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Kristen Stewart: I Could Do Five More Years of 'Twilight'!

Kristen Stewart: I Could Do Five More Years of 'Twilight'!

Kristen Stewart shows off her pearly whites as she arrives for a taping of the Today show on Wednesday morning (November 7) in New York City.

The 22-year-old actress went on the program to talk about her upcoming flick The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

“To have five years with one main focus, it’s just rare for an actor, usually you’ve got five weeks, five months, so yeah I definitely,” Kristen said on the show. “I’m okay with walking away but at the same time, I could keep it for another five.”

When asked about rumored on-again boyfriend and Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, Kristen replied: “Funny you should mention that. I’m just gonna let people watch whatever little movie they think our lives are.”

FYI: Kristen is wearing Hudson “LouLou” Jeans and a Belstaff Bowden leather jacket.

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart arriving for her Today show interview…

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100 Responses to “Kristen Stewart: I Could Do Five More Years of 'Twilight'!”

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  1. 51
    Anna Says:

    Kristen needs a PR team stat!! She needs to at least try and prepare for interviews ahead of time so she can handle questions like Savannah’s with grace and not look like a total idiot. Of course people want to know, and I for one am glad she asked. Her and Rob don’t seem to mind to flaunt their relationship nowadays, so why not just be upfront when asked. This girl will never learn!

  2. 52
    T Says:

    really hope there is someone out there judging every person who is being judgemental of kristen and putting all the blame on her. rupert seems to have gotten a free pass just like most men get a free pass when they cheat(its the truth). bring on the thumbs down

  3. 53
    Anoano Says:

    I think so little for Rob now that the would find her interesting enough to be with her and be with her AGAIN after a cheating scandal. All you Twighhards must realize this guy you love must himself have below-average intelligence to be attracted to someone like her who can’t talk like a mature person and who can’t put two sentences together without sounding like an silly 12 year old (sorry 12 year old, she’s actually worse than you all). What does it say about Rob that he loves this type of girl??? It says he is short of brains himself, because it certainly is not her intelligent conversation keeping them together.

  4. 54
    T Says:

    @Anoano: some people just aint good at public speaking,no matter how many times they speak in public or do interviews

  5. 55
    bcd123 Says:

    Ok. I’m confused… First she tells the world she “loves him, loves him and that she is so so sorry” for cheating on him, then she flaunts her rekindled relationship everywhere she can (ie Halloween Party, Prince Concert, etc…) and now she wants to “keep us guessing”. Seriously??? What a B*&$H answer! Hasn’t she learned anything from her scandal? I can’t believe how immature she is… How can Rob associate himself with her and be proud of her? I am seriously questioning his sanity.

  6. 56
    Chang Says:

    My God, she looked beat up on this interview! And yeah, Kristen, let’s pretend people made all up the mess you caused in their minds. Let’s pretend it wasn’t real…

  7. 57
    doves1993 Says:

    I love how allll the positive remarks are hidden because of low ratings yet allll the harmful nasty remarks have 30+ likes :( Love what the world has turned too.

  8. 58
    yesiam Says:

    @T: Except she acknowledged the relationship when she issued the public apology… so her backpedaling is only out of convenience. As it was her public apology.

    Interesting that the question was “are you BACK with Robert Pattinson”? implying that there was a moment when they were not together, haha. Slick way to make reference to the cheating scandal and bring it to her attention.

  9. 59
    Sean Says:

    @doves1993: Majority rules. It’s called democracy and freedom of opinions.

  10. 60
    Mia Says:

    @belle: Defending KS actions based on the fact that she’s young woman and deeming cheating as an innocent “mistake” just because of it IS ALSO A DOUBLE STANDARD.

  11. 61
    belle Says:

    @Mia: im not defending her actions,what she did was wrong but she ain’t the one to solely blame for what happened which is what people keep doing,placing all the blame and hate on her for something rupert did as well

  12. 62
    Victoria Says:

    She’s gorgeous and an amazing actress! Haters go OUT LOSERS!

  13. 63
    T Says:

    @yesiam: there is the assumption that they broke up but until either rob or kristen say that they broke up which i doubt they will as they never talk about their private life its still a mystery.

    although i think her pr team made her issue the public apology as the only people she should have been apologising to were liberty and robert as they are the ones that got hurt by the cheating not the public

  14. 64
    Mia Says:

    @belle: I was making reference to the “double standard comment” and I still think my response holds true, especially considering the comment you were responding to when you made that statement. I don’t think that’s people are sparing Rupert Saunders of any blame, but Kristen fans often downplay what she did. Unfortunately for Kristen, she’s the most famous of the two and this post is about her. She’s constantly in the media, whereas Rupert isn’t. She’s taken the brunt of the public’s reactions because she’s the one whose face they get to see before and after the scandal. That’s not a double standard, those are just facts.

