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'Skyfall' Tops Weekend Box Office in Best Bond North American Opening

'Skyfall' Tops Weekend Box Office in Best Bond North American Opening

Daniel Craig‘s Skyfall has topped this weekend’s box office with the best James Bond North American opening to date, according to THR.

The flick brought in $87.8 million domestically, bringing its worldwide total to a whopping $500 million for its two weeks out in theaters.

Wreck-It Ralph came in second place this weekend with $33.1 million earned.

The Denzel Washington flick Flight took the number three spot with $15.1 million grossed over the weekend.

Argo and Taken 2 took the fourth and fifth slots, respectively, bringing in $6.7 million and $4 million.

Daniel Day Lewis‘ flick Lincoln opened in limited release to a worthy $900,000.

WHAT DID YOU SEE at the movies this weekend??

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55 Responses to “'Skyfall' Tops Weekend Box Office in Best Bond North American Opening”

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  1. 26
    Lisa Says:

    And one more thing, Daniel Craig will win Oscar in 2013 BEST ACTOR

  2. 27
    Mendel Says:

    Hi Guinness

    “ok. Mendel–you gonna give your 2 sense?”

    What do you mean, you are expecting sense of me? At this time of the night??? ;)

    “I was looking to see if I could find the cables… ”

    I was so wrapped up in the story, I really did forget everything around me – there could have been cables the size of broomsticks and I wouldn’t have seen them – and for me, that’s a great film!

    “ohmygash I loved the shaving scene. I have done that. it is pure fun—and to think of ME doing it to Dna just aobut snesds me head to seexxynes.s…………..”

    LOL! It is a great scene! Very sensual…looking forward to see it again…also the scene with the lassie in the beach hut…very nice *grin*

    I also loved the inquiry scene – Helen McCrory’s character in particular. A nice dig at politicians methinks…

  3. 28
    Julia Says:

    Thanks, Justin & Jessica! They helped boost box office sales!! LOL

  4. 29
    kelly Says:

    Is that the villian. He’s fugly. Because the hero supposed to be handsome.

  5. 30
    Rie Says:

    Daniel isn’t ugly at all, I think, he’s certainly handsome, rugged, so masculine and in great shape. The people around me think so, too. He has something special, really sweet that makes me swoon.

  6. 31
    kelly Says:

    Then you nutty ladies would go for Vladimir Putin too. eeew.

  7. 32
    Elle Says:

    As a 2D movie, $520M in only 3 weeks? Cool.. Not bad.. Not bad at all!!!!

  8. 33
    Elle Says:

    Oops, $520M in only 2 weeks..

  9. 34
    to chris AKA kelly Says:

    @kelly: According to your logic (A fugly man should play a villain), Heath Ledger, Michael Fassbender, Tom Hardy, Tom Hiddleston, are ALL fugly! Such a stale theory will not pass in these days.

  10. 35
    kelly Says:

    @to chris AKA kelly:

    Yes, they are all ugly. And block head Craig is super ugly.

  11. 36
    to chris AKA kelly Says:

    @kelly: Heath Ledger, Michael Fassbender, Tom Hardy, Tom Hiddleston, are ALL fugly? Really? BWAHAHAHA, OK, you have bad taste in men or you came from another planet, maybe Klingon in Qo’noS, and landed on Earth. Period.

  12. 37
    Jen Says:

    @to chris AKA kelly: Adding: Jude Low! (Road to Perdition)

  13. 38
    Guinness-spoilers Says:

    You made sense!! yey. Does thinking of Dan clear your head? wow, would I like to clear hss heead……loosing cohcerhency……

    Focus…ah, yes, I instantly knew who Malfoy’s mom was!! (we have seen HPotter no less than 16 time each, btw.that is where I have learned a few new brilliant words…). VERY interesting that it was predominantly females discussing things at the inquiry.–good catch my friend.

    i hope everyone will be in their roles in the next Bond—Miss Moneypenny has big muscles!

