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Sandra Bullock & Chelsea Handler: Naked Shower Video!

Sandra Bullock & Chelsea Handler: Naked Shower Video!

Sandra Bullock and Chelsea Handler get naked together in the shower for a sketch on an episode of Chelsea Lately, which aired on Monday (October 15).

“First of all, stop calling yourself the white Oprah,” Sandra says while slapping Chelsea in the face.

“You have a responsibility to become a respectable talk show host. Just because you’re the only person on late-night television that has tiny little lady bits does not give you a free pass,” Sandra continues. “You have a responsibility to be a role model. A role model to young girls and gay and questioning men.”

“Lay off the booze. Lay off the booze. Lay off the booze … Stop sleeping with your guests … that’s why I’ve not done your show. I don’t want to sleep with you,” she adds.

Click inside to watch the video…

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sandra bullock chelsea handler naked shower video 02
sandra bullock chelsea handler naked shower video 03
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sandra bullock chelsea handler naked shower video 05

Photos: Chelsea Lately
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  • jentheho

    You can tell CH’s boobs are sagging. Give it few more years. They will be down to her knees.

  • kv

    @jentheho: lovely! that’s what happens with naturally large breasts though.

  • catinca

    sandra is your career so far in the toilet that you need to go on this cheap, unfunny woman’s show….disappointed in you..even more so because you have a child that you would happily use for a racist rant if she decided she no longer likes you.

  • catinca

    should read : she would happily use…….

  • Mara

    What has Sandy done to her face? It looks like she can’t move it. Too much botox??

  • Never Broke Up

    Sandra looks like she’s had a little tweaking around the eye area. :-/
    Hmmmm! I kinda thought she would be in “Age Gracefully” crowd.
    I guess that explains this collaboration with unfunny and crass Handler.
    Oh well.

  • jentheho

    Can’t hate on Sandra. She’s a great actress and not a poor pity me after what happened to her.

  • Poor, poor, Sandra!

    Geez Sandy I liked you. Really, really liked you! Now you have gone and slipped to the darkside by supporting this VILE piece of trash Handler. I know you and her share the same rep but you didn’t have to let him dupe you into doing this! You have a beautiful son who don’t need to know his mommy associates with such lowlife scum. Unfortunately Sandra, i can no longer support you. It was good while it lasted.

  • danielle

    Sandra, did you really have to go on this ho’s show and stoop to her level? You are much better than this!

  • ace11

    They both look great

    Both of them have nice bodies

  • LOL

    Chelsea looks like Peter O’Toole!

  • Vickie

    Chelsea Handler is a desperate, vile woman. She’ll do anything for ratings.

  • Xana

    Two ugly prostitutes! These photos are a disgrace to the internet. Please put these two female dorks in prison.

  • Jessie

    Chelsea is just used up and old looking. How old is she 55?

  • LaCroix

    saggy much Handler?

  • LilyMaggie

    Wow. People really don’t like Chelsea Handler.

  • and so we begin….

    You haters are so weak!! You allow your hatred for Chelsea (which only stems from your obsessive ahtred of Jen) to affect your feelings for Sandra. I bet if Sandra did that with ANY OTHER celeb, y’all would be laughing your butts off, thinking it was so funny and cute. But NOPE, anyone that associates with Jen An is a totally vile and dispicable person and must be retaliated on by the few remaining fans of AJ! Because we all know she NEEDS your protection from Jennifer Aniston, hahaha. WEAK LOSERS!

  • To #17

    No, the dislike for Handler is due to her disgusting hatred of women that don’t sink to her level, racist comments about monority children, how she slept her way into E!, and a host of other things. She digged this dislike all by herself.

    Since you bring up old Aniston she sold to her fans she is suppose to be sweet and all but hangs with this disrespectful, nasty peice of trash therefore showing Aniston’s own true colors. Birds of a feather flock together.

  • To #17

    Excuse me” minority”

  • Journalistic

    I can definitely see why people don’t like Chelsea Handler…she is not funny, just crude. BUT her early stand up is pretty hilarious. She was so much different then, you can see what her lifestyle has done to her…no harsh, raspy voice.

  • charhamblin

    Wow. Chelsea is I think 36; Sandra is 46. I saw those boobs last night and Chelsea has definite “saggage” for her age. (From the side boob shot at least) Sandra looked much, much better. I’m a year younger than Sandra, boobs as big if not bigger than Chelsea, and mine don’t sag that much. I was shocked that she’d allow herself to be seen this way. But, all web sites are talking about it today and her new studio, so, I guess it’s a big boon for her and her show! It’s all about marketing.

  • sam

    every late night comedian has the same personality.. apparently when its a man its OK! congrats women. always supportive of each other

  • Ben Katz

    This is the sort of video that confirms the age old claim that women are simply incapable of being funny. Even the phony canned laugh track couldn’t put forth the effort to make it sound real.

  • major

    this is not sandra’s first nude scene. for that, check out the movie, fire on the amazon.

    why the hate for chelsea? i hear male comedians and talk show hosts spew out far worse every day. granted, i do not like all of her shtick, but she is not that bad either.

  • http://yahoo laura brandt friedman

    Every woman’s breast’s will eventually start to lose their perky youthful height with age and go through a natural change of droping lower on the body with age. Just as a man’s sexual organs sag with time. Might I say that I think that both woman were quite fearless to open themselves up to criticism by doing this skit. We all age and the body changes with age. Get over it…..they had more guts then most people, would you have the nerve to film that skit?

  • jonny rocket

    i’d tap it.

  • What?

    Can you idiots shut up? It was a funny skit and if Chelsea Handler is your public enemy number 1 then you need to get a hold of yourself and stop shitting in the street.

  • vp1

    Wow what happened to Sandra? What has she done to herself? Her face looks so awkard. In the past two years since the cover of People mag when she announced her adoption of Louis, she has aged so much. Her face no longer looks naturally young .. It looks frozen and pasty and she looks like a 50 year old trying to look young.

  • Monocle

    Awesome skit!

    Also fabulous shower suite!

    I think Chelsea should make it a regular feature – the naked shower interview. It would really reveal those stars who are confident enough to go boob-to-boob with a really strong personality. Or cock-to-boob.