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McKayla Maroney Falls During Vault Finals, Wins Silver Medal

McKayla Maroney Falls During Vault Finals, Wins Silver Medal

McKayla Maroney fails to land her dismount in the Artistic Gymnastics Women’s Vault final on Day 9 of the 2012 Summer Olympics at North Greenwich Arena on Sunday (August 5) in London, England.

The 16-year-old gymnast, who performed a flawless vault earlier in the week to help the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team take home the gold in the Team final, ended up with the silver medal.

“I didn’t deserve to to win gold if I landed on my butt,” McKayla said (via USA Today). “I’m not disappointed about the silver, I’m disappointed about my performance.”

Sandra Raluca Izbasa of Romania took home the gold while Maria Paseka of Russia won bronze.

20+ pictures inside of McKayla Maroney competing in the Women’s Vault final…

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mckayla maroney falls during vault finals wins silver medal 09
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mckayla maroney falls during vault finals wins silver medal 14
mckayla maroney falls during vault finals wins silver medal 15
mckayla maroney falls during vault finals wins silver medal 16
mckayla maroney falls during vault finals wins silver medal 17
mckayla maroney falls during vault finals wins silver medal 18
mckayla maroney falls during vault finals wins silver medal 19
mckayla maroney falls during vault finals wins silver medal 20

Credit: Quinn Rooney, Ronald Martinez; Photos: Getty
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  • anon

    I was really rooting for her to win gold, though silver’s great too! She amazed me with her perfect vault during the team finals. It just sucks that no matter how many times you practice something in gymnastics, there’s always that chance that you might have an unlucky moment and fall or become injured.

  • Annoyed

    So sick of Olympics spoilers.

  • Dani

    He didn’t spoil it. He put it up after they showed it on t.v

  • Maria

    I finally saw the competition and McKayla was such a sour puss. Everyone and even her competitors were hugging her and congratulating her and she just stood there not hugging back. ACK! She’s lucky she even got 2nd place unlike Aly who didn’t get a medal. I’m so glad Gabby is an all-around winner. She’s a good sportsman.

  • amanda

    @Maria…apparently you’ve never been disappointed in yourself. She was in shock that a trick she usually lands with ease didn’t go her way. It’s not being a sour puss, it’s called being human. At least she didn’t cry like the Russians

  • http://justjared nicole

    Honestly i’m glad she got second i wish she didn’t even medal. McKayla walked in there thinking she had already won this. She didn’t do well cause she was way to cocky. And even if she was disappointed in herself she still should have been a better sport to all the other girls. She just stood there getting mad at herself. She needs to stop being so cocky and get over herself!

  • Lynn

    I am sorry but she looks like a witch…. Seriously, CHILLAX, no one is guaranteed gold… so stop being so cocku

  • Subby

    Wow. Very poor sportsmanship. It’s fine to be disappointed in your performance, and perhaps, cry, but she was completely rude to the other competitors who came over to hug her. Far too cocky at too early a stage in her career. Part of being one of the greats in any sport is not just knowing how to win, but knowing how to act when you do not win.


    Congrats to McKayla Maroney with her vault silver medal. She did her best. Proud of her and team USA.

  • food 4 thought

    She was indeed a poor sport. She should have made the first move to congratulate the Romanian winner. Instead she sat their pouting and being a big self-pitying grump. Not good manners at all, particularly in front of the world. Some of these U.S. athletes have a huge sense of entitlement. Perhaps other athletes do too, but how would we know since, oh yeah, they are barely on the radar as far as NBC is concerned.

  • lucy


    first of all it’s now 5:52 am in London; which means that they are several hours ahead of North America. secondly, the people in stands, like myself, are busy putting the results on Facebook and Twitter as they happen. third, the results are all over the net almost immediately. fourth, there is such a thing a live satellite feed that give instant results. sites like Jared’s are not going to stop because you refuse to join the 21st century.

  • Lauren

    @amanda: It was reported that McKayla broke down bawling backstage. Didn’t cry like the Russians? Sit down and shut the eff up. McKayla is a good vaulter but was so SMUG the whole Olympics, she was bound to get her butt kicked. I’m sure this has been a humbling experience, hah.

  • Toni

    Shut up you fools who have no clue how it feels. How do you know someone felt smug? How do you know how anyone feels? To judge them? You are a bunch of little bitches.

