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Nicole Kidman: Glamorous for 'Grace of Monaco'!

Nicole Kidman: Glamorous for 'Grace of Monaco'!

Nicole Kidman is ultra-glam on the set of her upcoming flick Grace of Monaco last week in Monaco.

The 45-year-old actress was spotted days later in the same chic look for her portrayal of the late famous movie star Grace Kelly.

Nicole recently wrote an essay for THR about the Stanley Kubrick film Eyes Wide Shut, and playing opposite her then husband Tom Cruise.

“People thought that making the film was the beginning of the end of my marriage, but I don’t really think it was. Tom and I were close then, and it was very much the three of us,” Nicole expressed.

15+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman on the set of Grace of Monaco

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nicole kidman glamorous for grace of monaco 02
nicole kidman glamorous for grace of monaco 03
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  • -Fabulous

    Nicole Kidman is gorgeous as always!

  • Girlfriend please

    Botox Kidman

  • sdf

    No. Grace was more beautiful than that.

  • Tanya

    Shameful idea for a movie.

  • Lidia

    Shameful? UH, no.

  • Colleen

    Wrong actress choice. This will be another one of her flops.

  • Nicole Kidman fan

    Hopefully, this is a hit. Ugh, I’m tired of Nicole Kidman being Box Office Poison.

  • Dieter

    Grace Kelly was never half as beautiful as Nicole’s !!!! Grace Kelly was not a sexual woman – Nicole has the best ass ever !!!

  • Mara

    @Lidia: actually, s. Grace used to have a square jw and Nicole’s is nothing like that, she has a long face. She looks nothing like grace.
    However, you can say that Michelle Williams looked nothing like Marilyn but the hair and make up helped a lot. Nicole looks nothing like Grace.

  • ally

    Are you blind??? I only see a beautiful woman playng another beautiful woman. Did you see her moving or talking? how can you say that she is wrong for the part? Michelle Williams was totally different than Merilyn, but she talked, moved just like her. This is what an actress do.

  • KC

    She looks gorgeous.

  • Little MY

    Oh my what a goddess! She’s divinity incarnate.

  • Frozoid

    @sdf: Kidman is too old and too plastic surgery-ized to play this role.

    Kelly was a graceful, classy, timeless beauty who unlike Kidman was not interested in self promoting herself at every single opportunity.

  • Frozoid

    @Dieter: You must be off your frickin’ rocker. You clearly haven’t done your homework. Kelly was a HIGHLY sexual woman- she had affairs with most of her co-stars, including the scrumptious but much older Gary Cooper in “High Noon.” She oozed sex, in a classy way.

    On the other hand, critics have described Kidman as both self-conscious and cold in that area.

  • http://Comcast Rachel


  • Little MY


    Go watch Paperboy and say that Troll.

  • Kelli

    Isn’t Kidman too old to play this stage in Grace Kelly’s life..?

  • um

    january Jones would have been better casting. Maybe she’ll do it for a big screen adaptation

  • ally

    yes, she is older than Grace Kelly. Grace was 33 at the time of the movie, Nicole is 45. Nicole played Martha Gellhorn in ”’hemingway e gellhorn” when Martha was 21!!!! she played Becca in ”rabbit hole” when she was 43, when this charachter in the piece of broadway was 50.

  • ally


  • Jordyn

    I think she definitely captures the loveliness and elegance of Princess Grace. Family and personal friends of Grace’s said Nicole was perfect for the role, and that’s good enough for me. Same old people criticize everything that Nicole does, and she continues to live her life to the fullest, personally and professionally. Good for her.

  • http://Comcast Teri

    Seems like a lot of envious people in this world. People that work and know Nicole say she is really nice and down to earth. Yes Nicole will pull this off. I think the people that do the casting for movies know more about casting then the stupid comments made here.

  • Alice

    People who don’t know her hate her but those who know her love her and are protective of her. I guess that’s a testament that we should never judge anyone based on what we see physically, because sometimes those who looks friendly and bubbly on the outside are the real divas in real life and those who looks shy and aloof are really the caring and sensitive ones.

  • chris

    The real Grace did not look that old and haggard. She’s a old woman. Kidman is a joke.

  • zyfoo

    love kidman and will most probably watch movie but as far as i can see, january jones would’ve been a better choice to portray grace kelly.

