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LeAnn Rimes: Album Artwork is Done!

LeAnn Rimes: Album Artwork is Done!

LeAnn Rimes goes shopping with her best friend Liz at Fashion Island on Sunday (August 12) in Newport Beach, Calif.

The 29-year-old singer and her gal pal pampered themselves at a spa and then picked up some new bikinis.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of LeAnn Rimes

Yesterday, LeAnn revealed that she is one step closer to releasing her album by tweeting, “Album artwork is DONE! It looks so cool! @HertelSara.”

20+ pictures of LeAnn shopping at Fashion Island…

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85 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes: Album Artwork is Done!”

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  1. 1
    D.Scott Says:

    She looks great

  2. 2
    n Says:

    so is that lady who always hangs out w leann her personal lap dog? does she do anything but remain attached to leann’s hip and spend money? ahh i know – married rich and utterly useless!

  3. 3
    dobbi Says:

    So are you wewe.

  4. 4
    pinkdawg Says:

    What’s so interesting about this woman? I dont get it

  5. 5
    Stanlee Says:

    Awesome, can’t wait to hear it.
    You look MAHVELOUS Leann!

  6. 6
    Cam S Says:

    Looks like she shops at Forever 21 still. Isn’t that the girl they have threesomes with, and always with Leann and Eddie cause Ed can’t stand to be alone with Leann?
    What a great marriage! I’m so jelly

  7. 7
    lil ole me Says:

    Her stomach has those muscles that go into a little v- just like my HUSBANDS. Love that trashy tattoo

  8. 8
    Rita Says:

    Of course LeAnn bought a bikini. That’s pretty much all that she wears! I am sure that in a matter of days we will see images of her wearing this newly purchased bikini. She’s so annoying and desperate for attention.

  9. 9
    Life of Brian Says:

    How does this trick keep those jeans up with no hips? Looks like a mangy, starving, crack ho. What’s going on with the distended belly? Is that from not eating? DISGUSTING. DO. NOT. WANT.

  10. 10
    Michelle Says:

    Why is there even a post about this new album on JJ when it’s been pushed back again and isn’t even going to come out until some time next year? It isn’t like the public are all sitting in wild anticipation for it. Her last album didn’t sell at all. Her shopping and gushing about her album artwork isn’t exactly newsworthy. Does she have some sort of deal with JJ or something because he posts the most inane stories about her? I know people hate her, but I feel pity for her. She’s now considered a has been and she hasn’t even hit 30 yet. She’s married to a serial cheater and her “best friend” is just another person she leached from her husband’s ex. No one cares about her music anymore and she doesn’t seem to do anything but vacation, shop and get “dental” work done. Oh and tweet incessantly in a way that makes her look unstable. It must be a really empty life when you have to pay for press and resort to the antics she does in order to get to attention she so obviously craves. Talk about a waste of potential.

  11. 11
    gwen Says:

    Leann’s staged photo-ops are like “Where’s Waldo”, except instead of finding Waldo, you point out the major flaws in the staged photo-op.

    The first thing that stands out is the fact that Lizzy is wearing the same dress that Leann wore on Jan 22, 2012. Please see JUST JARED:”LeAnn Rimes: Williams-Sonoma Shopper” and x17:”Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Celebrate at the shore”. So all Leann confirmed with this staged photo-op is that Eddie is most definately sleeping with Lizzy. Since Lenan bragged about how Eddie picks out her clothes and Lizzy is now wearing a dress that Eddie picked out for Leann, we can conclude that Lizzy is wearing this dress because Eddie told Lizzy to put it on.

    Just Jared is being very misleading. What JJ isn’t telling you is that Liz is the woman who Leann made out with on a balcony while Eddie watched and took photos. Liz is also the same woman who was giving Eddie quite the show on the dock of a lake. Please see Popsugar LeAnn Rimes Logs Bikini Time on a Lake With Eddie Cibrian and Friends ( Photos: 15/41 amd 32/41 ). So how come Just Jared is selective in what photos they post of Lizzy? Are they trying to hide something? Liz was also with Eddie and Leann on their honeymoon. Liz isn’t Leann’s friend, she is more than likely Eddie’s mistress.

