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Reese Witherspoon: Baby Check-Up with Jim Toth!

Reese Witherspoon: Baby Check-Up with Jim Toth!

Reese Witherspoon shows off her cute maternity style while out and about on Tuesday (August 28) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 36-year-old pregnant actress was all smiles while holding hands with her husband Jim Toth as they stopped by the doctor’s office for a quick check-up.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Reese Witherspoon

Last week, Reese was reportedly rushed to the hospital twice, but she appears to be fine now.

15+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth heading to a check-up in Santa Monica…

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witherspoon baby check up 01
witherspoon baby check up 02
witherspoon baby check up 03
witherspoon baby check up 04
witherspoon baby check up 05
witherspoon baby check up 06
witherspoon baby check up 07
witherspoon baby check up 08
witherspoon baby check up 09
witherspoon baby check up 10
witherspoon baby check up 11
witherspoon baby check up 12
witherspoon baby check up 13
witherspoon baby check up 14
witherspoon baby check up 15
witherspoon baby check up 16
witherspoon baby check up 17
witherspoon baby check up 18

Credit: Poer Spot; Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Just Sayin’

    The Beard and The Fag got!

  • Just Sayin’

    The Beard and The Fa*got!

  • O-o

    W H A T A C U N T

  • Toth Takes It Up The Ass

    Hey Jimmy,

    You ain’t fooling anyone!


    Can this be more STAGED! Fake a** c*nt with her fake a** fa*got husband!

  • End of Watch

    hahahahaha He wasn’t even at the hospital as much as they kept saying he was so it is no surprise that there would be a pap moment to quash the whispers! Dude is over 40 and dresses like a high school druggie!

  • Horsey

    Wearing LA hat – CHECK
    Wearing JKLivin attire – CHECK
    Wearing Adidas socks with brace – CHECK
    Work done on his face – CHECK
    Nazi Skinhead look – CHECK

    Fashion Statement – BIG TIME FAIL

  • Fire in the Hole

    All I can do is LAUGH OUT LOUD with these two!

  • Pattycake

    What a pair! hahahaha

  • Sam I Am

    Jim, you look like an I D I O T! Seriously!

  • Hillbilly Bob

    Well looky here. If it ain’t Her C*ntness and The Paid Help with the donor bun in the oven! You two have no shame! Pathetic!

  • Pattycake

    Dork and Dorkier.

  • Another agent

    Ugh Jim- WTF are you wearing dude? Not working. Try again!

  • HA

    WHO are these two?

  • JJ

    B!tch got some ugly stank feet

  • Inquiring Minds

    Is homegirl Toth a top or bottom?

  • I’m a Pap

    This is a fact. JT was at doctor’s not RW. We were not “stalking”, we were called!

  • Bear Boy

    For a minute I thought Toth was wearing a LGBT rainbow shirt and I was like, Well it is about damn time he came out! Don’t wait 8 years Jimmy like Lourd did! At least you won’t have real ties to that kid!

  • allie

    why is she even with this pig who abused her? and i wonder how much she payed E! for not posting the pics of her being “HIT BY A CAR ON THE SIDEWALK”.. twice?! 0_o

  • emma

    her shi&t eating grin makes me nauseous

  • Liz

    OMG! Who ARE you people? If I can even call you that! Bullies is more like it, to put it mildly!

    Anyway, glad to see those two so happy.

  • Losa

    Too much hate!

  • No hate just observation

    Where are her other children who she always takes with her Board them in boarding school. Hen the new baby jim won’t have anything to due
    them anymore….Just Reese is who Jim cares about! So fat Reese
    Hurry up and have the kid already!

  • Bear Boy

    No hate here. Just the real truth about these two coniving self centered lying a-holes! Everthing will come out one day. It always does.👎

  • allie

    @Losa: too much hate?? he did hit her. its no secret that her ‘car injuries’ were from him. hes an abusive tur*d.

  • Jake is Safe

    All I can say is:
    Thank God none of Jake’s sperm got to any of her stuck-up
    eggs. Whew, Jake, that was a close one.

  • blah

    @Jake is Safe: considering hes gay i think its fine

  • Jake’s Bro

    @blah Toth is more gay then Jake will ever be!

  • Love This

    Hey Jim,

    Enjoy your 15 mins of fame cause as soon as you are exposed, it will all to come an end!

  • I love women who drink beer

    2 things that irrate me about these Hollyweird people. Over 40 guys that think they look cool dressing like a high school sh!thead and fake smiling sh!tty overpaid actresses!

  • What it means

    CAA – Collecting All As*holes!

  • Dirkstar

    I´m happy to see Reese so happy. And it´s fine to see, that they are
    both happy! They are a good couple!
    The clothes of both of them are looking fine.
    Her necklace seems to show a golden envelope. That´s hot.
    Of course, Reese is not the moon LV 223 of the Gliese-System of the
    movie Prometheus, althought she was born on a 22.3.
    But it´s an interesting coincidence. Of course, THE MAGIC MOON is connected the the moon of the earth, because it´s soo romantic!
    So Reese is something special, isn´t she?

  • blah

    @Jake’s Bro: i dont really care? being gay isn’t a bad thing.

  • @dirkstar

    Jim most of us know this is you. The porn name gives it away.

  • Cam

    Since her husband is a pr agent for CAA I’m sure we will continue to see a truck load of pap pictures from has been Reese and her wannabe a star-pr agent husband.

  • Losa

    @allie: How do you know that? Please, explain me.

  • oh please

    No one here KNOWS anything. Ignore the Toth Troll. Constant repetition of the same insults from the exact same troll aren’t convincing anyone of anything except the troll’s dedication.

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    and I see that you are either Toth, Witherspoon or paid staff to TROLL the TROLLS! ROTFLMAO……

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    SEE obsessed troll does not leave. Ever. Just one crazy person. Too bad there isn’t a way to flag multiple posts from the same computer.

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    SEE obsessed “oh please” don’t leave. Ever. Just one crazy person. Too bad there isn’t a way to flag multiple posts from the same computer.

  • Nymeria

    How werid to see practically the same number of approvals of this troll in the fist posts. What did the guy do to you, troll? Dump you?

  • Dirkstar

    I´m neither Jim nor a Toth Troll! And the star of the “Dirkstar” is symbolizing my heart, that twinkles like a star for Reese´s heart. That is the only reason for that name.
    In fact, my real name is Dirk!
    And if you don´t believe it, you are a real jerk!
    The ones, who “demonize” Jim and Reese, have a heart, that´s hard like a MICRASTER!

  • lol

    For two such boring people to get so much attention from someone it does seem personal. Whatever happened to the girl Toth dumped right before he started dating Reese? My guess is she is on the internet 24/7.

  • hahahahaha

    Toth was the DUMP-E not the dump-er and his ex fiance is VERY HAPPY that she is away from him so it isn’t her commenting. I will guess several people that know Witherspoon and Toth and want to yank the chains of their fans. It’s harmless. No threats, just smack talking and truth.

  • Dirkstar

    Reese is one billion times more exciting than Madonna!