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Kristen Stewart Announces Cecil B. DeMille Award to Recipient Jodie Foster!

Kristen Stewart Announces Cecil B. DeMille Award to Recipient Jodie Foster!

Kristen Stewart goes glam for The Hollywood Foreign Press Association Cecil B. DeMille Award recipient announcement held at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Thursday (November 1) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 22-year-old Twilight star, who was joined by Simon Baker, announced that her Panic Room co-star will Jodie Foster will receive the honor at the 2012 Golden Globes.

Jodie is a two-time Globe winner and a five-time nominee. Be sure to check out Jodie‘s acceptance of the award on January 13!

FYI: Kristen is wearing a Bec & Bridge dress and Burberry heels.

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Credit: Michael Tran; Photos: FilmMagic
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  • Go away

    Famewhore. I can’t wait to see KSlut’s carreer sink after the end of this Twilight circus. Worst actress ever and a pathetic human being.

  • Livia

    two very beautiful and elegant!!! i loved it!!!!

  • rrta

    after twilight she is done for. its all about jenniferlawrence, emma stone and emma watson now. which is good because they have actual talent

  • Delaney

    Isn’t he married? poor guy, stay away from her dude, she’s a slut who likes married guys!

  • Marta

    Simon!!!!! What a gorgeous guy :)

  • Delaney

    BTW, she’s dressed like a whore… enough said LOL

  • Vctoria

    Hey KSlut! where’s your doormat aka Robert Pattinson? does he trust you while you go out and meet married men? #curious

  • S

    I can’t believe I actually loved this actress. After that scandal it was like a switch was turned on and I realized what a horrible actress she is and the cheating thing is something no one will forget…

    Agreed. Jennifer Lawrence is a great actress, she’ll receive her second Oscar nomination next season and Emma Stone is the new Tina Fey.

  • Livia

    the person is so obsessed by Kristen that is first to comment a post about her, if she is so bad and you don’t like it go live your life and leave in peace! You with these pathetic comments are making role of jealous!!!

  • L

    Haha she’s still riding Jodie foster’s coattails.

  • Vctoria

    Poor Simon had to touch her! yeeeeerkkkkk :(

  • Livia

    I have nothing against Emma, but those who criticize Kristen should do the same with her, as her romance with Andrew while he still dating the Shanonn.

  • bella

    people need to seriously move on with their own lives,way too obsessed bout kristen. if you don’t like her don’t read about her its as simple as that or does your life seriously suck that you sit and criticize someone who hasn’t done anything to you

  • Claire

    Oww cute. congratulations Jodie :DDDDDDD i love her hair

  • Rose

    I wonder how many days it took for her to appear this clean??

  • leelee

    Over her and whole Robsten cheating mess/getting back together publicity hoopla has made me not care about Twilight.

  • DJ Bilg

    She’s damn gorgeous. No wonder RPattz can’t let her go. I wouldn’t either. Who’s that dude though?

  • keka

    @bella: no one is obsessing. jared posted something about kristen stewart and people felt like commenting on how they don’t like her. I don’t see how that exactly signifies “obsession”. she lives her life in the public eye so people have the right to have their own opinions and judgements about her. she also hasn’t done anything to win my undying love. twihards have the worst excuses for defending their queen…..

  • LosFeliz

    Wonder if Kslut only likes old men? LOL

  • Kelly

    That’s right. Kristen Jaymes Stewart owns your nasty jealous azzes just as easily as she owns Rob’s azz. LOVE IT!!!

  • Vea


  • CJ

    Kslut is not hiding anymore! lol can’t wait to see her next cheating!!! :p
    next director, maybe? :)

  • bella

    @keka: true but the comments are exactly the same as they always are, from post about kristen people who do not like her are always the first ones to comment about how much they dislike her.what im saying is if they dislike her so much why waste the time commenting??

  • helena

    I’m so happy for Jodie! But I’m still waiting for Meryl’s Cecil B. DeMille Award!

