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Olivia Munn & Joel Kinnaman: Manhattan Mates!

Olivia Munn & Joel Kinnaman: Manhattan Mates!

Olivia Munn wears her hair up in a messy bun while out and about on Saturday (July 28) in New York City.

The 32-year-old actress looked stylish in cherry red jeans as she enjoyed the afternoon with her boyfriend Joel Kinnaman in the Big Apple and headed to their awaiting car.

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That night, Olivia‘s show The Newsroom aired a new episode, in which she wore glasses and spoke Japanese!

The brunette beauty was super excited about it and decided to re-tweet a bunch of her fans comments on her Twitter account.

Here’s one of the tweets: “@OliviaMunn speaking Sorkin japanese = sexiest moment on primetime tv #thenewsroom. :)”

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Credit: Jae Donnelly; Photos: INFdaily
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  • awalker

    Olivia was just amazing on last nights episode of the newsroom!!! She proved once and for all she deserves to be apart of that show and can hold her own against any actor/actress there. Not that she ever need to. So happy, proud & excited for her. By the way the fan tweet sent to her was really cool. :)

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …he’s the new robocop, of course she’s going to try and get some of that fame. ahahahaha

  • Ev

    Olivia Munn is the big surprise of The Newsroom. She’s actually really good. She doesn’t really need to ‘get some of that fame’ because she’s on a HBO TV show.

  • Marlene

    I’m not an Olivia fan, but I watch the Newsroom and I like her in it. She is very believable in her role and looks prettier than I’ve seen her elsewhere.

  • Alfredopte

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  • Theresa

    Shes not a serious actress and her clock is ticking down; shes ageing in HW thats bad and her backup publicity puppet has had his show cancelled. Newsroom isnt going to make her and shes just a glorified filler it must be stressor time for her but she will find a way of getting the publicity back and keeping it when publicity and pr is what shes good at.

  • leeloo

    surprised they arent over yet bcos i thght hed see thrgh her phoney act + desperation by now bt he acting for fame and publicitie to maybe .

  • OK

    She did her latest publicity stunt for people to relate and feel bad for her with that eyelash story. We all know the reason she would be ripping them out is because the new boytoys poor show has been scrapped and she is worrying it wont find a home. The boytoy has to stay relevant for her shes not a dumbo.

  • cris

    Its the desparate zlister losers.

  • Joy

    Skarsgard and Bos part deux.

  • Steph


    Low rent cheaper version more like.

  • lucie

    she looks terrible like hes a drain on her but that whathappen when you get with a nobody who only known for bein a rat

  • Tvcon


    I agree that she’s more famous than he is at this point.

  • Markie

    Not a fan of hers. I here she thinks everyone is her fan and she tries to get away from them. Her head is bigger than her name.

  • Tvcon

    She has made it clear that she doesn’t want to have children and he has made it clear he does. This is a relationship that is doomed to fail because of that.

    @OK That show is irrelevant. He would rather do movies anyways.

  • Tvcon


    I’m not a fan of hers either but I have quite the contrary that she is very accomodating when it comes to fans.

  • KatJo

    He’ll get more work. He actually has talent. There are many tv shows that get canceled and the actors/actresses go on to have a nice career. He is still very new to Hollywood, give it time. As far as the “low rent” cheap shot, Skarsgard is on a sh**** HBO show and every movie he has done here in the states has bombed at the box office or hasn’t been released and Bosworth hocks jewelry online now and thats about all she does anymore. So I don’t really get the hate or the comparison. Guess you are one of those vampire fan girls/boys.

  • Those Pics Say it All…

    that she is angry and he is distant. Ha Ha Ha, I am laughing at their stupidity. I hope that they get everything that they deserve.

  • Alethia

    I couldn’t agree more with many of you…her shallow, desperate attempts to acheive celebrity. She is clueless as to how to have a commendable career with a constant press leaks she manufactures about her celeb boyfriends with money, stupid tricks she performs on talk shows, repeat semi-nude photo shoots and supposed “hacked” sexting leaks. She have been broken up with Chris Pine for almost year and she still had those messages with her pics in cheap, flammable underwear, on her phone? Liv, do you use it as template now? Piece of advice to anyone doing the same: make sure you change the name before sending. Joel probably recognized that very text. She lucked into the Newsroom role and is elevated by truly talented actors around her who wouldn’t dare look ridiculous in a scene with her. Also Joel probably runs lines with her – like a acting remedial school for the talentless. She tries anything to keep her name mentioned, including her new anxiety disorder. She’s the girl who always tries to be cast in the “cool girl’ role because that’s all she can do, like in Magic Mike. I don’t even follow her career but she has her big nose in every media source so it’s inevitable, unfortunately. Mr. Kinnaman, you have a great career ahead of you so drop the parasite girlfriend who only wants to marry you and snag your money after you hit it big. She can’t keep a man and hopefully Joel will kick her to the curb too.

  • repeat

    its reminiscent of Alex when he was with Bonesworth except Joel will play it out so he has somewhere to live and use the publicity to get roles. Sell out but HW way of getting somewhere when your a nobody. Smug face OM isnt getting facetime because of her roles in MM and Newsroom; we know its about who she is with and her calling paps. Now The Killing is up in the air and Robocop might end up a flop; she needs to use this period whilst she can; she is not a star but thinks she is to the point of being a brat when she gets away with it and noone is interested in her and she will be even less relevant again rather soon; you betcha he will be left in dust when hes no use. Shes worse than Bonesworth and lucked out with this sucker. Smug face OM will be around for as long as she needs him and to a cost of his reputation and career. He looks like he is getting bored finally and waking up we hope.

  • self backfire


    Its not going to work for him and longer hes with her the worst his reputation becomes. Hes did AS & KB but this will backfire more for him than it did for AS and AS isnt doing as successful as he could have before KB scandal.

  • Desdemona

    She has made it clear that she doesn’t want to have children and he has made it clear he does. This is a relationship that is doomed to fail because of that.