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Ryan Lochte's Celeb Crush: Blake Lively!

Ryan Lochte's Celeb Crush: Blake Lively!

Ryan Lochte made an appearance on Piers Morgan‘s CNN Show this week where he addressed his celebrity crush: Blake Lively!

The 28-year-old Olympic swimmer, who picked up five medals during the 2012 Summer Olympics this week, said he has not yet met his crush.

“Uh, right now, Blake Lively,” Ryan said when asked who he is crushing on. “She is gorgeous.”

“I would be like, ‘Hi,’” he said of his pick-up line. “I’d be like, ‘You want to go to an island with me?’”

Ryan also addressed the rumors that he prefers having one-night stands with women after his mother’s words were taken out of context in an interview. Watch the interview on!

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  • Emu

    Lol no chance. Isnt she married.

  • RichyLL

    Congrats Ryan!

  • anon

    You got lousy taste. :(

  • AJ

    I would still hit it. The problem is he is so dumb and has the mind of a stereotypical brainless high school jock fratboy. Oh well he’s great in the pool and easy on the eyes. You really can’t have everything I guess…

  • tdw

    he’s totally attracted and talented, but he is such a fratboy. now this seals my dislike for him. honestly, EW.

  • jimmy

    perhaps the greatest olympian of all time, he been suckin in that stomach since last week he deserves several medals. golds, silvers and bronze

  • sexy

    She’s my girlcrush, gorgeous girl :)

  • lisa

    awww, I love this guy. he’s seems way more goofy than frat boy. I saw this interview and he was asked who he wanted on a desert island, he came off sweet, not douchey… haha….

  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …There’s something about this guy I don’t like.

  • kiki

    shes a great fit for him. both with a combined IQ of less than 20.

  • Fassdong

    Trust me, Blake will be all up on the one night stand…..
    She is everyone’s one night stand.

  • Oscars

    Google Blake before the plastic surgery then see how beautiful she is…..

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    I believe that Blake is going with Ryan Reynolds – they were in Green Lantern last summer.

  • Lily

    Yessssssssss! He’s got low standars :)

  • reba

    why is everyone so into her? I just don’t see it

  • ace11

    they are both gorgeous…why not?

  • Derek117

    Join the Club, Ryan–that includes every Straight man and Gay women that I know.

  • as it is

    Was it him who said 2012 is “my time”? well, it was still michael phelps time…

  • commonsense

    @tdw: You’re so right, he seems like a mimbo. Thank God for him he has a talent!

  • SaadGKhan

    I don’t know why ya’ll girls hate Blake Lively or girls like Megan Fox… from guys point of view they’re the hottest women around. Leighton Meester, Jennifer Lawrence etc are defiantly gorgeous but they’re not as Hot as them and Boys like to fantasize bout Hot girls. Deal with it!
    P.S ya’all will dislike this comment but that’s the Truth.

  • creed

    I guess thats good news for women over 40 :)

  • mmm

    what does he like better her bolt on boobs, her reworked face or dyed hair? I dont think she is even pretty after all the work, sorry.

  • Jo

    because Blake Lively is gorgeous !!! :) Good boy

  • Danuuu

    @Oscars: still gorgeous before all the surgeries

  • Chave
  • Go Blake!

    lol. haters to the left. ‘dyed hair’? blake’s a natural blonde.
    i think the hype on ryan lochte is primarily because phelps though immensley talented is ugly as sin. so a relatively cute swimmer is like a god send. anyway congratulations to them both with their medals.

  • faith

    so many jealous women here. GROW UP. BLAKE IS GORGEOUS AND HOT. Let’s FACE IT

  • hanna

    they’re both gorgeous!!! ryan lochte is hot!

  • Tania

    @Oscars: she has the money. as if emma stone didnt have plastic surgery. You guys like to hate GORGEOUS WOMEN.

