happy that I apparently was right with my speculation. I love these film noir-”mood” in the pic’s – can’t wait to see the tv-campaign!
    I’m sure he is great in it – like in everything he made up to now.

    @Texas Swede: #46 he he, I guess there are a lot who like to do this – even though they don’t want to admit it. ;)
    How are you? Hope it is meanwhile finally a bit better now for you.
    I know I’ve missed some AS posts – but I’m presently a bit in soccer-fever for the next weeks…LoL :)

    @mforman: #49 You described it exactly – he is actually the perfect face for such a ad!
    I find it well understandable that you (all) looking forward for sunday to see the new season. I have to admit I’m a bit jealous of you guys in US. ;) LoL
    And how are you? Hope it’s a bit better now for you too.

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: Thanks for the links (#50/51)! Now I’m still more impatient than before! That looks very interesting – these scenes with pam and eric in earlier days. That’s one thing I’ve also missed in the books – how pam became eric’s child (sure, ch told a bit about it, but in the books was never something like a real flashback).

    I have to admit that I’m surprised about myself to say this – but after this spoilers I have to say it could actually be interesting to watch how tara will be as a baby vamp…on any rate I find it interesting that apparently pam will be her maker…oh really, waiting sucks – definitely!!

  • Strange

    @ladybug: Thanks for the preview . I love it already.

  • POGO


    I live for danger. LOL

  • Texas Swede

    Eight and a half hours to go. Man this day is creeping by like Christmas Eve when I was a kid. LOL

  • Texas Swede

    @ladybug: We have seen Tars extremely mad, extremely scared, and even both combined. What kind of reaction do you think she is gonna have tonight?

    As Laffayette would say, “I think she is gonna hit a 10 on her ‘Freak the S_ _ t’ out meter.”

  • Cafélady

    @Texas Swede: #59 I would say we shouldn’t await the same tara than before – because in the books it was explained like that (through bill and other vamps) that a newborn goes through a complete change regarding their new character and personality and so on.
    It could be good possible that taras behave could change very much. Like jessica for instance – one could see very well her changes after she has become a vamp.

  • Texas Swede

    @Cafélady: I am sure there are gonna be some big changes in her. But the way AB changes things so much I am just curious to see how she is going to have her react to becoming the thing she hates so much.

    Jessica went from being this innocent little Christian girl to vixen woman instantly. All the things she had suppressed through the years came to the surface right away. With Tara she has all these suppressed feelings of rage and such a sour outlook on life anyway I am curious to see what kind of vamp she will make. And is she gonna forgive Sookie and Lala for having Pam turn her?

  • mforman

    @Cafelady—-I am so sorry you do not get to see the new season tonight. That is so not fair, but do not worry, you know we will always tell you anything you want to know.
    This might sound funny but between the new season tonight, the new ad campaign (I think for the first time, I will steal posters from the stores that will put them up—-Sorry that is bad), his upcoming films and the great cover of Entertainment Weekly which I just picked up, I am feeling better.
    It is so nice to think about that gorgeous face of his, especially when feeling horrible.
    Thank you so much for your thoughts, I do not think you realize how much that really means to me. It is truly so kind of you.
    I thought the EW aritcle was interesting, they said Tara was of course coming back, but she would be changed, so I really hope whatever they do to her, they will just change her annoying character.
    Also, I didn’t know until I read the article that the Head Writer is now in charge, that I think will make for some very interesting things.
    I know this is totally off subject of the amazing AS, but does anyone have a Kindle and if they do, are they okay. I am thinking about buying one, but nobody I know has one and I would love some opinions and I trust you guys. Thank you.

  • NYC sighting

    I think Alex is in NYC, Someone tweeted about giving Alex an interview in NYC i wonder if he will head home to Sweden from NYC only if his schedule allows it for TB. Doubt it though :(

    Peter W. McDermott ‏@WinterMcD
    Just saw Alexander Skarsgård at brunch on the day of True Blood season premiere. @wac_11 #trueblood #brunch

  • ladybug
  • Nikki

    I cannot believe they questioned if they are together
    Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page, just friends?