  • Star

    @food 4 thought:
    I’m from the UK, so was able to see the all the vaults. Unfortunately this young girl threw her toys out of the pram and was rather rude to the other gymnasts and even their coaches.However,I did feel sorry for her, none of this is easy for them,in the spotlight, so much expectation – plus being a teenager!
    I understand from twitter that the NBC coverage is not good and very pro American ( I understand why, but its a big world out there) ..shame you cannot watch the BBC coverage. They show everyone, and the crowds get behind everyone too..perhaps with a bigger cheer for Team GB, but they have done so well! Its a shame that the US audiences has missed out on so many joyful moments, truly amazing athletes.

  • amanda
  • amanda

    @amanda: umm so when the russians are upset that all the work they put in for 4 years as, all the other gymnasts have, didn’t give them the results they waned, they are called ungrateful, snobby , bad sports, divas and b******, but when jordyn. and mckayla are upset its an upset and we should all sympathize them?. THIS is double standards at its best!!!

  • raluca

    R O M A N I A

  • claire

    It wasn’t unfair because she felt, and in my opinion she deserved 0. She could have been the penultimate and miss the podium. If I was the Canadian girl who also felt I would punch her in the face cause she got a nice score, while she got 0. Russians deserved second place, while GERMANY third place. Congrats anyway to Romania, who deserves the medal. BURN USA!!!!!!!!

  • victor

    @Maria: Yup… a BAD SPORT!!! she should have congratulated the gold medal winner. To sit there and pout while congratulatory hugs were being given? such a witch!!! Stop the self pity and don’t add to being an ugly American!

  • ramo

    Good job ROMANIA!

  • Michelle

    Let’s just face it. USA is favored at every sport. I mean just look. Maroney felt on her butt and got 14. What about the girl from Dominican Republic?? She also felt and got lower mark than Maroney. Come on – one of the judges is American. Romania deserved the medal and Sandra deserved a place on the individual too. Let’s see you silly Americans at the floor, where Sandra will literally kick Raisman’s ass. You think you are the best? NO!!!!

  • ann

    Yeahhh soo happy and prous of Sandra!!! Goo Romania! my country.
    Sandra is the most beautiful girl there.And she is so goood! She DESERVED THE GOLD MEDAL!!! She is so humble ,she went to the other girls to congratulate them ans your little miss usa …well we all saw her face.Not so good manieres ,americans!

    Tomorrow,Sandra will kick your ass again at the floor and romania will winn gold medal again.because we are goooooooooooodddddddddddd

  • jane

    are you serious?? shes acting like a spoilt brat she got a SILVER at the olympics. a million girls would kill to be her

  • Nic

    Too bad that McKayla doesn’t know how to lose. The age is not an excuse, that’s something one should learn at an early age, especially when you are an athlete. Real winners know how to lose. Yes, she was the favorite for the gold medal, yes she has wonderful skills, but she forgets (and media doesn’t cover this either) that she lost to an exceptional athlete and spirit. Sandra Izbasa has a great inspirational story and McKayla should definitely learn from it. At the end of 2009 Sandra suffered a very serious accident: Achilles tendon rupture (!). The predictions were somber as it wasn’t sure that she would be able to walk normally again. Yes, you read correctly: walk normally. 2 years ago. You can imagine that coming back in gymnastics was completely excluded. However, with huge efforts, a great spirit and uncountable prayers she started to recover. Slowly she came back to gym. In time, trying to protect her injured foot she got injured to the other foot. Later on she broke her arm too. And now in 2012 we all could see her winning the Olympic gold! She’s got 17 medals in Olympics, World and European Championships, among which 7 are gold medals. That’s the great competitor that McKayla is dismissing with her gestures and bad attitude. CONGRATULATIONS SANDRA! You represent completely the Olympian spirit, and your strength, heart and gentleness are truly inspiring us.

  • DakotaF

    If you had trained for something for 4 years, were expecting the gold and made a mistake – you would also be miserable. I have seen lots of more adult athletes act exactly the same way. She wrote afterwards on twitter that she had been upset because of her mistake not because she lost gold but that she was happy over her Silver. Give the girl a break – she is an awesome athlete and her vaults were spectacular except the landing on the second vault. The Canadian girl got 0 because her bottom landed BEFORE her feet. Mc Kayla landed on her feet and then slipped onto her bottom – hence the difference in marks. You have to take into account the run, the use of the springboard, the time on the vault with your hands, position in the air, line of vault ie must be lined up, your movements and the landing – she did everything perfectly except the last bit so it was a hefty deduction but her vault itself was worth more points than that of the girlie who took gold. Congratulations to ALL the athletes who qualified

  • DakotaF

    Oh yes and for those wanting another example of poor sportsmanship just look at Sturridge of Team GB in the football after he missed his penalty!

  • Leenah

    Cati romani pe aici! Hai Sandra!

  • Jay

    Seriously, comments like “Burn USA” get thumbs up? Wow. How sad.

