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President Obama Calls on Harold & Kumar for DNC Promo!

President Obama Calls on Harold & Kumar for DNC Promo!

President Barack Obama makes a phone call to John Cho and Kal Penn in this funny new promo video for the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

The guys, who played the infamous characters Harold and Kumar in the hit film series, are sitting on the couch when they get a call from the President telling them, “just remember that I’m trusting you on this and I’ll see you there.”

Kal, who left acting for a career in politics, will be hosting “Live From Charlotte,” a web-only convention special airing this Thursday (September 6) at 8pm EST.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of President Obama’s DNC promo video?

President Obama Calls on Harold & Kumar for DNC Promo Video
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  • kas

    How Presidential.

    I’m sorry, I meant how hip, how cool, how funny. I’M SO VOTING FOR HIM.

  • @1

    Kal has worked for the Obama administration for a few years now.
    He is a legitimate campaign worker, not some sad hack talking to a chair.
    Plust the fact the the President is smart enough to know how important young voters are to his campaign. he is, afterall, the only candidate who cares about them.

  • Ravi oli

    Haha love this!

  • Dave Franco

    Yup. Kal is one smart dude. This ad is smart to bring in young viewers… anything to get the young guns watching.

  • charlotte

    I am not from the USA and wanted to ask a question. Why does your president spend so much of his time with the rich/famous/celebrities. I mean Oprah constantly says she sleeps at the white house, and Mr and Mrs Obama are on the talk shows alot talking about how they had this actor or that actor over for dinner. Sorry if I’m not asking the right way. I just wanted to know if your President ever sits down with the average working class people. Not just when he’s campagning but other times. Thank you

  • Xithurel

    Harold & Kumar > Talking to chair

    …pretty much anything beats talking to a chair really.

  • Xithurel


    Because that’s what people call POLITICS. It’s not just our president it’s every single leader in the world – or does your leader knock on your door and have tea with you?

    You’re Welcome!

  • @5

    He actually does sit down with ‘regular people’.
    His office has scheduled several dinners, where he talks to normal people about their problems and what he is trying to do to help them.
    You can probably find the videos on YouTube.
    I love them because he will come to the table, with the greeting, ‘Hi I’M Barack, and this is Michelle”, takes off his jacket and starts listening.
    He has a close relationship with big celebs, because they often host fund raising parties. George Clooney just threw him a party at his house that raised millions for his campaign.
    He has friends who are celebs to raise money. Romney has big oil sending him checks.

  • April


    Because our President is a Douche, and knows sucking up to the regular working class isn’t going to work for him. The actual “working” class hates him. Most of the actual people that are voting for him are either too rich and stupid to know better and are already on tv so it helps him to have them on with him. Or you have the other set that votes for him and they lack the education to put enough words together to complete a sentence, so he cant have them on tv. So there you go, that ought to answer your question.

  • charlotte

    @Xithurel: Why so angry? I was asking a question. Looking from the outside it looks to me as if your President spends alot of time with either rich/famous or actors. As for me, Premier Dalton Mcquinty does hang with averager/working class people.

  • @9

    Thank you for giving us a perfect example of the type of people voting for Romney.
    President Obama is the only candidate who actually cares about working people. Romney loves big business and big oil. How else can you explain how Romney thinks that it is a fine idea to raise taxes on the working class to give tax breaks to his millionaire buddies? And the lies that are coming out of Ryan’s are so extreme that even Right Wing Fox news is calling him out on them.
    As for being able to complete a sentence??? Did you SEE Clint’s speech??
    Delusional republicans are the funniest republicans.

  • amy

    I’d rather have an exbusinessman (Romney) than an ex Lawyer (Obama) try and improve life for real working Americans. Someone has to be a voice for working class or poor people. Yes, we all know that Oprah and The Obama’s are close and the Obama’s hang with George, Samuel, Denzel, etc. But what about the family in the midwest struggling to feed there family? What about noncelebs.