  • Cafélady

    @Texas Swede: #61 well…yes somehow it’s somewhat of ironic that franklyn wanted that she become a vamp and wanted to make it (but with that psycho I prefer not to imagine how it would had been for tara) – and she was rescued several times, but only for this to become a vampire finally and in the end.
    I think your question is entitled, how will she react when she (after the shot) will realize that she now is a vamp? And that just pam will be her maker?

    I guess, it was a bit rash of Lala and sookie to ask pam to do it, at least they bring her into a “life” with that complicated and brutal vampire-hierarchy who they don’t know well enough – on the other hand they hadn’t much time and wanted her to survive…

    I only mean, her usual reaction would be very predictable….and so I suppose she also could react complete different.

  • Texas Swede

    @Cafélady: And I don’t think she is gonna be happy about Eric being her grandpa either. LOL;)

    You understood me completely. We know how Tara the human would react but how will the baby vamp feel about it?

  • Michelle

    Terrible photo. He looks really asymmetrical, like his right eye is half a centimetre higher than his left. Pretty sure that’s the photographers fault though. I think they tried to alter his eyes too much, in reality he has quite severe eye bags and sad-looking eyes, and this is probably the result of photoshopping gone wrong.

    Vote my comment down, crazy fan-girls, but I speak the truth! :p

  • POGO


    You speak the truth with a forked tounge.

    The bags under his eyes are still there, it is the bluish cast of the pic that semi hides them. Get a little closer to the pic and you will see what I mean.

  • Michelle

    I “speak the truth with a forked tongue”? Who on earth says that? Oh yeah, deluded stalkers such as yourself. There IS a way to admire an actor and his work in a healthy way, and NOT let your obsession consume you and turn you into a defensive and unsettling weirdo.

    Yes his eye bags are still there, but they did a lot to minimise them and that was my point, that the photoshopping had rendered him difficult to recognise. His eyes are still wonky though, what’s your opinion on that? Jesus.

  • just reading

    Well, of course his face looks asymmetrical. ALL human faces ARE asymmetrical, some more than others. Person with perfectly symmetrical eyes, cheeks, lips etc. simply doesn’t exist.
    Besides, if you look closely you’ll notice his left shoulder is higher than his right, so that means his head is a little tilted to the left, which is why his right eye is higher than his left. Mystery solved.

  • ladybug

    @Michelle: When your first comment ends with this:

    Vote my comment down, crazy fan-girls, but I speak the truth! :p

    It tends to be interpreted as trollish.

    Previous comments on this point have already wondered how much Photoshopping was done, but without the attitude.

  • POGO


    Who am I suppose to be stalking you? If you think so, you must be someone who thinks they are important. NOT.

    Have you ever heard the expression forked tounge? If not let me explain it to you, it means that I was telling you that you were not speaking the truth.

    You reallly should not try to presume that you know someone. Call me obssesive and a weirdo, just because I let you know why the bags under his eye’s were not showing as much. Sounds like you did not like my answer so you got on the defensive.

    My opinion on his eye’s are what just reading said.

    Oh, and Im not Jesus.

    Right on Ladybug.

    But yes michelle the photo has been photoshopped. Do you really think you were the only one who noticed? Gezz get a brain. That was for you calling me a weirdo. Now have a nice day.

  • Cafélady

    @mforman: #62 Sorry I couldn’t response earlier, because the EURO. :)
    It’s nice that my questions (and thoughts) to you about your state of health touches you so much – and that it won’t bother you, because anyway it’s a little publicy here…But when this is something what can you brighten up a bit – then that’s great. Unfortunately that’s all what I can do.

    As for the kindle; I don’t have one, but I have heard from others who already own a e-book (and are thrilled about it), that it has a lot of benefits no matter what e-book type you choose. But obviously it is really important to choose one with e-ink-technology (like the kindle) because it’s more pleasant to read for longer time with an e-book which use this technology.
    Like I said; it has a lot of benefits – but up to now I can’t imagine to buy it. I love it too much to hold in hands a real book…I fear I’m a bit oldfashioned in some things…LoL
    Perhaps I will change my opinion some day…