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Nina Dobrev: 'Seventeen' Magazine Signing!

Nina Dobrev: 'Seventeen' Magazine Signing!

Nina Dobrev wears a backless floral print dress while posing before her Seventeen magazine signing on Saturday afternoon (September 15) at Barnes & Noble in Atlanta, Ga.

The 23-year-old actress met tons of fans who waited in line for her all day. Several of them surprised her with handmade drawings!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nina Dobrev

“My @seventeenmag cover hits stands today! Grab a copy & join me at my cover signing in ATL on Sept 15th!” Nina tweeted earlier in the week.

Make sure to check out Nina‘s cover of Seventeen and watch her movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower, in limited theaters on September 21.

20+ pictures inside of Nina Dobrev at the magazine signing…

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nina dobrev seventeen magazine signing 01
nina dobrev seventeen magazine signing 02
nina dobrev seventeen magazine signing 03
nina dobrev seventeen magazine signing 04
nina dobrev seventeen magazine signing 05
nina dobrev seventeen magazine signing 06
nina dobrev seventeen magazine signing 07
nina dobrev seventeen magazine signing 08
nina dobrev seventeen magazine signing 09
nina dobrev seventeen magazine signing 10
nina dobrev seventeen magazine signing 11
nina dobrev seventeen magazine signing 12
nina dobrev seventeen magazine signing 13
nina dobrev seventeen magazine signing 14
nina dobrev seventeen magazine signing 15
nina dobrev seventeen magazine signing 16
nina dobrev seventeen magazine signing 17
nina dobrev seventeen magazine signing 18
nina dobrev seventeen magazine signing 19
nina dobrev seventeen magazine signing 20

Credit: MiamiPIXX/SBMF; Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • Tia

    Love her hair and dress! She looks amazeballlss :)

  • liz

    gorgeous! her body type (tall with some curves) is really nice <33

  • Leenah

    She seems like a nice person..kudos for that.

  • Joe

    A signing for a magazine? Seventeen magazine, no less? IN ATLANTA? Really? Is this what fame whoring has come to?

  • Shelly

    She is stunning adore her and #hairenvy

  • wmc

    I’m over her. she’s overrated & annoying now.

  • Lemmy

    I used to like Nina, but I’ve grown tired of seeing her “standard” pose for photos. Yes, it makes her waist look gorgeously tiny, but it’s always the same, body turned, shoulders lopsided. Would it hurt her to face the camera full-on just once every so often?

  • amy

    So pretty, her body looks great, I’m jealous

  • intric8

    This girl is freaking fine, man

  • Tony

    Girlfriend is fierce!!!! Tyra Banks would be so proud.

  • bahha black sheep

    she looks like she is getting younger

  • Me


    Honestly I don´t understand this signing either. Is it common that who is in the cover does a signing?? just asking…. I don´t buy that magazine (I am a little bit older) and I don´t know… I don ´t know if it´s due to the movie.

    Nina has changed a lot, since the show started, she is more secure of herself, everything is perfect, her job is her only priority and will do anything to be in this business.Let´s see what happens (like any actor of TVD)after TVD.

    When she did 2 moths ago this interview and photoshoot she knew that would be “important” and would coming out with the Perks movie, a way to get publicity for the movie (pretty normal in Hollywood) and oh ( I don´t know if intentionally or not) what stands out in the interview is her (non) relationship with Ian. I don´t know what she would say right now when that relationship was off and on all the time, which ingredients were attraction and business and NOW is business, respect and that´s all. Friends, co-stars knew all the time (and was palpable) that LOVE and FUTURE were not ingredients of this couple.

    But who dares to say eh We are not dating?? fans are necessary evil and there is the show too, they played this “non relationship” very very wisely in order to get the most of it in terms of publicity, they have good image, they appear together from time to time in order to give publicity for the show and for themselves but when is about personal events, Nina´s movie, Ian´s foundation the other is not there because is not the other business. Everybody in Atlanta knows that they are not together and both are single and can do what they want, Atlanta gives them some privacy

  • Layla

    Her face looks fuller but her body is as slim as ever.She’s gorgeous!

  • verox87

    she is perfect! one of the most beautiful woman! just perfect in my opinion..

