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Hailee Steinfeld & Kate Bosworth: Prabal Gurung Fashion Show

Hailee Steinfeld & Kate Bosworth: Prabal Gurung Fashion Show

Hailee Steinfeld and Kate Bosworth look chic at Prabal Gurung’s fashion show held at Pier 59 during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on Saturday (September 8) in New York City.

The ladies were joined at the event by Allison Williams.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Hailee Steinfeld

Before the show, Hailee tweeted a pic of herself all dolled up, to which the clothing brand replied: “Awesome. TY for coming, you looked so beautiful.”

FYI: Kate and Hailee both wore Prabal.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth, Allison Williams, and Hailee Steinfeld at the Prabal Gurung show…

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Credit: Justin Campbell
Posted to: 2012 New York Fashion Week Fall, Hailee Steinfeld, Kate Bosworth

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  • danielik

    Is it healthy for us to see KB on every site? She doesn´t look good… Drunk pose?

  • Lala Land

    Hailee is GORGEOUS!!!

  • Fashionista

    I love seeing Kate at various fashion shows. I love her style! She interviewed Cushnie et Ochs and did a fabulous job!

  • WTMF

    She’s looking old sitting next to those two. Much older than an almost 30 year old should. The sins of her past are showing on her face.

  • ladybug

    Why does she think posing like she’s too drunk to stand is a good thing?

  • Bells

    KB, we get it. Someone, at some time in your life, told you that the slouched-back, pigeon-toed pose made you look super-fashionable. But, really, it just makes you look like you have a skeletal deformity and/or a case of the drunks. Stand up–you look ridiculous.

  • DailyNightly

    She should really think twice about posing next to someone sooo much younger, especially when she can’t manage to stand up straight. I wonder if there is something anatomically wrong with her leg or if she just really needs to use the bathroom?

  • Jeannie

    @ladybug: I don’t know, but it makes her look either drunk, or she needs the bathroom.

  • ladybug

    @Jeannie: She is capable of standing straight, but for some reason, because for the sake of ‘fashion’, because most everyone else poses that way, she chooses not to. If she were really original, she’d buck the trend and stand up straight.

  • Jeannie

    “If she were really original, she’d buck the trend and stand up straight.” – That is SO true!

  • anonymous

    hailee looks great as usual, she never ceases to amaze me. i think i spy a little trim on her long locks too!

  • mforman

    Creature stop posing like that, you look ridiculous. It doesn’t make you look sexy, or alluring, it makes you look drunk and about to fall over.
    I agree with all of you that said she should not pose to the beautiful young HW real actresses it just makes her look sooooo old and like the forgetten thing that we know she is.

  • WTF again

    Another f@ckin post how much is she paying you JJ for her SH@T

  • LeeSeol

    whoa what happened to that girl’s makeup?

  • Tulip

    @Fashionista: Thank you for the link to the interview. Kate did an amazing job as a journalist! She’s so beautiful. I love watching her on video. To those who think she’s had botox, check out the interview. Nobody with botox can move their forehead.
    @WTMF: What sins might those be? Proof please. Might they be she dated Orlando Bloom or Alexander Skarsgard?

  • WTMF

    @Tulip: No, I was referring to smoking, drinking & drugs. Why is it that every time someone doesn’t like her, it’s always about the exes? I’m allowed to dislike her for reasons that have nothing to do with that. Just like you’re allowed to like her for whatever reasons you have.

  • ladybug

    @WTMF: “Nobody with botox can move their forehead” You’ve claimed that before, except it’s not true. And you’ve claimed that she can’t have had chemical peels because she goes to a an aesthetician, but in California they’re licensed for chemical peels.
    This doesn’t mean she’s had such procedures done, but your reason for believing that she hasn’t lack factual backup.

  • interview

    that interview..she really appears to have had injections. She has little expression – not none, as it is possible to move with some sort of intervention but she’s very flat. And her film work would suggest she’s capable of more than that (even if she doesn’t resonate there either). so = the style stuff is really stiff and hopefully her other things aren’t as staged – she barely moves in that interview. And this set – the forehead is totally smooth. Not a movement. Which is questionable. Look, she isn’t the first of her age and generation to do this, why do some of her stans insist she’d never touch the stuff? Her lips are really suspect.

  • gemma

    @interview: She raises her eyebrows in the interview and her forehead furrows. I’ve had botox and I know the forehead muscles freeze. I thought she was lovely and very poised. She did a great job.

  • mforman

    I so tired of the stans saying she has had nothing done. Let us start with how many photos have we seen with her face extremely red, she has had botox, chemical peels and my goodness has she had lip injections, she also has done major things to her cheeks and I seriously think her nose.
    I am trying to find that article from awhile back on that plastic surgery website, that had written about the procedures they could tell she had. Once I find it I will post the link, because I am getting so tired of the stans saying the only things they can;
    we do not like her because of her exes
    we are jealous of the anorexic famewhore
    the creature has had nothing done
    I understand they like her as much as the majority of us dislike her, but we need better reasons then the above nonesense.
    It is getting so tiresome. I am sure they will come back and insult me, but I am so used to it already. Like I said they have nothing better to say.

