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Nina Dobrev & 'Vampire Diaries' Cast: Comic-Con Panel!

Nina Dobrev & 'Vampire Diaries' Cast: Comic-Con Panel!

Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Zach Roerig, Michael Trevino, and Steven R. McQueen attend a panel for their television series The Vampire Diaries held during 2012 Comic-Con on Saturday (July 14) at the San Diego Convention Center in California.

The cast was joined by the show’s executive producers Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson who dished about the upcoming fourth season.

“[Elena's] going to need help from [Damon and Stefan], and I think the three of them are quite possibly going to learn a LOT about each other. It’s going to be an interesting process,” Ian said about the love triangle after Elena’s transformation (via EW).

Also pictured inside: Nina and Paul attending Entertainment Weekly‘s Comic-Con celebration that evening.

FYI: Nina is wearing a Katherine Kidd jumper and Dolce&Gabbana heels at the panel and a Jenny Packham dress with booties and a clutch by Jimmy Choo at the party.

25+ pictures inside of The Vampire Diaries cast at Comic-Con…

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Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez; Photos: FameFlynet Pictures, Getty
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  • Lin

    They’re all way too attractive *sobs*

  • Mich

    Wish more of the girls were there too :)

  • Tanya

    Ian is seriously the hottest man alive… *drool*

  • HarryStyles For ChristianGrey

    where were Candice and Claire ?

  • Tvd fan

    OMG Ian is so so hot <3 drools

  • Mel

    They look absolutely gorgeous especially Ian! Wow what a great cast ;)

  • molly

    Oh my beautiful cast! By the way, Paul Wesley is perfection!
    And I’m just wondering, why “Nina Dobrev & Vampire Diaries Cast”? Why not “Vampire Diaries Cast”? It’s weird :/

  • Nadia

    I really love Nina’s sense of style!

  • Cammy

    @molly, probably because they wanted to talk about her dress&shoes and for the guys they don’t really talk about clothes.
    well im just guessing that’s why… :)

  • Cammy

    @molly, probably because they wanted to talk about her dress&shoes and for the guys they don’t really talk about clothes.
    well im just guessing that’s why… :)

  • molly

    @Cammy: Yeah I think you’re right, thank you :)

  • Mirabella

    Uh they are so damn good looking! Had to stare at Ian’s pics a little longer because he’s so breathtakingly beautiful! ;)

  • Rogerjbk

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  • Rachel

    Glad to see this lovely cast.
    Ian looks great as always, Nina very pretty. Paul looks so good too!
    Can’t wait for the next season.

  • amy

    Great show. Oh Paul, looks so da-mned sexy.

  • Queen

    God, ian is insanely gorgeous.

  • AA

    Saw this comment on another site. Why I’m not surprised?

    ˝Ian is a well-known player who knows how to cover up his dirt and has managed the PR surrounding his relationship with Nina very well to avoid backlash. He brilliantly has painted himself as the golden boy and dream boyfriend.

    I can’t even discuss it without incriminating a bunch of women.

    He has a track record of cheating on his girlfriends with co-stars.

    He cheated on Meghan Auld with Nina Dobrev. They were seen together openly at various times throughout 2009-2010 outside of a professional context a number of months before his breakup was announced. His behavior proved he doesn’t know how to be a good boyfriend and is such a lech. His flirting goes into very inappropriate levels.

    I heard he has cheated on Nina too but that gets covered up. Nina likes being part of a beloved celebrity couple to much to care. They also know how to manage the press around their relationship and have flat-out lied to the media about being together in the past when everybody else knew they were an item. Then they claim to want to be private while flaunting their romance at strategic times like Coachella where they are making out right infront of paparazzi. Then recently, they were making out right on Santa Monica pier right infront of paps again. They leave hints on their twitter so their Nian shippers can track their moves.

    These two will break up after TVD ends. Or even before that. They both have their own reasons for staying in the overhyped relationship.

    It astonishes me how people are blind to that yet they are quick to jump to conclusions about other celebs with zero evidence other than tabloid speculation. The TVD fans that are not blind when it comes to Ian, know what I am talking about. ˝

  • llol

    this show is becoming so bad….. they’re still going on with the stupid love triangle… I won’t be surprised if it ends up just like gossip girl

  • florence2

    For me

  • florence2

    For me p[rsonally I much prefer Paul to Ian and think that at times the pap’s and the show make it all about Ian and Nina to much. What I found intersting to is that this time around Nina does’nt seem to have done much of the conventions but the rest of the cast have especially Paul and his wife which I have to say are a joy to watch.

    And I hope when the show returns they don’t contiune on the Nina and Ian show and push the other cast members out which for me they did almost all of season 3 it was all about Elena/Damon as much as it was Ian and Nina off screen.

  • Queen

    @florence2 I much prefer Ian to Paul, so what?

    I think it’s time to stop making every appearance,video etc into a Ian VS Paul show…People have different opinions which is good but c’mon we should stop acting like that! They are like brothers in real life and all this Stelena vs Delena is getting on my nerves too! What happened to this Fandom? Really makes me sad ;(

    Both couples (ian and Nina & Paul and Torrey) looked so happy and in love at Comic Con…BE HAPPY FOR THEM!

