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Kristen Stewart Touches Down in Japan!

Kristen Stewart Touches Down in Japan!

Kristen Stewart dons a fitted cap while arriving at Narita International Airport on Monday (October 22) in Tokyo, Japan.

The 22-year-old actress arrived from a flight in Los Angeles to start the promotional tour for her upcoming film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

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Kristen‘s co-star Robert Pattinson recently talked about her finally becoming a vampire.

“Yeah, she was really excited about being a vampire,” Rob revealed. “Everybody else who’d been pretty consistently in the movies, they’d obviously been playing a vampire like every day for ages. And so it’s funny seeing someone suddenly come into it and try and figure out their own version of the physicality and the mentality of it. But her character has a different thing, because she’s supposed to find it really easy. It’s supposed to be a natural progression for her to become a vampire, it’s supposed to be simple. So I guess it was kind of different.”

FYI: Kristen is carrying a Fjallraven bag.

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart arriving in Japan…

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Credit: Michael Steinebach, Louie Angelo; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, WENN
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    fame ho at work again

  • judd

    She’s so cute. *___*

  • Jen

    How she looks so pretty, while still casual after a long ass flight, is beyond me…

  • http://yahoo erin

    she spoiled the twilight experience for a few moments of sexual pleasure ….dont want to see her promoting twilight .
    she is a reminder of the cheating scandal .

  • http://yahoo Lena

    girl without morals will always look ugly !

  • T

    if people do not have anything nice to say,just don’t write any comment.yes she screwed up and is suffering for it so just leave her be

  • Mariana

    i want her hair.

  • T

    another thing to add,she is the one who has to live with what she did for the rest of her life which is punishment enough in my opinion.don’t care if she is back together with rob or not,just hope she has learned a valuable life lesson from the whole mess

  • Suzie

    i saw she and Rob gained weight.

  • Ewww

    She’s such a tool… She’s all smiley now?? Then the past few days you see how miserable Rob looks in pap pics when he arrived in Sydney. I can’t even… I love the Twilight books, but these two have ruined the movies for me. Kristen was almost tolerable before, but now I get uncomfortable watching them because she’s such scum… She’s the worst Bella and they should cast wholesome actresses in franchises due to the fact the fans are stuck with them for all the movies. Her PR people are the worst and I slightly pity them for being subjected for having her as a client.. They probably just see the dollar signs when she’s around… *rant ended*

  • http://yahoo Lena

    when ever she comes on screen feel like making her disappear …POOOF!!!!

  • Christina

    Why people are so mean on internet? it’s easy criticize but do not show show the face. cowards

  • rita

    She’s so beautiful. Haters to the left, please. hahahaha



  • kingkayski

    Glad to see Kristen looking so healthy and cute after a long flight,you go girl!Conquer the world,just ignore your haters ,they’re your biggest fans in the closet,they can’t get enough of you.

  • slurp

    look at the recent picsof Rob–all life has been sucked out by this thirsty trampire – she does look as if she’s had a sudden energy transfusion

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  • A

    She looks so relaxed in these pics.Its like she is genuinely happy after trapping her ex BF again.

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    i love her look. the cap it’s so cute and the blouse too.

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    @R: Really… you’re just upset because I slammed a stranger you obviously devote too much of your time to. She doesn’t know you exist and you defend her, which is totally baffling. To your points: 1. Rob is good-looking, but apparently lacks a spine. That’s not attractive. 2. I may not have millions, but at least I invest in better designer clothes then she does. 3. I was scouted for high fashion modeling when I was 17 (I was in a McDonald’s ad when I was 7), but choosen to go to college instead. So all your points seem moot to me. I made my life choices just like she did hers.

  • plans on..

    …banging 1 in every 10,000 married men in Tokyo…It’s a Big City

  • A

    @kingkayski: Its better to be a cave woman than a STD ridden whore LOL ;)

  • Lovers in Tokyo

    Ooooooo Kristen took her extra-touchy BG to Japan hmmm looks like babygal is in mood for another momentary indirection

  • kingkayski


  • Satisfy

    Poor Kristen is now forced to date only one guy at a time :(

  • oh

    Since when can she smile so generously?

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    @Ewww: I doubt it because they would haul your azz out as a security risk!

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    @nt: When your in public? Coffee house? Shopping? I don’t think so… I’ve randomly bumped into many celebs in places like those and have had general conversations with them.

  • woohoo

    wow she is actually smiling??

  • Taking Bets

    How long before KHoe has her legs up in the air?

  • Rupert

    “KS Touches Down in Japan!”
    waiting at the hotel
    for the touch down on my face

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    She and Rober can both go to hell. Ive never paid much attention to them. They are nerds.

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    @nt: Seeing as though I’m sitting in my office right now I wouldn’t say I’m broke? I love how you all you Krisbians assume people that don’t like her are ugly… When most that I’ve seen of her fan base, try to dress like her or like her because she’s a “real girl” and they are lacking is appearance. I like to think I’m pretty happy. :D

  • S

    @A: 20 years old and still calling people names,real mature(NOT)

  • A

    @kingkayski: Btw I love how your insults never go beyond HAR HAR or Grrrrrrrrrr LOL

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