  14. 39
    Fio Says:

    Hugh talks about all the people offered James Bond before Daniel.

    Hugh Jackman pokes fun at Daniel Craig – 2012 Britannia Awards

  15. 40
    Fio Says:

    Roger Moore on Skyfall: “Daniel Craig Is, Without a Doubt, the Bond”
    Having played James Bond in seven of the franchise’s films, Sir Roger Moore is a certified 007 aficionado, evidenced in his recently released Bond on Bond: Reflections on 50 Years of James Bond Movies. As our November cover boy, Daniel Craig, returns to theaters in Skyfall, Heinekens in tow, VF Daily caught up with Moore, who landed the iconic role in Live and Let Die nearly 40 years ago. Highlights from our chat:

    VF Daily: Did you enjoy Skyfall?

    Sir Roger Moore: It’s the best Bond ever. I called Barbara Broccoli and said, “Dana and Cubby—the parents—would be so proud of them to give Bond another 50 years.” It really is an amazing movie.

    Were you surprised by the initial backlash against Daniel Craig when they first announced he would play Bond?

    The press was terrible. The English press can be so negative. I just did not understand that at all. I wasn’t in England, so I e-mailed Barbara to tell Daniel Craig not to let the buggers get to you. He is a real Bond.

    In your book, you mentioned that Sean Connery is the gold standard. How does Craig compare?

    If I could go back and write another chapter, I would take the liberty of changing my mind. Daniel Craig is, without a doubt, the Bond. He has just got it all.

  16. 41
    Fio Says:

    Building the case for Bond: ‘Skyfall’ for best picture,0,2598907.story
    “Skyfall,” the latest James Bond movie, has already shattered box-office records in Great Britain and earned ecstatic reviews in advance of its Friday opening here in the States. Now its makers are zeroing in on an unlikely target — Oscar voters — in a quest to become the first Bond movie to win a best picture nomination.

    “Skyfall” director Sam Mendes will be making the rounds in Los Angeles this weekend, participating in a Q&A at an all-guild screening at the Directors Guild on Saturday afternoon, a Q&A for the Producers Guild on Saturday night and then answering questions at a Screen Actors Guild nominating committee event at the Pacific Design Center on Sunday afternoon. Mendes’ weekend will culminate with an academy screening Sunday night, where he’ll be joined by actresses Naomie Harris and Bérénice Marlohe and and the franchise’s owners, producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.

    Agent 007 himself, Daniel Craig, and Javier Bardem, who plays Bond’s showboating nemesis in “Skyfall,” may also attend some of the events.
    ond movies have struggled to gain Oscar voters’ attention over the years, winning only seven nominations and two awards. (“Goldfinger” took sound effects in 1965; “Thunderball” won for special visual effects the following year.) Four of the franchise’s nominations have been for music, the last coming in 1982 for “For Your Eyes Only.”

    “Skyfall,” however, may be a special case. As we’ve already outlined here, the 23rd official Bond installment sports a deep bench of Oscar winners, starting with its director Mendes. Then, there are the reviews. Currently at Metacritic, “Skyfall” owns a higher rating than that other Oscar contender arriving this weekend, “Lincoln,” with critics praising “Skyfall” for pulling off the difficult feat of reinvigorating a franchise celebrating its golden anniversary.

    The question now: Do the film’s owners — MGM and the Broccoli estate — along with Sony Pictures, the movie’s distributor, posess the awards-season know-how to turn all this good will into a campaign that connects with academy members? Until very recently, the backers had taken a wait-and-see attitude, a source at the studio not authorized to speak publicly tells us. But now that the strong reviews are pouring in and the money is piling up, they’re ready to go full bore.

    This isn’t the first time a Bond movie has been floated for best picture. “Casino Royale,” the 2006 entry that established Craig in the lead role, won outstanding reviews and a great many champions. But the film’s backers failed to mail DVD screeners to academy members, a mistake that will not be repeated with “Skyfall,” our source tells us.