    Vampire Diaries has a great cast and they all deserve our support, don’t you think?

  • Doe Eyed Girl

    Nina’s looking gorgeous as always

  • tamara

    @AA: I’m starting to believe the stories about Ian to. I mean when he wanted his face out there he dated Nicky Hilton, then when Twilight was riding hight, he dated Ashley Green, then on Lost he dated Maggie Grace, she was a bigger name because of the movies she’s done. Then he needed someone to help with his “foundation” he dated Megan Auld. While he was with her the Vampire diaries started getting big and he had an affair with Nina. He dumped Megan for Nina. Some of the fans wanted them together so I think he “played” us. On his twitter and in interviews you hear how he says what he wants us to hear. Now I feel he’s just fake. Acts one way in front of the cameras and acts another when he thinks the cameras can’t see him. I’ve seen pic’s of him drunk and smoking acting like an idiot. I’m over this guys brown nosing.

  • Regina

    Nina is a very pretty girl and her smile is always open and friedly. – But her feet are very ugly. She should hide them and not where such shoes.

  • rain

    Nina and her ugly feet!

  • Dave Franco

    Look at all the haters on NINA. The girl is naturally looking, just look at her. She is beautiful. I like Ian, he’s a good guy but his smirk scares the hell outta of me.

  • So true

    interesting story, and i assume 50% is true. Though these days more and more ppl open their mouths about smth else. Like Nina being a manipulative bi**ch, who blackmails ian if he is not going out with her during cons or to fans when they waiting outside the set she will tell evryone that in reality they never dated! ian never been intersted in Nina as in lover or gf, just little silly sis or co worker, and Mrs Dive is pissed b/c of that/ Indeed PR managers used fans obsession with Nian to bring publicity on. Nina sold her own mother when she demanded money for her mother attendance in Paris 2011, when PR managers decided they need a family trip to be convincing for fans (b/c after the end of season 2 Nina pissed to much ppl and they started to tell stories, including her TO friends who told about Ninas true colors), she had an affair with Trevino during season 1 and PR managers coverd it. To many ppl knows tha truth nowdays and PR managers try to make Nina as victime. B/c she is no one with out Ian, ppl loves her b/c they think she is sweet little girl who managed to charm elder man. Who will want her if they knew that she is manipulative Diva, who is blackmailing and driving crazy the whole cast/
    During all the cons whole cast made jiokes about Nina being over jelaouse, slaping Ian and causing him trobles. But fans prefer not to listen to it, b/c in their eyes sweet nina can not do any bad. They are wrong
    Nian will last until the end of YVD or until the moment Ian will find a way to get out of dragon contract! Btw he didn’t cheat on meghan with Nina/ Meghan lived in Atl till the end of 2010,beginning of 2011, but doesn’t care about the facts they want Nian b/c they have no life

  • an

    Why Candice, Joseph, Kat and Claire weren’t there? :(. At least we would have some spoiler since Bonnie’s supposed to have a bigger part this season and Klaroline, come on!
    This panel was kind of useless unless the only thing you’re interested in is this Delena/Stelena war. Let’s be real it’s turning into a war and Boring girl turning into a vampire won’t be arrange things (and particulary between the fans)

  • Natalie

    Nina slapped Ian? Wow-we… Ian really behaves in way that he deserves to be slapped. Personally though to raise my hand against a BF, nah only if my life is threatened and I would not use my hand. BTW Nina does not have a sense of style she has to be dressed by professionals.

  • Kara

    They all look really good! love this cast, they are perfection and i really liked Nina’s hair when she had the light brown/blonde highlights. I guess she had to dye it back to all brown since she’s going to be back playing Elena.

  • Teyla Rose

    Great photo shots of Ian & Nina, Paul, Zach, Michael and Steven. Nina looks gorgeous and loved that white outfit on her. The gold dress she wore to the Hard Rock Cafe was beautiful and so was the red dress she wore for the EW party. Looking forward to Season 4 of TVD! I must admit The Vampire Diaries has the hottest cast!

  • River

    HOTTEST Cast!
    Love Ian & Nina as a couple!

  • Rayne

    Whoa! The Vampire Diaries truly does have the hottest cast! These guys look fantastic. When it comes to fashion, Nina Dobrev can do no wrong. Ian & Nina make the most adorable couple. I am so happy for them.

  • Sara Rose Brightstar

    Gorgeous cast! Love the photos from Comic-Con!

    Ian & Nina are perfection as a couple and so genuine. I have met them in Atlanta on many occasions and they are truly very nice people. The mean spirited things people are saying about them are not true. It is pure “rubbish”.

  • Natalie

    Wow originality with this group. Anyway, I love Paul but what is with him putting on the gay show with Ian?

  • Natalie

    Oh and Nina face’s looks plastered just like the couple’s perfection together.

  • Lies u tell

    @AA: omg how boring is your life.Did you really just write all of that? Please step away from the computer.oh and stop posting under other names .k thnx

  • Sarah

    Wow..there’s a lot of insecure catty girls that’ll find anything to put each other down. Way to go.

