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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Workout Couple!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Workout Couple!

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler leave a gym together after a workout session on Thursday afternoon (July 26) in Studio City, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress and her 20-year-old beau landed at LAX Airport the day before after taking a quick getaway for a few days.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa made her way to a nail salon after arriving back in Los Angeles. We love her Are You Afraid of the Dark shirt!

15+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens out and about in Studio City…

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vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 04
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 05
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 06
vanessa hudgens austin butler workout couple 07
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247 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Workout Couple!”

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  1. 51
    get over it Says:

    Fyi, dear haters. Vanessa is going to make a new movie called “Machete Kills”. looks who’s laughing now, huh? :P

  2. 52
    Lola Says:

    I understand what @loveybabyv is saying. Her personal life way to exposed than her contemporaries yet this girls are more acknowledged than her, she didnt even make the popsugar 100. Hopefully her projects will put in diff light.

  3. 53
    BOJI Says:

    Her personal life is not way more exposed, it is just the paps following her trail to the gym and back. We really don’t know what goes on in her personal life apart from her being seen constantly with Austin. Neither one talks about their relationship. I like that he’s always with her, shows their strong relationship. I know that when either one is working they take the time off to be together and that is admirable. I see more smiles and laugher and spiritual connection than the previous relationship. Popsugar 100 means peanuts to me, sorry.

  4. 54
    Selma Says:

    @Loveyababyv: In my opinion, it’s easier for a boy to succeed in hollywood specially when you’re good looking and you’re a heartthrob like Zac. Vanessa did a really good job with her movies, i’m waiting for gimme shelter and Frozen Ground. Ok she isnt the best actress of her time but she is at the beginning. Even if Selena, Demi and Miley won a tca, I want see
    her in a couple years if they will be at the same level as Vanessa.

  5. 55
    YOHO Says:

    @BOJI: you are right,we really don’t know what goes in her real life.I don’t think that paps follow her in to and out of gym so often.I think there must be something to what these people say about paps being called by the celebrities.@Lola: I know not inclusion of the posugar 100 is not end of the world.but still doesn’t it mean her levels are going down.?

  6. 56
    MoreThanWords Says:

    @Loveyababyv: Oh for goodness sake will you shut your blithering pie hole? When did these forums become a depot for novels? We understand what you are saying, that you have little to no respect for Vanessa, or anything that she does. Period. Now your just acting like a small fry.

  7. 57
    Ally Says:

    I doubt you are Vanessa or are around her 24/7, so exactly who are you to know what kind of roles she is being offered or auditioning for? Not every actor or actress will find that the big screen is the way to go for them, some may prefer Indie films better, while some may prefer TV only; that doesn’t make any one actor or actress better than the other it’s just all about where they find their “ability” to shine through. Now lets not forget that even AA winning actors and actresses have had their fair share of movie flops or “questionable” role choices. I’m sorry, but for you to refer to youself as a fan is laughable at best to me, but whatever to each their own.

  8. 58
    YOHO Says:

    @Ally: I don;t think you need to be around vanessa to know what kind of roles she is offered.when she gets a new project ultimately the news will get out.I understand what loveyababyv is trying to say.she used to get really good offers last year or year before last(beastly.sucker punch,journey 2,spring breakers,frozen ground)but for a while she hasn’t got much good offers .do you know she got a small part in machete kills?not a very good one, I think it’s because the roles so far she has done aren’t matured enough for her to be cast in good films.she has yet to prove herself a serious actress.hopefully,she will in future.

  9. 59
    Lola Says:

    @Boji of course popsugar will mean nothing to you, but doesnt change the fact she didnt make the list and she was all over the internet. There was all so smiles and laughter and always being together with josh and look how that turned out. By now we know appearances are not everything. Katie, kristen anyone.

  10. 60
    MoreThanWords Says:

    Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, George Clooney…..they all started somewhere, and I highly doubt their first few roles was the cause of the status they now covet.

  11. 61
    maria Says:

    @Loveyababyv: I think your head is in the sand. Vanessa being non-white TOTALLY affects the kind of movies she can be cast in. When a script calls for a white girl, she will not even be considered. And that’s most of the movies out there. Racism is alive and well in Hollywood. None of the actresses mentioned above are more talented than Vanessa. But they are white. And who knows, maybe they sleep with their directors for rolls.

    As far as the stupid TCA’s, having a fickle teen fan base is not so great. IMO, they will go off and drool over whoever else comes along. Case in point…..Zac has not won any since Twilight came along. And now they’re liking him again, cause all he does is make out and take off his shirt. Still can’t act his way out of a box, but teens don’t care. They just want to salivate and drool. And those awards are so meaningless. ONE person can sit and vote thousands of times. It is NOT an indicator of who is more popular, or who is more talented. Maybe when they allow ONE vote per person, it might be valid. And Yes, I would think the same if Vanessa won. I’d say, yeah nice, but means nothing.

    I also totally disagree about her role choices, and especially your comparisons to the ex. I think she made very different role choices, and challenged herself more than the ex did, choosing stupid sappy romantic crap, over and over again. Again, building a female fan base, but that’s it. She chose dark roles, and continues to take on different kinds of roles, in different genres. Her upcoming roles in Gimme Shelter and Frozen Ground are very challenging. What has the ex done? The same old, same old. Just with a different premise. But he still stares, can’t give his lines without sounding like he’s reading them, and will always have to have s*x, make out, and take his shirt off to detract viewers from his lack of acting. Vanessa has plunged herself into different roles, and is going to have to act to prove herself, unlike the ex. He will get roles handed to him, because he is pretty and he is white. She will always have to fight for roles, because of her race and her youthful look. She may need to mature a bit before she will get some adult roles.