    Academy members we canvassed are impatiently waiting the Sunday night screening in Beverly Hills, with some predicting the event will generate an overflow crowd.

    “Casino Royale” won the franchise a lot of good will,” one Oscar voter says. “If ‘Skyfall’ is better than that, then I see absolutely no reason why it couldn’t be in the conversation for best picture.”

    Adds another academy member: “People have a lot of affection for this franchise. If you’re of a certain age, it’s part of your DNA, and that has to count for something, especially if the movie’s great.”

  17. 42
    Fio Says:

    Around-the-World Roundup: ‘Skyfall’ Nears New Bond Record Overseas
    The big story this weekend may be Skyfall’s record-setting domestic debut, but that doesn’t change the fact that the movie’s real strength continues to be its foreign performance. The 23rd James Bond adventure added $89 million from 80 markets this weekend for a new total of $428.6 million, which puts it a day away from passing Casino Royale ($431 million) to become the highest-grossing Bond movie ever overseas.*

    Skyfall’s best market was once again Bond’s native U.K., where the movie eased 30 percent to $18.2 million. It’s now the highest-grossing movie of the year there with $117.5 million, and it’s on pace to eventually pass Avatar’s $150 million record. It was also impressive in Germany, where it dipped 30 percent to an estimated $15.1 million; Germany is now the movie’s second-highest-grossing market with just under $44 million. Finally, in its third outing in France it dropped 46 percent to $8.2 million for a total of $42.5 million.

    Rolling in its domestic earnings, Skyfall has already earned $518.6 million worldwide, and it will pass Casino Royale’s record $599 million by the end of the week. Using some very modest projections for the existing markets and the upcoming ones (China, Japan and Australia), it’s likely that Skyfall will ultimately earn over $900 million worldwide.

  18. 43
    Fio Says:

    I think Daniel was destined to become Bond. He was predestined to play James Bond!! Do you believe in fate? :)

    Daniel Craig related to James Bond … and royalty
    If you’ve taken a look at the early reviews for the new James Bond flick, “Skyfall,” you’ll see that critics are gushing over the 23rd installment of the franchise and over Daniel Craig’s portrayal of the tuxedo-wearing, martini-drinking, secret agent ladies’ man. It’s almost as if Craig has James Bond in his blood. And, it turns out, he kind of does.
    Genealogy website has told omg! from Yahoo! exclusively that the 44-year-old British leading man is actually related to James Bond, the man author Ian Fleming named the iconic character after when he wrote his first novel, Casino Royale back in 1953.
    As die-hard 007 fans know, the real James Bond wasn’t an international spy and man of mystery, however, but, actually a bird expert. (Yes, really.) Fleming, an avid bird watcher himself, was familiar with ornithologist (a fancy name for one who studies birds) James Bond, author of the book Birds of the West Indies, and decided to use the name to help create the now-famous character. “When I wrote the first one in 1953, I wanted Bond to be an extremely dull, uninteresting man to whom things happened; I wanted him to be a blunt instrument,” Fleming told The New Yorker in 1962. “When I was casting around for a name for my protagonist I thought by God, [James Bond] is the dullest name I ever heard.”
    According to, the connection is a royal one: Craig and the late Bond, who died in 1989, are related through John of Gaunt, the Duke of Lancaster, who is also the son of King Edward III of England. And the actor’s royal lineage doesn’t stop there. He’s also related to the Queen of England and Richard Neville, Earl of Salisbury.
    “While we were researching Daniel Craig’s family history, we noticed that some of the names and places in his tree resembled names from James Bond’s tree. We discovered a fascinating connection between him and the actual bird-watching James Bond — through English royalty,” says Michelle Ercanbrack,’s family historian. “The great thing about family history is you never know what you might find.”

