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Halle Berry Covers 'T' Magazine!

Halle Berry Covers 'T' Magazine!

Halle Berry is gorgeous on the cover of T, The New York Times Style Magazine‘s women’s fashion cover.

Here’s what the 46-year-old Cloud Atlas actress had to share with the mag:

On keeping herself grounded: “I always felt like the underdog. Behind the eight ball. I learned not to be too high on the hog. Even that night I won the Oscar, I had a fundamental knowing, it was just a moment in time. Driving home that night, back to my house, I felt like Cinderella. I said, ‘When this night is over, I’m going back to who I was.’ And I did.”

On perceiving her image growing up: “My mother helped me identify myself the way the world would identify me. Bloodlines didn’t matter as much as how I would be perceived” – as beautiful but also as a black woman in a world in which the images of beautiful, successful black women were notably absent.”

Tom Hanks, on Halle’s acting ability: “She’s got this way of looking at the camera. Very deep and still. There’s a calm about her, and that comes through in her performances. She’s a peaceful pond on a late summer’s day. No maintenance or hurly-burly.”

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Also pictured inside: Halle, in a Peace Love World tank, and her fiance Olivier Martinez, in Levi‘s, out separately on Thursday (October 18) in Los Angeles.

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Credit: T Magazine; Photos: INFdaily, FameFlynet
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  • whatever

    That woman is so annoying & a terribly overrated actress. . I’m skipping the Cloud Atlas movie. The book was really good though. Lisa Bonet is way better looking than Halle. Better actress too. I miss her. What ever happened to Lisa Bonet? I saw her beautiful daughter in Californication a few times.

  • Drake

    She should move to France & stay there. So tired of hearing about this fricken drama queen. I feel sorry for Gabriel Aubrey. The dude deserves a medal for living with that witch for so long.

  • Octoberfest

    Her & the French Canadian model were such a pretty couple.

  • terse

    So is she supposed to be the token black woman in the Cloud Atlas movie? I guess they gotta fill up the seats in all those theatres somehow.

  • A

    @terse: You know what? F*ck you.
    There’s no winning as a black woman, especially not one who is beautiful AND in the public eye because of a*sholes like you who (ironically or not so…) always pull the “race card”, if it isn’t filling some “quota”, it’s some other BS excuse.
    Never fair and square, always a hidden motive behind it according to you.
    Now, I don’t like the whole public fighting that happened with her ex and how she handled it, but I will be the first one to give the woman a break because I know how harsh this world treats black women.
    As for you, I hope karma bites you in the behind so hopefully you’ll learn empathy and perhaps try walking in another woman’s shoes.

  • Tracy

    Her mother did a great job teaching her about yourself and the way the world would view her as a black woman. I’m sure that helped her become the woman she is today. It’s also apparently the way she is now teaching her own daughter.. Bravo, Halle!

  • A

    @whatever: Why do you always have to pit women against each other? They are BOTH beautiful. Jesus…

  • Carole

    @Drake: No!!! Don’t do that to us…

  • well

    What Berry does not understand is that her black drama queen whimpering has no effect on people who historically has no feeling of guilt towards black people.
    For example, my country never has colonies in Africa, never used black people as slaves, but last several years it gives the biggest part in box-office for a lot American movies, and I don’t understand why I owe her something only because she is black.
    I, personally, can not stand Berry, and when her movie come to release in my country, I not only ignore it but will leave a message on all forums related to movies to ignore her too.

  • vero

    “Bloodlines didn’t matter as much as how I would be perceived” — as beautiful but also as a black woman in a world in which the images of beautiful, successful black women were notably absent.” – Oh, my gosh, Have you ever heard about Oprah? what color is she? Probably green.

  • Sabina

    “Bloodlines didn’t matter as much as how I would be perceived” — as beautiful but also as a black woman in a world in which the images of beautiful, successful black women were notably absent.” – “”Oh, my gosh, Have you ever heard about Oprah? what color is she? Probably green. — You do realize that when Halle was growing up Oprah wasn’t the success that she is today? That is probably why she used the past tense instead of the present tense (i.e., “were notably absent” instead of “are notably absent”).

  • total bs

    What total bs in NYT, ET etc. Halle Berry’s poor choice in men due has nothing to do with her being Bi-racial. Have both issues effected her self-esteem sure.

    Two things are guaranteed anytime Halle Berry has a media junket to do when promoting a movie: 1-blaming her problems on being Bi-racial and 2-something about her love life. OM very well may actually be different from the rest (not that I am holding my breath) but will he stick around and for how long if/when the Family Court Judge may not rule in her favor? Then unfortunately she has a lot of humble pie to swallow from all of her interviews.

  • anoy

    Halle is beautiful. All these haters on this site are just miserable people..

  • too much

    Yes Tom but she is also a freakin man eater. A control freak. A lying sack of sheet with an inferiority complex because she wants to be all white. I am team Gabriel and I hope he gets custody and she is not permitted to move to France.

