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Lea Michele & Dianna Agron: Halloween on the 'Glee' Set!

Lea Michele & Dianna Agron: Halloween on the 'Glee' Set!

Lea Michele and Dianna Agron flash a smile while posing for pictures on the Glee set on Wednesday (October 31) in Los Angeles.

Lea, 26, and Dianna, 26, were spotted with director Adam Shankman, who was dressed as a vampire.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Lea Michele

“Shooting our Christmas episode on Halloween.. Very confusing.. lol,” Lea tweeted after showing off her Rachel Berry Halloween costume.

“Me, Count Tedula and corymonteith dreaming of a glee Xmas!” Adam tweeted after an afternoon costume change.

Also pictured: Chris Colfer, Cory Monteith, Mark Salling, Jane Lynch, and Chord Overstreet.

10+ pictures inside of the Glee cast filming Christmas on Halloween…

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  • ugh

    Ahhh JJ I had missed your Lea/Dianna headlines :3 Too bad it wasn’t real candids of the pair, I miss their faces

  • idiots

    omg they aren’t even friends anymore

  • luc


  • Smarts

    That’s a misleading title, seeing as Dianna and Lea haven’t been seen interacting whatsoever since April (set pictures excluded). I love them both don’t get me wrong, and I miss that we don’t see them hanging out as friends anymore :(

    But yea..misleading title is misleading. Either way, cool photos!

  • Leah


    Lol they’re celebrities, not your personal friends so if you think you actually know them and who their friends with you seriously should consider reevaluating your life

  • http://gmail DIANNAHOLIC

    Very misleading…but I’ve been on twitter all day so I already knew there was nothing. Achele seems to be a thing of the past, there hasn’t been any interaction between the two it would seem in months. When Dianna leaves, Lea is there, when Dianna comes back Lea leaves, when Dianna goes away again Lea comes back….I’m surprised they’re even on the same set AT LONG LAST!!! But beg as us Achele might, we’re not getting that Achele pic we want so badly…I’m still wondering if we’re even getting that Faberry Heaven we were promised (doubt it). Non-the-less I’m glad to have my Dianna angel back on set, she really is the magic of the show…it’s simply not Glee without her :)

  • Emma

    Love Lea and Dianna. A picture of the two of them would have been gorgeous, but really just seeing both their beautiful faces makes me smile. So pleased to know I’ll get an episode that has both my favourite ladies in it soon

  • Rachel

    Both Lea and Dianna are looking stunning! Lovely ladies :)

  • idiots

    because the same can be said to you
    they have all changed. they most likely grew apart.
    the glee cast aren’t even really “big” anymore. they have no reason do the the whole secrets of hollywood thing. no one cares about them.

  • Sara

    Love Dianna but please make a separate article for her next time Jared! Lea is so fugly, sorry :X

  • Leah

    Except I’m not assuming anything or making statements about celebrities lives like it’s a fact. That’s what you’re doing, not me.

    You talk about these people like you actually know them, that’s creepy

  • Katie

    It’s always lovely to see Lea Michele and Dianna Agron’s beautiful faces to start of my day :)

  • Tilda

    My two favourite celebrities!!! Looking amazing as always!!!

  • idiots

    their friendship is a thing of the past. get over it. it’s probably why “faberry heaven” won’t happen.

  • Meg

    Baby girls looking good!

  • Meg


    It’s a little weird how invested you seem in proving that they’re not friends. Leah is right, you care way too much about people you don’t know at all

  • The Observers

    lol achele shippers.

  • m

    It’s nice to see Dianna back on set again! And Lea is looking cute as ever. Mr. Shankman is proving himself to be a very entertaining director. I hope he continues to tweet pics throughout the week!

  • Leah


    You must be incredibly naive if you actually think actors personal relationships affect what the writers do with their TV shows. Do you know how many actors who hate each other work together?

    And again you manage to sound more invested in Lea and Dianna than is really normal

  • carl

    @The Observers: I’m so tired of people thinking just because a fan would like to see Lea Michele and Dianna Agron in a picture together that automatically means they ship them. Get a life!

  • Mel

    Lea looks drop dead gorgeous and Dianna totally adorable. Thanks for the pics Adam!

  • Mel


    They’re incredibly sad insecure people, don’t let them worry you :) I don’t ship them, I just am a fan of both, but I see no problem if people do

  • carl

    @Mel: I don’t ship them either I just love them separately and new pictures of them together would make my day. Nothing wrong in saying that, I think. They are both amazing ladies and they have plenty of people who support and appreciate them both together and individually

  • ETH

    It’s ryan murphy. he would do anything lea wants. he’s up darren’s ass. same with chris. they want something, he usually puts it in the show. he has even said he uses the casts personal stuff in the show. and their are plenty of shows that have cast members who don’t like eachother. most are just more professional about it.