  • Daniel

    OMG ……..whatever,so what he likes Blake ,he can like anyone he wants to like….i bet your girls are way more “”low”" then Blake.And this guy actually win medals,he works really hard….how many of you can actaully go to the Olympics and take a part in the games???? You are no better so do not judge!When you ARE famous,olympic medalists,on the cover of the magazines then you can ,till then just stop and get a life

  • Jerry

    Ryan Lochte is such a hottie but also such a dummy. And I kinda love him for it.

  • LOL

    This confirms what they say of JJ is true.
    Made up of mostly frustrated fan girls or single old maids.
    Ryan L is at the peak of his career the 4 **** loons on JJ cussing him out ain’t worth s8it. Congrats Ryan

  • Babe

    @Go Blake!: Wow. Can you say SHALLOW….. pathetic world we live in

  • Go Blake!

    You’re right. Michael Phelps is mad gifted and needs NO props from me for his world record accomplishments. I was just trying to big up Ryan L against attacks on him and Blake but did it the totally wrong way. I’m sorry it came across the wrong way. Sorry. I did mean it when I said congratulations to BOTH men

  • Sebastian Stan 4 ever

    Another Ryan in love With her :P

  • heiress

    Can’t get past how ridiculously dumb this guy comes off as. I can only imagine trying to have a conversation with him. Seriously, he seems dumber than a box of furballs. She is actually a good match for him.

  • anon

    @AJ: She’s not the brightest crayon in the box either, so they’re a perfect match!

  • loelr

    Well, at least, he didn’t say “Kim Kardashian”.

  • Sayer

    I think the main problem with Lively is that she has no talent but still thinks she deserves fame and success in Hollywood.

  • Brian Poturnak

    Blake is hot, but too bad Ryan is a douche and is stupid, he’s a good swimmer and that’s it

  • est

    I’m not surprised
    Blake is beautiful and hot but he is hotter :))

  • Blake = Cinderella

    how many jealous stepsisters does she have, here?

  • heiress

    @Blake = Cinderella: I can assure you that there is no jealously on my part. She is attractive but nothing special in my book. If I go into the reasons why, people will only brand me a jealous hater. The only thing that I’ll say is that she looks much older than her age. I have nothing against her seems like a decent person. The moral of the story is: just because you don’t fawn over celeb doesn’t mean you are jealous. It’s more likely that you are indifferent. He I can say definatively comes off as really dense.,,,not an attractive trait in my book.

  • Sssssssexxxxxaaaaaaaaay!!!

    Okay…Ryan,I love u,so proud of U and what u’ve accomplished for Team USA….But um…Not to in any way imply that Blake’s a weirdo or anything of the sort,as I am not all that familiar with her career…but pleez do me this favor…when u finally get here to my native L.A.,pleez don’t allow urself to be sidetracked by the Hollywierd crowd,I don’t want u to get ur image tarnished by Hollysluts:LiLo,J-Ho,or P-Ho(Paris Hilton) Y’all heard it here FIRST Lol:)

  • yeam

    My 3 girl crushes :
    1. Mischa Barton
    2. Blake Lively
    3. Ke$ha

    I have a thing for tall and Blonde I think… :) (Same with boys!)

  • Chace

    There’s Phelps, Lochte. Lets have Nathan in there too.
    A JJ heading with all the Olympic swimmers!!!! hmmmmmm Lust

  • snl

    i bet blake’s pr and herself will make the approach as soon as lochte back in the country.. u know how quick she can get her hands and legs on guys LOL

  • USASwimfan

    I’d tap that Ryan, drop Reynolds and go for Lochte girl!! You know you want to Blake you can get any man you want.

  • loelr

    @yeam I think that you have worst tastes than Kanye West.

  • Um

    Yeah, this is coming from the same guy who likes to fool around with freshman girls at the University town he stays at. Ask any competitive swimmer who’s met him. That guy has enough baggage to fill an arena. But hey, he’s attractive right?