  19. 44
    Mike Says:

    @Fio: Haha, Daniel was predestined to co-star with Queen Elizabeth II, too!!
    –’s researchers have also found another interesting James Bond-related fact; Daniel Craig is actually the half 19th cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, his on-screen partner in crime during the acclaimed opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

  20. 45
    Skyfall Earned $102M in 5 days Says:

    ‘Skyfall’ Crosses $100M At Domestic Box Office
    The Veterans Day holiday yesterday was good for $11.3 million more in North America, Sony said this morning. That puts the domestic total for Skyfall at $101.9 million after its big release this past weekend. The latest James Bond pic opened to $90 million during its opening frame here (adding in Thursday IMAX screenings) and amassed $89 million more overseas, bringing the global cume for the Sony/MGM/Eon production through Sunday to $518.6 million.

  21. 46
    Skyfall Earned $102M in 5 days Says:

    ‘Skyfall’ Crosses $100M At Domestic Box Office
    By THE DEADLINE TEAM | Tuesday November 13, 2012 @ 10:05am PS

    The Veterans Day holiday yesterday was good for $11.3 million more in North America, Sony said this morning. That puts the domestic total for Skyfall at $101.9 million after its big release this past weekend. The latest James Bond pic opened to $90 million during its opening frame here (adding in Thursday IMAX screenings) and amassed $89 million more overseas, bringing the global cume for the Sony/MGM/Eon production through Sunday to $518.6 million.

    Related: ‘Skyfall’ Explodes With $515M Worldwide As Biggest Bond With $90M Domestic Opening

  22. 47
    Skyfall Earned $102M in 5 days Says:

  23. 48
    Guinness Says:

    ok Dan.
    Looks like you can buy that island after all!!!
    And Thx Fio for the “wolverine roasts Bond” video–it was much fun. JJ couldn’t get it together.
    I think it would be a great idea to roast Dan—he would have that cute smirk that he shows when he is mortified… And Catherine Tate could come in character and roast his butt again for wanting to shag in the tent! (Hey!!! I just figured out why they call it a “shag carpet”!!! dah. Dan’s Van is covered in Shag Carpet. Damn if I had Dan, I would cover my entire abode in SHAG CARPET!!!)
    I wonder if they are at the house in NY suburbia—it has been reported that some people cant go back to their expensive town houses because the electric isnt going back on for another month?? whoolly not right–glad this happend there so they can figure it out for the rest of the world!!! yea, right.
    Disappointing. I finally joined facebook Mendel. did you? it is addicting, and I am putting my fav pic of Dan as my “avatar”!!! I have 1000 friend reuquests in my email. so many friends!! I may start tweeting instead.
    Dan needs to tweet. yey, right. (Steven Colbert said, “yes, I have twatted”… I love him.)
    FIO!!! where is Dan to appear next????

  24. 49
    Fio Says:

    How lovely to see Daniel and Babs cracked jokes back and forth at each other!

    Daniel Craig, Director Sam Mendes, and Producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson Talk SKYFALL

  25. 50
    Guinness Says:

    Thanks Fio–it was great banter. Barb seems a little protective on keeping him!!! (dah, i would too.)

    all other Dan news seems laborious to read thru—its all dirt IMO. And to intellegently write a review on this movie? Really? It was done in fun. Done in fun. If you lose sight of this, everything good gets lost…isn’t that true about everything????
    Seriously, Dan was brilliant, funny, sexy. Job done. He matched the job description, he is raking in the bucks, he fullfilled his contract more that what Sony could imagine. done in fun. buh, bye. You’re welcome Sony and all the other money grabbers who didnt think this was a good investment. OH OH OH (I got an idea, Dan wasnt under me…) OH–
    BTW: no previews before SkyFall began AND whenever I hit Youtube, Skyfall adverts come up FIRST and when ever I google anything about Dan or Bond— SkyFall comes up first. ALOT of marketing money went into this social media adverts. The last man advertised like this won an important election… hhhmmm
    I gotto go find a pic for my fb page.

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