    But that potential is there. And she is a great girl, unaffected by the trash in Hollywood, and that is why we root for her. Oh, and one more thing. Machete Kills is a quickie role, just like the ex did in Liberal Arts. So what’s the problem with that? He can do it, but she can’t? Frankly, I have no respect for the ex, and the way he’s going about his career, being wined and dined by playboy directors. I’ll take the way Vanessa is working her way, anyday. She may not have the success a sex symbol will have, but she will find it her way. I wish her well!

  12. 62
    YOHO Says:

    @Selma: I was of the opinion that it was easier for a girl to succeed in hollywood,i just mean,everywhere you turn your head,it’s women that are being talked of,in modern world women have become a commercial weapon,and no I don’t want demi,selena to sink low.

  13. 63
    malu Says:

    @maria well said maria….got a bit teary-eyed there.I really don’t get it why a FEW criticize her for her role in Machete Kills….it’s the portrayal that matters….Go go go vanessa….the more people put you down,the more blessings will surely come you way!!!

  14. 64
    YOHO Says:

    @maria: I agree with you that her race affects lot,but she is talented enough and she has had no scarcity of roles tever in her life,in fact she has done so much greater roles than her ex ever could think of ,like beastly/sucker punch/j2 etc eventhough most of them didn’t do well at the box office.And I never really think that she sleeps with directors to land roles,she is way too respectable for that,unlike others such as kstew who probably slept with her director and what do you mean zac hasn’t won any since twilight came along,he won in 2009 and now in 2012 when twilight is more famous than it used to be.In fact he won against rob pat too.And yes ONE person can vote many times,guess v’s fans didn’t care to do that.Zac takes his shirt off and shows his body in films,but isn’t that exactly the same what v does in films too.Actually speaking v didn’t have much clothes in sucker punch and she was in a bikiny in spring breakers the whole time.You shouldn’t say anything mean about them not being properly clothed on sets,because they are career demands.About zac having to have fake sex with nicole also I just have t say the same thing.I find zac’s roles just as challenging as hers ,even more.Zac being a white guy is a disadvantage for him as much as v’s race is to her.He has to compete with thousands of white guys out there to land roles.Anyway whether or not you want to believe it she is already a sex symbol and I think she likes it that way.

  15. 65
    Selma Says:

    @maria: You said everything ! It’s so frustrating that she always compared with Zac.@YOHO: No sorry, boys succeed more than girls in hollywood, it’s a fact. They are everywhere even in commercials, look Clooney, Pitt, Efron, Ed Westick, Timberlake, JLaw, Reynolds and more.

  16. 66
    Lola Says:

    @maria u hate for the ex truly shows and i wonder why so much hate for someone you truly know yikes. You just love to think and believe the worst of him. Well thats ur problem. Am sure if she could be dined and wined like that she will fall hook, line and sinker. Kristen didnt sleep with director the for that role. I refer to her becos thats who you are thinking of when u made that sleep for roles statement. U just love to think, believe the worst of others. Ur girl is the only perfect one. By the way didnt she cheat on her first ex with the other ex?

  17. 67
    Aradhya Says:

    Hey guys,shall I tell you something.ZAC IS A HEARTTHROB IN INDIA TOO.people like him a lot.I have an aunt,she is 69 this year and she is practically drooling over him.There are posts about him and his films a lot in bollywood websites .Never heard of vanessa much though since HSM.I really love her.She looks a lot like us.

  18. 68
    K Says:

    i miss the candids of her being at award shows or other events.. the glamourous vanessa,….does she do anything but going to the gym or eating out these days :-/ ????!!

  19. 69
    Aradhya Says:

    @Lola: omg ,she did?was that for her 1st ex that she took those nude photos of her.When those photos came out me and my friends were absolutely devastated.I remember how haters triumphed over us in the class.

  20. 70
    Reality Check! Says:

    Let me let you in on a little secret. Vanessa fans know she’s not perfect nor have we ever stated that she is; what we’ve done is accepted her for who she is and we stand behind her faults and all.

  21. 71
    Bo Says:

    I am sick of seeing these two going to gym ,going to yoga blah blah blah.Seriously guys , I am fed up.At least there should be some sort of variation.They shouldn’t call the paps unless they are gonna do something new,seriously.

  22. 72
    BOJI Says:

    @maria, bravo. You have said all there is to say.

    @ reality check, precisely.

  23. 73
    Haters Suck! Says:

    Bravo Maria bravo. Very well said I could not have written a better statement that was just perfect. I tip my hat too you.

  24. 74
    Bo Says:

    I am one of her fans too,but I don’t like her the way I used to like her.Too much of anything is too much.That goes for celebrities too.Specially when they behave in the same monotonous way.I understand why high profile actors like brad pitt,tom cruise don’t come out too often.Nessa needs to understand this simple fact.

  25. 75
    Selma Says:

    I don’t get why people say that she calls the paps ? STOP give us a real proof or SH*T UP definitely !!!!!!!!!!

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