  • miserablecuntakaKStew

    Open your legs Kslut!!!! new directors are waiting for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  • A

    I love how Simon is maintaining his distance while posing with her lol.

  • bobbi

    P I G

  • bobbi

    P I G

  • Mia

    Oh Simon looks gorgeous , so elegant :)

  • peach

    love the dress she is wearing,its quite nice

  • rosie

    why is simon touching her??? didnt he know he could get a herpes from her

  • SophiaB

    She is so basic. I can’t understand what people are seeing in her.

  • NYC

    If she found a stylist it would be a miracle.
    Her legs and shoes are always “OFF”

  • nicole

    These comments are so pathetic, lol. Do you guys see yourselves? Do you guys really thing these comments will make a difference in Kristen’s life? She will still make millions. Actually, since she’s the person that people want to bash and send out negative comments to, she’s the person that will continue earning more than ever because of the popularity you guys are giving her. SO EVERYONE… calm the f*ck down.

  • Bo-ring

    Why are there many people still posting on this boring hoe? Because everytime I see a thread about her it’s like there are no news

  • blackout 2007 BS

    I don’t understand why people hate her so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Angelina Jolie) reportedly stole (Brad Pitt) away from (Jennifer Aniston) but yahh everyone LOVE her and kiss her fuking ass #crazy_people

  • L

    @blackout 2007 BS:
    Because the woman does a s hit ton of humanitarian work(pr or not, she still does it) because she offers her f ucking castle to kids in need so they can live there while they studying in France, I could keep going
    And most importantly, because there aren’t 50 pics of Jolie dry humping Brad in broad daylight while he was married.There.

  • Liz

    She has great features and a nice body, but she isn’t spectacular. I just don’t find her appealing by any means. There is no spark, no smolder, no allure. She’s so bland

  • Jonah

    @blackout 2007 BS:
    1) Brad and Angelina waited after Brad and Jennifer split up.
    2) Brad and Angelina love each other, it wasn’t a fling as Kristen did with that director.
    3) Angelina is a good actress and a kind person.

  • Becky

    @keka: Damn Keka…you tell her this crazy girl (Bella – - notice the name she gives) always tries to defend Kristen and when people indicate how much they dislike Kristen she claims they want Rob, jealous of Kristen, or now the new one “obsessed” with Kristen. People don’t like Kristen because she has no morals and is a liar. Kristen will always be remember for the cheating scandal with a married man with childred. Continue to defend her the more people will give the opposite opinion. Bella – - Deal with it….or you go some where else.

  • Willow

    @nicole: LOL! she won’t get my money I don’t watch her poor ass acting. Maybe she will get your money, but not mine.

  • Candy

    Oh look the cheating tramp ready to promote herself 24/7. I bet you her next prey will be another director… or producer. Someone whose definitely powerful and old and married lol.

  • Nat

    She always looks like such a dirty hooker.

  • dylan

    Artention fat, jealous, ugly skanks. Robert would rather be with Kristen (han dirt like you. Get over it. She cheated on the guy & she is still a better prospect than you sad hags.

  • No,,you don’t belong there

    and you seem to know it

  • jen

    All of you who are bashing Kristen need to give it up!!
    You are all so sure she was solely responsible for everything…you were not there, so back off the bad language. It makes you look even more pathetic.

    Congrats to Jodie!!

  • gabriela

    Yeah we are pathetic,jelous,fat,ugly,loosers,etc but that doesn´t change the fact that she is immoral,cheap,classless,shameless without character.And that is it!!

  • dan


    They do? For a girl who has 2 pairs of canvas shoes and few t- shirts? She must be magical- what happened to all those glitzy HW girls? Still lonely ?

  • tara17

    Just to help, delete extra “will” (then this comment please) in phrase section “Panic Room co-star **will** Jodie Foster will receive”.

  • Carla

    SIMON BAKER. That is all.