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'Dark Knight Rises' Breaks 'The Avengers' Midnight Record!

'Dark Knight Rises' Breaks 'The Avengers' Midnight Record!

Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, and Tom Hardy‘s The Dark Knight Rises is off to a record breaking start!

The superhero film directed by Christopher Nolan grossed over $27 million for its Thursday (July 19) midnight opening, according to Deadline.

Dark Knight Rises midnight showings number shattered the $18.4 million generated by Marvel’s The Avengers midnights earlier this summer. With pre-sales of $30 million and international grosses from 9 countries totaling $10.4 million, the film has already collected $67.4 million worldwide.

DID YOU SEE get to see The Dark Knight Rises at midnight?

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  • Buzzy

    Impossibly tacky headline (especially our ubiquitous “!” at the end) after the events in Colorado. Whatever bot runs this site should be reprogrammed.

  • NAF

    All I can think about now is the Colorado shooting tragedy. :(

  • LC

    All I can think about is the Dark Knight shooting now with that movie…sad.

  • the truth

    Is anyone surprised? The Avengers was a good, solid movie. But when it comes down to it, Christopher Nolan movies offer so much more. A thought provoking action that leaves you with a haunting image. The plot for the avengers was none-exist with an obvious over-reliance on the dynamics of the characters, essentially it was the cast that pulled the movie together. The Dark Knight though is amazing.

  • Sunshine Daydream

    This headline is in such poor taste. Wonder how the cast are feeling upon hearing the news of the Colorado theater massacre? Tragic.

  • Cruizin596

    Since they haven’t posted the story about the shooting yet, I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt that this story was posted before the news broke. However, you would think that they have someone watching 24/7 to post updates of an urgent nature.

  • Chris

    I don’t comment often, I do agree its in poor taste to report the earnings in light of what happening in Colorado.

  • Alaia

    Can’t believe you neglected to mention the shootings! I know this is a gossip site, but come on, it’s related to this specific film!

  • c

    Just seen it! Amazing film :D Just as good as The Dark Knight
    Very sorry to hear about the shooting :(

  • Sunshine Daydream

    @Cruizin596: The massacre happened over 8 hours ago by anyone’s watch. Just Jared posted this only 25 minutes ago. Very poor judgment call by somebody. Especially the last line.

  • Marianne

    I see you talk about this Jared, but not the poor victims that DIED because of a senseless act. Way to Go.


    im over in Australia and its been non stop on the news.

    poor taste JJ and its staff.

    some person killed 14 people wanting to watch this film including children

    there are more important things in life than breaking box office records.

  • mila

    when will they stop making those violence movies when ??????

  • ps…

    ps the name lollol was set from my friend commenting on a post from ages ago. lollol is in no reference to the event that took place. i didnt even realise it until i posted my post #12 sorry.

  • Max

    @mila: You really think stop making violence movies will stop violence happening in America? how about not selling guns anymore? nahhh let us just stop making movies, bet it will help.

  • Just so

    Jared in light of the Colorado tragedy, this is in extremely poor taste. Shame on you.

  • mila

    maybe if they did this in the past maybe it will help if they made movies about how people should love and respect eash other o in the PAST yea it will help but they didn’t from the beginning they are just showing to people how to fight how to kills to others without any reasons and i’am pretty sure the tv and the cinema play the biggest role in this and don’t even know why people like this kind of movies
    and believe me guns don’t kills people are the one who kill people

  • Sayer

    People knocking JJ should be reminded that this is an ENTERTAINMENT website and news like this is the type of news Jar3ed reports. It’s POOR TASTE for you to be on this website, if you real so horribly. Don’t come on an entertainment website to trash it for posting Entertainment news.

    Maybe you should take a break from JJ to mourn, uh…just staying.

  • JANN

    YEAH 12 PEOPLE DIED for watching it!!

  • Cruizin596

    @Sunshine Daydream: So, according to you, this was posted at about 5 AM (I am assuming JJ is located in Cali). The shooting happened about 12:30 AM (MTN) (hosptals were notified at 1 AM) – 5 hours before your comment – and initial reports were that it was an explosion. Not sure when AP reeased the first information. We do not know how immediate the postings are during the overnight – what sort of time delay there may be. My guess is that this was pre-written with only the west coast numbers to be inserted, which would have been known a mere 1/2 after the shooting occured – perhaps before word got out to the news orgs. Plug in the number, push enter and off into cyber space it goes. It is a press release, not an article.

  • banesthename

    REALLY?!?! Why are you guys complaining about the tragedy on here? We get it, it’s sad… but this is an entertainment website, not everyone has to be dragged down by what happened. I’m sure we’re going to be hearing about it all year so give it a break.

  • sameer

    Oh…I was not aware of this film “Dark Knight Rises”. if it has broken the recors of avenger (I watched it and it was great) then it will be very much entertaining.


  • Bubble destroyer


    Mila your logic is invalid. Making movies about love and that sort is NOT going to make the world a better place. Poverty, Greed, Corruption, etc…are the reason why the world is the way it is – NOT MOVIES. But, believe me you, if a movie about Peace and love had that sort of effect to bring peace about in the world then I’m all for it, as it is, it does not. Sorry Mila, to burst your fragile bubble.

  • Savvy

    Congrats to the cast and crew of The Dark Knight! The tragedy of the shooting in Colorado is sad but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be able to be happy for the success of the movie. It isn’t in poor taste for an entertainment website to post a story about a record breaking success for a movie – it is in poor taste that you would come here and put down the author of this article for reporting on news related to their website. Get over yourselves and take your sympathies and grief to an appropriate venue – perhaps an article actually dealing with the tragedy of the shooting.

  • Joseph Chastain

    People who think this is in poor taste after Colorado: Yes the shootign was horrible, but if a movie breaks box office records (or in this case shatters them) this is also news. Life goes on after tragedies.

  • R.M Putnam

    How about Christian Bale and some of the cast visit the victims of the massacre to cheer them up a bit. Be real heroes. After all your fans are what made you so big.