  • ladybug

    @gemma: A well done Botox injection to the face doesn’t prevent eyebrow or forehead movement.

    As already stated, I have no idea whether or not she’s had botox, but the ‘her forehead moves so she can’t have had botox’ isn’t accurate either.

  • JEN

    Ew go home Kate, you beast. Quit pretending that you still matter to anyone but the hobbit!

  • Lois


    Tulip sweetie, just because you are juvenile and petulant enough to dislike someone based on whom they’ve dated doesn’t mean the rest of us are. We grown ups dislike her based on her words and deeds. We know you like her because she has the awesome talent of wearing clothes and taking nice photoshopped pictures, Perhaps it time that your two lips and the rest of you return to passing notes in math class.


    Kate rocked it !!!! Great outfit.. love it !!

  • leea

    Kate is too skinny! I`m worried about hailee, because she looks present and healthy, and i just worry what seeing lot`s of fashion shows and skinny celebrities might do for her, and i really don`t want that for her!:/

  • Tulip

    @Lois: Sorry, Lois, but I tell it like it is. The few posters here with all their aliases are big AS fans (and were probably OB fans at one time) who hate on Kate because AS fell in love with her. Period the end. Same thing happened when she dated OB. I’m a big Kate fan not only because I enjoy her style but I’ve seen nearly all her films and I think she’s very talented. Not many actors can go from action to dark indie to comedy. I don’t understand your last sentence and I really don’t care. It’s silly. In the future, don’t call me sweetie. Also, there’s nothing in my posts that would suggest I’m a petulant child. I was never a petulant child and I haven’t been a child in a very long time.

  • freya

    @Tulip: I hate to disappoint you (not really) but I don’t hate her because of the people she used to date. Allthough I do admit that I wouldnt have known who the hell she was if she hadn’t dated OB. And I quite liked her at first. Don’t hate her at all actually, just have a strong disliking for the woman which stems solely from her behaviour. (you know, the pap-calling, desperate famewh*retype of behaviour she exhibits on a very regular basis).
    You have reasons to like her, others have reasons to dislike her. We’re all entitled to our opinions.

  • Tulip

    @freya: You’re assuming she calls the paps. I believe she doesn’t. I know they hang out in her neighborhood and follow her.

  • Lois


    The only person with numerous aliases seems to be you. ….Fashionista, Tulip and whatever else you call yourself. The similar writing style is a dead giveaway unlike the actual posters with their own distinct styles that criticize KB.
    Btw, no one cares enough about OB or AS to the point of disliking whomever they’re with; if they do, they need to step back and take stock of their lives. In all reality, I would ship the h*ll out of AS being with Ellen Page, Charlize Theron, Brit Marling, Rosario Dawson or Alexis Bledel or some other cool women. I don’t particularly care for Ryan Gosling but him being with Eva Mendez puts him up a step in my eyes.

  • mforman

    @Tulip—-Oh, come on, more than once the majority have told you over and over our dislike of her has nothing to do with any of her exes.
    I have disliked her since Blue Crush, when I not only saw interviews but read them and she was showing her true colors even then.
    Now she has become a desparate famewhore, who is self absorbed, cares only for herself and uses people for what she can get out of them and then she just stops associating with them. Her reputation in HW is not only box office poison but that of a pariah. Her ridiculous and very obvious calling of the paps gets worse and worse.
    If these things weren’t true, tell me why after 10yrs in this business does she not have one co star who is friends with her, who speaks highly of her or speaks of her at all, once their promotion of whatever stupid, useless film is done they are done with her. Look at Krysten Ritter as a for instance.
    Oh, can you even name just one friend who isn’t on her payroll or who she doesn’t use just for a quick pap shot to get some much needed publicity.
    @Tulip remember it took the majority of media a week to even react to the engagement news, with that planned “accidental” slip, and then she had to resort to posting her own photo of the ring. I mean come on that just stinks of desparation. Now at FWNY all she is doing is running around with her hand on her face to get the paps that yes she does call. I mean really do you think the paps are just standing around in NY waiting for her, she tells them where she is and then strikes poses for them. It is truly sad.