  • @12

    Yes, President Obama graduated from Harvard Law, but so did Romney! Did you forget that little detail?
    The big difference is that Obama went to work forming groups to help the poor and underpriviledged. He went to work FOR real, working Americans.
    Romney went to work forming businesses that outsourced tens of thousands of jobs, and forming investment companies that bought out struggling businesses only to sell them out from under the employees, who were fired with little or no notice.
    He has made a fortune off the backs of the American workers. That’s why he doesn’t want to give up his tax returns. President Obama made his public. What is Romney hiding?
    Romney doesn’t give a d*mn about anyone who isn’t wealthy, white and male. He proves this over and over, and you sheep just keep following him over that ledge.
    You deserve it

  • Masina

    OMG…the exhausting….”didn’t show his taxes….outsourcing…etc..” give it a rest, will ya! You missed Amy’s point, idiot! An ex-lawyer or Community Organizer does not have the experience to take us out of this…soon to be $16 Trillion Dollar debt he put us in. Oh…and please don’t go blaming his predecessor…again, exhausting. How typical of any democrat/liberal to point out race and class warfare. Romney proves the average American…..needs jobs. How do you think we get this?……God…how ignorant are you?!

  • Masina

    Ignorant….do you even read what you just typed out?! Is this what you DEMO-CRAPS…believe in?! No wonder we are in the mess we’re in. WAKE UP!

  • Masina

    Charlotte…you asked valid questions that the other party immediately take offense to. There is no point trying to understand their mentality. I would ask this of any president no matter the party. We are in such a deep crap…..I expect my President to stay in office and do something about it! Stop schmoozing with the celebrities…who really would not be where they are at if not for ALL American’s who watch their movies.

  • @14

    Why “give it a rest” when it’s all true? You can’t hide from FACTS.
    And actually, President Bush DID put us in this deficit.
    He took the surplus that the Clinton administration had built up, and p*ssed it away.
    I know how exhausted you republicans get from trying to twist facts, but you better get used to it.
    He did it, not President Obama. If you can’t even admit to that simple FACT, you are a bigger liar than Ryan.
    Ryan got called out for his lies, and so will Romney if he starts up.
    And that idiotic idea that giving money to wealthy businessmen by cutting their taxes helps the working man was PROVED WRONG during the Reagan administration. Does ‘trickle down’ ring a bell? The deficit EXPLODED under Reagan.
    It was hilarious watching Romney try to paint himself as a common man. He grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth. The only ‘common man’ that he ever associated with was his gardner,

  • Michelle

    @amy: get real, Romey doesn’t give a shit about the “Midwest families” he takes away from the poor and gives to the rich or have you forgotten that he fired a whole company with people with families. Get your facts straight about who your voting for, he only cares about the rich.

  • Michelle

    @Masina: oh yeah we can take you serious now with @Masina: seriously just like a repub can’t take a little FACTs so the result is go into name calling. Who’s the ignorant one again?

  • @Masina

    The only candidate that has proved that he knows how to get people back to work, is President Obama.
    While Romney was busy outsourcing, the President was saving the automobile industry.
    My vote is going for the BAMF in the White House.
    He’s not afraid to REALLY go after Bin Laden. He’s certainly not afraid of rhetoric from the right wing.
    On Thursday, he’s going to show Romney how it’s done.

  • Y you mad tho?

    Point of view from another person “looking in from the outside,” is that in the last 3 years, we outside the US haven’t heard so much anymore about people getting laid off in the thousands and situations like that. Things seem to have stabilized, especially in the last year or so.

    I think that just because Pres. Obama has photos and videos with celebrities that means he spends so much time with them, that only means those are the moments in his week that are documented in that way for publicity, PR, etc. I’d be more concerned about the kind of people the Republican candidate Romney is spending his time with. From what I’ve read he hangs out with the big oil boys who helped get the US into trouble last time a Republican was in office.