    Just Jared commented on Leann’s cover art, and yet they left out the part about how Leann’s album has been DELAYED until 2013 and the single that was supposed to be released this month has been pushed back to next month.

    Leann is so desperate for the media’s attention that now she is fueling pregnancy rumors by prancing around LA in a shirt to show off her “baby bump” to fuel pregnancy rumors. With the talk about how Eddie is cheating on Leann, it’s not surprising that she is pulling a “I’m pregnant” stage photo-op.

    These photos were taken by GSI. The same GSI who were in Cabo with Eddie and Leann and the same GSI who got access into Eddie’s birthday party. So we know that this was staged. So the question now becomes why. Why was it important for Leann to set up this “girl’s day” photo with Lizzy? Could it possibly have something to do with the photos of Lizzy and Eddie flirting at his son’s soccer game last year in October? Or is this Leann’s way of bribing Lizzy to stat quiet about her affair with Eddie and bribing Eddie to appear her staged photo-ops for tonight?

    Since Leann went out of her way to get “candid” photos of her and Lizzy shopping for bikinis and at the spa, then that must mean she is going to set up a staged photo-op at the beach tonight. So GSI is just going to happen to get “candid” photos of them on the beach too, right? If the internet is bombared with photos of Leann and her family celebrating at the beach tonight, then we know that she set up this staged photo-op on Sunday.

    Leann is claiming that GSI, just so happend to find her and Lizzy? Really? So how come GSI had problems finding Leann on the day that she had her mouth surgery? And if she had no clue that the paps would be there, why is she dressed like this? We know that Leannc alled GSI. She made that very obvious when she posted the link to this article to her twitter account and she tweeted JJ a message telling them that this staged photo-op was cute.

  12. 12
    IGottaSay Says:

    Best friend? More like only friend. The nly people that spend time with her are on payroll, or are hoping to benefit from her somehow.

  13. 13
    Dennis Says:


  14. 14
    Carmen Says:

    Perhaps a little Eddie is on the way?

  15. 15
    Casey Says:

    Looks like her friend has had a lot of “dental work” done as well. Does LR have no idea how desperate her staged photo ops make her look? I guess when your only friends are on your payroll, they don’t care about you enough to tell you that you are making a fool of yourself. It might mean you don’t take them with you on vacation or pay for their lip injections.

  16. 16
    gwen Says:

    How come JUST JARED didn’t post these photos of Lizzy and Eddie spending time together?

    1) LeAnn Rimes Logs Bikini Time on a Lake With Eddie Cibrian and Friends ( Photos: 15/41 and 32/41 ). -From Popsugar

    2) Leann Rimes Playing Bocce Ball in a Bikini”(Photo 29/40)-The Superficial

    Or these photos of Lizzy and Leann spending time together?
    1) LeAnn Rimes Kisses a Girl for Hubby’s Amusement(Tuesday, March 27, 2012)-Gossip Racker

  17. 17
    gwen Says:


    Are you the REAL CARMEN or has AMEJEAN once again hijacked Carmen’s name?

  18. 18
    Dingoatemybaby Says:

    Big Head pap Mike Kamara goes MIA from Calabasas High School and the Commons and whala, he shows up taking staged vanity pics of LeAnn Rimes in Newport Beach. Next comes bikini pics, three or four costume changes in one beach day, and no, she didn’t have her period, she just wants a better chance at getting in the magazines. Ha!

  19. 19
    me Says:

    That outfit is ridiculous. Her pants are falling off and the cropped top? really? That is so inappropiate for as public shopping area.

    And Her stomach is bulging but she is all boney, she looks sickly.

  20. 20
    gwen Says:

    Dear Leann

    YES we know that you are reading these articles since you were dumb enough to post the link to your site today. That would make a great story, LEANN RIMES in cahoots with JJ! Who does that? How did Leann even know that JJ posted the article? Does she have her name on Google alert , did her BFF who posts here in defense of her tell her, or did JJ contact Leann to tell her that the article was ready?

    TRUE or FALSE: Will we be seeing bikini/beach photos of you and your family/friends?