  • Verite

    She looks great. But according to so many of the posters here, this girl can not do anything right. If she doesn’t show up at an event, she’s ignoring her fans. If she holds an event she’s a “fame whore”. If she talks about her relationship, its all for attention and publicity. If she doesn’t then, that means that its all a lie and she’s not really dating him or anyone. Okay, so, tell me what is a young woman who is trying to make a name for herself supposed to do? Want her to go out partying and stumble out of cars drunk? Maybe get a couple of DUI’s? Or, wait, I know!!! She can be truly legit and loved and respected if she just has a very public affair with an older married man and then apologizes profusely to Ian over the news!!! It doesn’t matter because it seems everyone who is sitting at home on their asses doing nothing definitely know what she’s doing “wrong” while she’s out earning tons of money and travelling and gaining awards and getting jobs. I hate reading these comment boards on Just Jared because they are rampant with cyncial haters.

  • Natalie

    When Nina grows to the height of 5’7 someone contact me, I’ll borrow one of her high heel specially made shoes for shark kicking, so I can eat a bowl of soup on her head without tip toeing. Wait, I can do that already without her shoes so I’ll just use them on Ian. But excuse me, Nina is a saint, I’m slightly impressed though, her makeup seems almost natural but where is her butt in that dress?

  • Queeny

    I don’t like her, she is so annoying :(

  • Benny

    @Queeny — why? What’s so annoying? Have you personally met her? Have you talked to her? Don’t go off of what other people say or what you read about a person because there are alot of haters out there. What I want to know is what YOU know about her that is so annoying to you personally?

  • Verite

    @Natalie, where did you see in this article that she is 5’7″? And who said she’s a saint? She’s not at all and I haven’t seen anything that claims her to be a saint. What I don’t approve of on this site is people who just pick a random celebrity and dislike them for no real reason other than perhaps envy and low self-esteem and hold them to standards which none of us could ever sustain. Nina Dobrev is one of those rare actresses who is young, trying to make a name for herself, do the best she can and is not being photographed drunk, high, sleeping around or all over articles as unprofessional, showing up to work late, awful to crew members, etc. She grew up in my hometown and everyone who knew her and her family describe her as hard-working, ambitious and down-to-earth. Nobody here had anything bad to say about her. So why are people so hateful towards her? Its that awful bullying mentality that is all over our culture and certainly all over the internet that seeks to shoot down anyone who is successful in this or any industry.

  • Natalie

    @Verite My god, you guys really don’t understand when I talk. Anyway, forget about her height, it’s not important. But concerning being drunk,, They all look drunk to me, but I am so looking forward for excuses to follow. And on the topic of bullying, you’re actually mentioning that to me, really? To me? Alright then.

  • Tvfan

    what i like about that picture is an obvious Ian NON reaction on Nina. Have u ever seen a drunk man who hasn’t got a hard on whan a girl practically is lying on top of him??? Neither did i, before this pc!
    So Jared i see ninas agents did a good job, we heer complained that she wont talk with fans and she made a faebook and can’t shut up on twitter.We said she doesn’t suppot Ian and she was literaly last person who retweeted his link about ISF with her comment.With amoint of mistakes and even tru fans can’t understand what is she saying but who cares!
    Loved like Ian in new interview with canadian Hello, put her in thesame line as others when he was directly asked about her, so her love to animal for him is the same as if it was anyone else from the cast and better in the end he said that he speaks about canadiann not b/cof Nina but b/c he’s bben there a lot! Ha! Love this man!

  • Guest

    wow a lot of hate here… without a reason?? IMHO the worst thing you can do is put on a pedestal any famous people or relationship whatever because they are real people with their good and bad things and being in this business is not easy a lot of pressure and they show what they want to show. That they want to have a good image and try to have a private life private?? totally understand it, that they show what they want to show?? totally understand it, they do it as MANY (if not ALL) famous people, and I know a little bit of that. Many actors/singers don´t care scandals or what people might thing but most of them do care, above all when they are starting a career.

    I have met a few times Ian and Nina, and they are normal, nothing bad to say about them, they are not my friends, I don´t know them that well although I trust my instinct, but one friend of mine do know them (more one of them) way better than I do. I loved and watched the show (not anymore) I am big fan of DE (still) and I was curious about Ian and Nina, and well as I thought the reality is so so different. I get that they have fans who love that “relationship” and totally understand it, they are cute and they have a connection and great chemestry but what Nian fans thing and believe and the reality is so different.

    What I think about them plus what I know, all I can say is that they never were really serious, they had their ups and downs, two strong personalities but never really committed for them there were and are another priorities and nowdays I can say that they are just friends. I think Ian never confirmed the relationship because they deep down were not that sure about that relationship and not confirming it is less pressure and knowing the status of their relationship right now never will. In fact I think that Ian and Nina until the show is over will keep their private life really really private in case that they see another people in order to not damage the show above all. All this Nian thing comes first from all the fans and they helped a little bit to be honest.