  • Masina

    What do you think Obama put us in? Added 5 trillion more to the debt….and according to NYT…the administration is getting ready to give relieve 1 billion from Egypts debt…money we don’t have! Where is he getting the money from? Solyndra….another bailout gone awry….let’s see..23million unemployed. Foodstamps increase…oh I know, I deal with them all the time. You tell me….the list is endless. If you are going to have diarrhea of the mouth about Republicans, your Demo-craps….had control of both the house and senate…guess what…NOTHING. We can play this if you want…keep it coming!

  • Masina

    Wow…..he does now does he? I am surrounded by many unemployed individuals and included are the veterans. So, how about you tell these individuals how they like being unemployed for over a year. Unemployment continue to climb over 8%. How can a man despise the wealthy when he surrounds himself with them? Hypocrite! He is a man full of words with empty meanings. I think he is a nice family man…but, he didn’t do a good job at being a, it is time to change.

  • Masina

    oh pulheeze with the Michelle name…. don’t even associate your name with the first lady, who by all means is a great lady…..don’t smear her name on this site. Get real!

  • @Masina

    LOL! You just can’t handle facts can you?
    You must be one of Rush Limbaughs writers.
    He has trouble with the truth as well.
    The bailout of the auto industry saved thousands of jobs! And those employed workers saved their local stores, and helped save entire cities. What do you think woul dhave happened to Detroit without those bailouts??
    Chrysler, for example, paid back all of their bailout money six years in advance, and with 19% interest.
    The bailouts were a brilliant success. yet another FACT that you right wingers try to ignore.
    As for the veterans, Obama is the first president to actually try to help them AND their families. Bush just kept sending them overseas to die for the oil companies. Obama brought them home.

  • Masina

    Would you like it if I called you out as Al Sharpton’s writers? The man who spews racial hate….is that who I am associating you with? Don’t be juvenile.
    As for the Auto Bailout….here is where we are with that: Pres. Obama says:
    “The American auto industry has come roaring back, making us number one again,” he told a cheering crowd in Pueblo, Colo., last Thursday.

    But all the while, General Motors’ stock has been nose-diving. It has fallen 39 percent since its initial public offering in November 2010. And on Friday, the Treasury Department announced that expected losses to taxpayers from the bailout would increase more than $3.3 billion to $25.1 billion — up from $21.7 billion last quarter.”

    Here is another:
    “President Obama’s Department of Energy helped finance several green energy companies that later fell into bankruptcy — but not before the firms doled out six-figure bonuses and payouts to top executives, a Center for Public Integrity and ABC News investigation found.”

    Misuse of taxpayers monies…..we can go on.

    Here is one you may like: Forbes –
    These stats aren’t outliers. Last year, the unemployment number for new vets in New York was 16.7%; in the nation as a whole, it was 12.1%. That’s over 234,000 new veterans looking for work after separating from the military. For veterans ages 18 to 24 years old, the outlook was even worse – nearly 30 percent unemployment.

    personally…I have many friends who just came home from Afghanistan, and they are having a difficult time finding a job. So, don’t reach to me about veteran employment, if you don’t have personal ties to it.

  • Masina


  • @masina

    Anyone who ignores facts, no matter what side they are on, is wrong.
    But twisting facts seems to be your strong suit.
    How much would it have cost the American taxpayer if we let the car companies fail? how much unemployment, welfare, food stamps, and medicaid funding would we be paying for then?
    GM is still alive. So, their stocks are down, bu tthey are still alive! And Chrysler is a HUGE success!
    And I’m sorry that your vet friends are out of work. But would you rather have had them come home in body bags the way that they would have under someone like Bush?
    Bush left this country in a mess. And you republicans are conveniently ignoring that fact. Heck, you guys didn’t even invite Bush to the convention. The most important republican still alive. That says that you are afraid of his record. While President Obama’s most vocal supporter is Bill Clinton. That speaks volumes.