  • ladybug

    @Tulip: “but I tell it like it is”

    Well, no, you tell it like you want it to be:
    from the Little Birds post:

    mforman: Trust me mforman, when I “disappear” it’s because I’m busy. Thanks again for the link to Kevin Spacey’s appearance on Chelsea Lately. Obviously, they’re both fond of Kate. Gee, I wonder why they like her?! Maybe it’s because as Chelsea said Kate’s highly respected in the industry and she’s a class act. Or maybe it’s because she’s so professional and talented that Kevin speaks of her with fondness and put her in several films. Maybe Vogue had her do an article for them and invited her to sit at their table (the head table, btw) at the Met Ball because she’s bright and articulate. Maybe designers want her front and center because she carries herself beautifully not to mention she’s beautiful. Maybe several directors have worked with her several times or offered her roles several times because she’s professional and talented – oh wait – I’m repeating myself. Maybe fans like her because she’s professional and talented (oops – already said that ) and nice. Remember how everyone in Michigan adored her? Maybe boyfriends stay with her for years because she’s a good, generous girlfriend. Maybe I like her for all the above and I find her a tiny bit shy and very funny. Does that answer your incredibly stupid question?!”

    Now OOH, we finally got an answer that didn’t involve how ‘cute’ and ‘pretty’ she is. OTOH, Everyone in Michigan adored her? Do you have proof of that? Because that’s not just an opinion, you’re stating that like it’s a fact.

    And you’re still bringing up the tripe about how we don’t like her because of her exes. Nope, once again, we don’t like her because to us she appears to be someone who is desperate to hang on to fame, but hasn’t done anything fame-worthy in ages, has succumbed to the HW/fashion world dictate to females that you can never be too thin, doesn’t seem that creative, and doesn’t seem to be trying to do something-whether it be actually learning to be better actress or a designer.
    Maybe, just maybe, if she stopped being so try-hard and dropped out of sight for awhile and became a wife and took classes and rode horses and just figured out who the heck she really is and what talent she does and doesn’t have and learned to deal with it people might actually like her again.

  • Lois
  • Lois

    Sooo….KB dropped her compact on the Cushnie et Ochs runway and rather than owning up to it and picking it up, a photographer had to remove it before any of the models slipped and hurt themselves on it . Yet another great testament to her character or lack thereof:
    September 8, 2012 / Sarah Hay
    “Hello Jace, is your name Jace? Take us through step-by-step what happened at the Cushnie et Ochs runway show. What is the world witnessing when they watch this Gif?
    Well I was sitting in the front row, about two seats down from an actress and the show had started so I was getting ready to take pictures. I saw some type of compact make-up roll out onto the runway. It sat for a couple of seconds and no-one went for it, I don’t want any broken ankles, no models getting hurt so I lept for it.
    What did you do with the compact?
    Step-by-step, the model (Daga Ziober) had only taken a few steps onto the runway, I grabbed the compact and immediately retreated back to my seat and just sat it beside me. I didn’t think it was proper to try to return it to anyone during the show.
    So you left it on the seat next to you? Did people stare at it?
    Well I’m pretty sure a lot of people thought it was a lense-cap or something that rolled out from me.
    Yeah, I thought it was a lense-cap
    Right, so was I was thinking, man, everyone probably thinks I’m some a-hole kid who doesn’t know how to work his camera, bumped his lense-cap and it fell onto the runway but no, it was a compact.
    What happened next?
    Well after the show a very pretty, very polite lady came up to me and thanked me, she was very kind about me getting her make-up back and was very glad that someone took the leap and it turns out that she was Kate Bosworth. I’m a huge Blue Crush fan so it was a good moment. It was a right-time, right-situation type thing. Right when it happened I looked at everyone else’s faces and nobody else was going to get it so I stepped up to the plate and it worked out for me.
    Did you examine the compact?
    It was a MAC, colour, you know my make-up knowledge isn’t the best so I wasn’t exactly sure what it was….
    Well, was it a blusher or an eye-shadow?
    I’m going to have to go with a blush, yeah it was a blush
    My final question is, what the **** were you doing on the front row?
    Oh, so I shoot for Tumblr for a blog called Plain T-Shirt, I’ve been given this amazing opportunity to work within Milk Studios and with Tumblr for MADE Fashion Week so I, um, just sat in the front row and, um, I just so happened to be there. That might not necessarily have been my seat but clearly it worked out in the end.”

  • Patricia

    I genuinely don’t know how or why Kate B is considered a style icon of sorts…..really????

  • ladybug

    @Patricia: Because Cher is a good stylist?

  • Whycantipost

    To those who say she didn’t have chemical peels: look at older pictures. Her skin was a completely different color (she is pale-ish now) and she had freckles. When she looks somewhat tanned there a still no freckles to be found. Her skin also looks thinner. I understand that happens with age, but she is so young, I doubt it’s that. The freckles are all gone now. How did that happen? I am not a dermatologist, but don’t think that is possible.

    In closeups she doesn’t appear to wear a lot of foundation, so it can’t be makeup. If she was really covering freckles with makeup she would be wearing a lot more. So where did they go? And why does her skin look so much thinner/has a completely different structure/color?

  • Warren

    Hailee looks real sexy in that dress!