    So we should take a guess:

    1) What type of staged photo-op will Leann release next?

    bikini/beach and excessive pda with Eddie and tons of photos of her being “devoted” to Brandi’s kids

    the celebration photos from yesterday

    2) Who will take the bikini/beach celebration photos today?


    3) Which one of Leann’s mouthpieces will be the first to post the fluffpiece?

    People magazine

    4) Type of spin:

    “Leann reunites with dad and bonus mom…”

    “Leann Rimes is pregnant…”

    “Bonus moms are good…”

    She is going to combine the celebration photos from yesterday with the ones from today of them at the beach, GSI will take the photos, DM will the first to post the fluffpiece followed by GG, and she will have them post about how she and her father are getting along and how she bonded with her stepmother. Since she is posting so much about she brought them together I won’t be surprised if somewhere along the line she annouces that she is pregnant and that this is how she got her parents to get along.

  21. 21
    hmmm Says:

    her stomach looks soo strange! I normally don’t like to comment about physical appearances but she is clearly asking for comments with that belly shirt (and the fact that she PAID for this article)!
    I can’t figure it out…her belly button is all squished and her lower abdomen is sticking out in the weirdest way. It really does look like she has had children even though she hasn’t. The only person who can wear that style and not look fug is Miley and that is because she lives at her pilates studio and (more importantly) she isnt a homewrecking stalking psychopath whose karma has manifested itself in her looks.

  22. 22
    gwen Says:

    Leann is such a liar. If she didn’t know that the paps were taking their photo or she didn’t set this up, then how come Just Jared knew Lizzy’s name? Lizzy has appeared in tons of photos with Leann and Eddie, and Just Jared NEVER identified her by name not once. Why now does Just Jared decide to name Lizzy?

    Why do Leann’s fans buy into her lies?

  23. 23
    Scottie Says:

    She is SO desperate to be noticed. It’s almost like her new career is dragging out the attention that her messy personal life has brought her over the last couple of years. She doesn’t seem able to grasp that the attention is all negative and totally overshadowing the fact that she used to be a successful singer. Now people just see her as a fame ********* with a losing PR strategy. Doesn’t she have anyone in her life who cares about her enough to tell her this? Her husband can’t chance her taking away his bank card but surely there is someone close to her who cares for her and doesn’t just see her as their personal ATM. If there isn’t, her so called perfect life, is even more of a sad facade than it looks like.

  24. 24
    gwen Says:

    Wow. Leann set up TWO staged photo-ops on Sunday. And had both staged photo-ops released within hours of one another. Both staged photo-ops were taken by GSI. The only difference is that Leann had JJ post the “Lizzy=friend not Eddie’s mistress” fluffpiece first and GG post “Eddie isn’t cheating on Leann because Leann is buff and toned…” first.

    So on Friday someone posts photos of Eddie and Lizzy flirting at his son’s soccer game and come Monday Leann is bombarding the internet with staged “Eddie isn’t cheating on me because he holds my and hand kisses me” and “Lizzy is my friend because we go shopping and to the spa” staged photo-ops. How pathetic.

    Can you guess what type of staged photo-op it was? A Bikini/beach with excessive pda with Eddie(kissing/handholding)

    Leann is holding a volleyball to show us that Eddie isn’t patrolling for women because he is making out with her. Guess who was also at the beach with Eddie and Leann? LIZZY. How come Eddie doesn’t go anywhere with Leann without Lizzy? And you know that Eddie only agreed to appear in the staged beach photo and kiss Leann because earlier in the day she took Lizzy shopping.And as usual because Leann had no clue that GSI was on the beach taking photos of her, she did TWO bikini changes and looked right at the paps. How did GSI know where Leann was going to be for the day? How come when Leann is getting plastic surgery, GSI can’t find Leann and Eddie.

    You know that she is going to release even more staged photo-ops from Sunday and then the ones from tonight. So how is she going to explain how the paps got 4 different photos of them back to back? Because 4 different back to back staged photo-ops is a dead giveaway that she called the paps!

  25. 25
    KissThis Says:

    Like the album is even going to sell. Give me a break. She really ruined her career when she became a homewrecker.

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