  • E.r.

    What in the world is it with people constantly criticizing actors, singers and athletes on blog websites.

    It is a bit ironic actually, you guys sitting here on your butts telling how a 16-year old amazing teen athlete should behave after one of the most dramatic moments in her life. She has worked her entire childhood, is the world leader on vault by FAR and right now this ONE day it can’t go wrong (and it never goes wrong with McKayla) she falls. The confusion, frustration and sadness she must’ve felt is very difficult to hide with photographers and cameramen capturing every single second of your behavior waiting for you to break. Anyone who would experience something this horrible would have a difficult time standing there on that stage pretending to be happy with silver. Did I really just read a “she just didn’t get what she want” comment? She did not just lost a board game, this is the Olympics. And everyone knows that gold belongs more to her than to Sandra. She will need a lot of good luck to make it to Rio in four years, so this was really her shot and she didn’t get it. I really hope though McKayla can have the triple named after her.

    On another note, how is she cocky? She just has a very unfortunate serious face and shows confidence. There’s nothing wrong with knowing you’re the best when you are the best by a landslide. If she weren’t confident, she wouldn’t be at these games at all.

  • alexandra


  • Rina

    The patriotic Americans are back. We are not criticizing her. She is confident?? Ok…maybe this time she was too confident. Have you seen the rewinds with her?? After she finished her first vault, she looked so damn cocky and her look said “I’m better than you all”. She stumbled exactly at the end of her final vault because she was 100% sure her landing will be perfect and she will take the gold. And have you read the comments there?? Sandra suffered a major accident and she STILL could participate and WIN at the Olympics. At least she was selected at the Individuals. Where was Maroney??? And don’t you think that the other gymnasts must handle the paparazzi and the fame?? They all started gymnastics when they were children, so you can’t say that Maroney was the only one without a perfect normal childhood. Jesus, you Americans think you are the best. This is why people hate you. Your country and culture is beautiful, too bad that your behavior ruins it.

  • Jo

    she looks so weird

  • Tina

    There is nothing wrong with winning a silver medal.

  • mattie

    hey, just because she won silver that doesn’t mean it should start a war between usa and romania…

  • Rachel

    @Maria: THANK YOU I’m so glad I’m not the only one who noticed how bratty Mckayla acted when she won silver. She could have won nothing at completely snub her competitors was very unprofessional.

  • http://JustJared DougW

    Ok, I am an HONEST American and can say without doubt that I was proud of her performance; even including the fall. But her disposition afterwards was absolutely humiliating to me. The second she was on the pedestal during introductions she had an attitude and very sour disposition. But then after the results was given, the congratulatory hug for the young lady from Romania was fake; and when the Russian girl tried to hug this brat she gave her the cold shoulder!

    Honestly; America was GIVEN the silver. The bloggers are correct on here in that the other girl received zero points for failing to stick the landing but then this brat gets 14 points? I wish Mckayla the best in her life, but she better start now realizing life isn’t about her getting her way and the world bowing to her. What a poor attitude!

  • E.R.

    You just made a fool of yourself with your anti-USA comments, Rina. I’m European, actually and was rooting for McKayla because she’s the best vaulter in the world. That’s the reason she deserved to win.

    The only point I’m trying to make is that people should not criticize McKayla for not being able to control her emotions. What happened to her was very unfortunate. A lot of people would have trouble holding it together. And I am just showing some respect for her. Why is everyone always on the front row to pick on someone for not doing what’s perfect. People should take a good look at themselves first.

    and I apologize for any English language mistakes.

  • Laura

    I am Romanian and I was very proud of Sandra when she won and I even cried!! We never thought she was going too win because Kayla was very good in the finals and everybody thought she will win! Sandra never participated to vault before, so we didn’t even know if she will be on the podium. Kayla is the only one who knows what happened to her. I think she had a bad day because even her first vault was not very bright. I feel sorry for her, because she had more to prove, but I simply don’t understand how the Canadian girl got 0 points. Kayla touched the mattress with her heels, but I know you must touch it with the whole sole.

  • Rina

    Okay, I am sorry for my discriminatory comments. The truth is that I am European too, but I live in Canada for 10 years and I was very upset that McKayla got 14 points, while our girl, Elizabeth Black received 0 points. I also thought that our first participate, Brittany Rogers deserved more because I thought she had a fine performance. I am sorry for my comments and I wish to delete them.

  • Julie

    Maroney falls on her A$$ and gets silver?? WHAT A F*****G JOKE!!!
    Our girl, Sandra Izbasa, was the best with very good exercise and the blind-a$$holes judges didn’t give her the best notes…that was plain STUPID. That’s why i don’t like to watch the O.G.’s, ’cause Romanians athletes always gets discriminated, especially at this year’s O.G. while they work really hard, in awful conditions….

