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Gerard Butler Parties 'Gangnam Style' with Psy!

Gerard Butler Parties 'Gangnam Style' with Psy!

Gerard Butler wears a newsboy cap and rides his bicycle on Wednesday (September 19) in the Soho neighborhood of New York City.

The 42-year-old actor reportedly partied over the weekend with pals Leonardo DiCaprio and Stacy Keibler along with “Gangnam Style” singer Psy after his surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live.

The group sat in a VIP section in the Meatpacking District’s 1Oak, but didn’t get up and dance when “Gangnam Style” played that evening, according to the New York Post.

Last week, Gerard attended events at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.

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1,159 Responses to “Gerard Butler Parties 'Gangnam Style' with Psy!”

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  1. 151
    So&So Says:

    @dargabriel: I feel like you were speaking to me! LOL How did you know? :)
    Love and light to you Dar.

  2. 152
    lolita Says:

    @Lyla J.: I don’t believe for a minute that was Manny. She might be tough at times but she would not have compared Gerry’s pics as his deceased dad. I can hear her make a comparison to his dad but not worded that way. I don’t think Manny has posted for awhile. She will be the first to admit if she did say it but I don’t think she did.

  3. 153
    agree with you Says:

    That was not Manny. She wouldn’t say something that over-the-top nasty.

  4. 154
    Lord Love a Duck Says:
    GB comments on Iceman and Ariel

  5. 155
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.” Colossians 3:13

  6. 156
    dargabriel Says:

    @So&So: @So&So: Thank you so much, you’re post is very nice. Happy day to you. Love,dargabriel

  7. 157
    Manny Says:

    Hey Lolly.
    You’re right it wasn’t me. I see the moniker stealer has been busy earlier this thread. I haven’t been around in ages because real life has been kicking my ass so Butler’s adventures have not been on my radar.
    How are you doing?
    Not a huge fan of this look although I love the hat. Gerry is looking a little aged in these pictures to me. I’m a little shocked how quickly he is aging. Bad genes + hard living do take a toll don’t they?
    Anywhoo hello to you and the gang…

  8. 158
    Manny Says:

    @agree with you:
    Thanks for the faith sista. :)

  9. 159
    lolita Says:

    @Manny: I’m doing very well. Sorry to hear you are going through a rough patch. Take care and warm regards to you♥♥

  10. 160
    Anastasia Beaverhausen Says:


    People that have been posting here in the last year knew it wasn’t you. ;)

  11. 161
    Manny Says:

    @Anastasia Beaverhausen:
    Hey doll. Even I thought that was in bad taste. Oh well…

  12. 162
    Manny Says:

    Life can do that sometimes. We’re keeping our chins up and still moving forward so in my book we are winning. God bless you too. <3

  13. 163
    So&So Says:

    Not sure why I got negged for making a joke to Dargabriel about me being stressed out at the moment, because she coincidentally posted her wishes for everyone to not be stressed out right now. Oh well, whatever. I got work to do. Enjoy!

  14. 164
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @Anastasia Beaverhausen: Hey Ana B.! Good to see you here. Paint when you can and always be happy! Have a blast in NYC for Halloween. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying we’d all love to hear about it. Never done it myself. Hope you are well, friend! Butler has some time on his hands. Hope he uses it in the best way. Take care, sweetheart. ♥

  15. 165
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @Lord Love a Duck: Just wanted to say that I like lolita’s nickname for you….Ducky. When it’s pouring rain and someone asks me how I am, I always say, “just ducky”. I’ll think of you when I say that now. Thanks for your shares about Butler. Whatever he is there’s no denying he’s a walking, talking cryptogram. Take care, Ducky!

  16. 166
    Can'tGetEnough Says:

    Sounds like his GF bolted after Gerard Butler!! LOL

    Robin van der Hoest
    48 minutes ago near New York, NY via mobile
    One moment you’re having a nice lunch for two in Greenwich Village, next moment Gerard Butler walks by; cannot find my girlfriend since….

  17. 167
    Autumn Says:

    Hey all! Just catching up. I knew that wasn’t a Manny comment, not her style and she owns it if she disagrees. Nice to see everyone here – it’s been a long time since many of us were here together. Hope everyone has a great Friday!

    Stay sane, safe, happy, healthy.


  18. 168
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @lolita: Thanks for your post, lolita! Those of us who know Manny realized it was a moniker thief. Thanks for saying it. Sadly too many people have too much time on their hands. Hope Butler invests his recently found free time into something worthwhile. Must stink to have a project yanked out from under you. Take care, darlin! ♥

  19. 169
    lolita Says:

    @Can’tGetEnough: The power of Mr B. lol

  20. 170
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @Manny: Manny!! Your absence has been well noted. Prayers and positive thoughts are coming your way. Sorry to hear that life has thrown you a curve ball. Keep the faith.

  21. 171
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @Autumn: Did you see the sky this evening? Pairfect! Lovely! When the light just kisses the tops of the trees right before sunset. Your season is upon us and I am so grateful! Have a lovely weekend yourself, Autumn!

  22. 172
    lolita Says:

    @Joie de Vivre: Manny is a tough cookie but she doesn’t back down when confronted. She is very realistic in how she sees things. I just felt that was not something she would say. Like Autumn said, Manny owns what she says, good ,bad or indifferent. She rubs some here the wrong way at times but I know under all that toughness is a tender heart.
    I know what you mean about the disappointment Gerry felt in the loss of MC, but something better is coming his way I am sure of it.
    Have a happy evening to all♥♥

  23. 173
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    So has everyone actually watched the PSY Gangnam Style video? It’s fun, a little addicting since every time I see the headline for this thread the song comes in my head and I can’t shake it…. it’s something else!


    Sorry if it’s a repeat. Over 200 million views….

  24. 174
    lolita Says:

    @Joie de Vivre: OMG Joie, that video kinda looks like me when I am doing Zumba!!!

  25. 175
    Joie de Vivre Says:

    @lolita: Oh I agree with you! With Manny what you see is what you get! No sugar-coating, no lies. You gotta love that about a person, especially on an anonymous forum like JJ. Take care, lolita! ♥

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