  • gush

    @tamara: can you tell us if you know about joseph morgan and persia white?

  • gush

    @So true: can you tell me something about joseph morgan and persia white..because ther are dating

  • cc

    I love that nina and ian are dating in real life. They are really cute couple but i have a feeling its more like PR than real life. Only the two of them know the truth..

  • simz

    The disturbingly beautiful Mr Somerhalder. I have no interest in TVD or Nina, whoever she is.

  • Meg

    I love how comments on here get such low ratings because of the obsessiveness of NIAN fans.. I love TVD and I love Ian. I think he seems like a very admirable guy. But thats completely my opinion. Nina im not really a fan of she cant really act and just seems boring. I dont get the huge deal of NIAN and i think what makes me sick is that fans sit around all day and manip pictures of those 2 that are extremely creepy. I think those obsessed fans are the ones that need to go get a life! I believe the “relationship” is purely for PR reasons honestly. They only really came out as a “couple” when Delena was starting to become a huge part of the show. Esp Couchella because that weeks episode was a huge Delena moment. If people really sat down and thought about it and got out of their fantasy world, maybe they would realize it. Though i think whenever they break up and one or both get married to someone else, those fans will go around saying they are still together. Its really sickening and disturbing to be quite honest.

  • Teyla

    @AA: That is insanely weird that you felt the need to copy and paste a comment made on another website, which of course is totally inaccurate anyway.

  • Teyla W.

    @tamara: Before believing such garbage you may want to check out the facts. It was Ian’s long time friend, Jason Moore, who at the time was the manager for Paris Hilton, that introduced Ian to Nicky Hilton. As it turned out Ian and Nicky had nothing in common and even Jason admitted that introduction was a mistake. Ashely Green asked Ian to be her escort to the premier of Twilight in April 2009. He also attended her birthday party. They were and are still very good friends. There were a lot of fans that had hoped it would have been more than a friendship, but it wasn’t. Ian and Maggie Grace became very good friends during the first season of Lost, but did not actually start dating until after Ian’s character, Boone, was killed off. They dated for a year and still remain very good friends. Megan and Ian had a “on again -’off again” two year romance. He was never engaged to her. If they were truly meant to be, then they would still be together, but they are not. Constantly bringing up Meghan Auld is a moot point because that ended a long time ago. Ian and Nina became a couple in April 2010 and have been together ever since and their relationship keeps getting stronger as time goes on. Also, Ian did not start his foundation until December 2010, which was long after his break-up with Meghan. She had absolutely nothing to do with ISF. Ian started the ISF after the Gulf Oil Spill and he saw what an impact it had on the environment in his home state. Also, he was already working as an animal advocate and had been for many years prior to starting ISF.

    For people to say Ian and Nina are together for the sake of TVD is truly the most ridiculous and ludicrous statements. For the past three years TVD has been about Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) epic love story. Occasionally the Damon/Elena fans may get a bone thrown to them, but by far the epic love story has been between Stefan and Elena.

    Ian and Nina just happened to be two people that met on their jobs and fell in love. There is nothing obscene, vulgar, sinister or ugly about it, nor does it have anything to do with the promotion of the show. I have never understood why some people want to make it appear that way.

  • Teyla W.

    @gush: Joseph and Persia are very good friends and TVD costars. She is the star of a short film called Revelation that Joseph is producing and directing along with his friend, Luke Massey. As a matter of fact, they are continuing to work on it. Michael Trevino, Persia White and Joseph Morgan were together at the Monte Carlo Film Festival representing The Vampire Diaries. Joseph appears to still be flying solo since his break up with Emily Van Camp.

  • Natalie

    “There is nothing obscene, vulgar, sinister or ugly about it, nor does it have anything to do with the promotion of the show.” ~ Teyla… You people are truly amazing.

  • Natalie

    You know, Ian could see that the Christian Grey thing had gotten out of control but he can’t see that his fans are out of control where his relationship is concerned. So now you’re trying to convince me otherwise. Brilliant bunch of people.

  • Meg

    @Teyla W.: haha okay and your one of those obsessive NIAN fans. Its pretty obvious in the show that the majority of the fan base is fans of delena. So that kinda is completely irrelevant that its been all about Stefan and Elena. People see what they want to see. : We dont know the truth but I currently dont believe they are oh so much in love as people assume they are. They are actors people! Its their job, so its not far fetched for people to believe its for PR reasons.
    @Natalie I completely agree with this statement! Though im sure they know how obsessive people are about them because its plastered everywhere in the fan base

    This whole conversation is pretty much a lose lose type thing..

  • Natalie

    @Meg I get that, but it’s ridiculous. These people calling themselves the TVD family is a dangerous group, and they don’t give a damn about who they have to bring down to get what they want. TVD is about Ian and Nina, “Ian and Nina I can’t wait for this…” or “Ian and Nina season 3 was so…” or Ian and Nina Season 4…” What happened to Paul? Nina is 23, she is all about herself and beauty, but Ian is 33 years old, where are his principles? I’m not into going with the flow and I’m not into following the crowd and I don’t like people feeding me rubbish.