  • Longo

    I love see the arguing on non-facts. Most of the deficit is due to the Bush tax cuts (which unfortunately President Obama extended because he compromised with the Republicans), and the 2 wars (which were off the books during the Bush years so taxpayers didn’t know how much the war was really costing Americans) that Ryan and Romney said yes to. Spending billions of dollars for the last 11 years on 2 wars, and cutting taxes at the same time! Really smart! First time in history. These are the same policies that some people want to perpetuate. Think about it –if you want to go shopping every day for 10 years at Gucci and Tiffany’s, are you going to cut you stop taking in more money? At some point you’d think you’d run into a debt (deficit), and will have to dig yourself out.
    I’m always amazed that people can be talked into voting against their own self-interest. Fact –you have stopped bleeding 750,000 jobs a month and have added jobs every month that Obama has been in power; fact –the stock market is way up under President Obama; fact, housing prices are up under President Obama; fact – a recession and likely depression was avoided with the stimulus –which most economist said it should have been larger –but the Republicans said no, but under Bush it was okay to agree to a stimulus in 2002-2003; Fact; -the stimulus package put in by Obama, saved or created over 3 million jobs; Fact, the money paid to the banks to bail them out to save the “private sector”, has been paid back with interest; fact –the auto industry was saved.
    Start reading folks and stop listening to spin either left or right, and make your decisions based on facts.

  • Masina

    If you are going to address me….put a name to your comment. I do not think we could convince either way which side is correct. I will never see your point as you would never see mine. Even if I read all the resources it is then again a controversial argument, because we each would not respect one anothers research. So, let’s agree to disagree on each others views. If you ever want to hear anything about the vets…you will be surprised how many would put their lives in harms way to protect their country, and rights we have to these arguments, etc. My family is in the military force and I thank them everyday for loving this country so much. So…..I will respect your views and I hope you reciprocate mine as well. I appreciated the good argument and thankfully we all have the platform to arguing our points. Thanks for the healthy discussion!

  • Xithurel


    I’m not angry actually it’s called sarcasm – ie wit. I prefer being a smartass than a dumbass in other words.

  • KCfriedchicken86

    @charlotte: Good question, because that’s how you win votes in American, by being famous

  • KCfriedchicken86

    I think one of the reasons our country is failing is because half the people are being called Democraps and the other half is trashed on every oppurtunity. 2 party systems fail

  • Tony

    Ari:I am a colleague and frnied of Mike Maday in CO Springs, CO, whom you mentioned in your book. Some insights that appear to be going unnoticed in CO and especially the bellwether county El Paso County, CO where even though Republicans own a 2-to-1 registered voter base but where El Paso also holds the 2nd highest number of Democrats in the state of CO. 2010 Midterm saw that Bennet won the unaffiliated (independents) in the county 51% to 25% going to the collection of 3rd Party candidates (4 being rightwingers, 2-o-1 in that pool) and Buck receiving 23% of that vote. Furthermore a State Senator, Dem majority leader Morse won re-election with a similar fashion in the county, (actually Morse carried 55% of the unaffiliated’s in his district) and won by 1.1%. Dem’s indeed turned out at a 82% rate in the early vote stage that included the mail votes. Election day voting was way down at 32% of all remaining voters, where Dem’s lost a few percentage points discounting the theory of a late surge. What this is telling me is that independents in CO and El Paso County rejected the Tea Party candidacies 7.5-to-2.5 in a state where there are supposedly more Tea Party affiliated voters. Furthermore the Maes-Tancredo vote has demonstrated a real fragmenting of the Republican brand and party where it appears only 190,000 Republicans are real party loyalists, (same number that McGinnis got in the Rep primary). This represents about 11% of the entire electorate that voted and about 25% or less of the entire registered Republican base in the state. What this means is foretelling going forward. In the end Donkeys remain herded, but the Elephants are splitting up.