  15. 65
    yesiam Says:

    @T: I agree that the apology was prompted by her PR team, but ultimately she agreed to it. She could have said no. In fact, one of the things that surprised me the most was the she actually went through with a public apology.

    As for whether they broke up officially after the photos or not, I guess it doesn’t really matter. They weren’t seeing each other because both were hidden at different places or traveling for at least a month after the fact. There was probably a time when they weren’t even speaking (which is one of the reasons why I think KS may have used the public apology as a way to “talk” to him). If they did spoke during that time, it wasn’t face-to-face. People refer to that rough time right after the photos were published and their first meetings as “the break up”.

  16. 66
    belle Says:

    @Mia: yet people can’t help but write horrible things about kristen on posts about rob when the post does not even mention her. no1 is downplaying what she did cos there is no denying the fact that she cheated

  17. 67
    Mia Says:

    @belle: Maybe YOU are not downplaying what she did, but other Kristen fans certainly are. You cannot deny that either. But saying that the people that have something to say about Kristen do so because of a “double standard” is simply false.

    And I know some people can be hateful about her on Rob posts too… but then again, Rob is not a stranger. The scandal and the Twilight franchise tie them forever. The fact they are openly going out after the scandal fuels the reaction of the public. I mean, the fact that she gets mentioned on Rob’s post should surprise you any more than the fact the Rob gets mentioned in her post.

  18. 68
    Candace Says:

    Yeah, she wants to keep people guessing but they have been going all around Hollywood together. She was even at Rob’s Jimmy Kimmel appearance. I mean, lately they could care less about whether they get media attention. Before the cheating scandal occurred, they seem more cautious and private, avoiding unnecessary attention. Even when I believe their relationship is not PR, it feels really weird that they chose precisely THIS TIME to be more “open” about being seen together. I bet she’s loving it because, after all, she was the one that screwed up and now gets to redeem herself by getting him back. Eww.

  19. 69
    belle Says:

    @Mia: the “double standard” is that men get away with cheating while the women who is involved is the one that the hate is generated too. e.g jude law cheated on sienna miller yet no1 called him names,they just ignored it.there may not be pictures but he admitted to cheating and people could not care less.

    another example is sienna miller getting all the hate and being called a homewrecker as she had an affair with balthazar getty who was married but since no-one really knew who he was,sienna got the public hate. all im saying is that it takes two people to cheat and people need to acknowledge that rupert is just as much to blame as kristen cos he is the one who had more to lose as the married party

  20. 70
    coco Says:

    I agree, and anyway the Miller-Getty affair was way worse: they were publicly vacationing together on a yacht near Italy, skinny dipping and posing for the paparazzi, they were being very open and sex-ual, while his wife was at home with the (4?) children. And Sienna never apologized.
    And now people are attacking Kristen as if she was THE evil. People are crazy, sometimes.

  21. 71
    ze Says:

    U could go for 5 more years with twlight? but we Could not! Please spare us the pain! you are having the impression that you are a brilliant and beautiful actress. BUT YOU ARE NOT!

  22. 72
    Mia Says:

    @belle: Here’s another double standard for you: if a woman takes a cheating man back, people pity her and say she’s being naive. But if a man takes back a cheating woman people are supposed to view him as a enlighten human being? As a being with a higher understanding? It works both ways. For me is the same thing, no matter the gender of the offender. MY POINT, AGAIN, is that you simply cannot assume that everybody that’s reacting negatively toward Kristen is doing so because of a double standard. Everyone got their own particular reasons for justifying their opinions, for good and for bad, regardless of what those opinions are. I have my opinion about KS. I’m not one of those people that resort to hateful comments on her or anyone, but to each its own.

  23. 73
    belle Says:

    @Mia: if a manor woman takes back a cheating partner they are branded a fool either way but there is no need for people to leave hateful comments,its their life and they can do what they want as they are the ones in the relationship and how they deal with situations like this is their business.

  24. 74
    Mia Says:

    @belle: So OK I get it. Only the things YOU consider a double standard are actually a double standard. I get it now. You haven’t even gotten my point yet, 15 comments later, so I’m not going to keep going with this.

    I don’t leave hateful comments myself, towards KS or anyone, but I’m aware that I can’t control what other people write and me complaining about it and trying to make them look like they are the scum of the earth for doing so isn’t going to change anything. In fact, it fuels more hate. I just let people be regardless of their opinion.

    It’s RP and KS life, and no matter what people say HERE they are going to continue with their. We agree on that. But take that same concept and apply it to other people! I have also accepted the fact that people write what they want to write and that I can’t control it. It’s also everyone’s prerogative to write what they want to write, just as you are doing so, regardless of what I think of it.

  25. 75
    Mia Says:

    @belle: Also, I hope you feel good thumbing down my comments even though I’m not saying anything bad nor awful. I’m just disagreeing on certain points that harm no one.

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