  • Heck

    Some of the comments here are why I stopped enjoying the show, Finchel fans are like petty dictators and either you’re one of them or against them. Lea Michele and Dianna Agron will always have my heart though, their off screen friendship was one of the things that made me love them both. Thanks for the photos!

  • whoops

    remember when the drama happened with CMM and Sophia and it basically ruined One Tree Hill?

  • falch

    finchel fans are what gives the show ratings. finchel will always be around. without it there would have been no show.

  • ugh

    @falch: you do realize that when finn and rachel got engaged the ratings PLUMMETED and they’ve just gotten worse and worse each week right? I mean… you know this. Right?

  • rob

    Dianna Agron is HOT

  • anthyx

    Ahhh such cute pictures!!! Next time don’t make me think Lea and Dianna are posing together tho! You got my hopes up ;-P

  • falch

    i do realize this. but they still have ratings, not the best, but not the worst. the ratings they still have are finchel fans. when it plummeted those were people who realize they won’t get anywhere bad mouthing finchel when it has basically been the whole idea of the show. From the pilot, it was always going to be “popular jock and outcast get together” the writers have said that finchel IS the show.

  • Alex

    @rob: The only post relevant here. Only reason to bother with the shitfest that is Glee.

  • Angel

    Lea looks absolutely gorgeous and Cory looks sexy and so hot. Dianna and Lea don’t interact outside of glee. You can like them and ship them, but saying they are in a secret relationship and saying Monchele is PR and calling Cory fat and ugly is where you go to far. Enjoy what you like and don’t tear others down. And Finchel shippers are not dictators thank you very much. Leave that to the delusional and mean Faberry shippers.

  • mandy

    Dianna Agron is so beautiful <3

  • aaaaaah

    Lea always wears her scary mask

  • fiction

    @idiots: OMG you don;t kow this to be true.

  • to sara the bitch

    @Sara: wow you area bitch.

  • bunch of assholes

    @ETH: what bs. if he did what Lea wanted she would be working with Cory and Naya more. Or she would be singing more or not absent form full epsidoes like the next one.

  • boregron

    God Dianna is beige show is so boring and odd.

  • Krystal

    Aww, I missed Dianna! She’s such a cutie! Don’t get peoples hopes up with headlines like that though. ;) Call me when you actually get a photo of Dianna and Lea in the same shot. That’s what people really want to see haha!

  • katz

    omg Chris!
    guillotine that killed Marie Antonietteadjgstyfdsr???
    Chris plz

  • megan

    Omg Mark! I love what he’s wearing

  • kirsten

    first: just because they interact in public does not mean they dont (remember diannas mail at leas bday) there are so many ways.
    second: just because they dont call paps everytime they go out does not mean they dont ( last year perez saw them at comme ca, we never got picture.)
    third: monchele fans seem to hate dianna of reasons whatever. so do us a favor and gtfo here. the headline says LEA AND DIANNA not cory.
    fourth: of course you claim they are not friends anymore to get more secure about your own ship
    fifth: THEY ARE PROFESSIONALS. even if they hate each other now they would be so professional and play their parts as rachel and quinn.
    we dont know them , we only know what they want us to know.

  • kirsten


    did they tell you? can i get their phonenumbers?

  • Ray

    @ugh: You should look up some articles that lists the ratings. It did not plummet then. The rating actually nose-dived in Season 2 around the time Kurt’s bullying arc/Dalton arc started. And basically never recovered. The ratings actually increased during the Yes/No proposal episode.

  • Raina

    @ugh: You should look up some articles that lists the ratings. It did not plummet then. The rating actually nose-dived in Season 2 around the time Kurt’s bullying arc/Dalton arc started. And basically never recovered. The ratings actually increased during the Yes/No proposal episode.

  • LL

    @kirsten: The monchele fans are just so tired of some Dianna fans contiuously bashing Cory on twitter and tumblr for being “fat and ugly.” Go to the Monchele tag on tumblr where you can see what posts I mean.

  • harvey

    I love Cory!!!!!

  • kirsten


    and that means you have to do the same? every fandom has its crazy people. i read much stuff every day. people who tell other people to get euthanized was maybe the worst.

  • ugh

    @kirsten: Yup and that comes from Finchel/Monchele shippers. They are despicable because they go aorund playing victim when they are cyber-bullying everyone in the Glee fandom that doesn’t ship what they do. Pathetic