  • zyfoo

    you’ve got to be kidding with kidman right? i think you’d have to get more familiar with the family and know the region well. kidman is one of my fav. actresses and i love her to bits but this role really belongs to someone like january jones. kidman lacks that american quality which grace kept throughout her life. grace was very american!!!! nicole looks anything but!

  • Orwell

    I can’t believe some people think January Jones would be a better choice. That’s ridiculous. January Jones is a terrible actress. She’s only barely good in “Mad Men” but hasn’t done anything remotely significant on the big screen. Does she look more like Grace Kelly than Kidman? That’s debatable (I don’t think so). Would she be able to capture Kelly’s soul, elegance and poise? Absolutely not! I, for one, am not interested in watching a Grace Kelly impersonator. I want someone who has Kelly’s aura and charisma. Kidman has that. She’s a true movie star. When she’s on screen, you can’t watch anything else. And like Grace Kelly, she’s the perfect mix of ice and fire.
    Also, Kidman was chosen by the director and the producers among 23 other actresses, Grace’s best friend has said that Kidman is the perfect choice, Her children are very happy with this choice. So let’s wait and see her actual performance before judging. Kidman is a great actress, I’m sure she’ll be fantastic.

  • biscuit


    Yes, she does have a full life, but you cannot say she lives her life to the fullest. Someone devoting the larger part of her life to her career, means she is not being a mother to the fullest; or indeed, a wife to the fullest. From what she has said, she shoots during the week then spends the weekends with her family. Perhaps the children are living in France with her, however, that is a compromise with the amount of focus and attention she needs to give to film-making. Recently her husband made a little video where he was walking alone on a French coastal path early on a Sunday morning; if that was my husband and I hadn’t seen him all week, I would be wanting to be with him the whole weekend.
    It is a fallacy that anyone can “have it all”. Nevertheless, I would trade for some of it!! :p

  • Orwell

    @biscuit: Her family is always with her when she works on a movie. And she doesn’t devote the largest part of her life to her career. She barely works 6 months every year. This year, she did “The Railway Man” for 2 months in Scotland (Keith and the kids were with her) and now she’s filming “Grace of Monaco” for 3 months. That’s 5 months of work. Add to that maybe a month of promotion for “The Paperboy” (film festivals, interviews, photoshoots). That’s 6 months a year. Much less than any regular working mother. And you’re judging her from a 30 second video you saw of her husband? First, she never appears in his videos. Second, Keith is an adult, he doesn’t need his wife to follow him around everywhere he goes. Third, he’s not your husband. Also I find it weird that you criticize Nicole for having a career and not Keith. Instead of staying with his family in France, he keeps on flying to Nashville to work on his album (there’s no music studios in France?) and to go to silly country awards shows. He even signed to do American Idol and has to go back to America every single week. Why did he do that? He’s missing half of his young daughters’lives because of his career. And when he’s in France, he still takes some of his time off to do little videos for his fans instead of spending time with his daughters. Why don’t you criticize him? Because he’s a man? Men are allowed to have a career but women who work are bad mothers and wives?

  • Jennifer L.


    You ought to take time out to rethink your post; you are all over the show.

  • Orwell

    @Jennifer L.: You should take time to re-read my post. Do you have comprehension problems? Too many sentences?

  • kary

    @Orwell: best answer EVER… you’re so right… I just don’t get it… everyone hating her just because she’s a working mother… thank god she’s working… so she can give to her kids a good future… she’s an independent woman, and also she’s very supporting with Keith’s career too, when he was on The Voice AU she was there for him, now he’s doing the same for her. I don’t think they are selfish with their kids, they’re doing an amazing job working hard for a good future for them!!!

  • Sofie

    Beautiful and gorgeous NIcole is perfect for this role. I can’t wait to see the movie!

  • editor

    People need to get with the program. You are uninformed. January Jones has been asked to do cheap-o Kelly tv movies since her fame from Mad Men. She refuses to do anything Grace Kelly. So stop your whining. Portrying someone famous is not about beng their physical twin. Your acting has to get you beyond that and Jones at least has the foresight to know she can’t. She is a very limited actress and everything that has had wide release (Unknown, Mad Men) has had her in the same character. Cold emotionless and cruel.When it wasn’t (SNL) she fell flat on her face.

  • Jokergurl

    Nicole Kidman is a great actress and she certainly is regal enough for the part, she’s always had an elegance to her like Grace Kelly did.

  • ..

    She was always saying she wanted to slow down, take an extended break from films to spend time with the miracle children she so desperately craved, but it never happened. More lies!