    @E.R.: how can you say that A$$ Fa(i)lling Maroney deserved the gold medal? ARE YOU BLIND or IDIOT? Wait, don’t answer LOOOOL!!
    BUUHUUUU, she didn’t get the gold medal, BUUHUUU… Should be content she got a not-deserved silver medal, this full of herself little brat. She was hugged and congratulated by Sandra and Maria, when she supposed to do this for the two, not just to sit there, feeling pity for herself.

    Honestly congratulations to Sandra, to all who won medals and those who participate. We have faith in you and in Catalina Ponor tomorrow.


  • E.r.

    Black received 0 points because she didn’t land on her feet first and that’s required to even get a score at all. Maroney did land on her feet first before she fell on her butt. That saved her, had her feet not touched the floor first she would have gotten a 0 like Black. There is no misjudging and discrimination here. Please kids, it’s the Olympics. Think a sec or two before you say something like that. They just cannot do that.

    (sorry for any English language mistakes)

  • Hannah

    I felt sorry for her until I saw how rude she was to the other girls trying to hug her. Anyone can be a good sport.

  • Bernard

    Firstly, i’m American and i couldn’t believe how Maroney acted
    @ E.R. : Shut up, you fool! @Julie is right. I’m American and i couldn’t believe how Maroney acted after the results. Very unprofessional and i’m disappointed.

    Sandra was the best and truly deserves the gold medal, considering she landed on her feet, not on her butt, like Maroney did. LMFAO!!!
    The Romanian girl was tricked and convinced by her coaches to participate at Vault, since it’s not her (fav) exercise. Do a little research before you speak.

    Congrats to Sandra and Maria! And of course, to our Americans, who got medals fairly and were professionals!!

  • Bernard

    One more thing…we must appreciate the Romanians. They are strong athletes, competitive, although they weren’t so many at the OG’s. And also kind people. Looking forward to see the gymnasts from RO tomorrow. I wish them good luck!
    They got me, must confess and in 2 weeks i’ll go on holiday in Romania with my firends. Beaches and mountains, HERE I COME!

  • Anna

    We, americans, are rude, that’s for sure. But Maroney THE BRAT being rude and full of herself….Shame on her!! She should kiss the ground/floor for having the luck to win silver and being on the podium. I was hoping she wouldn’t catch the podium. She was the fav for 1-2 judges…

    Congrats for Romania and Russia!

  • anya

    this brat had stolen the medal from our german girl.she could not stand and was on her as…. and i would bet mine that every other nation would never be given the silver medal but the usa!!!! must be money and commercial thing(it is only ma opinion)she clearly acted like a spoiled princess and i envy her to got a medal for that.!!!!!!!

  • Yaz

    I thought she was going to throw her medal away.

  • ALex


    you are funny…your english is fine but at least try to recognize that you’re not european at all…

    i’m 30 and had ups and downs in my life like every human on this planet…but i never, never took for granted any achievement of mine nor disconsider people around me when i was down. i wonder what would have been the reaction of the american athlete (Kayla) if she would have won?…talking about fake ractions…you would have seen there the fake hugs and everything. a fact is standing….NO ONE liked what they saw on kayla’s behavior …except the all sidekeepers compatriots who are very good at finding excuses for their brat!

    A thing must be in our minds, our children minds and our childre childrens minds: “no matter who you are, or where you are (socially, profesionally) you should remember that you are only human like everyone else !

    i must congratulate every athlete on the 2012 Olympics. you are all awesome and beautifull !

  • Bernard

    And again, the Romanians were discriminated today like @Julie said. The Romanian gymnast Catalina Ponor had a PERFECT exercise at the floor and she got a smaller notes resulting a silver medal, considering that our American had mistakes and got gold.

    Too bad for Romania that 2nd gymnast did a mistake at the end of the exercise; it would have been 2 medals for Romania.

    Oh well, congrats to USA and Romania!

  • bry

    You people should really stop hating on Mckayla. Cmon dude. Mckayla Maroney is the greatest vaulter in the world, everybody knows it, even she knew it. She expected herself to do great, she expected to do the best she could so she can get gold. But she fell on her butt. Ofcourse shes gonna be upset, ofcourse shes gonna be disappointed. So what if she made a face? Shes no where near being a bad sport. She said it herself, I was disappointed in my performance, not because I got the silver medal. You wanna know who was a bad sport? Viktoria Komova. She didnt cry because her performance wasn’t good, she did great! She cried because she got silver instead of gold. THATS BEING A BAD SPORT.