  • Kilem

    Halle – I always felt like the underdog. Translation – I deeply love playing the part of the victim even when I am the bully. In my reality, I am always the victim.

  • Pedro

    Nobody wants to be white more than JLO and sara Ramirez they hate being Puerto Ricans. I don’t blame Ben for dumping JLO I am team Ben and Jennifer Garner all the way.

  • kisha

    All u Halle haters on here i bet yall wouldnt say how yall really about her to her face

  • Mendy

    I don’t care how many pictures magazine covers she is on, will not go see this horrible movie with her in it, ugly bbbbbbbbbbbbbbitch. Are there any other black people in that boring town.

  • Mendy

    p.s. ugly picture on the cover with that black mess on her already scary eyes.

  • kayla

    Halle toots that horn about being black yet whenever photos of her celebrating a birthday or whatever I never see her with anyone black.
    Don’t get me wrong she is extremely attractive but it looks like she’s had some plastic surgery done to her face, like cheeks implants, nose job, and her lips look differently. She kind of reminds me of Michael jackson that is her profile.

    Whatever, she’s worth $80 million I’m not so I guess that says a lot about her acting!

  • thele

    she´s 46 and looks absolutely amazing! like her and wish her the best.

  • A

    @well: Wtf are you talking about? No one has said you owe anyone anything!
    And what do you mean feelings of “guilt”? I have never met anyone who has “white guilt” which is a frickin’ myth in itself. If they felt guilty they wouldn’t portray black people as baffoons on TV and movies so shut up about guilt.

  • you forgot

    @total bs: you also forgot how she always plays the victim…some sources over the last several years used to call her the ‘tragic mulatto’ (their words not mine).

  • total bs

    @you forgot: Yes, Halle has played the victim in the past throughout her relationships, I wouldn’t use that term to describe her.

  • CHAD




  • truthserum

    absolutely, lisa bonet is 100 times more beautiful and so is Tandy newton and both are great actress; Tandy newton is absolutely a real star and Tandy and lisa have great personalities and totally positive attitudes and both of these women are classy, never hear anything negative, and personally i am great fans of both; no I WILL NOT support Claud atlas,, however I THINK the world of Tom Hanks because he is not only the greatest actor of all time in america; he has a flawless reputation as an actor and HUSBAND BUT i still will not go to any move that halle is in and every one i talk to says halle is a true serial spaced out case who has many problems with men to many problems and they are not going to support any more of her movies

  • no fact checking over at NYT??

    @total bs: Guess NYT is slacking off with their columnists and interns? Did Joyce Murdoch actually interview Halle Berry or did she and her staff just do a poorly cut and paste internet research job on the so-called life of Halle Berry.

    While the article is an ambitious attempt to inform readers all about Halle Berry every time she has a movie coming out and en vogue or tacky photo shoot, is riddled with a slew of errors that would cause any J-school student poor marks in school,. Funny I can find this info, but Murdoch and the NYT fact checking interns can’t?

    1-Halle has type 2 diabetes and not Type 1.

    2-She got diabetes in 1986 at age 23/24 while working on Living Dolls, not age 19.

    3. She didn’t first meet Olivier on the set of Dark Tide, they met at dinner in 2003 in Montreal with Angelina Jolie, Billy Bob Thornton, Martinez and then gf Kylie Minogue. Halle was filming Gothika (not sure if Eric was with her), and AJ/OM were doing Taking Lives.

    4. Nahla means loved one (Halle on Wendy Williams) or love adorn (Tyra).

    5. Halle’s arrangement with Gabriel Aubry was 4 1/2 years not 5.

    6. Not totally true about Halle pulling out of making her Bway debut in The Mountaintop was due to her custody dealings with Aubry the show ran during the time she was filming Cloud Atlas in Europe and her publicity said it was due to a work scheduling conflict.

    After 6, I stop counting. So much for them being a quality paper caring about integrity?Maybe I should apply for a job at the NYT?

  • you forgot

    Sorry, today is my rant day….

    Halle still doesn’t get she is responsible for the pappis following her. Sure, her point is valid children should be off limits and part is part of the territory of her being a celeb.

    1.She forgets to tell you how she used to tell you she’s one of the celebs who are known to tip off the pappis . Yes, many times it’s staged to stay relevant, to build up her case in court, etc. BTW Halle how tacky in one of your staged rants to have a baby rangler/your pr staff with you?

    2. how she used to throw huge parties for the pappis and tabloid reporters.

    3.Says stuff like her baby making campaign then wonders why they’re following her every time she was bloated or had her purse in front of her stomach.

    4.All the crap between she/Aubry, she/Martinez, she/exes, Halle if you don’t put your business out there or go where they go, they won’t follow you or be parked out in front of your house?


  • Sash

    You Halle haters need to give it a rest! Your negative comments are so childish. You sound like envious whiny losers!